Our Mission

Vaping Hardware was formed with one clear objective in mind; to help people find a safer and better alternative to smoking! We started four years ago as a small family website and we’ve been growing ever since. Rewind slightly further and the three of us were all heavy and long term smokers. We’d all tried at various times, and with varying degrees of ‘success’, to give up smoking.

Each time we found ourselves back at square one…until one of us bought a starter kit vape pen! Within weeks the three of us had switched to vaping and given up the cigarettes for good. We checked in with each other daily and shared tips we picked up along the way. We learned about atomizers, dry hits, e-juice, batteries, coils and more, and before long, we came to love everything vape related!

We spoke to friends and family and learned that some of them had struggled with vaping. After their first dry hit or leaky tank they were ready to throw away the vape and buy a pack. We soon realised that the tips and encouragement we gave each other had helped us to overcome the learning curve and stick with vaping for good. Ultimately we decided that we wanted to help even more people start their vaping journey! 

Meet The Team

Richard Winter

Adam Winter

Callumn Winter

The Patriarch – 

The ‘mad scientist’ of the family, Richard loves to tinker and take things apart. An out and out vape addict and the proud owner of over 100+ mods and tanks! Loves to solve a problem and designed Vaping Hardware’s amazing suite of vaping calculators!

The Older Brother – 

Adam is an aspiring web developer and the ‘coil master’ of the team. He enjoys vaping a dripper or RTA and loves to write about vaping and the impacts on your health. When he’s not working he likes to spend time with the family and his two cats; Gizzy and Fidget!

The Younger Brother – 

Callumn is a full time TEFL teacher and aspiring web developer. He loves to travel and currently spends most of his time renovating his house! When he’s not working he enjoys writing about the latest and greatest products on the vaping market and mixing e-juice at his desk!