The Anatomy of a Vape Device - Understanding How Your Vape Works

The Anatomy of a Vape Device: Understanding How Your Vape Works

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All but the most savvy of vapers tend to get confused by the various parts of vape devices and their inner workings from time to time. Still, we all need to understand the basic anatomy of a vape to make sure we can get the most out of our vaping experience.

In addition, knowing the components of a vape, along with what’s involved in their maintenance and cleaning, will allow us to make our devices last longer. From battery power to user interface, we are here to break down all you need to know about vape anatomy.

Components of a Vape Device

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Batteries form an integral part of the device and they may come in different presentations. Most commonly, the device itself is referred to as the battery as this is where the batteries can be found, whether removable or not.

With larger devices, as well as some smaller ones such as some models like elf bar rechargeable vapes,  the section that holds the battery is often called a mod. This distinguishes it from the replaceable batteries that are often used inside a mod or pod mod.

Vape batteries can either be automatic or manual, with both types offering different functionality.


The atomizer rests at the top of the device and it is where e-juice is turned into vapor. There are many atomizer types, but standard models will typically include a pin connector, airflow adjustment ring, glass tank, and a mouthpiece.

All parts of a vape atomizer are replaceable. However, one should only proceed with a replacement when sufficiently informed.


The tank is the part of your device or mod that holds your e-liquid and it contains the coil which vaporizes it. All parts of a vape mod are constructed so that the liquid in the tank section can soak into the wick, which is in contact with the coil.

When the coil heats up during use, the liquid in the wick vaporizes, which allows for e-liquid delivery.


You can find the coil inside the vape atomizer. It is a resistive wire, normally in the shape of a small spring wrapped around your device’s wicking material. The difference between vape coils varies from brand to brand, with difference in coil resistance affecting the device’s overall performance and the types of e-liquid it works with the best.

The Opportunities of User Interface and the Importance of Maintenance

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User interface of vape mods has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last several years. Nowadays, many devices offer a comprehensive suite of features that allow for true customization. Those vapers that know just what they want, along with those that are simply looking to experiment (I mean, why not?), can take advantage of these modern interfaces to carefully control the inner workings of certain aspects of their vaping such as vapor production and temperature control.

Keep in mind you should clean your vaping devices on a regular basis, daily or at least weekly, if possible. It will not only ensure you get a better vaping experience each and every time, but it will also extend the devices total lifespan by preventing the deterioration of electrical circuitry due to oils and residue buildup.

We can assure that it is better to invest some time and effort in learning how to clean a vape, how to properly clean the coil, how to keep the atomizer in shape, and how to take care of all parts and features than to spend dollar after dollar buying replacement pieces, or whole new vapes, because of the natural deterioration caused by lack of proper maintenance.  

Final Thoughts

As they say, knowledge is power. But, what is more, knowledge of the ins and outs of your vaping devices is also safe and enjoyable.

Understanding the role of each part of the mod in the vaping process and the possibilities of user interface will allow you to exercise greater control in your vaping.

At the same time, having a clear idea of how your device is constructed and how it should be maintained will allow you to identify and solve any issues that may arise in no time, keeping you safe and healthy, and keeping your device at top performance for as long as possible.

So don’t stop now, keep on learning.


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