Aquios Bar Launches 7 New Flavors (1)

Aquios Bar Launches 7 New Flavors

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We were recently contacted by Alisa over at Innokin who asked us to share some exciting news about the release of 7 brand new flavors in the Aquios Bar range!

This is a sponsored post written by Innokin and published as a Press Release by Vaping Hardware. We at Vaping Hardware are not liable for the accuracy and content of this article.

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The world’s first water-based vape is expanding its offering to meet demand!

Aquios Labs, a pioneering brand in the vaping industry, has announced the expansion of its product line-up with the introduction of seven exciting new flavor varieties for its flagship product, Aquios Bar. Building on its commitment to innovation, Aquios Labs has reimagined the vaping experience by developing cutting-edge water-based vaping technology, setting a new standard for smoothness, satisfaction, and flavor purity.

Aquios Bar, which introduced water-based vaping to the market in 2022, now offers a broader range of
flavors and the device has been tweaked to improve performance. The seven new flavor options include current market leaders like Pink Lemonade, and vaping industry classics such as Vanilla Custard.

Commenting on the launch of the new flavors, Aquios Labs General Manager, Jim Yu, said: “We have been thrilled with consumer response to Aquios Bar and our water-based vaping concept since launching in 2022. After studying customer feedback and market trends, we are excited to be launching seven new flavors that reflect the tastes of today’s vaping community. We also took this opportunity to tweak our formulation process to improve flavor performance across the full range of Aquios Bar devices.”

What truly sets the Aquios Bar apart is its revolutionary water-based vaping technology. Unlike traditional vaping products, Aquios Bar employs water-based vaping to provide a smoother, more satisfying vapor and a remarkably pure flavor profile. The Aquios Labs team has been continuously developing their water-based tech since launch and customers can expect even better performance with the release of the latest flavors.

In addition to its remarkable vaping technology, Aquios Bar takes environmental responsibility seriously.
The device is constructed with a reinforced card shell, a step towards reducing plastic waste in the vaping industry. Unlike conventional disposable vapes, the Aquios Bar’s design seeks to minimize environmental impact and users have the option to disassemble the device for further of recycling of individual components.

Aquios Labs will be showcasing its latest innovations at the upcoming InterTabac Dortmund event, taking place this September. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the new Aquios Bar flavors firsthand and learn more about the groundbreaking water-based vaping technology that sets Aquios Labs apart as an industry leader.

The new Aquios Bar flavors are now available at select wholesalers and retailers in the UK, including JM
Wholesale, Electric Tobacconist, and Eco-Vape. Vaping enthusiasts can enjoy the enhanced flavors and
benefits of water-based vaping technology by exploring the expanded range of Aquios Bar products.

Learn more about Aquios Labs:
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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this post! We’re certainly looking forward to trying the new Aquios Bar flavors! Finally if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts below.

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