Arizer Argo Review

Arizer ArGo Review | Super Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

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The Arizer ArGo (or Arizer Go) is an extremely compact, super stealthy dry herb vaporizer. Featuring an all-glass pathway for the vapor, a removable 18650 battery and a ton of impressive specs, the ArGo is a serious contender!

The ArGo is the latest release from the Canadian vape company Arizer. These are the same guys who brought us the Solo, Solo 2, Air, Air 2 and Extreme Q vaporizers. With a back catalog like this you can’t go too far wrong with an Arizer ArGo.

I’ve lived with the ArGo for over a year and can honestly say it’s one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers I’ve ever tried! The incredible flavor, thick vapor clouds and pocket-able size have made this my go to vape when heading out and about!

Alas though, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies! Arizer were clearly trying to make the ArGo their most portable vaporizer yet and compromises had to be made! For me, the benefits of the new design far outweigh the drawbacks. What do you think…?

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Arizer ArGo Review


What’s in the Box?

  • Arizer ArGo Vaporizer
  • 1 x ArGo 18650 Battery
  • 1 x ArGo USB Charging Adapter
  • 2 x Glass Stem Tubes
  • 2 x PVC Travel Tubes with Caps
  • 1 x Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • 2 x Silicone Stem Caps
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 4 x Stainless Steel Filter Screens
  • 1 x Arizer ArGo Owners Manual

Features & Specifications

  • Compatible with Dry Herb.
  • Removable 18650 Battery.
  • Micro USB Charging.
  • Temperature Range – 122° to 428° F (50° to 220° C).
  • Hybrid Heating System – Convection/Conduction Oven.
  • Pass-through Vaping (Vape While You Charge).
  • Shut-off Safety Feature.
  • Adjustable Session Times.
  • Weight – 4.8oz / 135g
  • Height – 3.5″ / 90mm
  • Width – 2″ / 50mm
  • Depth – 1″ / 25mm

Arizer ArGo | Design & Build Quality

Size and Portability

It’s so refreshing to see a design from Arizer that isn’t bulky and cylindrical! Now don’t get me wrong…I’m a massive fan of the Arizer vaporizers but previous outings weren’t exactly pocket friendly.

I made my peace with the size of the earlier Solo and Air models because the performance was so incredible! What the ArGo does is combine that trademark Arizer performance with a design that fits right in your pocket and feels much more user friendly!

Measuring only 3.5″ in height and 2″ in width, the ArGo isn’t something you feel conscious about using outside. It’s light enough (135g) not to feel cumbersome in your pocket and the sleek simplistic design lets you vape under the radar.

Of all the dry herb vaporizers I’ve owned the ArGo is one of the stealthiest and most discreet. The device even lets you turn off all sounds and dim the screen brightness for really stealthy vape sessions.

Recessed Oven

The recessed oven on the ArGo is definitely the biggest improvement Arizer made over earlier models. In earlier Arizer vapes the oven sat at the top end of the device with the glass stem exposed several inches up from the body.

With the Arizer ArGo the borosilicate glass stem slides down into the device with only 10mm exposed for the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has a nice lip to it and it’s just the right size and shape to allow for a great drag!

Broken glass stems were a constant thorn in my side with earlier models but the ArGo completely eliminates that worry! Arizer even included a useful push-top feature that lets you completely protect the glass stem with the click of a button.

Back when the Arizer Solo was the only dry herb vape I owned vaping outside was a hassle! Not only was the design bulky and eye-catching (in a bad way), but the glass stems had to be taken out and stored safely for travel.

With the Argo you simply finish your session and toss it in your bag…much easier after a vape!

Design Materials

While the ArGo feels solid in hand and certainly not ‘cheap’ by any measure, Arizer dropped the ball slightly on the materials used for the pop top cap.

The cover is the only fully plastic component on the device and it feels slightly at odds with the rest of the design. The wobble on the protective cover initially bothered me and it felt like something just waiting to break.

That being said, the pop top functions as well as the day I first used the ArGo. It’s a useful feature if you’re always on the move but the included carry case lets you protect the device without really needing to use the cover.

Thankfully the rest of the Arizer ArGo body feels a lot more study and reminiscent of earlier Arizer designs. The device has an anodized aluminium mid-section and a silicone covered plastic section at the bottom to allow for better grip.

The silicone covered plastic at the bottom of the device feels a lot classier than the cheaper bare plastic at the top and the anodized aluminium mid-section reinforces that quality feel synonymous with Arizer vapes.

My Only Real Gripe with the ArGo Design…

Ironically, my biggest problem with the design is also Arizer’s greatest improvement. The recessed oven makes the ArGo a truly portable vaporizer to rival the best. But, it comes at a cost…

If you’re anything like me you want to get the most out of your dry herb. I frequently have the ArGo on for up to 20 minutes a session, sometimes more if I’m repacking the bowl for a longer session with buddies.

Five minutes of vaping though and the ArGo starts to feel pretty hot. My original Arizer Solo (a.k.a ‘The Tank’) felt cool and metallic, even 30 minutes in.

The compact size of the Arizer ArGo means you feel a lot more of the heat from the oven and battery and it gets slightly uncomfortable to hold. It’s most noticeable when you’re using the ArGo on charge.

Personally it’s something I can live with and it’s never prevented me from using and enjoying the ArGo. For me the obvious benefits of the recessed oven make this a fairly minor problem in comparison. And if you find yourself vaping a bowl above the Arctic circle at least you have a built in hand warmer!

Arizer ArGo | Vapor Quality

Arizer ArGo Air Solo

Vapor quality has always been an area where Arizer exceeds expectations and the ArGo is no different. The stainless steel and ceramic oven ensures the vapor isn’t tainted by plastics or cheaper materials. The glass stem also keeps your dry herb at a stable temperature and lets it cool down quickly in between hits.

The taste of the bud on the first few draws is second to none and the vapor is a nice cool temperature. While you won’t be blowing clouds at this point the flavor is the real treat here. Of all the portable vaporizers I’ve tried the ArGo easily takes the number 1 spot on flavor.

The next four to ten puffs release dense thick clouds with a satisfying throat hit on the exhale. I like starting with a temperature of 180° C (355° F) and jumping up 10° C every 3-4 puffs. The hybrid heating system in the ArGo (conduction and convection) ensures your herb never overcooks at the higher temperatures.

When you’re using the ArGo at the higher end of the temperature range the vapor can start to get a little warm though. If you’ve used the Arizer Air or Solo you’ll notice the vapor produced by the ArGo is much warmer. This is mainly due to the shorter glass stem used in the ArGo.

With that being said the vapor isn’t any warmer that most other portable dry herb vaporizers on the market right now and never gets uncomfortable.

Quick Tip: The ArGo comes with 4 stainless steel filter screens. While these are great for keeping bits of bud out of your mouth they do impact the flavor. For a purer vapor I use the ArGo without the screens.

Arizer ArGo | Temperature Range & Heating Time

Arizer ArGo Temperature

Heating Time

The heating time on the ArGo is fairly typical of all Arizer vapes. On a full charge the ArGo reaches 180° C (355° F) in about 45 seconds and 220° C (428° F) in around 60 seconds.

Because the ArGo uses an all-glass pathway the stems and oven take a little longer to reach maximum temperature compared to other vaporizers like the Pax 3 (as quick as 15 seconds!).

While you can’t really use the ArGo as an on-demand vape the insane flavor and dense vapor production are well worth the extra 30 second wait.

Temperature Options

The temperature control is located on the front of the ArGo in the form of + and – buttons. They let you alter the temperature in increments of one and holding a button for several seconds jump the temperature 10 at a time.

The ArGo operates from as low as 50° C (122° F) all the way up to a toasty 220° C (428° F). I find the ArGo works best between 180° C – 200° C (350° F – 400° F). This range strikes the perfect balance between flavor and vapor production.

In fact the temperature you vape your weed at can dramatically alter the effects. Cannabis is packed full of terpenes and cannabinoids which all react differently at various temperatures and alter the experience of your session.

The table below gives you an idea of the main temperature ranges when using a vaporizer for your dry herb:

Cooler vapor with low density of clouds.Strong tasty terpene flavor.THC reacts
Lightly euphoric, invigorated and relaxed.
Warmer vapor with dense clouds.Terpene flavor mixed with earthy tones.Psychoactive effects increased. CBD reacts, meditative and relaxed.
Thick dense clouds. Stronger earthy taste.Extracts the most cannabinoids. Intense effects and couch-lock feeling.

Arizer ArGo | Battery

The battery in the ArGo is a removable 18650 Panasonic. Rated at 3.7v and 3400 mAh it’s the same battery found in the Arizer Air 2 and a number of other high end portable vaporizers.

Arizer ArGo Battery

The battery on the ArGo lasts for around 90 minutes which is enough for 6-9 sessions. You can charge the battery in the device via micro USB or remove it and charge in an 18650 battery charger.

90 minutes is a fairly typical run time for a portable dry herb vaporizer like the ArGo but the charge time on the battery is much higher than most other vapes.

All told it takes around 3 ½ hours to charge the ArGo to full capacity via the included micro USB cable. However, if you remove the battery and use a good external battery charger you can cut this time in half.

As with most vapes these days the ArGo also allows for pass-through vaping. You also have the option to pick up a spare battery and alternate between the two…very handy for trips and days out.

Arizer ArGo | Discreetness & Smell

As I mentioned back at the top of this review, the ArGo is one of the stealthiest vapes I’ve ever owned. The understated design makes it much more discreet than something like the Mighty or the Solo.

In terms of the smell the ArGo again performs solidly. As with any dry herb vaporizer you’re going to get some smell during and after a session. If you’re using the ArGo at a low to mid temperature setting though the smell is fairly discreet.

I’ve used the ArGo countless times in crowded places and never received a second glance.

Once you start vaping at the highest temperature range you’re pretty close to combustion and the smell ramps up a little. I found that the included carry case comes in handy and blocks out a lot of the smell after a session.

If you’re really looking to vape under the radar you also have the option of placing your Arizer ArGo in an air-tight container or a smell-proof stash bag. I personally use this one and the smell is 100% completely contained.

Arizer ArGo | Cleaning & Maintenance

Arizer ArGo Cleaning

Much like earlier Arizer vapes the ArGo is incredibly low maintenance. The oven itself requires next to no cleaning as long as you pack the chamber on the glass stem with a little space between the oven and your herb.

I’ve been using the ArGo for over a year now and the oven is almost as clean as the first time I used it. Because the oven is recessed it’s a little harder to get to but if you do need to clean it a Q-Tip just about reaches.

I’ve only cleaned the oven once in the last year and I found a Q-Tip dipped in ISO (isopropyl alcohol) worked perfectly. Isopropyl alcohol is also really handy for cleaning the glass stems.

Quick Tip: You can extract and re-vape the resin that builds up in your Arizer glass stem. The best way to do this is using isopropyl alcohol. Home-made hash that gets you high all over again!

Over time the glass stems get fairly dirty with built up resin. The chamber that holds your dry herb requires the most up-keep and a clean after each session is highly recommended.

By cleaning the bowl thoroughly between sessions you make sure you’re not re-vaping any burnt materials. Keeping a clean bowl also ensures you don’t restrict the airflow on the ArGo.

Quick Tip: The best time to clean the bowl on the glass stem is straight after a session. Once the resin in the bowl dries it’s much harder to clean. You can use the handy scrapping tool in the box to keep the bowl free of any burnt material.

Arizer ArGo | Draw Resistance & Bowl Capacity

Draw Resistance

The draw resistance on the ArGo varies greatly depending on how clean you keep your stem. With a clean stem the airflow is nice and free and it’s no problem getting a good deep draw quickly.

If you neglect cleaning the stems very often the draw resistance does become tighter and you’ll be taking longer draws for the same effect. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though and I personally prefer the ArGo with a slightly restricted airflow

Quick Tip: When you pack your dry herb into the ArGo’s chamber make sure that you don’t pack the herb in too tight. Overloading and compressing the herb greatly reduces the airflow!

Bowl Capacity

At absolute maximum capacity the bowl on the ArGo holds 0.30 grams. I found the ideal amount of dry herb for the ArGo to be around 0.10 – 0.15 grams.

This amount doesn’t restrict the airflow and allows the herb in the glass chamber to properly heat and vaporize.

Quick Tip: You can use whole chunks of herb in the ArGo’s bowl but the session takes longer and produces less vapor. Best practise is to coarsely grind your herb until its fine. This lets the heat from the oven cover a greater surface area and your herb is vaporized evenly.

Arizer ArGo | Price & Where to Buy

The price of the ArGo is one of my favourite things about it! For such a quality device the ArGo is soooo cheap! Other comparable vaporizers like the ‘Mighty’, ‘Crafty’ or ‘Pax 3’ all have a higher price tag.

Given the build quality on the ArGo and the fantastic performance that Arizer vaporizers boast I’d happily save my money and opt for the Arizer ArGo over the more expensive options!

In the US/Canada – If you’re looking to pick yourself up an Arizer ArGo I’d highly recommend checking out the links below for Smoke Cartel. I’ve had several dealings with them in the past and received nothing but great customer service! They’re also offering the ArGo for an insanely great price at the moment!

In the UK – I picked up my own Arizer ArGo from MagicVaporizers and the delivery and service is highly recommended. Again they have an excellent sale on the ArGo at the moment and are also an authorized Arizer distributor.

Arizer ArGo Summary – Should You Buy The Arizer ArGo?


  • The flavor is insanely tasty!
  • Vapor is dense and satisfying.
  • Takes very little dry herb to have the desired effect.
  • Exceptional build quality.
  • Extremely easy to clean.
  • Very user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Incredibly cheap price for what you get.


  • ArGo gets slightly hot when using for longer sessions.
  • Shame the plastic pop-top cover wasn’t silicone coated.
  • Longer charge time than other vaporizers.
Arizer ArGo Review Score

Get one! You won’t be disappointed!

The ArGo quickly became my favourite portable vaporizer. It’s super easy to use on the go and the performance is incredible! My favourite thing about the ArGo is the flavor you get!

Add to that the amazing vapor production, reliable and exceptional build quality and the incredible price and it’s a no-brainer! If you buy the Arizer ArGo you get a high-end portable vaporizer for the price of a mid-range one!

If you’ve got any questions about the Arizer ArGo or just dry herb vaporizers in general feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Great review!! Very in depth answers for all the questions you could have about the Argo. Really made me excited to try product. Thanks

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your lovely comment! Really glad you liked the post. The ArGo is an awesome little dry herb vaporizer….probably still my favourite portable vape! Hope you enjoy Gary, thanks again.

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