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Beco Beak 600 And Beak 700 Disposable Vapes Review / Great Flavors and Good Battery Life

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Today we are reviewing two of Vaptio’s latest disposable vapes, the Beco Beak 600 and the Beco Beak 700. We were kindly sent all 10 of their available flavors; 5 flavors in the Beco Beak 600 and 5 in the Beco Beak 700 from the folks at Vaptio to review and put to the test.

We’ve combined the two products into one review as both products are very similar with the exception of the battery size, puff count and physical size of the two different disposables.


Beco Beak 600 Vs Beco Beak 700
Beco Beak 700 / Beco Beak 600

The Beco Beak 600 and Beco Beak 700 are single use 600 and 700 puff disposable vapes, designed and manufactured by Vaptio and released under the Beco brand. They are available in 10 different flavors, with the same flavors being used across the two products.

Both are auto draw activated and manufactured using a two stage plastic injection molding process to achieve a very hard wearing colored surface finish. They are a small pen style shaped disposable of the same diameter (19mm) but the length is different (90mm for the 600) and (99mm for the 700).

They both hold 2ml of e-liquid and come in nicotine strengths of either 10mg/ml (1%) or 20mg (2%).The only other difference between the two Beco Beak disposables is the battery capacity; 400mAh for the Beak 600 and 500mAh for the Beak 700.

The mouthpieces are a semi-duckbill style, molded as part of the overall body, but one side is curved and the other straight. This does give the appearance of a bird “Beak” so I guess that’s where the name comes from.

Beco Beak Disposable Blue LED

There is a small blue LED on the base of the Beco Beak’s that illuminates when you draw on the device, together with two small semi-circular air intake holes which provides a pretty tight Mouth to Lung (MTL) draw.

A 1.6 ohm non replaceable coil is used across both Beco Beak’s and does give a smooth and very quiet auto draw while producing a nice amount of vapor with pronounced flavor.

I would like to thank Curly at Vaptio for sending me the Beco Beak 600 and Beco Beak 700 disposable vapes in the 10 different flavors to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion based on my findings. We may receive a small affiliate commission if you click on the buy buttons but at no extra cost to yourselves.

Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 Disposable Vapes Review


Features and Specifications

Beco Beak 600 and Beco Beak 700

  • Beak 600 Dimensions: 90mm (height) x 19mm (diameter)
  • Beak 700 Dimensions: 99mm (height) x 19mm (diameter)
  • Beak 600 Weight: 24.5 grams
  • Beak 700 Weight: 29.5 grams
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • PG/VG Ratio: <50% PG / <50% VG
  • Nicotine: 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml Nic Salts
  • Draw-activated
  • Beak 600 Puff Capacity: Up to 600 puffs
  • Beak 700 Puff Capacity: Up to 700 puffs
  • Beak 600 Battery: Internal 400mAh non-rechargeable battery
  • Beak 700 Battery: Internal 500mAh non-rechargeable battery
  • Low Battery Warning: Blue LED flashes 10 times
  • Coil Resistance: 1.6 ohm coil (non-replaceable)
  • Blue LED indicator at base of device
  • Airflow: Dual airflow intake holes on base
  • 10 Different Flavors available

What’s in the box?

Beco Beak 600 and 700 Boxes

The Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 disposable vapes come in a cardboard box measuring 122mm x 29mm x 22mm and each box is colored to match the particular flavor inside. It highlights the flavor, amount of puffs, ingredients, nicotine strength, e-liquid capacity and the standard nicotine warning information.

Inside the cardboard packaging is the Beco Beak disposable sealed in a polyphene sachet together with a small user manual. Once you tear open the sachet and remove the Beco Beak there is a clear silicone rubber bung inserted into the mouthpiece for protection. This must be removed once you’re ready to vape.

Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 Disposable Vape Design and Appearance

Beco Beak 600 and 700 Disposable Vapes

The Beco Beak disposables are 600 and 700 puff devices and measure (90mm for the 600) and (99mm for the 700) in length by 19mm in diameter and weigh in at approximately 22.5 grams for the 600 and 29.5 grams for the 700. Because they are disposables, the battery is non-chargeable and non-replaceable incorporating an internal 400mAh for the 600 and 500mAh for the 700 capacity battery.

E-Liquid capacity is 2ml and comes in 10 different flavors with a nicotine strength of either 10mg/ml (1%) or 20mg/ml (2%). The e-liquid is pre-filled and not re-fillable.

Again, because these are disposables, the 1.6 ohm integrated coil is not replaceable. When the disposable vape is finished i.e. either the battery has depleted or the e-liquid has run out, the Beco Beak’s are simply disposed of.

We couldn’t find out the output power of the Beco Beak’s but can assume from calculating the power level from a nominal voltage of 3.6V and the 1.6 ohm coil, the level will be somewhere around 8W. What I can say though is they produce a strong vape with plenty of flavor and vapor.

Beco Beak Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of the Beco Beak’s is somewhat different; it forms part of the overall body and tapers down to a duckbill style with one side curved (rounded) and the other straight (right angle). This does resemble a bird’s beak and have to say it does look and feel good. The end of the mouthpiece is oval in shape with a circular 5mm opening which provides a tight MTL draw.

Beco Beak Airflow Holes On Base

On the base of the Beco Beaks are two small semi-circular airflow intake holes with a blue LED concealed beneath these holes that illuminates when the mouthpiece is drawn on. When the e-liquid has run out or the battery becomes depleted, the blue LED will flash 10 times indicating end of life.

Difference Between the Beco Beak 600 and 700

Branding on the Beco Beak’s is limited to “Beco Beak 600″ or “Beco Beak 700”, depending on the model you have, on one side and the “flavor name” on the other side.

Construction of the Beco Beak’s is made out of hard plastic using a two part injection molding process providing the glass like colored surface finish, the mouthpiece also forms part of this molding. Two thirds of the way down the body has an attached white plastic shell in the same diameter which gives an overall two tone color look.

From the photo you can see that the Beco Beak 700 color injection doesn’t go right to the top of the mouthpiece, the “V” channel opening can be seen. Whereas the Beco Beak 600 does.

Strangely enough, on the bottom white section, the Beco Beak 700 has a large colored circle in the same color of the main body but on the Beco Beak 600 there isn’t one, it’s left completely white.

Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 Disposable Vape Performance

Simply take out of the cardboard packaging, tear open the sealed polyphene sachet, remove the silicone mouthpiece bung and you’re ready to vape. It’s a very smooth and very quiet tight MTL draw.

Each of the flavors we tried were very nice and very flavorsome, the output power although unknown, gave a very good draw and hit, producing a dense amount of vapor.

Some of the flavors we tested left that sweetness sensation on your lips which wasn’t overpowering but I have to say the “Ice” additive in some of the flavors was just that little too cold and intense for me. While they produced a nice coolness in the back of the throat, at times it lingered just that little bit too long.

After a while, if you’d been vaping on it quite frequently it began to give me a tingling sensation on my tongue. I found it a little too overpowering and detracted from the main flavor profile.

Saying this, when another member of the team here (Adam) tried each flavor, he found the coolness (Ice) strength really nice so I guess it’s just down to personal preference.

The draw activation worked every time and we found that the tightness of the draw limited each draw to no more than a 2-3 second single puff.

Each disposable lasted us on average a whole day but this is subjective and depends of the length and frequency of your draw. The Beco Beak 700’s took us into the following day as well. Some of the stronger ice flavors I found lasted me quite a bit longer as I didn’t vape on them so frequently.

We didn’t have any dry hits and the flavor and vapor remained constant throughout the battery discharge cycle. On some of them, when the e-liquid began to run out before the battery fully discharged, they started to produce a dry slightly burnt taste but this was always at the end of the 600/700 puffs.

Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 Disposable Vape Flavors

Beco Beak 600 Disposable Boxes
Beco Beak 700 Disposable Boxes

Vaptio were kind enough to send us all 10 of their available flavors to try, 5 flavors in the Beco Beak 600 and 5 different flavors in the Beco Beak 700. Each of the flavors we found very enjoyable, they are not complex multi flavors, more a single flavor profile but were very authentic.

5 Beco Beak 600 Flavors
5 Beco Beak 700 Flavors

I would have preferred some of the flavors to have slightly less ice content but this is down to personal preference.

The 10 flavors available in the Beco Beak range are: Mango Ice, Blueberry Raspberry, Premium Menthol, Crispy Apple, Lush Ice, Banana Ice, Strawberry Ice, Grape Ice, Rainbow and Marshmallow.

We’ve given a brief description of each flavor and what we thought.

Mango Ice

Beco Beak Mango Ice Flavor

‘Quite simply put; it’s lovely. A really nice Malaysian type ripe juicy mango. Not too sweet and initially not too cool but after about 2 minutes of vaping the ice sensation started to tingle my tongue. I found that prolonged vaping this flavor did leave a slight numbness in my throat as it was cold. If the coolness was not as intense I would be very happy vaping this all day long.

Blueberry Raspberry

Beco Beak Blueberry Raspberry Flavor

I love this one. A really lovely blueberry and raspberry flavor, definitely reminiscent of Parma Violets. You can pick out the two individual flavors straight away. Not sweet and not icy which is nice. Happily vape this all day long.

Premium Menthol

Beco Beak Premium Menthol Flavor

I really like this one! It’s such a refreshing menthol flavor which appeared to be a combination of both peppermint and spearmint. Quite often I can differentiate between spearmint or peppermint but this one I just had to keep vaping to see which of the flavors I was picking up on.

In the end, I couldn’t decide which one it was but loved it. It isn’t sweet and has just a slight coolness that lingers on the aftertaste. It’s a really refreshing lovely menthol.

Crispy Apple

Beco Beak Crispy Apple Flavor

Another really nice sweet crisp green apple taste. Quite a sharp refreshing flavor with that hint of sweetness and again a hint of coolness on both the intake and exhale. A really pleasant vape and at times came across as a sour apple flavor too.

Lush Ice

Beco Beak Lush Ice Flavor

A really nice flavor which tasted lovely and reminded me of a fruit cocktail mix. I was mainly detecting a mixture of strawberry and banana. Reasonably sweet with again that icy kick in the back of the throat but not as intense.

Banana Ice

Beco Beak Banana Ice Flavor

An authentic banana flavor reminding me of a ripe mushy smoothy. Slightly sweet on the lips with a very pleasant after taste that lingered for quite a while. I enjoyed vaping this one but have to say after a while it became a little sickly.

The Ice coldness was there but fortunately it wasn’t affecting my tongue and throat like the other flavors.

Strawberry Ice

Beco Beak Strawberry Ice Flavor

An authentic strawberry flavor, similar to a strawberry milkshake, but with quite an intense ice kick that remains in the back of the throat. There is a slight sweetness that lingers on your lips afterwards which did further add to the taste. I had very similar results with this one as I did with the Mango Ice; the coldness on my tongue and throat was just that little too overpowering.

Grape Ice

Beco Beak Grape Ice Flavor

A very typical juicy Grape flavor taste, very similar to other Grape flavors I’ve tried. A slightly sweet taste lingered on your lips which was enjoyable and I found enhanced the longevity of the flavor. The icy additive wasn’t as overpowering as the other’s I tried BUT still made my tongue tingle.

It’s a nice authentic Grape flavor but like the other flavors I’ve highlighted, the “Ice” additive is just too intense and for me limits the length of time I could vape these before needing to switch to another flavor.


Beco Beak Rainbow Flavor

Oh I love this one. Despite not being able to pick out any particular individual flavors, the mix of flavor tones coming through was really nice. It’s a very pleasant flavor with a slight sweetness and slight coolness on the draw intake with a lovely lingering aftertaste.

It’s a melody of flavors which I can only describe as a sweet candy flavor like the Skittles sweets.


Beco Beak Marshmallow Flavor

I will be honest and say I don’t think I’ve tried a marshmallow vape before. A very pleasant flavor with a slightly sweet and fluffy taste on the exhale. I struggled to guess what the flavor was BUT it is very nice. At times I wondered if it was Lychee.

Flavor Summary

All 10 Beco Beak Disposable Flavors

Of all the 10 different flavors we tried, they all seemed very smooth, very flavorsome, produced quite dense amounts of vapor and were not overly sweet. For me personally, I enjoy a little coolness on some of my flavors but I found that some of these flavors were just that little bit too overpowering with the “Ice” content.

Even though I found the level of ice on some of the flavors too strong, Adam really enjoyed the ice sensation he was getting. Overall, each base flavor tasted very nice. I feel, certainly for my personal taste, that reducing the strength of the ice content would improve my overall vaping experience.

Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 Disposable Vape Price

I couldn’t find the product directly on Vaptio’s website or Vaptiobeco but guess they market it directly under Becovape. Unfortunately the Beco Beak 600 and Beco Beak 700 disposables are only sold from Becovape’s website in packs of 10 and not as a single device.

The official link to Becovape is:

A quick google search for other suppliers sadly didn’t highlight anywhere else that were selling them yet. As both these are new disposables, hopefully once they are in full production they will become readily available.

Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 Disposable Vape Verdict

Beco Beak 600 and 700 Disposable Review Verdict


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lightweight and fits easily into a pocket
  • Good flavor and performance
  • A smooth and quiet draw
  • A nice MTL vape
  • Auto draw worked very well
  • Very good battery life


  • Ice content on some of the flavors too overpowering
  • A single use device

Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 Disposable Vape Summary

Each Flavor of the Beco Beak Range

Flavor and performance wise both the Beak 600 and Beak 700 worked really well. All the flavors we tested were very nice but they do have that “Ice” content so if you’re not a lover of the ice kick you may not like them.

The draw activation worked every time and the draw was very smooth and quiet. Each flavor came through strong while not being overpowering and not too sweet. Vapor was very good too.

Battery life and the length of vaping time before the e-liquid ran out seemed to be above average for a 2ml device so that’s a real bonus.

I’m always concerned on the environmental issues and disposal of these disposable vapes as a single use device. While they are perfect for someone looking at dipping their toes into the vaping scene to kick the nasty cigarette habit, I would always recommend looking into reusable devices in the long term.

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Beco Beak 600 and Beak 700 disposable vapes and found it helpful and useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do purchase any of these, please do drop us a line with your thoughts and views on them.

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  1. Bonjour c’est la première que je prend vos cigarettes beco 600 le seul souci, j’ai pris pomme et je suis vraiment déçu aucun goût et saveur désolé de vous dire celas .
    C’était pour essayer alors voilà cordialement Mme jacquard veronique merci au service client

    1. Hi Jacquard,
      My French is not that good but understand that the Apple Beco 600 you tried didn’t have much flavor. Each of the 10 flavors we tried, including the Apple, when we reviewed them provided quite strong flavors. As this was your first time using a Beco 600, maybe try one of the other flavors they do to see if the flavor comes through stronger?

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