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Beco Slim Disposable Review | 4500 Puffs Of Crazy Flavor!

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Welcome to our Beco Slim disposable review – the latest disposable from the relatively new Beco Vape brand.

We were asked to review the Beco Slim by Curly over at Vaptio Inc (the parent company of Beco Vape). I replied to say we’d love to review it and two weeks later (Royal Mail are currently striking in the UK!) 10 of their Beco Slim disposables arrived, ready to be put to the test.

Having previously reviewed the Beco Beak 600 and 700, we had high expectations for the Beco Slim. Both of the models we tried before were fantastic and performed brilliantly!

In a nutshell, the Beco Slim is a disposable with an internal, 1150mAh non-rechargeable battery and 9ml of 50mg/ml nicotine salt e-juice. The Beco Slim lasts up to 4,500 puffs, at which point you throw it away and open a fresh one.

We’ve seen a surge in larger, rechargeable disposables in recent months, such as the Yumi EPICmod and DJPUFF Flask 4999 – both incredible devices – however, the tried and tested single use disposable design is still by far the most popular on the market today.

We’ve been on a mission to find the best disposable vape we can get our hands on. So without further ado, let’s dive into the full Beco Slim review and see if it deserves a place on the list!

I’d like to quickly thank Curly at Vaptio Inc for sending me the Beco Slim disposable to review. As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain an affiliate link. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). This helps us to keep the site running.

Beco Slim Disposable Review


Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 117mm (Height) x 34.5mm (Width) x 13.5mm (Depth)
Weight: 53g
E-Juice Capacity: 9ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml Nic Salt E-Juice
4500 Puff Capacity
10 Different Flavors
Battery: Internal Non-Rechargeable Battery (1150mAh)
Coil Resistance: 1.1Ohms (Non-Replaceable)
Coil Type: Mesh Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: Silicone Rubber and Plastic
LED Puff Indicator
Airflow: Non-Adjustable

What’s In The Box

The Beco Slim disposable comes packaged in a tall, rectangular box that’s color coded to match the flavor inside. The packaging is bold and colorful, with a picture of the Beco Slim, the name of the flavor and the puff capacity displayed on the front of the box.

Beco Slim Disposable - Packaging

On the left facing side of the box, the flavor name is printed in big, bold lettering and the puff capacity and nicotine strength are again displayed.

Beco Slim Disposable Review - Packaging

On the right facing side the flavor name is printed again, while the reverse of the packaging has the usual warnings, the Beco website address and the Vaptio Inc contact details. In small writing at the top of the packaging, the nicotine strength, puff capacity, e-juice and battery capacity are again displayed.

Beco Slim - Packaging

There’s also a QR code for you to scan to check the authenticity of the disposable. This is pretty standard on most disposables but it’s still nice to see it included. I’ve yet to scan a disposable and discover it’s not authentic, but I’m sure it does happen and it’s reassuring to know the disposable you’re vaping isn’t a cheap knock-off.

Beco Slim Packaging

One complaint I do have with the packaging is the fact the PG/VG ratio isn’t listed. I have a slight PG intolerance and it would be nice to know how much PG is used in the Beco Slim. I can’t grumble too much though, as I haven’t come across the PG/VG ratio listed on a single disposable we’ve reviewed!

Inside the packaging, the Beco Slim is sealed in a clear, plastic wrapper that you just need to tear open to get to the disposable inside. Remove the Beco Slim, pull out the protective silicone plug in the mouthpiece and you’re all set to vape!

Beco Slim | Design & Appearance

In terms of design, the Beco Slim is big, bold and colorful. Rectangular in shape, with curved edges at the top and bottom, it reminds me slightly of the old highlighters you’d use back in school!

Beco Slim Review - Design

The Beco Slim measures in at 117mm (Height) x 34.5mm (Width) x 13.5mm (Depth) with a total weight of 53g. It’s not the largest disposable we’ve reviewed (that accolade would probably have to go to the MOTI PIIN C4000!) but it’s definitely not a small vape.

The 53g weight gives the Beco Slim enough weight in your hand that it doesn’t feel flimsy, and the rubberized finish on the bulk of the body make it really comfortable to hold.

I didn’t actually drop any of the samples Beco sent me, but they felt sturdy enough to withstand any accidental drops, knocks etc.

The words BECO SLIM are printed in white font on one side of the disposable, and the flavor name is printed on the reverse side.

Beco Slim Disposable - Flavor Name

The different flavors vary in color, and the mouthpiece section of the Beco Slim is always a lighter shade. For example, the banana ice flavor has a bright yellow body and the mouthpiece section is a lighter, creamy yellow. Not every flavor is a different color though; the grape ice and apple ice look identical to my eye.

Quick note – I did feel a little silly vaping certain flavors… I’m a 6ft 30-something guy, and the bubblegum ice and peach ice flavors are bright pink! As already mentioned, the Beco Slim is not a small or ‘discreet’ vape either. It’s pretty noticeable and it’s something to keep in mind if you prefer vaping discreetly.

Beco Slim Disposable

Quicker note: Having said that, you’d be hard-pressed to find a disposable on the market today that isn’t big, bright and colorful!

The mouthpiece section is smooth plastic and comfortable to draw on. In terms of shape, I’d say it’s best described as a duck-billed design with a slight lip.

Beco Slim - Mouthpiece

At the bottom of the Beco Slim is the LED, which lights up when you take a draw and flashes when you’re out of battery/e-juice.

Beco Slim - LED

Overall I’m impressed with the design of the Beco Slim. It’s super comfortable to hold and vape, aesthetically pleasing and well-built.

Beco Slim | Performance

In terms of performance, the Beco Slim ticks all the right boxes.

The auto-draw works flawlessly and the airflow allows for a tight, restrictive MTL draw. Perfect if you’re looking to replicate the feeling of smoking a cigarette.

The throat hit is spot on – not too sharp, but more than satisfying. Just keep in mind, the Beco Slim is only available in 50mg/ml so could potentially be too harsh if you’re used to vaping 20mg/ml and under.

I’ve had to become accustomed to vaping at 50mg/ml as more and more disposables are only being released in this nicotine strength. It would be nice to see more options, such as a 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml nicotine strength.

The vapor production is perfect – you won’t be blowing huge clouds of thick, dense vapor, but that’s hardly ever the case with any disposable. However, I’d definitely say the vapor production is above average and more than enough for me.

Battery life is excellent and far better than I was expecting. The Beco Slim is supposed to be good for up to 4,500 puffs and every single disposable Beco sent me lasted at least this number of puffs. For some reason, the Spearmint lasted almost 4,800 puffs!

I didn’t experience any noticeable drop-off in performance until the last 50 puffs or so, and only then a very slight reduction in vapor production.

Beco Slim Disposable In Hand

Where the Beco Slim really shines though, is in the flavor department. Each and every flavor is dense, full-bodied and absolutely bursting with flavor!

Since we started this journey to find the best disposable on the planet, I’ve been consistently surprised by how impressive the flavor is with the higher end devices.

Back when I first started vaping, you had to rock a dripper and box-mod if you wanted serious flavor, but I can honestly say the Beco Slim rivals the flavor I used to get from that setup! I don’t know what they use in their e-juice to make the flavors so dense and delicious!

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Beco Slim. The throat hit, vapor production and battery life are all excellent and the flavor these little beauties kick out is amazing!

Beco Slim | Flavors

The Beco Slim is available in 10 different flavors, and Beco Vape were kind enough to send us each of the flavors to sample.

I’ll give you my thoughts on each flavor below.

Apple Ice

Crisp, sharp apple with a burst of icy freshness.

I don’t usually go for apple flavors as they often taste synthetic or sickly sweet, but the Beco Slim apple ice really surprised me. It tastes exactly like a freshly picked apple, with just the right balance of sharp and sweet. The icy kick also gives it a really nice aftertaste that lingers on your tastebuds.

Banana Ice

Creamy, rich banana with a sharp icy kick.

I love the banana in this flavor; it’s creamy and full-bodied, but for me the icy kick was a little too icy. I found it started to hurt my throat if I vaped too heavily, especially in the cold weather!

Blueberry Raspberry

A berry medley with sharp, tangy blueberry and sweet, fresh raspberry.

The blend here is spot on. The inhale is a sharp, tarte blueberry and the exhale leaves a deliciously sweet raspberry taste that lingers long after the last puff. I’m a big fan of berry flavored e-juice and this is a flavor I kept coming back to!

Bubblegum Ice

A fruity, candy infusion with a sharp burst of minty freshness.

I absolutely loved this flavor. The candy isn’t too overpowering, it’s sweet and fresh, almost creamy! And the icy kick rounds the flavor off perfectly. It’s definitely a flavor I could easily vape all day.

Grape Ice

Fresh, sweet grape with a blast of icy menthol.

If you’ve followed my reviews for a while, you know I’m not a fan of grape flavored disposables. In part because they often taste synthetic and/or sickly sweet. Unfortunately, this Beco Slim flavor was no different for me. Keep in mind that taste is subjective, and you may love this flavor, but for me it was a little too sweet.

Mango Ice

Sharp, tangy mango with a burst of ice.

Another absolutely delicious flavor! The mango is fresh, sweet and bursting with flavor. The icy kick could be toned down slightly, but it’s another flavor I could happily vape all day.

Peach Ice

Sweet, juicy peach with an icy kick.

The peach in this flavor is fantastic. It’s sweet, ripe and mouth-watering with a delicious aftertaste. The icy kick is also just right in this one; not too overpowering.

Peach Mango Ice

Sharp, tangy mango with sweet, juicy peach and a blast of menthol.

This is easily my favorite Beco Slim flavor. The blend of sharp, tarte mango with the subtle sweetness of the peach is an absolutely delicious combination. I kept coming back to this flavor and was genuinely disappointed when it ran out!


A fruity, candy blend with multiple flavor notes.

A powerhouse flavor, I pick up on apple, berry, pineapple, mango and peach in this one. I couldn’t find an official note breakdown on the Beco Vape website, but the picture suggests this flavor is inspired by the popular candy.


A fresh, menthol flavor with a touch of sweetness.

Minty flavor disposables are not really my cup of tea, as I like more complex flavor notes. But I will say this is a nice fresh, clean spearmint flavor, perfect for after a meal or first thing in the morning.

Beco Slim | Price

At the time of writing, the Beco Slim is only available to buy in bulk directly from Beco’s website. The minimum required purchase is a box of 10 disposables, which would suggest Beco have vape retailers in mind. Not surprising considering the Beco Slim is a new disposable.

Beco Slim Review - Buy In Bulk

The price displayed is currently $179.90, which means the price per Beco Slim disposable is $17.99. Not as cheap as I’d like, but arguably a somewhat reasonable price all things considered.

The concern of course, is that a vape retailer buying the Beco Slim in bulk will naturally want to make a profit per unit – which will likely bump the price up to around $22 minimum per Beco Slim, possibly much higher.

Yes, the Beco Slim will last you around 4,500 puffs and is therefore still far cheaper than an equivalent smoking habit. But I think this is still a pretty expensive way to vape, especially compared to the significantly lower cost of vaping with a box-mod and tank setup!

It’s for that reason I won’t be rushing out to buy another box of Beco Slim disposables, at least not until they’re available to buy individually and only if the price per disposable remains reasonable.

It’s a shame, as the performance and especially flavor you get from the Beco Slim is outstanding. But it’s hard to justify spending that kind of money if (like me) you vape heavily.

I’ll update this review as the Beco Slim disposable becomes available to buy individually, but if you decide you can’t wait and you want to pick up a box of 10, the link below will take you to Beco’s website.

Beco Slim | Verdict


  • Exceptional flavor
  • Great vapor production
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Perfect MTL draw
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • Premium build quality
  • Responsive auto-draw


  • Only available in 50mg/ml
  • Not a discreet vape
  • Only available in bulk
Beco Slim Disposable Review Verdict

Overall I’m really impressed with the Beco Slim disposable. The flavor, vapor production and battery life are all excellent and it’s a super comfortable disposable to hold and to vape.

It’s a shame it’s currently only available to buy in bulk, but I’m sure this will change in the near future as the Beco Slim is picked up by retailers.

I just hope the price per disposable isn’t too pricey!

If you can pick the Beco Slim disposable up for less than $20 then I’d say it’s well worth it. If you’re looking for a long lasting disposable with heaps of performance, flavor and vapor, you really can’t go wrong with this one!

If the price of these is low enough when they’re available to buy individually, and Beco release the disposable in alternative nicotine strengths, the Beco Slim could easily feature on our list of the best disposable devices you can get your hands on!

And there you have it folks! We hope you enjoyed our Beco Slim disposable review! Please share this post and feel free to leave a comment below! Happy Vaping!

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