Best Disposable Vape Manufacturer: KEYSTONE Vape

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We were recently contacted by one of the top vape manufacturers; KEYSTONE Vape. They asked us to share a little information with you about their company and given their incredible experience in the industry we were only too happy to oblige.

This is a sponsored post written by Lori at KEYSTONE Vape and published as a Press Release by Vaping Hardware. We at Vaping Hardware are not liable for the accuracy and content of this article.

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The vaping industry is continuously evolving, and with it, the demand for high-quality disposable vape products is on the rise. Manufacturers play a crucial role in providing consumers with reliable, innovative, and safe vaping devices. In this article, we will discuss the best disposable vape manufacturer, KEYSTONE Vape, and explore what sets them apart from the competition.

What is a disposable vape manufacturer?


A disposable vape manufacturer is a company that specializes in producing disposable vapes or vaping devices. These devices are designed for single-use and can be discarded after the e-liquid or battery is depleted. Disposable vape manufacturers are responsible for creating and assembling the components of the vaping device, ensuring their quality, safety, and performance.

What do ‘ODM’ and ‘OEM’ vape mean?

KEYSTONE Vape Manufacturer

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are two common business models in the vaping industry.

ODM vape manufacturers design and produce vaping devices based on their original designs and sell them to other companies, who then rebrand the products as their own. This model allows vape brands to offer a range of products without the need for extensive research and development or manufacturing capabilities.

OEM vape manufacturers on the other hand, produce vaping devices based on the specifications and designs provided by their clients. These manufacturers are responsible for assembling and producing the devices while ensuring they meet the quality standards set by the client.

Where are most vape manufacturers from?

The majority of vape manufacturers are located in China, specifically in Shenzhen, a city known for its thriving electronics manufacturing industry. Other countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, also have a growing number of vape manufacturers, but China remains the leading global hub for vape production.

Who are KEYSTONE Vape?


KEYSTONE Vape is a leading vape manufacturer that provides both ODM and OEM vape services to top vape brands. With over 80% of their staff committed to research and development for more than a decade in the vaping industry, they have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of the supply chain. In addition to providing manufacturing services, KEYSTONE is also building its own vape brand as an essential part of its business strategy.

Founded on August 1, 2022, KEYSTONE Vape was established with the vision of creating a company that genuinely cares about the health of vaping consumers. Their goal is to craft brands and choices of vapes that people love, while providing optimal experiences in a more sustainable way.

What are the advantages of KEYSTONE Vape as a vape manufacturer?

1. Pure E-Liquid

KEYSTONE Vape is dedicated to collaborating with the best e-liquid brands to ensure the purity of their e-liquid. The e-liquid is synthesized directly from non-polluting monomer raw materials, resulting in a clean and environmentally friendly finished product.

2. Vape Quality Control

For each component of their vapes, KEYSTONE conducts ten strict tests to produce devices with low nicotine levels and large vapor volumes.

3. Vape Production

KEYSTONE’s factory production workshop maintains a dust-free environment, frequently cleans production lines, and conducts rigorous inspections on finished products.

4. Short Production Period

KEYSTONE prioritizes efficient production, ensuring timely product delivery to customers.

5. Lower Prices

Compared to other vapes of the same quality, KEYSTONE products have lower production costs, saving more money for their customers.

6. Resource Integration

To meet users’ diverse requirements for vape functions, materials, and flavors, KEYSTONE has integrated resources from over 1,000 suppliers across more than 20 categories.

7. ID & CMF

KEYSTONE customizes vapes from scratch for leading brands, boasting strong industrial design and product development capabilities. Their product manager, Forest Jin, has an impressive background in the vaping industry, and their vape appearance and ID designer team have over 10 years of experience in vape product design. They have created custom explosive vapes for numerous international first-line brands, exporting their products to over 20 countries.

Best Disposable Vapes from KEYSTONE

CPU Cube Vape:

KEYSTONE Vape - CPU Cube Vape

Puffs: 900
Battery: 360mAh / 500mAh
Capacity: 2ml / 3.5ml
Weight: 23.0g

Fat Boy Vape:

KEYSTONE Vape - Fatboy Vape

Puffs: 8000
Battery: 650mAh
Capacity: 15ml
Charging: Type-C

DTL Vape:


Battery: 850mAh
Capacity: 12ml
Charging: Type-C

In conclusion, KEYSTONE Vape has established itself as a top disposable vape manufacturer with its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. By offering a diverse range of products and collaborating with the best e-liquid brands, KEYSTONE ensures that their customers receive top-quality vaping experiences.

Furthermore, their focus on resource integration and customization sets them apart from other manufacturers in the industry, making them a leading choice for both ODM and OEM services. As the vaping market continues to grow, KEYSTONE Vape is well-positioned to remain at the forefront of the industry, providing exceptional products and services to customers worldwide.

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this post! We also hope to bring you some more news about KEYSTONE Vape in the near future! Their manufacturing processes and R&D look fantastic and we can’t wait to review some of KEYSTONE Vape’s own brand devices!

Finally if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts below.

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