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Boxallvapes On-Line UK Vape Store

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We’ve recently come into contact with a nice guy (Ben of Boxallvapes) who has been working hard in preparing his new on-line vape shop in the UK which about two weeks ago has now gone live…

As we all know the vaping scene over the last few years has gone from strength to strength. Despite this, vaping is not without its setbacks and we do often see vape shops in towns and cities opening and unfortunately closing within the year.

Like so many of us now, we all shop on-line so sadly the brick and mortar shops we’ve all come to love are becoming a thing of the past.

Ben has gone down the on-line route and we wanted to give a shout out to our readers that we now have a new kid on the block. We wish Ben every success in his new venture and from our dealings with him so far I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of Boxallvapes in the future.

About Boxallvapes

We have taken a screenshot of their mission statement (saves re-writing it).

About Boxhallvapes page

A UK based on-line vape store, Boxallvapes aim to proved a quality and professional service in supplying vaping products at competitive prices to their customers. Covering all aspects of vaping, their website is growing daily with starter kits and more advanced vape kits for the experienced vaper.

There are also lots of different tanks and pods with replacement coils for the products that they supply. Not only that, a comprehensive range of e-liquids are available including batteries and chargers.

Boxallvapes Products

Boxallvapes Product Page Header

Boxallvapes cover a range of products and accessories and I’m sure that as they develop going forward they will add to their product range with an extensive selection across each product category. In the 3 days since I was last on their site, the content has doubled (over 500) with an even greater range of products.

It’s good to see they include sale and bundle offers on certain products as we all like a good bargain.

Covering E-liquid, Disposables, Vape Kits, Tanks and Coils, Batteries and Chargers, Accessories and CBD Products, there’s plenty to choose from the most popular brands.

We’ve noticed there’s even a diy section under e-liquids covering base mix and flavour concentrates which for us is always a good thing. While they do a pretty extensive range of different e-liquids / nic shots, for me personally I do prefer mixing my own.

Delivery Details

Boxallvapes Delivery Information

Currently Boxallvapes deliver across the UK using Royal Mail with either a standard or express delivery and offer free delivery when you make purchases over £35. Also each delivery is tracked so you can keep an eye on your order.

Boxallvapes Loyalty Scheme

Boxallvapes Loyalty Scheme

Ben has included a loyalty scheme when you open an account providing 5% cash back on every order. For every £1 spent you receive 5 loyalty points. We all know points make prizes so 100 points = £1 and 1000 points = £10 saving.


It’s good to see up and coming on-line vape shops and we welcome and wish Boxallvapes every success. We feel the website is well laid out and easy to navigate. The prices are comparable with other companies and the loyalty scheme is a great incentive.

Ben comes across as passionate about his site and as such is doing everything possible to make it work in delivering a first class service to his customers.

Do take a look at Ben’s site as it’s nice coming across someone that’s passionate about what he’s doing rather than just being another business.

Please do drop us a line with your comments about your experiences with Boxallvapes, we’d like to hear them.

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