Battery Amp Draw / Drain Calculator

Battery Amp Draw / Drain Calculator

Welcome to Vaping Hardware’s Battery Amp Drain / Draw Calculator!

Battery safety is potentially the singular most important aspect of vaping, regardless of whether you’re using a regulated or mechanical device.

We’ve all seen the horror stories splashed across the news in recent years… Bruised and battered faces, damage to property and even death!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The good news is that VAPING IS SAFE as long as you understand battery safety

And that’s where we can help.

Our Battery Amp Drain / Draw Calculator for regulated mods helps you identify whether the batteries you’re using are capable of providing enough current to operate safely.

It’s super easy to use.

Just input the maximum Power your vaping device can operate at (Wattage), Battery Low Voltage Cut-Off, Current Rating of your battery (CDR), Mod Efficiency and the number of batteries in your device and hit the calculate button.

If the Current Drain/Draw from the batteries exceeds the CDR value of the batteries you intend to use, the calculator will warn you.

Essentially, the results will show whether your set-up is safe to use!

Happy (and safe!) vaping 🙂


Vaping Power (Maximum)   W
Current Rating of Battery (CDR)   A
Mod Efficiency   %
Battery Low Voltage Cutoff   V
No. of Batteries in Mod


Current Draw/Drain from Battery

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