E-liquid calculator

E-Liquid Calculator

Welcome to Vaping Hardware’s E-Liquid Calculator – Are you struggling to find that ever allusive perfect e-juice? Do you cringe at the thought of another expensive trip to the vape shop? It sounds like you’re ready to mix your own DIY e-liquid!

Use our custom built e-liquid calculator for all of your DIY e-juice mixing needs! Simply input your PG/VG ratio, desired nicotine strength and flavour % and voila…you have yourself the perfect recipe for an awesome e-juice mix!

If you’re unsure how to use our e-liquid calculator, feel free to check out the full user guide here! If you’re a complete newbie to the world of DIY e-liquid mixing then be sure to take a quick glance at our complete beginners guide to mixing your own e-juice.

Recipe Inputs

Nicotine Base
Flavour Base
Nicotine Base Strength  mg/ml =   %
Target Nicotine Level  mg/ml
Amount (Bottle Size)  ml
Recipe Name
Flavour NumberSupplierFlavour%
Water / Vodka Dilutant  %
PG / VG Ratio  / 
Drops / ml  drops/ml

Recipe Results


Recipe Summary

Date Made
Nicotine Level
Water / Vodka
PG / VG Mix

Hopefully by now you’re well on your way to mixing your own unique blend of e-liquid. Don’t forget to take a screen shot or copy of the ‘recipe summary’ just in case you want to create the same mix again!

If you’ve got any feedback (or you just wanna let us know how awesome our calculator is!) please feel free to drop us a comment below.

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Lindsay Fox

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  1. Hi Guys just used your e liquid calc again and was pleased to see you’ve now included the option of mixing by weight. Great calculator does everything I need. Thanks.

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