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Nicotine Shot Calculator / Shortfill Calculator

Welcome to Vaping Hardware’s Shortfill / Nicotine Shot Calculator!

If you want to know how many Nicotine Shots to add to your own e-juice, you’re in the right place!

Before you go any further, be sure you know exactly what nicotine strength you need…

If you’ve already settled on a nicotine level, just select ‘Nicotine Shot’ below. Pop in your base nicotine, target nicotine and e-liquid volume and hit calculate. We’ll tell you how many Nicotine Shots to add to your nicotine free e-juice and you’re good to go!

The Nicotine Shot Calculator will also allow you to increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. For example, if you want to increase from a 3mg nicotine strength to 6mg, 12mg or more).

If you’ve purchased a ‘Shortfill’ bottle, select ‘Shortfill’ and input the size of your bottle. For example, a 100ml Shortfill bottle will usually contain 80ml of nicotine free e-liquid. In that case you’d enter ‘100ml’ and hit calculate. Leave the rest up to us and we’ll tell you how much nicotine you need to add to your shortfill bottle to hit your target nicotine strength.

New to the concept of Nicotine Shots and Shortfill bottles? No problem, just take a look at our beginners guide to Nicotine Shots and Shortfill E-Liquid… 


Nicotine Base Strength  mg/ml =   %
Existing Nicotine Strength  mg/ml =   %
Target Nicotine Level  mg/ml
Amount of Zero Nicotine E-Liquid  ml


AmountsE-Liquid (Nicotine Shot)

We hope you’ve enjoyed using our Nicotine Shot Calculator!

If you have any problems, check out the Nicotine Shot/Shortfill Calculator Guide… Please also feel free to drop us a comment below as we would love any feedback!

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  1. Hi, I’ve been doing a ton of research on adding nicotine to my current all day vape. I’m a MTL vaper so throat hit is huge for me and my all day vape of 6 years was discontinued. It was 24mg nicotine. My new vape is 18mg nic and I want to be as safe as possible. So much bought 125ml of 100mg nicotine in PG from liquid barn ( nicselect brand). I created a thread on the ecig forum and I’ve got a lot of advice but I feel silly when I have to keep asking how to do this right. Someone gave me the link to your calculator and I think I have it all figured out I just really want to be sure. Long story sorry, so all I want is to make my 30ml bottle of 18mg nicotine into 24mg nicotine. Give or take, it doesn’t have to be exact. With your calculator I did nicotine shot, 18mg base, target 24mg and zero 30ml. I got an answer of 2.37ml to add to my 30ml making it 32.37ml total. So am I correct to say that I will add 2.37ml of my nicotine to my current 18mg 39ml bottle to make it 24mg? God this seems so lengthy and annoying. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks – kelly

    1. Post

      Hi Kelly,

      Don’t worry we completely understand 🙂 You can never be too safe when adding nicotine to your e-juice and it can sometimes get a bit confusing!

      We checked through your figures and you’re spot on! You’ve selected the correct options and the results you have will achieve your desired strength e-juice. With the 100mg nicotine you have, just add 2.37 ml to your existing 30 ml of e juice (18mg) and you’ll have 32.37 ml total e-juice at a 24 mg strength.

      Hope this helps Kelly 🙂 Any problems let us know.

  2. I think the calculator is incorrect because when I select 50ml shortfill with 0mg nic and the target is 6mg using 18mg nic shots, the result is add 25ml of 18mg nic shots.
    However adding 10ml of 18mg to 50ml of nic free liquid will make it 3mg overall as (10×18)÷50 =3mg. So adding 20ml will make it 6 mg as (20×18)÷50 =6mg. And so the correct answer is 20ml not 25ml

    1. Post

      Hi Mo,

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear you’re struggling with the calculations for adding nicotine to your e-juice. We’ve double checked the figures you’re referring to and we’re confident that our calculator is correct. The problem seems to be the formula that you’re using to get your calculations.

      The correct formula for working out the amount of nicotine shots to add is ‘Target Nicotine ÷ (Nicotine base strength – Target Nicotine) X Amount of E-Juice’. In your case, ‘6 ÷ (18-6) X 50 = 25(ml)’. We know how confusing it can get when it comes to adding nicotine shots to your e-juice. Feel free to check out our post, ‘Nicotine shots and shortfill e-liquid explained‘ for some further information on doing these calculations. Hope this helps Mo 🙂 Any problems feel free to get in touch.

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