Series VS Parallel Battery Calculator

Series Vs Parallel Battery Calculator

Welcome to Vaping Hardware’s Series Vs Parallel Battery Calculator!

If you’re using a dual, triple or even quad battery vape mod (yep, that’s a thing now!) it’s often important to know the combined voltage, capacity and current (Amps) of the batteries you’re using to power your device.

We designed this calculator to help you work out just that! Regardless of whether you’re running your batteries in series or parallel configurations, we’ve got you covered!

It couldn’t be easier… Just input the number of batteries you’re using, whether they’re in series or parallel, the current rating (CDR), capacity (mAh) and the voltage of your individual batteries. Hit the calculate button and our Series Vs Parallel Battery Calculator will give you the total combined voltage, CDR and capacity of your batteries!

Please note, if you’re using a mechanical mod powered by more than one battery, you’ll want to take the results from this page and head over to our Power, Resistance & Current Calculator. On that page you can enter these results (and the coil build you’re using!) and we’ll let you know if your setup is safe to vape!


No. of Batteries in Mod
Battery Configuration
Current Rating of Battery (CDR)   A
Capacity of Battery   mA
Single Battery Voltage   V


Combined Battery Voltage
Combined CDR of Batteries
Combined Capacity of Batteries

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