Series VS Parallel Battery Calculator

Series Vs Parallel Battery Calculator

Welcome to Vaping Hardware’s Series Vs Parallel Battery Calculator!

If you’re using a dual, triple or even quad battery vape mod (yep, that’s a thing now!) it’s often important to know the combined voltage, capacity and current (Amps) of the batteries you’re using to power your device.

We designed this calculator to help you work out just that! Regardless of whether you’re running your batteries in series or parallel configurations, we’ve got you covered!

It couldn’t be easier… Just input the number of batteries you’re using, whether they’re in series or parallel, the current rating (CDR), capacity (mAh) and the voltage of your individual batteries. Hit the calculate button and our Series Vs Parallel Battery Calculator will give you the total combined voltage, CDR and capacity of your batteries!

Please note, if you’re using a mechanical mod powered by more than one battery, you’ll want to take the results from this page and head over to our Power, Resistance & Current Calculator. On that page you can enter these results (and the coil build you’re using!) and we’ll let you know if your setup is safe to vape!


No. of Batteries in Mod
Battery Configuration
Current Rating of Battery (CDR)   A
Capacity of Battery   mA
Single Battery Voltage   V


Combined Battery Voltage
Combined CDR of Batteries
Combined Capacity of Batteries


Batteries in series combine the voltage while the overall current remains the same as for a single battery.

In contrast, batteries in parallel will combine the total current capacity while the overall voltage will remain the same as for one battery.

Working out whether your batteries are in series or parallel couldn’t be easier. If the mod you’re using is in a parallel configuration, both the positive and negative ends of each battery are connected together or ‘touching’.  For example = + + / – –

Alternatively, if your batteries are in series the opposite is true. The positive end of one battery will connect to the negative end of the other battery.  For example = + – / + –

If you’d like some more information on working out series and parallel configurations check out our Series Vs Parallel guide.

YES, when using more than one battery in any mod they always need to be used together as a pair i.e. charged and discharged together.

It’s also important to note that the batteries being used should be of the same type and capacity.

For more info check out our full guide on pairing vape batteries.

The term CDR stands for Continuous Discharge Rating.

It’s the maximum Amps a battery can draw continuously without causing damage to the battery.

The CDR  is a tested value and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The mAh of a battery is always displayed on the cell itself and stands for Milli Ampere Hour.

It’s basically a measure of the battery’s capacity and determines the time it takes for a fully charged battery to fully discharge.

The standard value of a vape battery is 2500mAh.

Just remember, the higher the mAh rating the more life you’ll get out of your battery.

When running batteries in parallel the current capacities of all batteries in the mod will be combined.

This therefore increases the length of time your batteries will last in the mod before needing to be recharged.

We hope you’ve enjoyed using our Series Vs Parallel battery calculator to work out your combined voltage or current capacity. If you’ve got any questions please feel free to drop us a comment below!

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  1. Hi there. I’m making a massive 72 volt ebike battery. It will have 20 sets
    of batteries, 1 series and 20 parallel in each set. The batteries are 3.7v 2500mAh with a continuous maximum discharge of 40A. Can you figure out the total capacity and current numbers for me. Thanks. Frank.
    + *
    + *
    + *
    + *
    ******************** for a total equailing 20 times

    1. Post

      Hi Franklin, the description of your battefies doesnt quite make sense. 1 series and 20 parallel per set and you have 20 sets of these wont give you 74v. Batteries in series add their voltage but maintain their current of the single battery. Batteries in parallel combine their accumulated current but maintain their single voltage.
      Also your 3.7v battery is the nominal voltage. Fully charged will be 4.2v.
      20 of ur batteries in parallel will give you a combined current of 50000mAh at 800A. 20 of your batteries in series will give you the combined voltage of 74v nominal, 84V at full charge. Hope this helps.

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