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Digiflavor Torch RTA Review / It’s Not Just The Coil That Glows!

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The Digiflavor Torch RTA (Re-buildable Tank Atomizer) is a 26mm diameter top airflow single and dual coil build RTA but with a difference. Not quite as the name suggests, it’s not a torch but does light up with RGB LED’s when the coil is energized.

When power is applied to the tank, the base of the RTA will light up and breathe (strobe) in 3 different colors. The higher the power (wattage) the brighter the lights will illuminate. Some will be put off by this feature but others, like me, will find this quite quirky.

Digiflavor are the sister company of Geekvape so it’s no wonder when I was reviewing the Torch RTA how similar I thought it was to the Geekvape Zeus X RTA that we reviewed earlier on in the year. I picked this one up from Ecigone.co.uk back in the Black Friday sales on my quest to stock up on a few reasonably priced RTA’s.

Digiflavor Torch RTA

The Digiflavor Torch RTA is a dual cyclops slot top airflow with a quarter turn top opening fill port and supports single and dual coil builds on a raised 4 post-less Y shaped deck. The airflow is a top to side airflow design providing maximum flavor and a 100% leak-proof design.

A low profile removable wide bore PCTG 810 drip tip and an included 510 drip tip adaptor caters for both Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) and Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vaping styles depending on the coils you build.

The Torch RTA has an e-liquid capacity of 5.5ml and measures 50mm in length and 30mm in diameter across the bubble glass and tapers down to 26mm at the base of the tank. The build quality, design and machined threads all appear to look very good.

Available in 6 colors: Gunmetal, Blue, Stainless Steel, Gold, Rainbow and Black. The one I decided to go for was the Rainbow color as it would go well on the majority of my mods.

Read on and find out just what we thought…

Digiflavor Torch RTA Review


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 50mm (L) x 26mm (D) at the Base
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Construction: Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • RGB Breathing LED’s
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 5.5ml Bubble Glass
  • Filling Method: Quarter Turn Top-Fill
  • Drip Tip: 810 Low Profile & 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • Thread: 510
  • Airflow: Top Dual Slot Variable
  • Build Deck: Four Postless Terminals
  • Coil Configuration: Single or Dual Coil
  • Coil Fix: Raised Y-Shaped Build Deck

What’s in the box?

Digiflavor Torch RTA Whats In The Box
  • Digiflavor Torch RTA with 5.5ml Bubble Glass
  • 2 x 810 Wide-Bore Low Profile Drip Tips
  • 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • Tri-Core Tool
  • Pre-Built Fused Clapton 0.4 ohm x 2
  • Shoelace Cotton Wicks x 2
  • Spare Parts including O-Rings and Deck Screws
  • Manual
Digiflavor Torch RTA Spares Pack
Digiflavor Torch RTA Coils and Wick

Digiflavor have included a good amount of spares with this RTA but unfortunately there isn’t a spare glass in the one I received. Strangely enough, some suppliers seem to say a spare glass is included while others don’t.

Digiflavor Torch RTA / Design and Appearance

The Torch RTA I purchased was the rainbow color (always my favorite choice) but also comes in 5 other colors; stainless steel, black, blue, gold and gunmetal.

Digiflavor Torch RTA Side View 1
Digiflavor Torch RTA Side View 2

It comes fitted with a low profile wide bore 810 drip tip, a duplicate spare 810 drip tip and a 510 drip tip adaptor with the usual spare O-rings, deck flat head screws and the coils and wick. The fitted bubble glass was a great addition but sadly I was expecting a spare glass in the package but alas there wasn’t one.

Constructed out of food grade stainless steel, the Torch RTA measures 50mm in length with a diameter of 31mm across the bubble glass and 26mm at the threaded 510 base connector. It weighs in at 65 grams and has an e-liquid capacity of 5.5ml.

It’s designed as a top to side airflow RTA with fully adjustable dual cyclops top airflow slots creating that 100% leak-proof design and providing infinite fine tuning between fully open to fully closed to achieve your ideal draw.

The top fill design cap uses a quarter turn operation. The top cap center section has two indents and a small channel that locates into a channel and two outer tags on the airflow/filling section. The quarter turn operation locks and unlocks the top cap.

Torch RTA Top Cap Removed View 1
Torch RTA Top Cap Removed View 2

This top cap doesn’t have the greatest resistance and can be turned with the minimal of effort. It is possible to release the top cap by placing the drip tip in your mouth and turning the RTA.

Torch RTA Top Cap and Airflow Ring Removed

Once the top cap is removed, there are two fairly decent sized oval filling slots allowing for any e-liquid bottle tip to be used. Filling can be carried out using either slot. While the top cap is removed the airflow control ring can be removed by pulling it away from the body of the RTA.

Digiflavor Torch RTA Stripped Down

Stripping down the Torch RTA is straightforward and all of the parts come apart for cleaning and fit back together really nice. All threading’s are very smooth with the right amount of restriction maintained on the large airflow ring.

The airflow control ring will only fit one way round as it’s slightly tapered. The bubble glass can be fitted either way round and held in place by the top and bottom O-rings and the threaded connection between the bottom of the outer chimney and the build deck.

Torch RTA Inner Chimney and Deck
Torch RTA Inner Chimney on Deck

An inner chimney sits over the top of the build deck, locating into two adjacent cutouts. The chimney has 14 honeycomb holes each side, 28 in total, providing the side airflow control. The top of the chimney has an O-ring at the top that secures into the top of the outer chimney casing.

Both the top cap and 510 threaded base plate have multiple vertical cut indents around their diameter to assist with grip when unscrewing from the tank during filling and re-building/re-wicking. The airflow control ring has 4 double channel ridges around its perimeter again for grip.

The overall height of the tank, including the low profile 810 wide bore drip tip and excluding the 510 threaded connector is 50mm.

Logo branding on the Digiflavor Torch RTA is pretty discrete. There are 2 small “DIGIFLAVOR” names etched into the sides on the 510 build deck base. Two symbols printed onto the outer chimney and the usual CE markings on the 510 base plate with “Torch RTA” and “Designed by Digiflavor”.

Digiflavor Torch RTA Coil and LED glowing

I’ve left the best to last…Not only is it a very good, very solid and well-built RTA, it has a hidden secret. When the Torch RTA is fired, the base of the glass will flash with 3 different colored LED’s (strobing in red, green and blue). The higher the power the brighter the lights will flash. These lights do illuminate the entire glass.

The only drawback with this feature is it cannot be turned off. While this novelty feature may appeal to some, it will put others off. A shame Digiflavor didn’t somehow make the LED lights switchable on and off.

Build Deck

Digiflavor Torch RTA Build Deck View 1
Digiflavor Torch RTA Build Deck View 2
Digiflavor Torch RTA Build Deck View 3

The Digiflavor Torch RTA facilitates both single and dual coil builds. Its build deck is quite unique from the standard decks I’ve come across, being a raised Y-shaped 4 post-less block.

Building on the deck is straightforward and the coils fit top down with the coil legs passing through the Y-shaped posts. Pre-trimming the coil legs helps but there is enough room to get cutters in to further trim the tail legs after they’re secured by the flat head screws.

Digiflavor Torch RTA Build Deck Flat Screws

The positive side of the deck that connects directly to the 510 center pin has gold plated flat head screws and the negative side of the build deck has stainless steel flat head screws.

If building a single coil set-up I would recommend increasing the inner diameter of your coil to approx. 4mm and positioning the coil centrally in the deck. This will allow the airflow to hit both sides of the coil symmetrically.

With regards to those very quirky LED’s, they are housed underneath the build deck and from the looks of it cannot be removed and as mentioned already cannot be switched off.

Air Flow

Digiflavor Torch RTA Inner Chamber Airflow

Top airflow RTA’s are becoming more common and if designed correctly can produce incredible results. Their advantage definitely comes from them being leak-proof.

Being a top airflow RTA, air is drawn in from the dual cyclops slots and flows downwards through the honeycomb inner chamber that sits on top of the build deck. This in turn draws the air from around the sides of the coils and once energized, back up through the wide bore mouth piece.

The control of airflow is carried out by the variable dual cyclops slot air flow control ring at the top of the tank. Its operation is quarter turn from fully open to fully closed and adjustable to cater for any of the coil builds and your particular vaping style.


Tri core fused claptons

Supplied with the Digiflavor Torch RTA are 2 Ni80 Tri-core Fused Clapton’s (28gx3+40g) with a resistance of 0.4ohms each. While the build deck accommodates both single and dual coil builds, I found the best performance is achieved using a dual coil build.  

Torch RTA Dual Coil Build 1
Torch RTA Dual Coil Build 2
Torch RTA Dual Coil Build 3
Torch RTA Dual Coil Build Pulsing Coils

Securing the coil(s) is carried out by the flat head screws and the supplied tri multi-tool.

Once you’ve fitted the coil(s), ensure you dry burn them by pulsing the mod and gently scraping a non-metallic tool across the windings to ensure an even red glow across the surface of the coil(s). This will illuminate any hot spots from the coil and produce better results.

Of course building your own coils is the real advantage of using an RTA and can produce incredible results. Experimenting with different coil builds is great fun but can be a bit hit and miss. Use our Coil Wrap Calculator to help you identify the number of wraps needed to produce a given resistance of coil.


Wicking is pretty straightforward but you do have to ensure, because the build deck is elevated, your tail lengths are fairly long to reach the bottom of the deck. The best performance I found was NOT to use too much cotton. Keeping them “fluffy” and not too tight worked really well for me.

Torch RTA Dual Coil Build Wicking 1
Torch RTA Dual Coil Build Wicking 2

Lightly place your wick tails a millimeter or two inside the wick slots, don’t over cram the cotton in the slots otherwise it will choke the cotton and won’t wick properly.

During my time vaping on the RTA, I didn’t have any dry hits and as you’d expect NO leaking whatsoever.

Feel free to take a look at our Wicking Guide if you want to understand more about different wicking methods.

Digiflavor Torch RTA / Performance

Being a top airflow design really does take the worry out of leaking tanks.

As a single coil build I would have to say it was pretty good but did need to be tweaked to get the best flavor. Due to the top to side airflow, to get the best performance from a single coil set up required that coil to be pretty large in terms of its diameter.

Positioning the single coil centrally in the deck worked best as the airflow seemed to hit the coil rather than passing it by.

Where this RTA comes into its own is in dual coil configuration. The flavor and vapor improved dramatically producing a really decent vape. The flavor was spot on and the vapor, when increasing the wattage was intense using the supplied coils and wick. My build deck resistance was coming out at 0.19ohms.

My optimum airflow was set around the mid-range mark giving me my ideal loose and airy DTL draw. With the wattage set to 55W the flavor and vapor was really good, increasing the wattage to 70W and above produced some great results.  

After cycling a tank full of e-liquid through the Torch RTA, I dropped the wattage down to 40W which still gave me really good flavor with dense vapor. This wattage suited my ideal slow DTL draw as well as conserving battery power.

E-juice ratios of 50% VG, 70% VG and 85% VG all worked well with no dry hits. Chain vaping also worked fine so I must have got the wicking just right.

Tweaking with different coil builds, coil placement and wicking methods is certainly something I will be experimenting with but using the supplied coils and wick do work very well.

For a top airflow system this really does compete with some of the best bottom airflow RTA’s that are around today.

Now despite this being one very very good RTA, there is that minor issue concerning the strobing RGB LED’s. When using the Torch RTA during daylight hours, the LED lights that strobe through the glass are not that visible BUT at night, it’s a different ball game.

With the room lights turned down low, firing the Torch RTA reminded me of those children’s flashing light sticks you get at a carnival. Turn the room lights completely off and fire again and oh dear…. it took me back to the scene in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. This thing lit the room up and could be mistaken for a UFO!

I’m not quite sure what Digiflavor were thinking of when they designed the Torch RTA but I really do think this feature will put a lot of people off using it. Saying that, there will be others that think it’s a great feature. If only they had made it switchable!

How do I Fill the Digiflavor Torch RTA?

Torch RTA Saturating the  Wick
Torch RTA Inner Chamber on Deck

When filling the Torch RTA for the first time after you’ve initially built and wicked the build deck, drip e-liquid directly onto the coils and wick to make sure the wick is fully saturated. Re-seat the Inner chamber onto the build deck then re-assemble the RTA.

Once assembled, remove the top cap and start filling as highlighted below:

The Digiflavor Torch RTA, being a quarter turn top opening filling mechanism, is very easy to fill. Simply grasp the glass tank and turn the top knurled metal section above the airflow control ring anti-clockwise by a quarter turn until it stops turning.

Filling the Digiflavor Torch RTA
Digiflavor Torch RTA Filled

The top cap will simply lift off from the main tank. There are two decent sized e-juice openings, choose either one to fill with your favorite e-liquid.

Once filled, place the top cap back onto the tank section and once the top cap locates into the center grooves and sits flush, turn the top cap clockwise by quarter turn till you feel resistance. The top cap is now locked into position.

Digiflavor Torch RTA Price

Expect to pay around £25-£30 ($25-$30) for the Digiflavor Torch RTA. Considering the build quality and performance, not forgetting the array of spares that are included with the RTA, it’s well worth the price.

A quick Google search for the Digiflavor Torch RTA should highlight where and at what price you can pick this up for.

Digiflavor Torch RTA Verdict

Despite being a really good RTA in terms of performance etc, we’ve scored the design slightly lower because of the strobing LED lights. While this can be quite quirky I certainly feel that Digiflavor should of somehow made them switchable so user’s could disable them if required.

Digiflavor Torch RTA Review Verdict


  • Really good build quality
  • Great design
  • Leak-proof
  • Fill method really good
  • Build deck very good
  • Very good airflow
  • Great flavor and vapor
  • Excellent dual coil performance
  • 5.5ml capacity
  • Good set of spares


  • Top cap could have more resistance
  • LED lights could not be turned off
  • Spare glass would have been nice

Digiflavor Torch RTA Summary

Digiflavor Torch RTA Full View

The Digiflavor Torch RTA is a really great RTA and is definitely worth having in your vaping rotation. It’s a top airflow design and IS leak-proof. The flavor is first class with really great vapor as well. Having the option to be used as either a single or dual coil build is a plus although I did prefer using as a dual coil set-up.  

Building on this RTA is a breeze and wicking is very simple. The design and build quality is really good and can be completely stripped down to every part for cleaning. The airflow worked really well, being very smooth with no turbulence, just a little air intake noise.

It’s not small so won’t fit smaller mods but having the increased e-liquid capacity is a real bonus. The included spares were impressive but would have been nice to have come with a spare glass.

The one contentious issue has to be the LED lights in the RTA base. I can imagine this will put off quite a few people but if I’m honest I did find it quite quirky and added to the fun of using it.

I would definitely recommend the Digiflavor Torch RTA to anyone wanting to enter into the RTA side of vaping.

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Digiflavor Torch RTA and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do purchase one, please do drop us a comment and let us know how you’re getting on with it.

Comments 11

  1. Melusi and i have the same problem even though i put it in another mod it still says no atomizer is the 510 pin that causing the problem?

    1. Hi Marc, it’s usually the coil build that causes this problem i.e. the coil(s) are shorting out or not making a good enough connection so the mod thinks it’s an open circuit. The 510 pin on the base of the tank should normally protrude about 0.5-1mm beyond the 510 thread.
      To check if the 510 centre pin is ok, remove the coil(s) and use a multimeter and check the resistance between the centre pin and the 510 thread, it should be high resistance (o/c). Then check between the protruding centre pin and each of the raised coil build decks. One deck should read very low resistance (1ohm ie s/c) the other deck will read higher resistance ( 1000+ ohms ie o/c). Equally check between the 510 thread and each raised coil build deck and you should read the opposite resistances. This checks that each raised coil build platform is connected to the centre pin and 510 thread.
      If it’s ok, reconnect your coil(s) making sure they are clean and secured by the grub/hex screws. Recheck on your mod and it should work ok. Hope this helps.

  2. thank you for this nice review, i got mine today but its maybe defect?
    the leds just not turn off, keeps blinking 🙁
    testes with 2 mods from different manufacturers, still blinking without usage 🙁

    can you confirm that its normal? if not i need to send it back for a replacement

    thank you for your answer 🙂

    1. Hi Tobias, thank you, am glad you liked our review.
      Regarding your question, the lights will only come on (cycle on and off) when your fire button is pressed. There is no way they can be turned off. The higher the wattage, the brighter they become.
      When the fire button is not pressed, or your mod is not being used, they won’t light because no voltage is applied to the 510 centre pin. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Deny, thanks for your question.
      Yes, leave enough cotton either side of the wrapped coil so when you gently tuck it down into the wick ports it touches the bottom of the deck. The photo I included in the review is about the length of cotton needed to achieve this. Dont overpack the cotton in the wick ports as it will block the e-liquid from soaking up into the coil. A little trial and error is needed to get it just right.
      It’s a great tank and gives great results, hope you enjoy using it.

      1. thank you for fast reply and that amazing review , i think this took a lot of time to write , i really enjoy this tank , i was using before it MTL – Aspire nautilus 3 , after i tried this DTL , i fell in love. I think after i tried/moved to this RTA i felt first time my true flavor of Vampire Vape Heisenberg 😀 , still haven’t yet found my Wattage hotspot , atm i jumping on 55, 65 , 70 😀 , usin 70% VG

    1. Hi Joven,
      How old is your Torch RTA? I’ve been using mine every day for the last 5 months and the LED is still working. I was wondering how long the flashing colour lights would work for. From what I know there is no access to them. The main thing is that its still performing well. I’m still very impressed with the performance from it.

        1. Hi Melusi,
          A Check Atomiser reading on your mod could be caused for many reasons. You first need to check if it’s being caused by the RTA or the mod your using it on. Try swapping the RTA onto another mod to see if that mod shows the same message. It could be the 510 connector on your mod.
          If it’s the RTA causing the message then it will be a problem with either the 510 pin or the coil(s) in the RTA. It could be the coil(s) are either open circuit, short circuit, too low resistance for the mod to recognise or they are touching the casing.
          Try cleaning your RTA and rebuilding the coil(s) as this is most likely causing your error message, it’s highly unlikely that the RTA itself is at fault.
          Hope this helps. If you need further advise, please let us know what mod your using the RTA on?, what coil resistance your building and your deck resistance?

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