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The Single Battery Version of VOOPOO DRAG 4, DRAG M100S is Officially Released!

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Today we’re happy to share with you the exciting release of VOOPOO’s latest DRAG Series Vape; the DRAG M100S! We were blown away by previous vapes in the DRAG Series (DRAG 3, DRAG 4, DRAG X Plus) and we can’t wait to get our hands on the brand new DRAG M100S!

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On 8th May, VOOPOO officially released the DRAG M100S, which is the new VOOPOO single-battery Mod device with a max 100W power output, based on the incredibly popular DRAG 4. It features a leakproof top airflow UFORCE-L Tank with PnP Dual in One coil and innovates in appearance and details.


Effective Leakage-Proof, High Resolution and Explosive Vapor

The UFORCE-L Tank‘s top air inlets ensure that the air pressure inside and outside is balanced. The e-liquid and condensate can be securely stored to provide a pleasing experience.

The 3 top air-inlets balance the airflow directions, increase airflow and improve airflow smoothness, providing even and sufficient airflow for various e-liquid resolution.

In addition, the Dual in One PnP coil has an improved atomization efficiency, fully atomizing every last drop of e-liquid and delivering a rich flavor and delicate taste.

Thus, the coil can save on e-liquid consumption and reduce power output by 10%. If the user chooses the high wattage setting, they could get 20% more puffs and keep consistently vaping for longer. The triangular structure enhances the concentration of airflow, bringing a more explosive and cloudy vaping experience to users.

Portable, Soft as Touching Flowing Water, Delicate Quality in Your Hand

The DRAG M100S compresses the total device volume while retaining the crafting design. Solid wood and AG composite material were used to make the main board, whose novel matte texture is not easy to be fingerprinted.

A total of 8 processes ensure softness, comfortable grip, and no perspiration. The curved plate process makes the device palm-fitting and simple to grip. The edges are curved, giving users a smooth and gentle touch.

Dynamic Switch, All For Creativity

The Dynamic Switch of DRAG M100S is one of the symbols of VOOPOO’s devices with high output power range (>60W). This switch is upgraded with the support of advanced technology and is fully customizable.

Users can alter the function based on their preferences and avoid igniting with button combination. They can also configure its functions such as locking wattage, locking device and locking power.

DRAG M100S extends nicotine enjoyment and enhances the vaping power with the support of ECO Mode, which is always available. (Only when the battery is remaining 20%, the interface will automatically display the ECO Mode and the user can choose whether to enter or not. It has been tested that switching to ECO mode could extend the device’s service life by at least 10%).

Besides, the bottom battery cover of the DRAG M100S creates a stable open of approximately 45 degrees after the battery cover slides open. Attaching and removing batteries is easy and convenient. The revised UI interface design clearly distinguishes the function keys, which reduces the risk of accidental ignition by users and is more secure and power-efficient.

As the single battery version of the DRAG 4, the compressed volume of the DRAG M100S makes the device incredibly portable, lightweight, and easy to grip. It delivers users with rich, original, consistent flavor and effective leakage prevention. Choose DRAG M100S and put the legend in your hand.

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Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this news item and found it interesting. The DRAG M100S certainly looks like another great addition to the DRAG Series!

Be sure to check back with us soon…we hope to bring you an in-depth review of the DRAG M100S in the very near future!

Finally if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts below.

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