E-Liquid Calculator Guide

E-Liquid Calculator Guide

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If it’s your first time using an e-liquid calculator, or you’re just unfamiliar with the format of ours, we wrote this handy e-liquid calculator guide so you know where to start! If you have any questions this guide doesn’t answer then feel free to contact us here!

E-Juice Recipe Inputs

Nicotine Base

Your nicotine comes diluted in either PG, VG or a 50/50 mix known as a ‘One Shot’. If you’re unsure what your nicotine is based in then please check the label. As a note, PG is a particularly runny liquid while VG is much thicker in consistency. Once you know what your nicotine is based in, select as needed.

Flavour Base

The flavours that you add to your e-liquid will also come diluted in either PG or VG. As before, if you’re unsure then please check the label on the bottle. Typically e-liquid flavour concentrates come based in PG but VG based concentrates are slowly becoming more popular.

Nicotine Base Strength

Selecting the correct strength of your nicotine is extremely important! The strength of your nicotine will be specified as either a percentage (%) or in milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml). Most commonly nicotine is sold in either 56 mg/ml (5.6%) or 72 mg/ml (7.2%). However in Europe the maximum you can now purchase is set at 20 mg/ml (2%).

Target Nicotine Level

In this box you put the desired nicotine strength for your final e-liquid mix i.e. what you want to vape at. Generally, when making the transition a heavy smoker will want to vape at an 18 mg/ml strength while a lighter smoker would be more comfortable at around 6 mg/ml. As above, those mixing in Europe will be restricted to a maximum target nicotine level of 18 mg/ml per mix, due to the limits imposed on nicotine strength. Importantly, its recommended not to exceed a strength of 24 mg/ml as this could be unsafe! A nicotine overdose can lead to nausea, headaches, insomnia and more.

Amount (Bottle Size)

Simply put, the amount of e-liquid you wish to mix.

E-Juice Flavour Inputs

Flavour Selections

Write in the name of your e-liquid mix. If you’re only using a single flavour then you can use the name of the concentrate. If you’re mixing multiple flavours then pick the name of your creation! Bonus points for creativity! The next section deals with the specific flavour or flavours, depending on how many different ones you’re using. You can type in the name of the supplier (useful in case you want to recreate a custom mix at a later date), the individual flavour name and the desired strength of each flavour. We recommend a good starting point for a flavour strength is 10%.

If you need to add more flavours to your mix then simply click the ‘Add Flavour’ button and likewise, if you need to get rid of a flavour you’ve added then hit the ‘Delete’ button.

The percentage boxes highlight the desired strength of each individual flavour with a total shown at the bottom. This total shows the overall percentage of flavouring in your e-liquid mix.

Water/Vodka Dilutant

Water/Vodka Dilutant

You can use either distilled water or alcohol (Vodka) to thin your e-liquid mix down. This is only used if you are mixing with a very high VG content e.g. a 10% PG / 90% VG ratio. By adding a dilutant you thin the mix, allowing it to be absorbed easily by the wick in your tank.

PG/VG Ratio

Select the overall PG/VG ratio that you want your e-liquid to be. A good starting point is a 50/50 ratio but it really does depend on personal preference. If you prefer a good throat hit then a higher PG ratio might be best, but if you prefer more clouds a higher VG ratio is the way to go.


This option allows you to specify how many drops are in a millilitre (dependent on the dripper you’re using). If you prefer to drip your ingredients in rather than adding them using a syringe or measuring beaker then you’ll need to know how many drips it takes with your bottle/dripper to make a millilitre.

The Results
E-liquid calculator recipe results

This section covers all the ingredients and amounts needed to make your specified e-liquid (note that any inputs with a ‘0’ value won’t show in the results section of the calculator). The results are given in ml, number of drops, grams and the overall percentage of each ingredient. If the mix you’ve selected is incalculable then you’ll see an error message like the one below.

E-liquid calculator error message

The Summary

This section is automatically generated from the mix you have created. It highlights the flavour name and strength, the date the mix was made, the nicotine strength of your e-liquid, the PG/VG ratio and water/vodka strength if selected.

E-Juice Recipe Summary

Happy mixing! We hope you found our e-liquid calculator guide helpful! If you have any problems we’re here to help! You can find the link for our contact page here.


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