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Eleaf Lemo Drop RTA – A Vaping Hardware review

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If you’ve seen our review of the Innokin iClear 16 you know the team at Vaping Hardware are all suckers for the simple things in life. As for me personally, my first few months vaping I used nothing else. Christmas morning I sat excited in a (very small!) cloud of Mount Baker’s Thug Juice eager to see what vaping Santa (thanks dad!) saw fit to bestow upon me! It turns out ‘Santa’ got a great deal on the new Eleaf Lemo Drop RTA and I got my first taste (pun intended!) of Rebuildable Tank Atomisers.

At Eleaf the product description is as follows; featuring steel material and a glass atomizer tube to ensure the products durability and aesthetics. The heating coil can be wrapped around the absorbent cotton by yourself. Also, the air inflow can be adjusted to a desired condition as you please.

Lemo Drop: Features and Specification
  • 5ml Tank Capacity
  • Stainless Steel and a Pyrex Glass Tank
  • Bottom Filler
  • Kayfun Style Deck
  • Adjustable 510 Connection
  • Unique Airflow Adjuster Inside the Base
  • Replaceable Drip Tip
  • Tank Diameter; 23mm
  • Tank Weight; 60g
  • Tank Height; 74mm
  • Colour: black or silver
Lemo Drop; What’s in the box?

Eleaf Lemo Drop; What's in the box

  • Lemo Drop RTA by Eleaf
  • 4 x Replaceable Silicone O-Ring for Glass Tube
  • 2 x Replaceable Silicone O-Ring for Drip Tip
  • Silicone fill hole ‘plug’
  • Bag of cotton wicking
  • Length of 32g Kanthal wire
  • 2 x Pre wrapped 1.2ohm coils
  • 2 x Spare screws
  • Screwdriver
Lemo Drop; Design and Appearance

The Lemo Drop features a decent size Pyrex tank, chimney style drip tip and an incredibly sleek finish available in several colours. As a result, next to the Innokin iClear 16 it was the Megan Fox/Brad Pitt love child of atomisers!

In terms of the design, the Lemo Drop is clearly based on the Kayfun but with a few noteworthy differences. Specifically, the juice channels are noticeably deeper and the central air hole is wider. As a result, this made for a nice airy draw and the tank had no problem wicking with higher VG juices.

The coil platform and posts are big enough to fit a decent size coil comfortably and the coil is protected by a housing unit which screws snugly into both the top cap and the base of the tank. Features also include an adjustable battery connector and adjustable air flow via a screw tucked away under the battery connector section.

Overall, a superior build design and quality finish really made the Lemo Drop stand out for me. In my opinion this tank had a very simple yet aesthetically pleasing design which looked sexy on just about any mod I paired it with.

Lemo Drop; Performance

My Lemo Drop came with a pre-built 1.2ohm coil and was already wicked. The wick I did away with, using a fresh batch of Japanese cotton and it was good to go. One thing I noticed immediately was the quality of flavour and amount of vapour produced by this RTA! Having used nothing but the iClear 16 (which I would nonetheless still recommend as a quality tank for those new to vaping!) I was amazed at the difference in performance. As a result, I quickly fell in love with the Lemo Drop!

In terms of filling the Lemo Drop, this is done via removing a tiny screw from the fill hole and using a fine-tipped bottle or syringe to inject your e-liquid. As an alternative, Eleaf provide a silicone ‘plug’ which fits nicely into the fill hole. This is something I found far more convenient than having to remove the screw every time I needed to refill the tank.

However, one point I feel it’s important to mention is that several members of the Vaping Hardware team experienced significant leaking with the Lemo Drop. This becomes incredibly frustrating and did not improve despite using multiple different builds and wicking methods. I would go so far as to say this became something of a running joke with the team, which is a shame because it was otherwise a fantastic tank.

My favourite build on the Lemo Drop was a 0.9ohm twisted coil at around 20 watts and this gave me consistent flavour and vapour. If you can’t tell already, I really liked the Lemo Drop and if it wasn’t for the aforementioned leaking issue it would definitely rank in my top five!

Lemo Drop; PriceEleaf Lemo Drop Price

At the time of writing, the cheapest price I could find in the UK for the Lemo Drop was at Go Smoke Free who were selling the RTA for £10.99. Various sites outside of the UK are listing the Lemo Drop for around $11 and of course it’s worth noting you may be able to pick up the RTA from Fasttech at a better price if you’re prepared to wait for it to arrive.

Lemo Drop; Verdict

The Lemo Drop RTA is a great little tank to add to your vaping arsenal. Most of the Vaping Hardware team own this tank and we were all impressed with the flavour and vapour production. However, it has to be said that the leaking issue will likely put some people off this RTA. We all know there’s nothing worse than filling up the tank, sticking it on your favourite mod and heading out the door only to find a pocket full of e-liquid by the time you get to the car. However, if you can get past this, it’s still a great RTA and one I still happily use to this day.

Eleaf Lemo Drop Review Score

  • Price – 9
  • Ease of build – 9.5
  • Vapour production – 8.5
  • Flavour production – 8
  • Appearance and Design – 9
  • Build quality – 7.8
  • Good value for money
  • Great design and sleek finish
  • Ease of building
  • Leaking, leaking and leaking

Please share and drop us a comment below with your thoughts on the Eleaf Lemo Drop RTA.

Happy vaping!

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