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Elf Bar 600 Disposable Review | The #1 Disposable Vape In The UK?!

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Today we’re reviewing the Elf Bar 600 Disposable Pod, a fantastic little disposable that’s become insanely popular in the UK!

We’ve been meaning to review the Elf Bar 600 Disposable for a while now – I first tried the Elf Bar 600 about 18 months ago and I’ve been through about a hundred of them since!

Released by Elf Bar, a relatively new company (2018) based out of Shenzhen in China, the Elf Bar 600 Disposable has become a staple in almost every petrol station, corner shop and off licence across the UK.

And for good reason!

Available in over 30 different seriously tasty flavors, the Elf Bar 600 will last around (you guessed it) 600 puffs and comes in 0mg, 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength. If you’re a light – medium vaper, you could easily get 2-3 days of vaping before you run out of e-juice/battery.

Quick Tip: If you’re looking for an Elf Bar with a much larger puff capacity we recommend checking out the Elf Bar BC5000 and TE5000.

Packing a 550mAh internal battery, with 2ml of e-juice, the Elf Bar 600 is compact, easy to use and comfortable to vape on thanks to the ergonomic mouthpiece.

Obviously, the Elf Bar 600 is a disposable vape, which means you puff until you run out of battery or e-juice and then just throw it away and open a new one. And just like other disposables, the Elf Bar 600 is auto draw, which means you just inhale on the mouthpiece to puff. No buttons, no controls, just pick up and vape!

With so many choices in terms of flavor (not to mention the various nicotine strength options available!) and at the lower end of the price scale for the UK market, it’s not hard to see why the Elf Bar 600 has become so popular.

But why buy the Elf Bar 600 over the dozens of other disposables available? You can probably tell by this intro I’m a big fan of the Elf Bar 600, but what if anything sets it apart?

Let’s dive into the full review and find out.

As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain an affiliate link. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) which helps us to keep the site running.

Elf Bar Disposable Review


Features & Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16mm (diameter) x 104mm (height)
  • Weight: 28g
  • E-Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg / 10mg / 20mg
  • Draw Activated
  • 600 Puffs
  • 550mAh Internal Battery (Non Rechargeable)
  • Coil Resistance: Not Specified (Non Replaceable)
  • Output Power: 3.6V
  • Material: Plastic
  • LED Puff Indicator
  • 30+ Flavors
  • PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
  • Airflow: 1 small intake hole on the base of the vape

What’s In The Box?

First things first, the packaging – The Elf Bar 600 disposable comes in a rectangular cardboard ‘box’ or sleeve, with a sealed plastic wrapper inside protecting the disposable.

The outside packaging has everything you’d need to know printed on the cover. Flavor, e-juice capacity, nicotine strength, puffs and even nicotine dose per puff! Obviously the ingredients, standard warnings (keep away from children, don’t swallow the e-juice etc) are also clearly visible.

The company address and importer address and contact details are displayed, as well as manufacture date, expiry date and batch number.

There’s also a QR code which you can scan to verify that the Elf Bar 600 you bought is authentic. This is pretty commonplace now but it’s a nice addition none the less.

Elf Bar 600 Box

The only negative point I can make regarding the packaging is an ongoing issue I have with most disposables (and store bought e-juice in general!) and it’s that you rarely see the PG/VG ratio displayed. It’s not a deal breaker by any means and won’t even be a factor for 95% of vapers. However, I suffer from PG Intolerance and it would be nice to know exactly how much PG is used in the production of the e-juice.

Other than that minor gripe, the packaging is spot on and well designed. Once you’ve removed the sealed plastic wrapper from inside the box, just tear it open and remove the Elf Bar 600.

Last but not least, pop off the silicone cover/plug from the mouthpiece (and base!) of the disposable and you’re all set!

Elf Bar 600 Disposable | Design & Appearance

In terms of design and build quality, the Elf Bar 600 is a thing of beauty – the weight, shape and matte finish coating are all perfect for a disposable. It’s lightweight but well built and solid, super comfortable to hold and the auto-draw is spot on if you’re looking to replicate the feel of smoking a cigarette.

The height of the Elf Bar 600 Disposable measures in at 104mm, with a diameter of 16mm – slightly larger than a cigarette, more akin to a small cigar, with a weight of approximately 28g.

For me personally the Elf Bar 600 is just right in terms of size and weight – not too small that it feels fragile or flimsy, but not too big that I feel like I’m vaping a Cuban cigar!

Incidentally, if you prefer a chunkier vape with more weight in the hand, we recently reviewed the Voltbar Disposable – an absolute mammoth of a disposable in both size and performance!

Each of the Elf Bar 600 flavors come in a different color, depending on the flavor. For example, the Blueberry is a vivid blue, whereas the Apple Peach is a light shade of green, you get the idea.

Elf Bar 600 Disposable Huge Flavor Range

I’ve tried almost every flavor available at the time of writing, and although I feel a little silly vaping Pink Lemonade (bright pink you can spot from a mile away!) the Elf Bar 600 color scheme is bright, fun and easy on the eye.

Printed towards the top ‘front’ of the disposable in a white, subtle font are the words ‘ELFBAR 600’ and the Elf Bar logo, which if I’m being completely honest is a bit of a mystery to me… If I had to guess, it looks like a handful of leaves and a couple of water droplets or air bubbles(??) – leave a comment below with your best guess at what this is supposed to represent!

Also printed on the ‘front’ of the disposable, towards the bottom, is the flavor and nicotine strength as a percentage.

At the top of the Elf Bar 600 is a small black, plastic mouthpiece and at the base of the disposable is a single rectangular airflow hole. The mouthpiece is smooth and comfortable to vape on and the airflow is nice and tight – a perfect MTL draw.

The bottom of the disposable houses the blue LED which lights up when you draw on the mouthpiece. Again this is pretty common for a disposable but it’s a nice touch regardless. The LED will also flash three times when you’re out of battery or e-juice.

Overall I’m really impressed with the design and appearance of the Elf Bar 600 Disposable! It’s well-built, comfortable to hold, even more comfortable to vape, and the MTL draw is absolutely spot on!

Elf Bar 600 Disposable | Performance

If you haven’t guessed by now, I have nothing but positive things to say about the Elf Bar 600 and the performance is no exception.

By far the biggest positive for me is the immense flavor these little disposables deliver! Each and every flavor really packs a punch and they’re nothing less than mouth-watering. Even with those flavors I wouldn’t normally choose to vape, it’s hard not to appreciate the effort that’s clearly been put into each flavor recipe.

Of those I’ve tried, there isn’t a single flavor that didn’t taste full bodied and dense, while simultaneously clean and natural. No chemical flavor or unpleasant aftertaste that you get with many of the other products on gas station shelves! And I really think it’s that attention to flavor that elevates the Elf Bar 600 disposable above the rest in a big way.

As I’ve already mentioned, the airflow is a nice tight, restrictive MTL draw – not too tight but not loose either. If you’ve recently quit smoking, it’s the perfect MTL draw to simulate the act of smoking a cigarette.

The auto draw sensitivity is also absolutely flawless each and every time you take a draw, right down to the last few puffs before the battery/e-juice runs out.

Along with this the Elf Bar 600 also produces a really satisfying throat kick, more than enough to stem cravings in just a few short puffs. It’s not harsh by any means, but each puff produced plenty of throat kick and the nicotine delivery is rapid and effective.

Just keep in mind I’m talking about the 20mg nicotine strength only! I haven’t tried the 0mg or 10mg option and so I can’t comment on these, but please leave a comment with your thoughts if you’ve tried either of them.

In terms of vapor production, the Elf Bar 600 performs better than you’d expect from a disposable. Having tried plenty of devices over the last couple of years, I would definitely put it above average for vapor production. You won’t be blowing dense clouds of thick vapor, but then again you won’t with most disposables of this size!

With a 550mAh battery and a 2ml e-juice capacity, the Elf Bar 600 gave me around a day and a half to two days of medium – heavy vaping. I split my time between home and the office, and on those days I’m at home and vaping heavily, I’d still get over a full day’s use from each disposable. YMMV but it’s fair to say if you’re a casual or light vaper you’ll get several days out of a single Elf Bar 600.

Overall I’m really impressed with this disposable, even after vaping well over a hundred. If you want amazing flavor, impressive vapor production and battery life well over 24 hours, I highly recommend the Elf Bar 600 disposable!

Elf Bar 600 Disposable | Flavors

The Elf Bar 600 flavor range is huge, with well over 30 flavors currently available. I’ve tried most of the flavors, with a few exceptions. I’ll share my thoughts on these flavors below along with a full list of available flavors at the end.

Strawberry Ice Cream

The first of many delicious flavors, the strawberry ice cream is a rich, creamy vanilla ice cream with sweet strawberry and a hint of menthol on the exhale. It’s one of my all-time favorite dessert flavors and easily in my top five favorite Elf Bar 600 flavors!

This flavor really hits the spot in the warmer weather!

Lemon Tart

Another great dessert flavor, the lemon tart is a sharp, tangy lemon curd with sweet, buttery pastry. Perfect for a sweet tooth or after dinner vape!

The only caveat is that I found the lemon tart flavor was not something I could vape all day. While it’s a great flavor and really hits the sweet spot (pun intended) I found that I hit taste fatigue pretty quickly.

Not necessarily a bad thing though if you’re not vaping heavily and just want a casual puff every now and then.

Mango Milk Ice

The mango milk ice is a flavor you will either love or hate…

It’s a sweet, ripe, citrusy mango (which I absolutely love) paired with fresh, creamy milk and a menthol kick on the inhale. It’s a really unusual flavor for sure, and reminds me of a creamy mango yoghurt with a slight menthol aftertaste.

It’s not a bad flavor by any means, and the mango is absolutely fantastic with a crisp, tangy bite. But every time I vape this flavor, I find myself wanting more mango and less milk…

Strawberry Banana

A mouth-watering, tangy, tart strawberry on the inhale, with sweet, creamy banana on the exhale – the strawberry banana Elf Bar 600 is another flavor I can’t seem to put down and easily an all-day vape for me!

This is another great flavor during the Summer months; really refreshing and natural tasting, it reminds me of an organic strawberry milkshake with an icy kick.

Apple Peach

The apple peach flavor is another personal favorite of mine; a sweet, crisp green apple with subtle flavor notes of ripe, sweet peach in a perfect mouth-watering blend.

If you’re a fan of fruity e-juice, you’ll love this flavor. The tart apple is the prominent flavor on the inhale, with a refreshing, juicy peach on the exhale.

Pineapple Peach Mango

Without wanting to repeat myself, this is another absolutely delicious flavor and one I find myself buying again and again!

A tropical fruity burst of tangy pineapple, sweet juicy peach and ripe mango, this flavor is hands down the best of the fruity flavor Elf Bar 600’s.

I really can’t recommend this flavor enough!

Coconut Melon

One of the only Elf Bar 600 flavors I’m not keen on, the coconut melon is a creamy coconut, blended with a subtle melon.

Again it’s not a bad flavor by any stretch, but just not one I can vape for more than a few hours. It’s a little too much coconut for me, especially on the aftertaste.

But hey, if you love coconut this might be right in your wheelhouse.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Absolutely bursting with flavor, this is a delicious fusion of tangy kiwi, ripe passion fruit and a refreshing guava.

This flavor tastes exactly like freshly picked fruit, with the passion fruit the most prominent taste on the inhale, while kiwi and guava are both subtle flavor notes on the exhale.

Another top-notch fruity flavor perfect for the warmer weather!

Cotton Candy Ice

This is the only other flavor in the Elf Bar 600 range that I’m not particularly keen on. It’s extremely sweet cotton candy, with a strong icy kick on the inhale.

The cotton candy element is a just a little too sweet for me, with a strong aftertaste and it’s not a flavor I could vape regularly.

Having said that, I think it’s a testament to the quality of the Elf Bar 600 range that even those flavors I’m not keen on are not at all unpleasant.


The mango flavor is absolutely delicious and spot on! It’s another flavor that tastes exactly like freshly picked fruit – a sweet, ripe and tangy mango flavor (without the creamy milk from the mango milk ice flavor!) that hits the spot.

One of the team here at Vaping Hardware is a die-hard mango flavor chaser. I think he’s sampled almost every mango flavor e-juice he could get his sticky hands on and even he was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mango flavor Elf Bar 600.

Blue Razz Lemonade

This flavor is a sweet blast of blue raspberry with fizzy, citrusy lemonade and an icy exhale. Definitely another great flavor in the hot weather.

The blue raspberry is a perfect sweet tart flavor, and the fizz of the lemonade really kicks in after the initial inhale.

Strawberry Ice

The strawberry ice flavor is exactly what you’d expect. It’s a sweet, juicy strawberry with an icy menthol kick. Super simple, no muss, no fuss.

It’s a tried and tested flavor with almost every disposable range I’ve sampled, and while the Elf Bar 600 doesn’t necessarily add anything new to the mix with this simple recipe, it’s absolutely bursting with flavor and well worth your time if you’re a fruity flavor nut head like me!

Elf Berg

Inspired by the insanely popular Heisenberg e-juice by Vampire Vape, this is a complex blend of mixed berries and colling menthol, finished off with a subtle hint of aniseed.

Now I love this flavor and it’s easily an all-day-vape with a solid fruity base, a menthol burst and amazing aftertaste. But for whatever reason (perhaps years of e-juice inflicted taste-bud punishment!) I don’t think this flavor tastes anything like the Vampire Vape original!

If you’ve tried the elf berg Elf Bar 600 and agree/disagree, please leave me a comment below with your thoughts.


I’ve only tried a small handful of the grape flavor Elf Bar 600’s and each time I was surprisingly impressed with them! Partly because I always expect a simple, single note flavor that you often get with other grape flavored disposables.

But that’s not what you get here at all. This flavor has a real fizz to it and a subtle menthol on the exhale that leaves a delicious aftertaste that lingers. It’s not a single white grape note either, but a mix of white and black grape which gives this flavor a slight tartness on the inhale.

All in all a great flavor that far exceeded my expectations!

Lychee Ice

This is another personal favorite and a great all-day-vape!

Now I’m going to be completely honest here and put my lack of culinary expertise on full display… I’ve never actually tried lychees!

I can’t comment on how ‘authentic’ this flavor tastes, but I can tell you it has a distinctly tropical taste, with a burst of sweet, tart flavor on the inhale and a cooling menthol on the exhale.

Pink Grapefruit

This is a flavor I’ve only tried twice, and both times it was very much a take-it or leave-it type flavor for me. I don’t love it, but I don’t dislike it either.

It’s a full-bodied citrus flavor with a sweet pink grapefruit on the inhale and a slightly bitter note on the exhale with a lingering aftertaste.

Again it’s not a bad flavor but not one I’d want to vape all day.

Pink Lemonade

I’m in danger of repeating myself again, but the pink lemonade flavor is another of my absolute favorites and it’s one I go back to time and time again!

It’s a mouth-watering combination of sweet, tangy lemonade with a burst of fizziness, blended with a delicious mix of red berries.

The individual flavors in this one really pop, with the sweet, citrusy lemonade most prominent on the inhale and a delicious red berry on the exhale.

Red Bull Ice

This flavor is inspired by the energy drink of the title. The flavor itself is quite difficult to describe, but you know exactly what I mean if you’ve ever had an energy drink.

As a friend of mine puts it, the flavor is best described as “a mouthful of skittles and pennies”!

This Elf Bar 600 is a sweet, somewhat fruity flavor with a burst of icy cold menthol on the inhale.

This is a flavor I really wasn’t sure about to begin with, as I’m not a big fan of energy drinks. But having been through about half a dozen of these recently, I have to say it’s a flavor that’s grown on me!

Banana Ice

Another fantastic flavor, the banana ice is a sweet, creamy banana on the inhale with an icy blast on the exhale.

It’s easy to overlook the single/simple Elf Bar 600 disposable flavors, but they’re often the most enjoyable! The banana is super creamy and rich, with plenty of menthol and a deliciously sweet aftertaste.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

The perfect flavor for those with a sweet tooth, this is a unique blend of tart, ripe blueberries and raspberries with a blast of icy menthol and a simultaneously sweet yet sour aftertaste.

This really is an incredible explosion of flavor – each and every individual flavor note combines to create the perfect fruity cocktail!

I really can’t recommend this flavor enough. It’s sweet, sour, tangy, icy and absolutely bursting with flavor.

Elf Bar 500 Disposable Flavor List

At the time of writing there are well over 30 different flavors available, with more likely to be released in the future. Below is a complete list of the flavors currently available online:

Apple Peach / Banana Ice / Blue Raz Lemonade / Blueberry / Blueberry Raspberry / Blueberry Sour Raspberry / Cherry / Cherry Cola / Coconut Melon / Cola / Cotton Candy Ice / Cream Tobacco / Elf Berg / Grape / Kiwi Passionfruit Guava / Lemon Tart / Lychee Ice / Mad Blue / Mango / Mango Milk Ice / Peach Ice / Pineapple Peach Mango / Pink Grapefruit / Pink Lemonade / Red Bull Ice / Spearmint / Strawberry Banana / Strawberry Energy / Strawberry Ice / Strawberry Ice Cream / Strawberry Kiwi / Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice / Watermelon

Elf Bar 600 Disposables | Price

At the time of writing, the Elf Bar 600 is available in the UK for around £5 if you’re buying from a bricks and mortar store. This is a pretty standard price for comparable disposables in the UK, and considering the Elf Bar 600 is far superior to most of those other disposables (in my opinion of course!) it’s not a bad price at all.

But if you want a much better price then you’ll need to order them online. We’ve seen individual Elf Bar 600 disposables available for as little as £3.69 and even cheaper if you’re willing to buy in bulk.

It’s not a huge difference in price necessarily, but the cost can quickly mount up if you’re getting through disposables as quickly as I do!

Outside of the UK I struggled to find many vendors selling the Elf Bar 600! I can’t speak to whether they are easily available to buy in stores (please let me know in the comments!) but NewVaping appear to be selling them for around $4.60 – a very decent price! The below link will take you directly to their website if you want to take advantage and place an order – they ship Worldwide so the link will apply wherever you’re based!

Personally, I don’t rely on any disposable as my sole vape device, mainly because I vape heavily and the cost can quickly skyrocket! Instead I tend to think of disposables as either a treat I’ll buy myself twice a week or a quick, easy to use and convenient alternative to my standard mod and tank set-up.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, we highly recommend NewVaping. They stock the full range of flavors, delivery and customer service is top-notch and they’re reasonably priced too!

Elf Bar 600 Disposable | Verdict


  • Great design
  • Great build quality
  • Amazing flavors
  • Huge range of flavors
  • Good vapor production
  • Good battery life
  • Great MTL draw
  • Satisfying throat hit


  • No PG/VG ratio
  • Not as cheap as mod/tank vaping
Elf Bar 600 Review Verdict

Overall I couldn’t be more impressed with the Elf Bar 600 disposable. I think the flavor range is the biggest selling point, with a huge variety of full-bodied, natural tasting flavors to choose from. Most of the flavors I’ve tried are absolutely delicious and I’ll definitely be buying them again.

The airflow is spot on, allowing for a perfect MTL draw and the throat kick is really satisfying! On top of that, the vapor production and battery life are better than average for a disposable and the price is reasonable, especially if you buy online or in bulk!

I would like to see the price come down even further in the future but if you’re not constantly puffing on your vape like me, and you enjoy exceptional flavor without the hassle of using a larger (or more complicated) device, I highly recommend the Elf Bar 600!

And that’s it! We hope you enjoyed our Elf Bar 600 Disposable review! Please feel free to share this review, or leave a comment below! Happy Vaping!

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  1. I’ve been a loyal reader for some time now, and your blog has been incredibly helpful in my vaping journey. The tips and recommendations have made a significant difference. Looking forward to more insights!

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for sharing your comment.
      On average we are getting just over a day from each one. Puff count or usage time is subjective and does depend on vaping style. Shorter puffs and longer gaps between vaping will increase the usage time and equally longer draws or repeated chain vaping will reduce the length of time it lasts.

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