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Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Kit Review / 3000mAh Worth of Intense Performance

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The Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod kit is reminiscent of their Twister 30W and Twister 80W mod kits in that it’s a tube shaped pen styled device but with a difference. The Marvos T 80W is a Pod kit and one that’s aimed at Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vapers.

Equally its operation and functionality reminds me of their Onnix 20W pod kit we reviewed a little while ago, having the same 3 levels of adjustable power and a variable dual airflow system.

Pretty much a combination of the two style devices, with the Pod being an updated version of the Fireluke Tank series, but the comparison stops there!

Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Mod and Coils

It’s powered by a very impressive internal 3000mAh capacity battery with 2A Type-C USB fast charging, taking approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. The charging cycle is slightly longer than a lot of pod systems on the market today but considering it’s a massive battery, this is really quick.

The pod has an e-liquid capacity of 4.5ml (2ml EU variant), is re-fillable via the silicone rubber bottom fill port and accepts the MS Mesh series of push fit coils. I don’t need to say, but will do, these coils utilize Freemax’s FM COILTECH 4.0 (Tea Fibre Cotton Formula and Military Grade SS904L Mesh) so the flavor and performance is as we have come to know……really impressive.

Secured by 4 strong magnets and incorporating a removable 810 drip tip, coupled with the fact the tint of the whole pod is transparent; this makes this pod very close to a full blown sub-ohm tank.

Offering 3 fixed output power levels, each are selectable for the coil type being used, providing 40W, 50W or 55W for the 0.25 ohm MS Mesh coil or 60W, 70W or 80W for the 0.15 ohm MS Mesh coil. Each power level is easily switchable via 3 clicks of the fire button.

Control of the Marvos T 80W pod kit is carried out by the upgraded FM Chip 2.0, providing accurate power levels, faster firing speeds and the usual host of safety features.

All in all, this is one simple but very impressive pod kit. I may be slightly biased but I really am a stickler for the tube style design kits, reminds me of the good old days of the Mechanical Mods (Mech Mods).

I would like to thank the guys at Freemax for sending me the Freemax Marvos T 80W pod kit to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion based on my findings. We may receive a small affiliate commission if you click on any of the buy links but at no extra cost to you.

In addition to the Marvos T 80W pod kit, Freemax kindly sent me the first ever glass Pod that’s available for the Marvos T 80W. It’s a Glass DTL 4.0ml Pod that’s not included in the kit but sold as an addition. Also included in the package were a replacement 5 pack of 0.15ohm MS Mesh coils.

Dealing with Freemax is always a pleasure and I have to mention they always go that extra mile, something that other companies don’t always adopt.

Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Kit Review


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 27.3mm Diameter x 125.55mm Length
  • Weight: 126.8 grams
  • Construction: PCTG / FeCrAl, Zinc Alloy + ABS
  • Charging: Type C USB (5V/2A)
  • Output Wattage: 20W – 80W (coil dependant) 3 Level Adjustment
  • E-liquid Capacity: 4.5ml Pod (2ml EU Pod Variant), 4ml Glass
  • Pods: Refillable and Replaceable Coils
  • Coil Resistance: 0.15 ohm and 0.25 ohm
  • Coil Type: MS Mesh (SS904L)
  • Battery Specification: 3000mAh Internal Battery
  • Display: Single Color Changing LED
  • Firing Mechanism: Fire Button Activated

What’s in the box?

Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod KIt Whats In The Box
  • Freemax Marvos T 80W Body/Battery
  • Freemax Marvos DTL Pod 4.5ml Capacity
  • Freemax MS Mesh Coil 0.15 ohm
  • Freemax MS Mesh Coil 0.25 ohm
  • Type-C USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Warning Card

Freemax Marvos T 80W Design and Appearance

Marvos T 80W Airflow and Charging Port

The dimensions of the Marvos T 80W Pod kit is 125.55mm tall by 27.3mm in diameter, being tubular in shape. Some may describe this as a pen style, others will associate it as a tube mod. It’s constructed out of Zinc-Alloy and although not too heavy, does feel very solid, weighing in at 126.8g.

Marvos T 80W Top Pins

At the top of the Marvos T 80W mod/battery has a recess where the pod is housed. A circular steel disc plate is embedded into the housing with two internal cut outs giving access to the variable airflow chamber. Below the center cut out are two spring loaded gold plated contact pins that locate against the bottom of the coil in the pod housing.

The power source of the Marvos T 80W is the internal 3000mAh battery, one of the biggest capacity batteries in a pod housing of this size. The Type-C USB charging port is located towards the top of the battery housing, opposite the fire button and is rated at 5V/2A so will charge the device pretty quickly (90minutes).

Variable power is controlled by clicking the fire button 3 times to select either a soft, medium or strong wattage output. The power levels depend on the coil that’s fitted and the color changing LED incorporated in the fire button will indicate which level you have selected.

For the MS 0.15 ohm Mesh coil
60W = Red
70W = Blue
80W = Green

For the MS 0.25 ohm Mesh coil
40W = Red
50W = Blue
55W = Green

One slightly confusing point is the power output levels. The specification on the Marvos T states it’s a 20W – 80W device, yet the lowest selectable wattage level of the two coils that come in the kit is 40W.

After looking into it a little further, Freemax specify that there are 4 coils in the MS range. The two we are reviewing plus two others. These are a MS 0.35 ohm Mesh coil rated at 30W-40W and a MS 0.5 ohm Mesh coil rated at 20W-30W. Confusion over!

Marvos T 80W Airflow and Fire Button

Just below the top of the device is a knurled fully adjustable dual airflow control ring. The resistance of the control ring is very positive so there is no fear of it moving accidentally. The control ring will not continuously spin, there are end stops from fully open to fully closed.

Vaping the device is Fire Button activated and the remaining battery level is displayed on the color changing LED every time you fire the device.

  • Red LED light indicates 0%-33% of remaining battery charge
  • Blue LED light indicates 33%-67% of remaining battery charge
  • Green LED light indicates 67%-100% of remaining battery charge
Marvos T 80W Branding

Branding is limited to the words “Freemax” screen printed at the front of the Marvos T 80W body above the knurled airflow control ring, while the words “MARVOS T are screen printed towards the bottom of the device below the firing button.

On the bottom of the device are the usual CE markings with “Made in China” and “Marvos T” printed around the flat bottom. 6 small pin holes, 3 each side, are stamped in the casing for any possible battery venting issues. I was glad to see them there as the last couple of kits I’ve reviewed didn’t have any that were visible.

The overall surface is covered in a semi matt colored finish which does feel nice to the touch. At the time of writing, there are 4 different colors available. These are Red, Blue, Grey and Black.

Overall it’s a really nice looking pod. There is no OLED/TFT display or fiddly menu options to worry about, it’s simple to operate, straightforward to use and considering the very large capacity battery remains quite discreet and reasonably small.

Freemax Marvos T Pod Design and Appearance

The Marvos T pod is circular in shape, has an e-liquid capacity of 4.5ml (2ml EU variant) and is lightly tinted black semi-opaque in color. The tint is pretty much transparent so the e-liquid is clearly visible through it.

Manufactured out of PCTG material, it’s specifically designed for DTL vaping with increased airflow and a V-shaped design to help prevent spitback. The mouthpiece having a removable wide bore 810 drip tip, matches that of the pod housing. The drip tip incorporates 2 silicone O-Rings that do a very good job of securing the mouthpiece into the pod.

On the underside of the pod are 4 strong magnets that locate and fix to the metal plate on the Marvos T mod. The fill port is bottom filling and is located behind a black silicone rubber flap that sits flush with the bottom of the pod.

Written on the flap are the words “Freemax” with a little arrow below the “X” that donates where the silicone flap is to be gently lifted to gain access to the fill port. There is a small fingernail slot below the arrow to aid removal.

When the fill port flap is open, it’s held in place so won’t get misplaced. The fill opening is oval in shape and is pretty small. Filling with needle tip e-liquid bottles isn’t a problem but the shorter stubbier bottle tips are a little tricky. Filling slowly didn’t cause me a problem.

The pod accepts the MS range of push fit replaceable coils and are simply pushed into place into the circular opening from the bottom of the pod. The 3 O-Rings on the coil, 2 at the top and 1 at the bottom of the coil do a good job of sealing the coil in place to prevent e-liquid seepage.

Inserting the pod is straight-forward, simply place the pod to the Marvos T body opening and it will slide into the recess and be locked and snap into place by the magnets. Removing the pod is carried out by applying pressure to the pod body and pulling away from the Marvos T body/battery.

When the pod is attached to the Maxus T body, the LED on the firing button will light briefly to indicate the pod is fitted and ready for operation.

Glass DTL Pod (4.0ml)

Marvos Glass Pod Vs Standard Pod

As I mentioned earlier on in this review, Freemax kindly send us the Glass DTL pod to try. It’s not part of the kit, but can be purchased separately.

The pod is clear “High Borosilicate” glass, marketed as being the first glass pod of its kind. The e-liquid capacity is 4.0ml, slightly smaller than the pod included in the kit.

As you can see from the photo, the two different pods follow the same design, both have removable 810 wide bore drip tips but the outer diameter of the glass pod is slightly smaller. When it’s inserted into the Marvos T body, the pod sits inside the body and is not flush to the body as the included PCTG tinted pod is.

Marvos bottom View of Standard Pod and Glass Pod

The base section and underside of the glass pod are stainless steel or alloy with the same black silicone rubber fill cap. Interestingly, the oval fill port is slightly larger on this glass pod than the one on the PCTG pod.

Performance wise is no different between the two pods but have to say it’s nice using the glass option, makes it stand out and a little bit different from the norm. Not sure how it would stand up to being dropped but hopefully I won’t have to put it to the test.

Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Mod Functionality

The Marvos T 80W has limited control over its parameters and as such doesn’t have an OLED detailed display or a dedicated menu button. Instead it utilizes the firing button with the LED color changing indicator to change and identify what’s being set.

Operation of the Marvos T 80W is carried out using a sequence of clicks of the firing button as follows:

  • Fire button pressed 5 times turns the device on or off
  • Fire button pressed 3 times will alter the wattage in 3 set increments

Selecting the 3 set levels of variable wattage is carried out by pressing the fire button 3 times and observing the color of the LED indicator. The 3 set wattage’s will vary depending on the coil type fitted as follows:

Coil Resistance
Red Light
Blue Light
Green Light

0.15 ohm Coil

0.25 ohm Coil

The Marvos T 80W LED will display different colors and sequences to highlight individual functions and safety parameters as follows:

  • While Charging: Red LED remains illuminated until fully charged
  • While Vaping: LED will illuminate (color determines battery level)
  • Low Voltage Protection: Red LED flashes 20 times
  • Short Circuit Protection: Red LED flashes 5 times
  • Over-Time Protection: Red LED flashes 10 times
  • Open Circuit Protection: Red LED flashes 10 times
  • Low Resistance: Red LED flashes 5 times
  • High Temperature Protection: Red LED flashes 2 times
  • Pod Inserted: White LED flashes once
  • Pod Removed: White LED flashes once

Incorporated at the top of the Marvos T 80W battery/body is a fully adjustable knurled airflow control ring. Rotating the ring to the open position, where both airflow slots are visible will provide a cooler vape with quite an airy draw.

Rotating the ring towards the closed position will increase the warmth of the vape and restrict the draw. Anywhere in between will allow you to fine tune your vaping experience.

Freemax Marvos T 80W Kit Performance

Freemax MS Mesh Coils

Composition of both coils are; SS904L Mesh and Tea Fibre Cotton and use the FM Coiltech 4.0 technology. Both coils are without doubt DTL coils and as always from Freemax the performance in terms of flavor, vapor and coil life is outstanding.

Interestingly enough, both coils look identical, even down to the same colored O-Rings. Certainly the ones I received, the O-Rings were both light blue. While this is only an observation, I would thought to aid easy identification of the coils they would of opted to use different color bands.

Certainly when we reviewed the Freemax Maxus 50W kit with the Fireluke 22 tank, the 4 different coils were identified with different color O-rings (bands).

MS Mesh 0.15 ohm Coil

The 3 pre-set wattages for this coil type are 60W, 70W and 80W and are determined by the colored LED that indicates Red, Blue or Green respectively.

Freemax Marvos MS Mesh 0.15ohm Coil

Having cycled various different e-liquids through the pod with this coil, the flavor delivered every time. Irrespective of the wattage I used, I was tasting different notes that I thought never existed. The flavor was incredible. Vapor was very dense, especially at the higher wattage.

Restricting the airflow did produce a warmer vape, at times a little too warm for me but still really enjoyable. While vaping on the highest wattage setting, I preferred the airflow fully open which gave me a really smooth airy draw.

Trying different e-liquid ratios from a 50/50 mix, right up to an 80VG/20PG had no noticeable effect on the coil. It always delivered with no sign of dry hits.

One point worth mentioning, because of the intense vape, I wouldn’t recommend using anything higher than a 3mg strength nicotine. I did try 6mg strength and found it a little too harsh.

MS Mesh 0.25 ohm Coil

Freemax Marvos MS Mesh 0.15ohm Coil

The 3 pre-set wattages for this coil type are 40W, 50W and 55W and are determined by the colored LED that indicates Red, Blue or Green respectively.

I cycled the same e-liquids thru the pod, the same VG/PG ratios and again found the flavor and vapor to be amazing. If anything, I found I preferred this coil as it wasn’t quite as powerful. My style of vaping tends to be a long slow draw and this coil suited me better.

Switching between the 3 power levels made a slight difference but irrespective of the setting I used I was getting a very satisfying vape experience. The difference between 50W and 55W for me was virtually undetectable.

Airflow adjustment was impressive and found it worked really well, certainly allowing for a restricted and unrestricted draw.

Coil/Performance Summary

I’ve said it before and will say it again, the performance and flavor from all the coil types I’ve tried on various Freemax tanks and pods really are some of the best I’ve used. These two coils are no exception!

Freemax Marvos T 80W Battery Performance

The Marvos T 80W has an internal 3000mAh battery which did last for approximately 6hrs of vaping before I had to re-charge. Obviously this is subjective and depends on your vaping style, the coil type you’re using and the wattage you’ve selected.

I did try vaping at 80W on a fully charged battery and did chain vape for a lot of that time. Even though the battery died on me after only 2.5hrs, the coil was still going strong.

The LED on the firing button of the Marvos T 80W illuminates when you draw and gives you a visual indication of the remaining battery level. This is achieved by indicating either, Green, Blue or Red as highlighted below:

  • Green light indicates 67% – 100% battery power level
  • Blue light indicates 33% -67% battery power level
  • Red light indicates 0% – 33% battery power level

While this is a handy feature, giving you a visible status of the remaining battery usage, don’t take these figures as being too accurate.

Good to see that Freemax have again included the option of “Pass-Through”, meaning that you can still vape the Marvos T 80W Kit while it’s being charged.

How do I Fill the Freemax Marvos T Pod?

Simply grasp the pod body, NOT the mouthpiece and pull upwards away from the Marvos T body. Because the pod is a very secure fit, slightly prize the pod to one side releasing one of the magnets then pull the pod out.

Once removed, you will see the little black silicone rubber flap on the side of the pod, gently pull this flap open from the end with the little arrow on it and the fingernail slot.

Place your e-liquid bottle tip into this opening and squeeze the bottle. You will see the e liquid start to fill in the pod. Don’t overfill the pod, just leave a little air space between the e-liquid and the fill port opening.

Once complete, replace the black silicone rubber flap and re-insert the pod back into the Marvos T body.

Quick Tip: If you are filling the pod for the first time, drip a few drops of e liquid onto the wick of the coil first. Push the coil into the pod then fill the pod and leave to stand for approx. 10-15 minutes before you start to vape. This will help saturate the wick fully in e-liquid and help prolong the life of your coil.

How do I Change the Coil in the Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod?

Freemax Marvos Pod With Coil Out

Remove the pod from the Marvos T battery as we’ve described in the How to Fill section above.

Freemax Marvos Pod With Coil In

Because the coils are just a push fit type, simply pull the old coil out from the bottom of the pod and replace with a new one.

Do note that if the pod has e-liquid in it while your remove the coil, e-liquid will spill from the pod. The best method to avoid this or to keep e-liquid spillage to a minimum is to hold the pod upside down (drip tip pointing downwards), place your finger tightly over the opening of the drip tip and then remove the coil.

Replace with a new coil while still holding your finger over the drip tip. Turn the pod the right way up and take your finger off the drip tip.

As always, when replacing a new coil, follow the procedure as outlined in the quick tip above under ‘filling’.

How do I Charge the Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Mod?

Freemax Marvos T 80W On Charge

Using the supplied charging cable, plug the Type-C USB cable into the charging port on the side of the Marvos T 80W. Plug the other end into an appropriate power outlet.

When first placed on charge, the LED will illuminate and cycle blue in color 5 times and then turn static red. While on charge the LED will remain illuminated, static red in color until charging has completed.

Once fully charged, the LED will extinguish indicating the charge cycle has completed.

Charge time from discharged to full charge will take approx. 90 minutes.

As the Marvos T 80W does have pass-through, you can vape while it’s on charge.

Always observe safe charging practices i.e. always charge on a non-flammable surface and NEVER leave your device unattended whilst charging.

Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Kit Price

Expect to pay around the £25-£30+ mark for the complete kit. Considering the build quality, the massive internal battery, the no hassle performance and incredible flavor from the coils, the cost should be a lot more.

Get one!!!

Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Kit Verdict

Freemax Marvos T 80W Review Verdict


  • Very good build quality
  • Large capacity internal battery
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Fantastic flavour and vapour production
  • Re-fillable and replaceable coils
  • Fully adjustable airflow
  • Selectable pre-set wattages
  • Both coils produced terrific results
  • Quick charging cycle
  • Pass-Through option
  • Removable 810 drip tip
  • Simple to use


  • LED battery status not accurate
  • Slight seepage from coils
  • Both coil types look identical

Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Kit Summary

Freemx Marvos T 80W Overall View

Having used the Freemax Marvos T 80W kit for a few weeks now, it really does match that of a sub ohm tank. The flavor and vapor from the coils really is outstanding. It doesn’t have variable wattage control but it does have pre-set wattage adjustment and really good airflow control so you can fine tune your vaping style.

The design and build quality is very good. The operation is straight-forward, simple to use and really does pack a punch. Being a tube mod/pod, I took to it straight away as it brought back enjoyable memories from my mech days.

Coil life on both the MS coils didn’t disappoint and so far after a couple of weeks of vaping on them are still producing incredible flavor. Slight e-liquid seepage has been observed on the gold plated center pins and around the base of the coils but in all honesty, it’s only slight and no more than other pods I use.

This is a really good, really well built DTL fuss free Pod. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but it doesn’t need them, the performance, flavor and vapor speaks for itself.

I would definitely recommend this to a new or experienced vaper alike. My only one negative and it’s not to take anything away from the Marvos T 80W pod kit, is that it vapes like a steam train. It’s a pure DTL pod and because it uses 3 set wattages, you can’t vape this with a long slow drawn out draw.

Freemax have produced another winner.

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Freemax Marvos T 80W pod kit and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

Comments 12

  1. Ive only had mine for a week – i have charged it and now the red light is staying on i have taken the liquid mod off the top and the red light is still on. It won’t fire and i can’t turn it off. Any advice?

    1. Hi Tegan, thanks for your question and sorry to hear you’re having issues with the Marvos T. Unfortunately we’ve not seen or heard of this problem before. I would suggest as it’s only 1 week old that you contact the place you purchased it from and ask them to replace it as its faulty.
      The only possible thing I can think it might be is a stuck or dirty fire button contact or dirty coil contact pins. Try cleaning the coil contact pins in the pod recess then pressing the fire button quickly several times to see if it clears the fault. Other than that the mod is faulty and they should be able to give you a replacement.
      Hope you get it resolved.

  2. I have gone through three of these devices so far and right now I’m having the issue of the led light remaining on (faintly flashing) even when pod is removed and even when devices is turned off. I’m very frustrated. Please advise on how to fix this.

    1. Hi Melody, thank you for your question.
      It sounds like e-liquid has entered into the Marvos T body or either the fire button or coil contact pins are causing the problem. I would turn off the mod and try pressing the fire button multiple times to clear any debris from inside the button. Next, clean around the spring loaded coil contact pins and then press them in and out multiple times to again clear any debris. Fit the pod, turn on and see if the fault has cleared.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Juan,
      The LED flashing 20 times means the battery has run out of charge so recharging the mod when this happens will make it function again.

    1. Hi Chad, thanks for your question. It sounds like your mod is faulty, it shouldn’t be displaying any color unless you press the fire button. A blue indication is medium power level set or nominal remaining battery charge level. Error indications are shown by various red flashes.
      Does it still show blue if you remove the pod?
      Its possible e-liquid has got inside the mod. You could try leaving the mod to dry out for a day or two and see if that fixes the problem. Also try multiple quick presses of the fire button to see if that clears the problem.
      Hope you manage to clear the fault.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      The Freemax Marvos T 80W has an internal 3000mAh battery, it’s NOT replaceable. When the battery requires charging, you use the supplied charging cable to re-charge it. As with all internal battery vape kits, when the battery finally won’t hold its charge or won’t charge at all, you have to get a new vape kit.

  3. I find that this model produces a very hot draw even with the air vent all the way open. It is slightly better when the coil very often….If this were not an issue it would be an excellent e-cig.

    1. Hi Gary,
      The 3 pre-set power levels for each coil are pretty high to produce intense flavor and dense vapor and as such does mean the vape is on the warm side. You didn’t say which coil you are using? I found the lowest wattage pre-set level with the airflow wide open for both coils gave really good results but is a warm vape. I did mention this in my review. Have you tried the 0.35 ohm or the 0.5 ohm as these two coils operate at a lower wattage which will produce a cooler vape?

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