GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Review

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Review | 3700mAh Capacity AND Fast Charging!

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A few weeks back, NewVaping very kindly reached out and asked us to ‘test-drive’ and review the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC. Since March 2021 when it first hit the market, I’d heard nothing but good things about the Obelisk and the included Z Sub-Ohm tank and coil range.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll also know I’ve become a big fan of GeekVape in recent months and so I jumped at the chance to review another of their products. What had really caught my eye though, was the fact the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC was marketed as the world’s first safe fast charging vaping mod!

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s waiting for a vape to charge. ‘A watched pot never boils’ and all that… Patience is not one of my virtues! A longer lasting battery and/or fast charging is a huge selling point as far as I’m concerned, and I couldn’t wait to put the Obelisk 120 FC to the test.

In terms of the spec, the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC is powered by a whopping 3700mAh internal battery, with a max power output of 120w and a resistance range of 0.1 – 3.0ohms. The kit also comes with a Z Sub-Ohm Tank and two Z Series coils – 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm. The Z Sub-Ohm Tank has a capacity of 3.5ml (5ml bubble and 2ml TPD compliant options are also available) and features a top filling system, leak proof design and adjustable airflow.

But without further ado, let’s dive into the full GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC review!

Quick Note: I only review and/or recommend products I’ve tried and tested. If this post contains an affiliate link I may receive a small commission on any purchase made at no extra cost to you.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Review


Features & Specification

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC
  • Dimensions (mm): 80 x 27 x 48
  • Weight: 167g
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Charging: Type C USB 5V/2A OR Fast Charging 20V/3.25A (65w)
  • Portable Power Bank – OTG Reserve Charge
  • Output Wattage: 5w – 120w
  • Resistance: 0.1ohm – 3.0ohm
  • Battery: Internal 3700mAh
  • 0.96 Inch TFT Color Display
  • Chipset: Advanced AS FC Chipset
  • User Modes: Power(VW)/TC-SS/TCR/VPC/Bypass/OTG

GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank

GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Diameter: 26mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Silica Glass
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 3.5ml standard / 5ml bubble / 2ml TPD Compliant
  • Fill Type: Top Fill
  • Bottom Press Fit Coils
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Connection: Threaded 510
  • Resistance: Z 0.2ohm (pre-installed) / Z 0.4ohm

What’s In The Box

  • GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC
  • GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x Z 0.2ohm coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 x Z 0.4ohm coil
  • Coil Tool
  • Spare Parts Pack
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC | Design & Appearance

If you’re anything like me, you skipped past the ‘What’s In The Box’ section above. If you didn’t, you may have noticed I didn’t list the 65w fast charging adapter… This wasn’t a mistake – the kit I received didn’t come with the 65w fast charging adapter!! This was a HUGE disappointment as the main selling point for me was the fast charging capability! We’ll talk about this a bit later under the ‘Battery Performance and Charging’ section so in the meantime I’ll attempt to remain objective throughout the rest of the review despite this disappointment.

The GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC kit comes in the usual packaging – a thin rectangular card sleeve with a plastic/foam box inside containing the Obelisk 120 FC, Z Sub-Ohm Tank, spare coils and parts, user manual etc. All the info you’re likely to need is printed on the box, including a product authenticity scratch panel.

The first thing I noticed was how different the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC is from the previous designs we’ve seen from GeekVape. The rugged, shock-proof, water-proof design we’re used to has been replaced with a fairly simple (in appearance at least!) box mod design.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC design

But that’s not to say there’s anything lacking here in terms of design. Far from it in fact. The Obelisk manages to be both simple in design and yet elegant and sleek – a mod that wouldn’t look out of place in the hands of a model on the cover of GQ or Vogue.

The Obelisk is rectangular in shape (like most box-mods), with bevelled edging on the front and slightly rounded edging on the back. Also on the back are two grooved indents which run from the top to the bottom of the mod, presumably to aid with grip. On either side of the Obelisk are slightly reflective, glossy panels with the GeekVape name etched on the surface.

Like I said, it’s a fairly simple design but GeekVape have really nailed it with the build quality and appearance in my humble opinion.

On the front of the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC is the 0.96 inch color display screen, variable wattage controls and firing button. The buttons are all made from plastic, but feel sturdy and reliable. No rattle or movement when pressing. The display screen is clear, bright and colorful with all the information you’re likely to need – current wattage, resistance, puff counter, battery remaining etc.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC front

The USB Type-C charging port is on the side of the Obelisk towards the bottom, which can be used to charge the mod or to use the reverse charging function (more on this later). At the top of the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC is the 510 threaded connection, which features a gold-plated, spring loaded pin.

In terms of size, the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC is actually pretty compact and lightweight considering the capacity of the internal battery; 3700mAh! It’s around 80mm in height (without the Z Sub-Ohm Tank attached), 27mm in width and 48mm in depth. It’s not a small device, but compared to the VooPoo Drag 3 we reviewed recently, it feels a lot less clunky in the hand.

Overall I’m really, really impressed with the design and appearance of the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC! Not only does it look fantastic, but the build quality is top-tier, it’s comfortable to hold and very easy to use. Color me impressed so far…

GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank | Design & Appearance

The GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC comes with the Z Sub-Ohm Tank and straight out of the box I’m impressed. GeekVape have gone with a minimal design and it looks fantastic – the glass sub-ohm tank is silver Stainless Steel with a black removeable delrin 810 drip-tip and it’s a thing of beauty perched atop the Obelisk!

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC and Z Sub-Ohm Tank

The name ‘GeekVape’ is etched onto the airflow control ring at the top of the tank and the Greek god Zeus has his face printed on the coil chamber visible through the glass tank section. Other than a few indents around the top-cap and the bottom of the tank, that’s about it!

In terms of the spec, the GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank is a top filling, top airflow tank with a 3.5ml e-juice capacity and push-fit coils which insert into the bottom of the tank. The 3.5ml is standard, but there is also a 2ml TPD compliant version as well as a 5ml bubble glass option.

The top-cap turns anti-clockwise to reveal the filling ports, which GeekVape have made large enough to fit any size e-juice nozzle. The tank comes apart into a total of 7 parts, including the coil and 810 drip-tip, which makes the tank super easy to clean and maintain. GeekVape also included plenty of spare O-Rings in the kit and even a coil removal tool that makes replacing the coil a little bit easier. I’ll show you how to fill the Z Sub-Ohm Tank with e-juice and how to replace the coil a bit further down.

At the base of the Z Sub-Ohm Tank is the threaded, gold plated 510 connection and when screwed on, it sits perfectly flush with the Obelisk. No gaps, overhang or wiggle room.

The GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank is marketed as completely leak proof, which we’ll talk about later, but this is thanks to the top airflow ring which is situated just above the glass tank section. The airflow control ring is not too tight, not too loose – spot on.

Overall, the design and build quality are outstanding and I’m really impressed – the GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank is easily one of the best tanks we’ve reviewed this year!

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC | Functionality & Menu

The GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC comes with plenty of different vaping mode options; Power Mode, TC-SS Mode, TCR Mode, VPC Mode, Bypass Mode and OTG Mode. Let’s take a look at each mode:

Power Mode

Power Mode is the default setting when you turn on the Obelisk 120 FC and is essentially just what we know as variable wattage. The wattage can be adjusted via the – and + buttons and will increase/decrease in 0.5w increments unless you hold the button down, in which case it will adjust in 1w increments. The Obelisk will detect your coil resistance when you attach the tank and all you need to do is select what wattage you want to vape at. This is the mode most of us will use more than any other. It’s nice and easy, perfect if you’re new to vaping or just want to set your wattage and forget about it.

TC-SS Mode and TCR Mode

If you want to use temperature control, you have two options; TC-SS or TCR. If you’re using Stainless Steel wire, just select TC-SS, which is a pre-set mode for that particular wire type. For all other wire types you’d select TCR, which is Temperature Coefficient of Resistance – there doesn’t seem to be any pre-set for Titanium or Nickel. Personally I don’t use temperature control so I won’t attempt to go into any detail here, but VaporFi have a post all about TCR which you might find helpful!

In the TC-SS or TCR mode, you can adjust the temperature (between 200 – 600°F / 100 – 315°C) by pressing the – or + buttons.

VPC Mode

VPC Mode (Variable Power Curve) allows you to customize different power levels (wattage) in specific increments to deliver a power curve during the duration of each puff. There are 5 variable wattage settings (P1-P5), each adjustable from 5w to 120w. Again this isn’t something I’ll go into any great detail on here but if you want to know more, take a look at our VPC Guide

In terms of the controls while in VPC Mode, press the firing button 3 times to enter the mode setting state. Single press the fire button to cycle through the P1 – P5 options, use the – and + buttons to adjust and when you’re happy just hold the firing button to save the setting.

Bypass Mode

Bypass Mode is essentially a mode that turns The GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC into a mechanical mod, without removing the safety features of course. It works by delivering power (wattage) based on your remaining battery life and coil resistance, rather than performing at the wattage you set manually.

OTG Mode

In OTG Mode, you can use the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC to charge another electronic device. This basically turns the mod into a portable power bank and it’s a nice feature from GeekVape. I’ve used it once or twice to charge my Samsung phone and it works like a charm!

The controls and menu on the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC are really easy to navigate:

  • Power On/Off – Press the firing button 5 times
  • Lock/Unlock Current Wattage – Press and hold – and + variable wattage buttons simultaneously
  • Lock The Firing Button – Press the firing button 3 times (this can only be done immediately after locking the variable wattage buttons)
  • Changing The Mode – Press the firing button 3 times and use the – and + variable wattage buttons to cycle through the available modes
  • Adjusting Screen Brightness – Press and hold the firing button and – OR + variable wattage button
  • Changing The Display – Press the firing button 3 times and then you can single press the firing button to select the current resistance or puff counter (then press – or + to amend/reset)
  • Changing The Display Color Press the firing button 3 times and then hold the – and + variable wattage buttons to cycle through the available colors

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC | Performance

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC performance

In terms of performance, I don’t have a bad word to say about the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC. The various vaping mode options all work flawlessly, the ramp up time is excellent, it’s extremely easy to use and the build quality is outstanding.

The Obelisk also feels really sturdy and comfortable to hold. This may seem like a minor point to mention, but unfortunately there are plenty of mods (both past and present!) that just feel flimsy and poorly designed in terms of comfort and ease of use.

The firing button placement is perfect, regardless of how you hold the Obelisk and both it and the variable wattage controls feel firm and responsive.

The color display is clear, bright and adjustable – another thing I really like about the Obelisk. Again it’s these little touches, like being able to adjust the display brightness and color, that show the attention to detail that went into the design of the Obelisk.

I didn’t get to fully test the fast charging, which is a big shame as this is really the main selling point. But we’ll talk about this a bit further down under the ‘Charging & Battery Life’ heading.

Other than that, I really couldn’t find a single thing I disliked about the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC. Hats off to GeekVape for a cracking mod that I will definitely be replacing when/if this one packs in.

GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank | Performance

GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank review

In terms of the GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank, I can confidently say it’s the best sub-ohm tank I’ve ever used! And I’ve tested a lot!

First things first, the 810 drip-tip is the perfect size and feels comfortable to draw on. The adjustable airflow is smooth, easy to use and drastically alters the vaping style and draw. The top to bottom airflow intake also prevents leaking – I’ve been using the tank for over a month now and it hasn’t leaked a single solitary drop!

I don’t know if you can tell yet, but I’m in love with this tank!

Something else I noticed almost immediately is how quiet the GeekVape Sub-Ohm Tank is, even at higher wattage. Again it’s a minor thing, but the tank just feels premium and well designed.

The GeekVape Sub-Ohm Tank comes with two coils; 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm. Both coils delivered excellent flavor and vapor production BUT the 0.2ohm coil delivered probably the best flavor I’ve ever had from a sub-ohm tank. If you’ve read any of my posts, you know I mix my own 100% AVG e-juice thanks to a fairly nasty PG Intolerance – unfortunately this often causes the flavors to be muted due to the absence of PG, which acts as the primary flavor carrier in the e-juice we vape. But the 0.2ohm coil at the recommended range of 70w – 80w was absolutely dripping with flavor!

In terms of coil life, I’d expected to get around 2 – 3 weeks of heavy vaping and I found this was pretty realistic. Especially if you’re vaping at higher wattage. I probably change my coils before I need to and you could likely squeeze a lot longer out of each coil. BUT flavor is my main focus and as soon as it starts to drop off, I swap out the coil for a fresh one.

Overall I’m blown away by the GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank. Fantastic flavor and vapor production, easy to use and premium build quality. I’m so impressed I’ve ordered another one as a backup and I’ll be using this as my daily tank from now on.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC | Charging & Battery Life

First things first, let’s talk about the elephant in the room… The kit I received didn’t come with the 65w fast charging adapter. I’ll be honest, this was a huge disappointment and to be blunt, I’m left wondering WHY…

The Obelisk 120 FC is marketed as the world’s first fast charging mod and the ultra fast 15 minute charging time is arguably the main selling feature. With that in mind I’m genuinely surprised the 65w fast charging adapter isn’t included with every kit.

I also find it strange that GeekVape only included a USB-C to USB-C charging cable. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that we need this type of charging cable if we’re going to be using the Obelisk 120 FC as a power bank to reverse charge another device. Which I did test and can confirm worked perfectly to fully charge my phone. BUT I would like to have seen both this cable AND the standard USB charging cable included.

Charging the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC via the double ended USB-C charging cable was frustrating to say the least. It took hours to charge and is definitely not a viable charging option for me.

Fortunately, I had a fast charger and standard USB charging cable in my Mary Poppins bag of vape goodies…

While not as fast as the 15 minute charging time promised when using the 65w fast charging adapter sold separately, the Obelisk 120 FC hit full charge in under 30 minutes – not bad at all!

If this is your first vaping mod and you just want to know how to charge the damn thing, it’s super simple – just plug your charging cable into the USB port on the side of the mod and connect the other end of the cable into a suitable power source.

charging the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC

You can see how much battery you have remaining thanks to the large battery icon visible on the display screen while charging. The battery icon will ‘fill up’ while you’re charging, and disappear completely when the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC is fully charged.

In terms of battery life, the Obelisk is really impressive. It’s powered by a dual-cell 3700mAh internal battery and a full charge easily lasts me a full day of heavy vaping. Obviously this does depend on how you vape and the wattage you crank the device up to. But at around 50w of heavy use, you won’t be charging the Obelisk more than once a day.

Filling The GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank

The GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank is marketed as leak proof, part in thanks to the top airflow design. It’s also quick and easy to fill – just rotate the top cap of the tank (the section that houses the drip-tip/mouthpiece) and pull on it gently to separate it from the body of the tank.

As you can see from the picture, you’ll find two small fill ports either side of the central airflow hole. There’s no rubber plug or cover to worry about, just pop the nozzle of your e-juice bottle into either of the filling ports and you can start filling her up with e-juice.

When you’ve filled the tank, just press and screw the top cap back into place and you’re good to go! As with any other tank though, if this is the first time you’ve filled it, just give it a minute for the wick to saturate fully before you fire to prevent a dry hit.

GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank | Changing The Coil

The GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank came with two Z Series Coils – a 0.2ohm coil pre-installed and a spare 0.4ohm coil. The coils are a bottom fitting push-fit design and are really simple to install and/or replace.

First things first, unscrew the Z Sub-Ohm Tank from the Obelisk. You’ll want to make sure the tank is empty of e-juice before you follow the next few steps, otherwise you’ll end up with a lap full of juice…

Hold the main body of the tank and fully unscrew the bottom section (anti-clockwise) until it separates from the glass and top section.

Now pop a fingernail under the lip of the exposed coil head and you should be able to pry it out of the tank. They’re a pretty snug fit so GeekVape were kind enough to include a coil removal tool to make the job easier.

When you’ve successfully removed the existing coil, just insert a new coil and give it a firm press until it’s locked in place. Just be sure the two ‘tags’ on the coil line up with the two visible indents of the tank. If you’ve installed the coil correctly, you shouldn’t be able to turn it.

Once you’ve installed the coil, you’re ready to fill the tank with e-juice. As before, just be sure to leave the tank sitting for a few minutes before you fire to reduce the risk of a dry hit.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC | Price

At the time of writing, the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC will set you back around £60 in the UK and $80 in the USA and elsewhere. BUT this is without the 65w fast charging adapter, which is something to keep in mind. You can expect to pay slightly more if you want a kit with the fast charging adapter included.

Although it’s a great mod and a fantastic tank, the price is a little higher than I usually like to pay and I hope it comes down in the near future.

The below link will take you to the NewVaping online vape-shop – they are currently running a sale with 13% off and free e-juice with every purchase. They also stock the full GeekVape range, so be sure to check them out.



  • Amazing flavor
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Great build quality & design
  • Fast ramp-up
  • Multiple vaping modes
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy to use
  • Leak proof
  • Great battery life
  • Fast charging


  • On the expensive side
  • No charging cable included!

Overall, I’m really impressed with the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC and Z Sub-Ohm Tank. It’s a little on the pricey side, and I hope this comes down over the next few months. BUT it’s an absolute beauty to vape – amazing flavor, excellent vapor production, easy to use and comfortable to hold.

With plenty of vaping mode styles, including VPC for those of you who want to fully customise your vaping set-up, you really can’t go wrong.

The 3700mAh internal battery gives you plenty of use before you need to re-charge. And although I couldn’t fully test the fast charging capability, it’s a nice touch and something I’ll probably try in the future. If GeekVape are kind enough to send me the 65w fast charging adapter I’ll be sure to update this review. Hint hint GeekVape…

All joking aside, the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC is a solid device and easily holds its own in terms of performance, battery life and build quality. But for me the real star here is the GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Tank, which I absolutely love! A big thumbs up for GeekVape!

We hope you enjoyed this GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC kit review! Please feel free to share or leave a comment below. Happy Vaping!

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  1. I’m brand new to vaping and went to purchase a vape and was set up with the Obelisk 120. I can’t complain at all about my experience so far. It taste great and fairly simple to use.

    1. Hi Benny, welcome to the world of vaping. Pleased to hear you’re enjoying the Obelisk 120. It’s a great mod and the tank performs really well. It’s a bit of a beast for your first entry into vaping as it has quite a few option settings to play around with. I would stick with standard wattage mode until you become more confident with using it. We’ve explained what each of the menus do in our review so feel free to ask if you’re not sure about anything.

  2. Excellent review. As time has passed usb c to c has become very common. All of the charging bricks I use are usb c’s.

    And a note to the editor, the opposite of clockwise is, counter clockwise and not Anti-Clockwise.

    1. Hi Ethan, thanks for your kind comment on our review, am glad you liked it. Your note to editor made me smile. Both counter clockwise and anti-clockwise are correct, it just depends what country you’re from. Thanks again for your nice comment.

  3. It does come with a charging cable it’s the c to c one you mentioned in your review also you talk about how you wish they came with a standard USB charger why if you have any mobile device made within the last year or two That’s all they come with is a c to c charger cable And if you’re from the UK you should know that since y’all I’ve tried to pass a law where every device must use a c charger even apple They also offer the kit that comes with the charger you just got the wrong one

    1. Nolan,
      When I buy any mod that has an internal battery, I expect the manufacturer to supply in the kit a suitable charging cable to charge the device. The Oblisk comes with a C-C cable which is only any good for connecting another device from the Oblisk to use as a power source to charge a second device.
      A Type-C to USB cable is needed to charge the Oblisk from a power source, NOT a C-C cable.
      Yes I’m from the UK and yes I do know that mods and mobile phones newer than a couple of years use the new Type-C interface ports over the older Micro USB ports.
      Also I didnt get the wrong one, all versions of the Geevape Oblisk 120 dont include a Type-C to USB cable.
      I’m not sure what point you are trying to make here?
      Irrespective of which country I’m from, to charge any device that has a type c interface, you will need a type c cable that connects into a USB 5V/*A source, typically 1A or higher, hence a Type-C to USB cable NOT a c-c cable.

    1. Hi Geekvape,
      Thanks for your feedback regarding our review of your Obelisk 120. Glad you liked it. We’ve reviewed a few of your other products and were very impressed with them. Keep up the good work.

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