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Geekvape Zeus X RTA Review | One Truly Outstanding Tank

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The Geekvape Zeus X RTA is the latest and last in the range of rebuildable tank atomizers branding the Zeus name. This is the third iteration following on from the original Zeus and Zeus Dual. The Zeus X is a 25mm top dual slot airflow RTA, supporting single and dual coil builds on a raised 4 postless deck.

E-juice capacity is 2ml (EU variant) but also available as a 4.5ml capacity. For those wishing to further increase the capacity, a 5.5ml bubble glass can also be purchased.

Geekvape are renowned for their build quality and they’ve gained a vast following due to their top airflow design as seen in the earlier versions of the Zeus RTAs.

Will the Zeus X RTA improve on their earlier designs…read on and find out just what we thought.

I’d like to thank the guys at NewVaping for kindly sending us the Zeus X RTA. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion on the supplied RTA. We may receive a small commission through any affiliate links but at no extra cost to you.

Geekvape Zeus X RTA Review | One Truly Outstanding Tank


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 47.8mm (L) x 25mm (D)
  • Weight: 67.45 grams
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml (EU version) 4.5ml Standard
  • Filling Method: Quarter Turn Top-Fill
  • Drip Tip: 810 Low Profile
  • Thread: 510
  • Airflow: Variable Top Dual Slot
  • Build Deck: Four Postless Terminals
  • Configuration: Single or Dual Coil
  • Coil Fix: Side Flathead Screws

What’s In The Box?

Zeus X RTA Whats In The Box
  • Zeus X RTA (2ml)
  • 810 Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • Spare Glass (2ml)
  • Hex Wrench
  • Triangular Tool
  • Pre-Built Ni Fused Clapton 0.4 Ohm x 2
  • Cotton Wicks x 2
  • Spare Parts including O-Rings and Deck Screws
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Warning Card

I take my hat off to Geekvape; they’ve excelled with the amount of spares included in the kit. It’s a really nice touch and not something you often see with an RTA.

Geekvape Zeus X RTA | Design and Appearance

For me, I feel the Zeus X RTA is the best looking of the entire Zeus range of RTAs. I’m glad to still see the face of Zeus on the outer chimney. You either hate it or love it, and I’m firmly one of the latter. Along with the face, the words “ZEUS” are etched onto the reverse side of the chimney.

I received the rainbow color (and loved it), but it’s also available in stainless steel, black, blue, red, red/black, green, gold and gunmetal.

It comes supplied with a very low profile 810 drip tip and I have to say I really liked it. There is a longer Ultem drip tip and a 510 adaptor included in the spares pack, BUT be warned, removing the low profile one is a real art, it’s incredibly tight.

Build quality is as we’ve come to expect from Geekvape. All threading’s are very smooth with just the right amount of restriction maintained on the airflow ring.

I really liked the beveling on the top cap and on the base of the RTA, together with the subtle knurling. I thought this really added to the overall aesthetics, definitely making it stand out from other RTAs on the market right now.

The top fill design also works a treat. It’s not threaded but uses a quarter turn operation. The top cap slots into a channel and locks into place once it’s turned. Two very large and fully adjustable airflow slots are positioned on the top of the Zeus X RTA, with stops for closed and fully open.

Zeus X RTA Top Cap Design

Once the top cap is removed, there are two fairly small sized slots allowing for your e-liquid bottle tip. Even though they’re pretty small, filling was never a problem.

I did find it was easier to tilt the RTA sideways slightly when filling. This completely removed the risk of any spilled e-juice. Filling can also be carried out using either slot.

Stripping down the Zeus RTA is straightforward and all of the parts fit together really well. My only concern was the O-ring that’s fitted between the glass and the bottom deck section. Getting the O-ring to sit centrally around the glass was a little hit and miss.

Zeus X RTA Stripped Down

The overall height of the tank, including the low profile 810 drip tip and excluding the 510 threaded connector is 43mm. In terms of diameter, the Zeus X measures in at 25mm. One point worth mentioning, the 510 threaded connector has a pretty decent protruding center pin (always handy for those hybrid mods).

One thing I have to comment on is the spares pack that comes with the Zeus X RTA. There is literally everything you’d need and more. An additional 810 drip tip with a 510 adaptor, two Nichrome tri-core fused Clapton coils, two shoelace cotton wicks, a spare glass, hex wrench, tri-tool, eight spare deck screws and a full bag of O-rings.

Build Deck

The Zeus X RTA allows for both single and dual coil builds. Post holes are at the top of the block, with the coils being inserted down into the top of the deck block. Securing the coil(s) is carried out using the flathead screws either side of the block.

Ideally, you’ll want to pre-cut your coil legs (4.5mm) before inserting them into the deck, although if needed, there is a small space under the deck for you to trim the tails.

Because of the size of the chimney, larger exotic coil builds may be a problem. When building, you have to take into account the inner chimney diameter. Any dual coil builds having a diameter greater than 3.5mm will catch against the internal chimney. Also keep dual coil builds close together so they clear the internal rim of the chimney.

Overall, I found the deck really nice and straightforward to build on. Plenty of room to fit the coil legs into the deck posts and being a top entry design made it a real pleasure to build on.

Air Flow

Top airflow system allows air to flow downwards and hit the coils from the side and top. Airflow is achieved by a variable dual slot air flow control ring at the top of the tank. Again this is a quarter turn from fully open to fully closed.

The Zeus X RTA incorporates a double chimney design, a small inner chimney fitted inside the outer chimney chamber. This inner chimney has a total of 28 honeycomb type holes, 14 each side, with 2 cut-out airflow ports. These cut-outs at the bottom of the chimney fit into the two notches on the build deck ensuring they stay in place when the RTA is assembled.


Supplied with the Zeus X RTA are 2 Ni80 Fused Clapton (28gx3+40g) coils. Whilst the build deck accommodates both single and dual coil builds, I found the best performance is achieved using a dual coil build.

Using a coil tool to clip the lead-in, lead-out legs of your coil prior to fitting the coils is the easiest method. I found approximately 4.5mm worked well for me. Any longer and you’ll need to clip them once fitted.

Zeus X RTA Coils In Deck

Keep the coils elevated from the deck posts but take notice of the internal airflow chimney, making sure when fitted they don’t short against the casing.

Experimenting with different coil builds and wicking methods to find that ultimate vape experience is always great fun. The Zeus X RTA is certainly an ideal RTA and great for honing your skills. I found it to be one of the easiest and most satisfying RTAs I’ve ever built on.

Quick Tip: Take a look at our Coil Building and Wicking guides to help you achieve that perfect build. Also our Coil Wrap Calculator will take the hard work out of figuring out all the numbers involved.


Zeus X RTA Deck with Coil and Wick

Wicking is pretty straightforward, but because the build deck is elevated, you do have to ensure your tail lengths are long enough to reach the bottom of the deck. The best performance I found was NOT to use too much cotton. Keeping them “fluffy” and not too tight worked really well for me.

Lightly place your wick tails a millimetre or two inside the wick slots, and try not to over cram the cotton in the slots or it may impair the flow of e-juice. Too much cotton could lead to flooding of the tank.

During my time vaping on the Zeus X RTA, I didn’t have any dry hits and as you’d expect from a top airflow RTA, NO leaking whatsoever.

Geekvape Zeus X RTA | Performance

Because the Zeus X is a top airflow design, it really does take away the worry of a leaking tank.

My initial attempt at building on this RTA was a single coil build. If I’m honest, it was good but not exceptional. I did find it to be quite a noisy vape. Flavor and vapor production were pretty decent but not outstanding.

Where the Zeus X comes into its own is in a dual coil configuration. The flavor and vapor really were very prominent. The flavor matched that of any of my drippers and the vapor, certainly when increasing the wattage, was intense and thick.

My optimum airflow was set around the mid-range mark, but opening it up really produced thick foggy clouds. Tweaking with different coil builds, the placement of the coils and the wicking method also really increased the performance I was getting.

One downside for me was the limited 2ml capacity. Cranking up the wattage really drained the e-liquid, I was watching it reduce with every draw. While this is to be expected with this size of glass, I really would opt for the standard or bubble glass versions.

For a top airflow system this really does compete with some of the best bottom airflow RTAs that are around today. I can honestly say this is the best top airflow tank I’ve used to date.

How do I Fill the Zeus X RTA?

Filling the Zeus X RTA

Because the Zeus X RTA is a top filling mechanism, it’s really very easy to fill. Simply grasp the glass tank and turn the knurled metal top cap anti-clockwise by a quarter turn until it stops. The top cap will simply lift off from the main tank. This reveals two pretty small sized e-juice openings. Choose either one to fill with your favorite e-liquid. Just remember, tilting the RTA slightly to one side when filling will stop any e-liquid spilling out.

Once filled, line up the two notches on the underside of the top cap with the two flat indents on the top of the tank body. The top cap will slot into the tank body. Then simply turn the top cap clockwise by a quarter turn till you feel resistance.

Geekvape Zeus X RTA | Price

You can expect to pay around £25-£30 ($30-$40) for the Zeus X RTA. Considering the build quality and performance, not forgetting the array of spares that come included, it’s too good to pass up.

At the time of writing, NewVaping have the Zeus X on sale and they offer fantastic customer service! If you are interested in picking yourself up one, be sure to check out the links below:

Geekvape Zeus X RTA | Verdict


  • Fantastic build quality
  • Excellent design
  • Leak-proof
  • Quick and easy filling
  • Great build deck
  • Very good airflow
  • Great flavor and vapor
  • Excellent dual coil performance
  • Generous set of spares


  • 2ml capacity too small
  • O-rings not the best
  • Single coil set-up average
Zeus X RTA Verdict


The Zeus X RTA is one of the best RTAs on the market. Considering it’s a top airflow design, the flavor is first class with really impressive vapor to boot. Having the option to use as either a single or dual coil build is a plus, but in my opinion this works really well as a dual coil set-up.  

Building on the Zeus X is a breeze and wicking is very simple. The design and build quality is as you’d expect from the Geekvape camp…top class!

My only small gripe was with the 2ml capacity, but being in the EU ‘restricts’ us from other options. Fortunately, obtaining a bigger sized glass for the Zeus X RTA isn’t a problem; I already have a 5.5ml bubble glass on order.

I do feel Geekvape have certainly improved their RTAs with the overall design and look of the Zeus X, easily exceeding the two previous versions.

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

Comments 13

    1. Hi Amr, Yes you can use 30awg or if you prefer 26awg, it’s down to your preference if you want to use a slightly thicker or thinner wire. Obviously the amount of wraps to get your desired resistance will change. Put the figures into our Coil Wrap Calculator and it will tell you the correct amount of wraps.

  1. I agree 100% with Richard…the Zeus X (if wicking and coil placement are correct) has to be one of the best RTA devices on the market…

    1. Hi Maurice,
      Thanks so much for your comment, I appreciate it, nice to hear that someone agrees with me for a change! As RTA’s go this really is a good one and as you’ve said, once you’ve got the coil placement and wicking right it’s one of the best.
      I’ve been using mine since doing the review and love it. Being a top airflow is the icing on the cake for me.
      Check out the review I did on the Digiflavor Torch RTA as well, yes it lights up like a spaceship but the performance is pretty damm good too.
      Thanks again Maurice.

  2. I dont know what your talking about but the zeus x is the biggest piece of crap hands down. if you are thinking about buying this rta DONT you will be very disappointed.. it has 0 flavor. i hate it and you will to! i saw a video on youtube of a guy doing a review on it and geekvape was telling him to say it was the best rta on the market for flavor and it wont leak before he even got it. that says it all to me its crap and you dont know squat

    1. Hi Brett,
      I suggest you look at your coils and wicking techniques because if your not getting any flavour your doing something wrong. Make sure all the o-rings are intact and sealed correctly. This is a very good RTA, I’ve been using it since we wrote this review and it produces great results and I still say it’s one of the best top airflow RTAs out there. I cant comment on other reviewers but can assure you we are NOT influenced by anyone, we write what we find and give our honest opinion.

      1. Agreed. I have both the mesh AND coil RTA bases. I prefer the mesh- only because it is quicker to change out- but with either one I really haven’t found anything that compares and have been using them for well over a year. When people complain it usually comes from inexperience in not knowing what they’re doing. If the flavor is no good- It comes down to their coil build, cotton, and/or the juice they use. Or quite possibly the heat settings. Usually the wattage is either set too high or too low. As for leaking… This has TOP airflow. I think it is quite impossible for them to leak unless you have a really bad seal ring. Usually you can fix any issues just by taking it apart, cleaning it, and replacing any rings that look suspect. Sometimes I think the negative comments found here and there across website are plugs by the competitors. They know Geekvape has a solid product.

        1. Hi Amy, thank you for your really in depth and detailed comment. I have nothing further to add as you have summed this up perfectly and are 100% correct. The Zeus X still remains one of the best RTA’s out there.

      1. Can I use my w100 Geekvape with the zeus rta at 60 to 100w without it popping and sound like Bacon and eggs in a pan

        1. Hi Sam, thanks for your question. Firstly I dont know what Geekvape you have as I’m not aware of a W100?. The Zeus RTA will work with any 510 threaded device as long as your build resistance is within the spec of the mod. Secondly if the mod you have is a 100W, I’m guessing it’s a single battery mod so depending on your coil/deck resistance, running it at full power is not great.
          With the RTA popping, this is not unusual and is caused by the e-liquid being very quickly heated when the coil is energised. Several factors can lead to popping; wicking material too loose in the coil, a low VG liquid, too much air intake and spaced coils. Also a new coil may suffer this problem more until the coil/wicking material has bedded in. Hope this helps.

  3. question what’s the size of the bolt or pin thing at the bottom of the build deck that connects to the mod. i really need to find one, mine snapped it half

    1. Hi Eve,
      Thanks for your question.
      The small screw adjusts the centre pin length so it can work with the majority of different mods to make contact with the 510 sprung connection in the mod.
      Has it broken off and left some of the thread inside the bottom? If so you will have to get it out.
      I really dont know where you would get a replacement other than contacting Geekvape and asking them to send you a replacement. Your local vape shop may be able to help if they have spare threaded cener pins that may fit.
      I’ve checked mine and its length is about 10mm but I’ve got no way of exactly determining the thread size.
      Good luck in trying to get the Zeus X working again.

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