How To Mix E-Juice By Weight

How To Mix E-Juice By Weight | Mixing With Electronic Scales

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Learning how to mix e-juice by weight is really simple. All you need are the base ingredients (PG, VG, Nicotine and Flavor Concentrate) and a set of electronic scales. Our e-liquid calculator will tell you how many grams of each ingredient you need to add. Just add them one at a time, give your bottle a good shake and you’re all set!

I’ve been mixing my own juice for around five years now – Mixing e-juice by weight using electronic scales is easily the most accurate method I’ve tried. It’s also quick, easy and clean.

When I first started vaping, mixing involved beakers, pipettes and syringes. It was messy and time consuming. Once I’d learnt how to mix e-juice by weight, the old mixing kit went in the cupboard and hasn’t come out since!

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How to mix e-juice by weight

What do I need?

Firstly, you need to buy a digital electronic scale. There are dozens on the market and they’re fairly inexpensive. Jeweller’s scales are ideal for mixing e-juice by weight and won’t break the bank – check these out on Amazon.

Just make sure the scales you buy can measure up to a weight of 500g and have an accuracy of 0.01%. The scales will also need to have a ‘Tare’ function. This will return the display to zero, effectively re-setting the scales counter after each ingredient is added.

Avoid scales that have an auto shut-off function. For obvious reasons, this could cause complications if the auto shut-off occurs while you’re mixing.

Although not necessary, you can purchase calibration weights to check the accuracy of your scales. These usually come in a set and are fairly affordable to buy.

Obviously you’ll need PG, VG, nicotine and a flavor concentrate. Not only that, but a bottle to store your mix in. We recommend using a bottle with a reasonably wide neck to allow the individual ingredients to be poured into.

If you already have bottles and they have narrow openings, don’t worry – get yourself a mini funnel – they’re really handy when mixing!

The size of bottles is down to individual preference and depends on the amount of e-liquid you wish to make. These can be 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml or even bigger if you prefer.

You’ll also need to use the right e-juice calculator – one capable of displaying results in weight (grams).

Is there anything else I need to know?

To mix by weight, your calculations for mixing your recipes are worked out in grams, this being the unit of weight. Unlike when mixing by volume, in which your quantities are calculated in millilitres (ml).

Each ingredient will have its own specific weight measurement:

  • PG – 1.038 grams per ml
  • VG – 1.26 grams per ml
  • Nicotine – 1.01 grams per ml
  • Flavor Concentrate – 1 gram per ml

While PG, VG and nicotine remain consistent values, the flavor concentrates are variable. Their value will depend whether the flavor is suspended in either PG or VG. Every flavor will also vary very slightly depending on how the concentrate is made up.

There aren’t really any documented values for every concentrate on the market. Therefore, it’s always assumed for the purpose of measurement to be approximately 1 gram.

Don’t be put off by the calculations – our calculator will work out everything for you.

How to mix e-juice with electronic scales

Once you have all your ingredients (PG, VG, nicotine, flavor concentrate) and a decent electronic scale, you’re all set to start mixing e-juice by weight!

Before you mix, always give your base ingredient bottles a quick shake to make sure the contents are distributed evenly.

Also don’t worry when you carry out the following mixing steps if you’re not able to achieve the exact same measurement…

A few milligrams either way is good enough and wont affect the overall ratios.

Step #1 – Do your calculations

Open the e-juice calculator and select your PG, VG, nicotine and flavor ratio. Select how much e-juice you wish to make and the calculator will tell you exactly how many grams of each ingredient you need.

E-liquid calculator results

Step #2 – Setup your scales

Turn on your electronic scales and place your empty bottle onto the scale platform. Press the ‘tare’ button to set the scales to zero. This zero’s out the weight of the bottle.

Step #3 – Pour in the nicotine

Pour your nicotine into the empty bottle on the scales until it matches the value stated in the calculator. When you’re done, press the ‘tare’ button to zero out the scales.

Step #4 – Add the flavor concentrate

Next pour your flavor concentrate into your bottle on the scales until you hit your gram target. When done, hit the ‘tare’ button again to re-set the scales.

Step #5 – Pour in the PG

Now it’s time to pour your PG into the bottle until the scales read the same value specified in the calculator. Once achieved, it’s time to press the ‘tare’ button again to zero out the scales.

Step #6 – Finally add the VG

Pour your last ingredient (VG) into your bottle on the scales so they read the same value specified in the calculator. Once achieved, press the ‘tare’ button to zero out the scales.

There are various theories floating around regarding which order the ingredients should be poured. We do it the way we’ve identified in the above steps, but as long as you have the correct amounts, you won’t go wrong.

And that’s it!

If you’ve followed the steps above, you’ve successfully mixed your first bottle of e-juice by weight!

The best thing about mixing by weight using electronic scales means there is no fiddling about with pipettes or syringes. Also, there’s no washing up to be done after you mix.

Finally, you’ll probably want to steep your e-juice before vaping it. This will give the ingredients time to bond properly. It’ll also improve the flavor!

So there you have it. Hopefully by now you know how to mix e-juice by weight! Please feel free to leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you…

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    1. Hi Rob,
      Our e-liquid calculator tells you how much of each ingredient you need to add to achieve your desired mix. Adding more than specified of any ingredient will alter the ratio of that mix. Slight deviations from the required amounts wont make too much difference but if it’s a large change then I would suggest recalculating the figures for a larger mix so you can dilute the over added ingredient and get back to your desired mix.
      I would say if your not confident in recalculation the figures, if it’s only a small mix, 10ml or 30ml then maybe throw it away and start again.

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