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HQD Super Pro Disposable Review | We Tested 5 Of Their Brand New Flavors!

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Welcome to our review of the HQD Super Pro disposable, the latest offering from the team at HQD. We were asked to review the HQD Super Pro disposable in early June, prior to the official release of this disposable pod in the UK market.

The following link www.hqdgoodsuk.com will take you directly to their official website where you can look at their available products.

HQD have been producing disposables for several years with their branding being formed in 2015 but are now entering the UK market with two TPD compliant devices; the HQD Super Pro, which we are reviewing now and the HQD Wave which we have very recently reviewed.

HQD Super Pro 5 Different Flavors

In a nutshell, the HQD Super Pro is a draw activated, MTL disposable pod with a pre-filled e-liquid capacity of 2.0ml at a nicotine salt e-juice strength of 20mg (2%). Powered by a 550mAh battery with a 1.6 ohm coil, the HQD Super Pro provides up-to 600 puffs and comes in a range of 19 different flavors – more on this later!

With a premium metal casing that’s individually color matched to each flavor profile, the overall dimensions of the Super Pro is 106.5mm in length with a diameter of 14.5mm. The HQD Super Pro disposable is lightweight, compact and super comfortable to hold.

Obviously, the HQD Super Pro is a disposable vape, which means you puff until you run out of battery or e-juice and then just throw it away and open a new one.

But without further ado, let’s dive into the full review and see if the performance matches its superior looks!

I’d like to quickly thank the guys over at HQD for sending me the Super Pro disposable to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinion. This post may also contain an affiliate link. If you purchase the product through our link we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) which helps us keep the site running.

HQD Super Pro Disposable Review


Features & Specification

  • Dimensions (mm): 106.5 (Height) x 14.5 (Diameter)
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • E-Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg/ml (2% Nic Salt)
  • Draw-activated (Up to 600 puffs)
  • Battery: Internal 550mAh non-rechargeable battery
  • Coil Resistance: 1.6 ohms (non-replaceable)
  • Output Power: 7-12 Watts
  • Input Voltage: 3.7 Volts
  • Material: Metal Casing and plastic mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece: Black Duck-Bill style
  • LED puff indicator
  • Airflow: 1 small intake hole on the base of the vape
  • 19 Different Flavors available
  • PG/VG Ratio: Not specified
  • Shelf Life: 2 years

What’s In The Box?

If you’ve ever bought a disposable, there are no surprises here…

HQD Super Pro Disposable

The packaging is simple and straightforward – a cardboard ‘box’ or sleeve and a sealed plastic wrapping protecting the device. You just tear open the wrapping, remove the disposable, pop off the silicone cover/plug protecting the entry into the mouthpiece and you’re good to go!

HQD Super Pro Mouthpiece

HQD Super Pro | Design & Appearance

Ok let’s start with the packaging…

The HQD Super Pro packaging is colorful, sleek and attractive. Almost everything you need to know is printed on the box – flavor, approximate puffs, e-juice capacity and nicotine strength are all clearly visible.

HQD Super Pro Printed Specification

On the rear of the outer box are the general specifications of the Super Pro identifying its dimensions, coil resistance, power range, battery and e-liquid capacity, nicotine strength, input voltage and shelf life.

I would like to point out that the HQD Super Pro disposables we received were test samples prior to being introduced into the UK so did have “Not For Sale” on the packets. Obviously once they become released, they won’t have the not for sale message on the packaging.

HQD Super Pro Packaging

My only gripe, and I’ve stated this before numerous times so it’s certainly not unique to HQD, is the fact the PG/VG ratio is not stated on the packaging. It’s not a major issue I know, but for those of us with a sensitivity to PG it would be nice to have some idea how much PG is used in the product.

However, the HQD Super Pro itself is a thing of beauty…

It’s shaped like a cigarette (although slightly larger) and the bulk of the disposable is finished in a metal alloy which feels far superior to the plastic/fragile design you see with the majority of the current disposables on the market.

Measuring 106.5mm in length by 14.5mm diameter and weighing in at approx 26 grams you will hardly know it’s in your pocket. The overall finish on the Super Pro body really is very good and has a very smooth gloss reflective surface making it feel very tactile.

Super Pro by HQD

The mouthpiece is plastic as expected, but the design is again different to any disposable I’ve tried so far. While each Super Pro has a color coded body relating to the individual flavor, the mouthpiece is always colored black.

Now I won’t claim to have tried every disposable known to man, and I’m sure you’ll let me know in the comments if you’ve used other disposables with a similar design! But the mouthpiece feels like a cross between a duck-bill design and a standard 510 drip-tip.

It’s really comfortable to draw on and perfectly simulates the effect of smoking a cigarette – ideal if you’re making the switch from smoking to vaping.

The specified 1.6 ohm coil produces great results but i couldn’t determine if this coil is a standard Kanthal A1 coil or a Mesh coil; possibly the latter as the flavor produced is pretty damm good.

HQD and Super Pro Branding
HQD Flavor Branding

Branding is neither discreet or overpowering and includes the following information screen printed onto the metal battery/casing. The model/type “Super Pro” positioned just above the base of the device. Slightly further up the casing is the brand “HQD” in slightly larger font and just below the mouthpiece is a little “fruit symbol” that depicts the flavor of that particular disposable pod.

This little fruit symbol is the only visual indication of the flavor type on the disposable pod itself and I do have to say I found it quite quirky. Obviously a written description of each flavor is printed on the outer packaging.

Embedded in the bottom of the HQD Super Pro is a LED that lights up each time you take a draw, standard on most disposables. The LED also flashes when you’ve run out of e-juice or battery, indicating it’s time to pop it in the bin and open a new one.

Overall I’m really impressed with the design and appearance of the HQD Super Pro disposable. It’s comfortable to hold and draw on, looks the business and won’t break if you sit on it! Don’t laugh – we’ve all been there…

HQD Super Pro | Performance

In terms of performance, I was pleasantly surprised by the HQD Super Pro disposable!

The draw is a nice restrictive MTL, with a great throat hit each and every time. Perfect if you’re looking to replicate the act of smoking a cigarette.

Vapor production is also pretty decent for a disposable – you won’t be winning any ‘cloud’ chasing competitions, but then that’s not why you buy a disposable…

Flavor is where the HQD Super Pro disposable really stood out for me. Of the five flavors I tried there wasn’t a single one I wouldn’t immediately buy again! I actually found myself really disappointed every time a disposable ran out of juice/battery!

The flavors also tasted really ‘clean’ and authentic compared to some of the other disposables I’ve tried in recent months.

Each HQD Super Pro lasted me around a day of moderate – heavy vaping, so no concerns in terms of battery life. Over the 5 different flavors I tested, the number of draws achieved before it ran out of e-liquid was on average 540 draws.

Obviously this figure is a little subjective and does depend on your vaping style. I tend to take longer extended draws so am not surprised i was not meeting the 600 puffs specified. Shorter 2 second draws should meet this figure or even exceed it.

The only negative I could find (if you can even call it that!) is the fact the HQD Super Pro is only available in 2% (20mg/ml) nicotine strength. This is a really minor thing, as in fact the 2% is actually spot on for me. BUT it would be nice to see HQD introduce alternative nicotine strength disposables further down the line.

While the 20mg nicotine strength is the maximum limit specified by the TPD for the European market, a search on HQD’s website does indicate that 50mg (5%) nicotine strengths are available for other markets.

Overall though, I was actually really impressed with the HQD Super Pro. I love the design, the battery life/puffs per disposable is great, the vapor is more than adequate for a disposable and the flavor is superior to almost any other disposable I’ve tested this year at least!

I still find it hard to wrap my head around the fact you just throw a disposable in the bin when you’re done, especially as I try to be aware of the footprint I leave behind for future generations. BUT disposables have taken the vaping community by storm over the last 18 months, and I can see the HQD Super Pro becoming a hugely popular brand here in the UK.

HQD Super Pro | Flavors

The HQD Super Pro comes in a whopping 19 different flavors and although I haven’t tried them all (sadly), I’ll give a brief rundown of those HQD sent me…

HQD Super Pro Disposable Pods


HQD Super Pro Grapey Flavor

A sweet, crisp grape flavor with plenty of throat hit and fantastic aftertaste. I didn’t think I’d like this flavor as I don’t usually enjoy ‘grapey’ e-juice but HQD have absolutely nailed this flavor!


HQD Super Pro Strawberry Flavor

Sweet candy strawberry on the inhale and a slight tarte taste on the exhale. Easily a flavor I’d be happy vaping all day, especially in the Summer months!

Banana Ice

HQD Super Pro Banana Ice Flavor

A perfect blend of really clean/authentic banana and a wicked fresh, icy kick on the inhale. Personally this was my favorite of the five I tried and it’s a disposable I will definitely be ordering a bunch of when they release in the UK!

Frozen Mango

HQD Super Pro Frozen Mango Flavor

Another great flavor – sweet mango with an icy kick and amazing aftertaste! Because one of the team members here (Richard) loves Mango, he was itching to sample this one to see how it compares to all the other Mango’s he’s tried and mixed.

“From my initial draw, the sweet ripe Mango flooded my mouth and DID resemble some of the best I’ve tried. Reminiscent of a pretty strong Malaysian Mango, the flavor was really authentic. Having the frozen sensation just further enhanced the coolness of the Mango but wasn’t overpowering”.

Fresh Berries

HQD Super Pro Fresh Berries Flavor

This was probably my ‘least’ favorite of the five HQD sent me, and it’s testament to the quality of the flavors that it’s still a disposable I found I could happily vape all day!

Other Available Flavors

While the information we received stated there would be 19 different flavors introduced into the UK market, we have struggled to find out the exact flavors we can expect to be available. HQD’s website doesn’t differentiate between different markets (at the moment anyway), so we have listed all of the 30 flavors that HQD produce.

Pineapple Ice / Strawberry / Mixed Fruit / Lush Ice / Lychee Ice / Strawberry Watermelon / Grapey / Mix Berries / Ice Cola / Fresh Berries / Peach Ice / Banana Ice / Kiwi Pomegranate / Tropic Fruit / Apple Crush / Raspberry Lemon / Energy Drink / Bubble Gum / Clear / Blueberry Raspberry / Blueberry / Frozen Mango / Cotton Candy / Golden Tobacco / Black Ice / Pink Lemonade / Strawberry Banana / Ice Mint / Strawberry Dragon / Rainbow.

Hopefully once the Super Pro is released into the UK, we will know which of the flavors listed above will be available. Certainly from sampling the 5 flavors sent to us, if the other flavors are as good then you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Interestingly I’ve never come across a “Clear” disposable flavor before. I’m guessing it flavorless apart from the semi-sweet cotton taste produced from just the PG/VG liquid. If it is a non-flavored disposable then good on HQD for offering this option.

HQD Super Pro | Price

As far as we can tell, the HQD Super Pro disposable will retail for approximately £6 in the UK, which is a pretty reasonable price over here. Especially considering the quality of the device and the flavors available!

BUT I will say, it would be great at some point in the future if a company can find a way of making and selling a disposable for under £5.

Is vaping expensive” is a question we get time and time again from readers looking to switch from smoking, and while it’s still a FAR cheaper alternative, I’d love to see that cost come down in future.

At the time of writing this review, there were very few retail outlets selling the Super Pro disposable but hopefully once its been officially released here in the UK they should be more widely available.

HQD Super Pro | Verdict

HQD Super Pro Disposable | Verdict


  • Sleek & Attractive
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Robust
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing flavor
  • Plenty of vapor
  • Great throat hit


  • No PG/VG ratio
HQD Super Pro Disposable Pod and Packaging

Overall I was really impressed with the HQD Super Pro disposable. It’s well designed, easy to use, comfortable to hold and produces great vapor and flavor!

The surface finish gives an overall feel of a quality product while the 1.6 ohm coil and incredible flavors make this a real contender with some of the top disposables currently in the market today.

While the definitive list of flavors for the UK market is not fully understood yet, there are sure to be several flavors that will attract your attention and if the 5 flavors we’ve tried are anything to go by then you wont be disappointed.

Disposables in general are still a little too expensive for me personally, especially if you’re vaping them exclusively, There are growing concerns on the environmental issues surrounding disposable especially as they are a single use device but are great if your dipping your toes into the world of vaping and want to try quitting the cigarettes.

At the moment the disposable market is HUGE, and if HQD continue delivering vaping devices with this level of performance and quality, I’d wager they’re set to make a huge impact!

I hope you enjoyed our HQD Super Pro disposable review! Please feel free to share this review, or leave a comment below!

If you do try any of them, please let us know your thoughts. Happy Vaping!

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