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Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit Review | Simplicity At Its Best

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Welcome to our review on the newly released Innokin ArcFire, a tube style pod kit that’s about to make one big splash in the vaping market.

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit in Nebula Grey

Innokin have released an array of pod kits over the last few years, each one different in its design and appearance but with the underlying focus on customer satisfaction in terms of quality, performance and simplicity of use.

We’ve been very fortunate to have worked with Innokin for several years now and we’ve reviewed a number of their products in that time. Without exception, each one we’ve reviewed has shown that Innokin take their commitment to the end customer, including their environmental impact, very seriously! They consistently produce high quality, cost effective vape products.

I’ve added a complete list of all the Innokin products we’ve tested at the end of this review so you can see there really is something for everyone.

Well that’s the blurb out of the way… let’s get stuck into the review!

Overview of the Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit in 3 Different colors

The Innokin ArcFire Pod is a tall, flattened tube shape device. It’s a draw activated, Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) pod and it incorporates an internal 650mAh rechargeable battery. Made out of aluminum alloy and measuring 112.9mm x 22.5mm x 18.2mm, it comes in 6 different subtle colors.

Innokin ArcFire Body and 1.2 ohm Pod

A 1.2 ohm refillable pod is supplied with the ArcFire kit with an e-liquid capacity of 2ml (TPD) or 3ml (standard). The integral coil is not replaceable, when the coil degrades the pod is disposed of and a new pod fitted.

Output power is not adjustable but the ArcFire will auto-detect the pod resistance and set the wattage level accordingly. The power level is set to 10W when the 1.2 ohm pod is fitted. Additional 0.8 ohm pods can be purchased separately and the ArcFire operates at 14.5W when this pod is used.

Airflow is fixed with a small air intake pin hole on the side casing just below the pod recess. A small rectangular button on the side of the ArcFire turns the device on/off but is not used as a fire button (auto draw only).

Black, Pink and Grey ArcFire Pod Kits

Charging the ArcFire takes approximately 70 minutes via the Type-C USB port on the bottom of the device when using the supplied charging cable. Charging current is specified as 5V/750mA.

ArcFire showing the 3x LED's and Oval Light Ring

The ArcFire has 3 small LED’s on the side edge of its casing together with an oval light ring around the base that illuminate when the pod is inserted, when you draw on the pod or when it’s being charged. They also provide a visual indication of the remaining battery charge. See the Functionality and How do I Charge the ArcFire sections for a detailed breakdown of what these different LED’s stand for.

3 color ArcFire Boxes
3 colors of the Innokin ArcFire

I would like to thank Alisa at Innokin for sending me three different color ArcFire kits and two packs of the 0.8 ohm pods for the purpose of this review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion based on my time using the supplied Innokin ArcFire Pod Kits. We may receive a small affiliate fee if you click of any of the buy links but at no extra cost to you.

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit Review


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 112.9mm (H) x 22.5mm (W) x 18.2mm (D)
  • Weight: 44.2 grams (including pod)
  • Construction: Aluminum Alloy
  • Pod Material: PCTG
  • Pod Dimensions: 37mm x 21.2mm x 16mm
  • Charging: Type-C USB 5V/750mA (0.75A)
  • Charging Time: Approx. 70 minutes
  • Pass-Thru Vaping
  • Output Wattage: Adaptive 14.5W Max
  •  – 1.2 ohm Pod: 10W
  •  – 0.8 ohm Pod: 14.5W
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2.0ml (TPD) / 3ml (Standard)
  • Pods: Refillable, Non-replaceable 1.2 ohm Coil
  • Coil Material: Kanthal A1 Mesh
  • Filling Method: Side Fill Port
  • Resistance Range: 0.8 ohms – 3.5 ohms
  • Battery Specification: Internal 650mAh
  • Output Voltage: 3.4V
  • On/Off Button
  • Display: 3xLED Indicators and Oval Light Ring
  • Airflow: Fixed Single Pinhole
  • Firing: Draw Activation
  • Cut-Off: 10 Seconds
  • 6 Color Finishes

What’s in the Box?

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit What's In The Box with the Arcfire in its internal cardboard insert
  • Innokin ArcFire Device
  • ArcFire Refillable Pod – 1.2 ohm Mesh Coil
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warning/Safety Booklet
Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit What's In The Box

As with all Innokin products now, the ArcFire kit packaging and its contents come in 100% recyclable cardboard. The styling of the packaging follows the same type of design we saw while reviewing their Endura S1 Kit and Klypse Zip Kit.

The cardboard packaging consists of an outer slide off sleeve that is held in place with 2 removable plain white circular stickers on the bottom side edge of the packet. Once these stickers are removed, the outer cardboard sleeve reveals two square cutouts allowing finger access to grasp the slide out inner cardboard tray.

ArcFire Box showing the Sticker at the base of the packet
ArcFire Box showing the Sticker at the base of the packet removed
ArcFire Box with the inner tray being taken out

This tray will slide completely out and houses the ArcFire device which is simply removed from the front of the cardboard tray. Opening either the top or bottom lift out flap of the inner tray gives access to the Quick Guide pamphlet, Warning/Safety booklet and the Type-C charging cable.

Different colors of the Innokin ArcFire Packaging

The overall dimensions of the packaging measure 150mm tall by 72mm wide by 27mm deep. As you can see from the photos, the three different colors we received (Stellar Black, Cosmic Pink and Nebula Grey) came in color coordinating packaging with the shade on the front and sides depicting the color of the included device.

Innokin ArcFire Box front view

On the front of the box is an image of the Innokin ArcFire together with the color name and the type of pod fitted (2ml / 1.2 ohm). As with any TPD product, the large nicotine warning is always highly visible across the front of the package.

ArcFire Box side view 1
ArcFire Box side view 2

One side of the box highlights the product name “ArcFire Refillable Pod Kit” with 5 small icons; “Refillable”, “Mesh Coil”, “Arc-Coil 3x Longevity”, “650mAh” and “USB-C”. The other side of the packaging shows the product name “ArcFire”, a “Real Flavor Real Satisfaction” icon and a full length image of the ArcFire.

ArcFire Box back view

The reverse face of the box highlights the package contents, company address, bar code and additional nicotine and safety warnings.

ArcFire 0.8 ohm Pods

Arcfire 0.8 ohm pod Whats in the Box

As we received 2 packs of the ArcFire 0.8 ohm refillable pods that can be purchased separately to use with the ArcFire, we’ve included a photo of the packaging and their contents and will detail these where appropriate in this review.

Preparing to Use the ArcFire

Once you remove the ArcFire from the inner tray, lift out the pod from the pod recess and remove the yellow sticker off the base of the pod that’s covering the bottom of the coil. This stops the pod from accidently firing during transport.

ArcFire 1.2 ohm with protection sticker on base of pod

DO make sure you fill the ArcFire with your e-liquid and leave to stand for approximately 10-15 minutes before you first use the device with the new pod. See How do I Fill the ArcFire Pod section for more detail.

The ArcFire comes with a nominal charge so you can use it straight out of the box but we do recommend fully charging the device before you first use it.

ArcFire showing fire button, airflow hole and e-liquid window

To activate the ArcFire, press the on/off button on the side edge of the ArcFire body 3 times in quick succession. There are 3 concealed white LEDs towards the bottom of the black full length recessed side edge that will consecutively flash downwards once, ending with the oval light ring around the bottom base plate illuminating once.

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit | Design and Appearance

ArcFire Body

The Innokin ArcFire is a tall slim pen style device with a fixed adaptive wattage of 10W when fitted with the 1.2 ohm pod or 14.5W when using a 0.8 ohm pod (sold separately). It’s an auto-draw activated vape pod and the main body is constructed out of colored aluminum alloy with a black PCTG base and side edge strip that incorporates the on/off button, airflow intake hole and LED indications.

Innokin ArcFire body with 1.2 ohm pod

Its shape is tall, slim and oval with a curved edge on one side and a full length recessed cut-out on the opposing side. It measures 94mm tall, 22.5mm wide by 18.2mm deep and weighs in at 36.2 grams (excluding the pod). A combined height and weight with the pod fitted is 112.9mm tall at a weight of 44.2 grams.

Innokin ArcFire showing Innokin branding
Innokin ArcFire showing ArcFire branding

Branding on the ArcFire body is very discreet with the words “INNOKIN” engraved on one side and “ArcFire” on the other side. This engraved branding is in the same color as the ArcFire body with the indented lettering being gloss whereas the body casing is a satin metallic finish.

The ArcFire incorporates an internal 650mAh internal battery and is charged via the Type-C USB port on the bottom of the ArcFire body, specified as 5V/750mA. Charging time will take approximately 70 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Type-C USB charging port on base of the ArcFire

This base is made of black plastic and is concave in shape but does stand upright when placed on a flat surface. Branding on the base above and below the USB port includes the usual printed “CE” markings together with its battery capacity; “650mAh” and “2.40Wh”.

Comparison of Pulsing light on and off on the base of the ArcFire

Concealed just above the black plastic base plate is a semi-opaque oval light ring which illuminates when the pod is fitted, when you draw on the pod, when it’s being charged or displaying any of the safety features.

ArcFire with the 3 LED's and oval base ring illuminated

In conjunction with the oval light ring are 3 small white LED’s concealed towards the bottom of the black full length strip on the recessed side of the ArcFire body. These white LEDs will show the current status of the remaining battery charge when you draw on the pod mouthpiece, insert the pod or press the on/off button as follows:

  • 1 LED: – Less than 15% of its remaining charge
  • 2 LED’s: – 15% – 65% of its remaining charge
  • 3 LED’s: – 65% – 100% of its remaining charge

Safety features are also displayed, such as:

  • Overtime Protection
  • Output Over Current Protection
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Atomizer Short-Circuit Protection
  • Atomizer Open-Circuit Protection

Airflow on the ArcFire is fixed and produces a semi-restrictive MTL draw. A small pin hole above the rectangular on/off button and just below the pod recess on the black inlay strip provides the air intake. Placing your thumb over this hole will restrict the airflow slightly to tighten the draw if required.

ArcFire showing cut-out in body when the pod fits for the e-liquid window

With the pod removed you can clearly see the side cut-out in the ArcFire casing above the black side edge. This provides the e-liquid window into the pod when it’s fitted.

Pod recess of the Innokin ArcFire

In this recess are two gold plated spring loaded coil contact pins, three chrome circular magnets and a smaller chrome auto-draw sensor. The sensor is positioned in the top right of the photo above.

ArcFire 1.2 ohm pod showing the raised section that slots into the cut-out of the ArcFire body

The pod can only be fitted one way around into this recess due to the very slightly raised side edge on the pod. As you look at the base of the pod, the flat cut-out above the two magnets is the side that slides into the open side of the ArcFire body. As the pod is fitted, the white LEDs and oval light ring will flash once to indicate the pod has made contact with the two coil pins and is ready to be used.

There are 6 colors available in the ArcFire Pod Kit range:

  • Galactic Silver
  • Cosmic Pink *
  • Green Forest *
  • Nebula Grey
  • Ocean Horizon *
  • Stellar Black

The 3 colors I’ve marked with an asterisk have a graded body color whereas the others are a solid color.

Views of the 3 Innokin ArcFire's
Side and edge views of the Innokin ArcFire's

We received 3 different colors from Innokin to review; Cosmic Pink, Nebula Grey and Stellar Black. Irrespective of the color you choose, the side recessed part and the bottom section around the oval light ring are black. The color surfaces on the ArcFire bodies are a satin metallic finish so won’t show any marks or fingerprints.

ArcFire 1.2 ohm Refillable Pod

ArcFire 1.2 ohm refillable 2ml pod

The ArcFire pod is refillable with a 2ml (TPD) or 3ml (standard) e-liquid capacity and has an integrated 1.2 ohm mesh coil. Innokin state it’s their new Arc-Coil technology providing 3 x longer lifespan. The coil is not replaceable so once the coil degrades after a few weeks use the whole pod will need replacing.

ArcFire 1.2 ohm pod and ArcFire body

Only one 1.2 ohm pod is included with the ArcFire kit but additional pods are available including a 0.8 ohm pod. We have received 2 packs of 0.8 ohm pods so we’ll try these out and share what we found in the following section.

Branding on the ArcFire 1.2 ohm pod and ArcFire body

We received the 2ml versions and you can see from the photos that to limit the e-liquid capacity (bloody TPD) a clear(ish) silicone bung restricts the capacity from 3ml to 2ml. This stops the e-liquid from completely filling the pod. Because of this, you’re unable to tilt the pod on its side and view the remaining e-liquid level in the mouthpiece.

E-liquid window in the cut-out of the ArcFire with the Airflow intake hole below

Saying this, because of the design of the ArcFire, one side edge of the pod is visible when it’s fitted into the ArcFire body with the side cut-out. This helps but I still found it easier to take the pod out and check the e-liquid level. 3ml users definitely won’t have this issue!

Manufactured out of tinted PCTG material, it’s smoked in color but is transparent enough to see your e-liquid through it. It’s a chunky little pod measuring 37mm x 21.2mm x 16mm with a weight of 8 grams.

Mouthpiece of the Innokin ArcFire 1.2ohm pod

The pod has a duck bill style mouthpiece which tapers down to a circular 3mm opening, perfect for a MTL draw.

E-liquid rubber stopper with the arrow indent on the ArcFire 1.2 ohm pod

The ArcFire pod is a side filling design with the opening concealed behind a flush fitting black silicone rubber plug. To gain access to the fill port, the pod has to be removed from the ArcFire body. This plug has an indented arrow on it which identifies which end is to be lifted away to gain access to the filling port. A small indented slot in the pod casing at the end of the runner stopper allows fingernail access to get underneath this stopper.

Fill port opening on the ArcFire pod

When the plug is opened the other end of the silicone rubber flap will remain attached to the pod so it won’t get lost. This plug can be rotated out of the way when you’re filling. The fill port hole is slightly oval and measures 4.5mm allowing for most e-liquid tip bottles.

Base of the ArcFire pod showing coil contacts, magnets and air intake

On the underside of the pod are two gold plated coil contacts, a single air intake hole and three small magnets that locate against the magnets in the ArcFire body. The pod can only be fitted one way round because of the raised side edge that acts as the e-liquid window. Simply slide the pod into the recessed opening of the ArcFire body and it’s then secured with the magnetic contacts.

Close up view of the ArcFire pod showing coil resistance and capacity

Branding on the pod is only visible when the pod is removed. Printed on one side is “INNOKIN”, the pod name “ArcFire”, the coil resistance; “1.2 ohm”, e-liquid capacity “2ml” and the coil number “KS212”. The other side has the usual “CE” markings.

Once the pod is inserted, the LEDs on the side edge of the ArcFire will illuminate once, together with the oval light ring LED to let you know the pod has made contact with the body and is ready for use. The number of LEDs that show depends on the current remaining charge status of the battery. We’ve detailed what each LED means in the Functionality section in this review.

During the time I’ve been using the ArcFire pod kit there were NO leaks with occasionally just a tiny trace of condensation on the base of the pod or around the recessed contact pins. The pod also fits securely and doesn’t rattle or wobble.

One point worth mentioning (and this really does apply for ALL pods), if you’re not using the mod for a day or more, take the pod out of the device as e-liquid WILL seep into the pod recess over time.

ArcFire 0.8 ohm Refillable Pod (sold separately)

The ArcFire 0.8 ohm pods can be purchased separately and come in packs of two. It’s identical to the 1.2 ohm pod that’s supplied in the kit with the exception of the branding on the side of the pod. The coil resistance is “0.8 ohms” and the pod number is “KS208”.

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit Functionality

The Innokin ArcFire pod kit has been designed with simplicity in mind. The included pod is refillable so you can choose to use any e-liquid you wish but the coil is not replaceable therefore the pods are replaced when the coil degrades.

Innokin ArcFire being held

It incorporates an internal 650mAh capacity battery with a 0.75A Type-C charging port. A power on/off button is fitted to the side of the ArcFire body and operates as an on/off button only (no fire button) as it’s an auto-draw device only.

Turning the ArcFire on/off is carried out by pressing the on/off button 3 times. The 3 concealed white LEDs towards the bottom of the black full length recessed side edge will consecutively flash downwards ending with the oval light ring around the bottom base plate illuminating once. When switching off, the 3 LEDs will count upwards and then extinguish.

Airflow is fixed and the wattage is auto-detected depending on the resistance of the fitted pod:

  • 1.2 ohm Pod: – 10W max
  • 0.8 ohm Pod: – 14.5W max
ArcFire being charged showing 3 LEDs and oval light ring

3 small LEDs and the oval light ring LED around the base of the ArcFire provide the user displays showing the status of the battery illuminating when you draw on the pod and when it’s being charged. Pressing the on/off button once will also illuminate the LED’s:

  • 1 LED: – Less than 15% of its remaining charge
  • 2 LED’s: – 15% – 65% of its remaining charge
  • 3 LED’s: – 65% – 100% of its remaining charge
  • Oval light ring: – Status of ArcFire

The on-board chip that controls the Innokin ArcFire maintains a constant output power throughout the discharge cycle of the battery, providing a responsive auto-draw activated vape. This chip also controls the included safety features and provides the visual indication via the 3 LED’s and oval light ring:

  • Charge cable inserted – Oval light ring flashes 3 times
  • Charging – All LEDs cycle and remain illuminated
  • Full charge – All LEDs extinguish
  • Pod inserted – All LEDs illuminate once
  • Low battery – Oval light ring flashes 8 times
  • Overtime protection – Oval light ring flashes 10 times
  • Short circuit protection – Oval light ring illuminates for 5 seconds
  • Open circuit protection – Oval light ring flashes 5 times

The ArcFire does have Pass-through so you can vape on the pod while it’s being charged.

Innokin ArcFire Pod Performance

1.2 ohm Refillable Pod

As with most MTL vape pods, freebase or nicotine salts with a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 are recommended because of the smaller wicking ports and lower power. Innokin state that the pods will function with higher VG ratios so we will put this to the test.

Innokin ArcFire 1.2 ohm pod

When first using a new pod, I would recommend filling the pod with your e-liquid and leaving it to stand for 10-15 minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate into the wick before vaping. This will improve the longevity of the pod before it needs replacing.

Using my normal Malaysian Mango 50/50 e-liquid at 6mg freebase my first draw on the pod was a little muted. After approx. 20 draws the coil began to bed in and the flavor came through with a decent throat hit. Vapor was pretty impressive considering the size of the coil, producing far more vapor than I expected.

Auto-draw was very responsive and worked faultlessly, providing a smooth, fairly quiet semi-restrictive MTL draw. The slightest of draws activated the ArcFire pod and it never misfired.

Switching to 20mg nic salts gave the same good flavor and did improve the throat hit and nicotine delivery. Using a 75%VG e-liquid worked equally well and didn’t cause any dry hits. I filled the pod up 4 times using my 75%VG juice and it didn’t appear to have any effect on the coil.

At the time of writing this review, I’ve used the same pod constantly for 2 weeks with approx. 50ml of e-liquid cycled through the pod with no sign of faltering and no loss of flavor or vapor. When filling the pod, once or twice I noticed very slight condensation on the base of the pod but nothing more than I would have expected.

0.8 ohm Refillable Pod

Innokin 0.8ohm ArcFire pod

Having received two additional packs of the 0.8 ohm pods from Innokin, we put them to the test to see if they performed any different from the 1.2 ohm pod.

The 0.8 ohm pod performed equally as well as the 1.2 ohm pod. Flavor still took a little while to come through but after 20 or so draws everything kicked in nicely.

I used the same e-liquids through this pod and found that the flavor, vapor and throat hit just had the edge over the 1.2 ohm pod, but can put this down to the increased wattage of 14.5W. Obviously the battery will drain that little bit quicker so it’s a toss-up over flavor/throat hit against vape time.

Irrespective of which pod you use, both produce good results and provide a very nice satisfying vape experience. Longevity can only be gauged over time but so far the pods are keeping up very well.

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit Battery Performance

The Innokin ArcFire pod kit is powered by an internal 650mAh rechargeable battery. Charging time takes approximately 70 minutes to fully charge via the on-board 750 milliamp (0.75A) Type-C USB charge port.

With a fixed power level of 10W (when using the included 1.2 ohm pod), I was expecting the 650mAh battery to last around the 6-7 hour mark before having to be recharged. However, I was VERY surprised that this time was exceeded and on average I was achieving an impressive 11 hours vaping from a fully charged battery.

Innokin ArcFire side view of the LED display

The bank of 3 LEDs gave an accurate and repeatable account of the status of the battery during use. When only the lowest LED is showing you still have a good 15 minutes of vaping time before it reaches the low battery cut off. Bear in mind battery performance is always subjective and depends on the duration of your draw and vaping style.

The ArcFire indicates the status of the battery during your draw and for 1 second afterwards. It will also illuminate each time the pod is inserted or the on/off button is pressed once. The number of LEDs illuminated determines the remaining battery level as follows:

  • 1 LED: – Less than 15% of its remaining charge
  • 2 LED’s: – 15% – 65% of its remaining charge
  • 3 LED’s: – 65% – 100% of its remaining charge
  • Flashing oval light ring (8 times): – Requires charging

I recorded the approximate vaping times each of the LEDs remained illuminated for as follows:

  • All 3 LED’s illuminated:           8 hours
  • 2 LED’s illuminated:                2.75 hours
  • 1 LED illuminated:                   15 minutes
  • Total vape time between charges is 11 hours

Once the battery is depleted of its charge as depicted by the low voltage cut-off value, the ArcFire oval light ring LED will flash 8 times and you will no longer be able to vape.

At this stage you will need to charge the device. We’ve covered charging the ArcFire in detail in the How do I Charge the ArcFire section. The ArcFire does have pass-through so you will be able to vape while it’s being charged.

Note: Please be aware that the vaping times I recorded above are only a guide as my vaping style may be different from others.

How Do I Fill The ArcFire Pod?

ArcFire pod being removed from the ArcFire body

The Innokin ArcFire pod is a concealed side fill design. You’ll have to remove the pod from the ArcFire body in order to fill with e-liquid. Simply hold the ArcFire body in one hand, grasp the pod mouthpiece with your other hand and pull the pod away from the ArcFire body.

I did find it easier to grasp the main pod body where the e-liquid is stored rather than the mouthpiece as it gives you that little extra grip to remove the pod.

ArcFire pod being held showing the side fill port

Its fill port is located on one side of the pod and is concealed behind a black silicon rubber flap which sits flush with the side of the pod. A small arrow highlights which end of the rubber flap lifts open. There is a slight indent at this end of the rubber flap to get your fingernail underneath (nail biters may have a problem). This silicone rubber flap is attached to the pod by a rubber pin so can be turned around to aid filling so there’s no chance of it getting lost.

Filling the ArcFire pod with e-liquid

Pull open the flap and insert your e-liquid drip tip into the opening. The fill port opening is pretty wide (4.5mm) so it will accept those larger e-liquid/shortfill bottles. Tilt the pod on its side to aid filling and to get the maximum amount of e-liquid into the pod.

Once filled, reinsert the silicon rubber flap making sure the fill port is securely resealed. ALWAYS make sure your e-liquid level remains above the bottom of the wick cut-outs in the coil, otherwise when you draw on the pod you’ll cause dry hits and damage the coil/pod.

Reinserting the pod is only possible one way around because of the clear raised e-liquid window on the side edge of the ArcFire body. Slide the pod into position and it will lock into place by the magnetic catches. The LED lights and oval light ring will illuminate once showing the pod is connected and ready for using.

Quick Tip: If you are filling the pod for the first time, once filled, leave to stand for approx. 10-15 minutes before you start to vape. This will help saturate the wick fully in e-liquid and help prolong the life of the coil/pod.

When and How Do I Change The ArcFire Pod?

Because the ArcFire pod has a fixed 1.2 ohm coil and is NOT replaceable, when the coil starts to degrade after a couple of weeks use, the pod will need to be discarded and a new pod fitted.

An indication of the coil degrading will show by either a loss of flavor and/or a lack of vapor. Continuing beyond this loss of flavor/vapor will finally result in a nasty burnt taste. Equally the coil could break going open or short circuit. Either way, when this happens discard the pod and fit a new one.

Innokin ArcFire pod fitted in the ArcFire body
Innokin ArcFire pod being removed from  the ArcFire body
Innokin ArcFire pod removed from the ArcFire body

Pull the pod away from the ArcFire body, discard and fit a new pod. Unfortunately if you still have e-liquid in the pod, this will have to be discarded as well.

When fitting a new pod, follow the procedure for How Do I Fill The Pod.

How Do I Charge The Innokin ArcFire?

When the ArcFire oval light ring LED flashes 8 times, the battery has become discharged and you will no longer be able to vape. At this stage you will have to recharge the battery using the supplied Type-C charging cable.

ArcFire body with the charging cable plugged into the charging port

The ArcFire has an internal 650mAh capacity battery therefore charging is carried out using the USB to Type-C charging cable. Simply connect this cable into the Type-C port on the bottom of the ArcFire body and the other end into a suitable USB power source (typically 1A or higher). The specified charging circuit of the ArcFire is 5V/0.75A.

Close up of the ArcFire oval LED ring illuminated

When the ArcFire is placed on charge, the oval light ring LED will initially flash 3 times, after which it will then slowly cycle on and off. The lowest of the bank of 3 LEDs will cycle on and off in time with the oval light ring LED. The oval light ring LED remains cycling on and off throughout the charging cycle.

ArcFire being charged showing 1 led lit
ArcFire being charged showing 2 leds lit

Once the battery charge increases above 15% of its capacity, the first LED (lowest) will remain illuminated and the second LED will cycle on and off. As the charge continues to increase, when it reaches 65% of its capacity the first and second LEDs remain illuminated with the third LED cycling on and off.

ArcFire being charged showing 3 leds lit

This third LED after a further period of time will then turn static so all 3 LEDs and the oval light ring LED remain constantly illuminated. Leave the charging cable connected as it is still being charged. When full charge is reached, all the LEDs will extinguish.

The LED indications for the battery charge status are as follows:

  • 1 LED: = Less than 15% of its remaining charge
  • 2 LEDs: = 15% – 65% of its remaining charge
  • 3 LEDs: = 65% – 100% of its remaining charge
  • All LEDs extinguished: Charging cycle completed

The ArcFire does have pass-through so you can vape while it’s being charged but obviously this does increase the overall charging time.

Charging time from full discharge to full charge will take approximately 70 minutes when using a 5V/1.0A power source. Innokin state that 75% charge is achieved in 30 minutes. I timed the charging cycle using a 1.0A source to determine the length of time it took for the 3 LEDs to change as follows:

  • First LED cycling: = 1 minute
  • Second LED cycling: = A further 6 minutes
  • Third LED cycling: = A further 43 minutes
  • All LEDs illuminated: = A further 18 minutes
  • All LEDs extinguished: = Full charge
  • Total charging time = 70 minutes

While the ArcFire is on charge, it does remain reasonably cool to the touch but I would still recommend to ONLY charge the device on a non-flammable surface.

As with any vape device, NEVER leave it unattended whilst charging.

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit Price

Its design, build quality, performance and simplicity, coupled with the great battery life make this a worthwhile purchase. The 1.2 ohm pod that comes with the ArcFire kit, plus the separately purchased 0.8 ohm pod, both give great results.

The On/Off button is a nice little touch and the 3 LEDs and oval light ring LED keep on top of displaying the battery status of the 650mAh battery.

If you would like to purchase the ArcFire pod kit or separate coil packs, check out the links for the Innokin store below:

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit Verdict

Innokin ArcFire Review Verdict


  • Great design and build quality
  • On/Off power button
  • 3 LEDs and oval light ring LED
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Very simple to use
  • Good flavor and vapor
  • Refillable pod
  • Impressive in-built 1.2 ohm mesh coil
  • Good MTL auto draw
  • Accepts the 0.8 ohm pod
  • Very good battery performance
  • Good battery status indications
  • Pass-through function
  • Nice color finish


  • Slowish charge time (70 mins)
  • E-liquid visibility not great

Innokin ArcFire Pod Kit Summary

ArcFire pod and ArcFire body

The Innokin ArcFire pod kit is a lovely looking pod! It’s also well built and feels comfortable and tactile in the hand. The color finishes give the device a quality feel with the 3 graded colors adding that little bit of extra sparkle. Its 650mAh internal battery, although not the biggest, does a great job of powering the device for most of the day before needing to be recharged.

Having an On/Off button plus 3 LEDs and oval light ring LED make this kit stand out from the norm. The battery display status works well and is pretty accurate and clearly visible.

The 1.2 ohm pod is very good in terms of flavor, vapor and longevity. Equally the 0.8 ohm pod which can be purchased separately performed just as well.

Because of its simplicity the ArcFire pod kit is aimed more at new users. Saying this, I am really enjoying vaping on this one because of the ease of use and good performance.

Side edge view and front view of the 3 ArcFire kits

The MTL style vape with its auto-draw was faultless. Because of the trusted brand name of Innokin, coupled with the known quality of their products, I have no problem in recommending this kit.

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Hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do decide to purchase one, please let us know how you’re getting on with it.

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