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Innokin iClear 16 – A Vaping Hardware review

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Today we’re taking a look at one of our favourites from the Innokin back catalogue; the iClear 16 dual coil clearomizer. Typically paired with the MVP 2.0 the iClear 16 is an eGo style tank that packs a surprising punch. As a great tank for beginners and useful for even the most advanced of vapers, we weigh up the pros and cons of owning one of these little clearomizers.

If you’ve been vaping for even a short amount of time, chances are you’ll have come across an Innokin product at least once. As one of the biggest vape manufactures in the world Innokin have put out some incredibly well received hardware in the last five years including the likes of the MVP 2.0, the Cool Fire IV and the iClear 30s clearomizer.

iClear 16: Features and Specification
  • 1.6ml capacity tank
  • Dual coil
  • Four long length wicks
  • Resistance: 2.1 ohms
  • Replacement atomizer heads
  • Top filling clearomizer
  • Height w/ drip tip: 74.9mm
  • Width: 14.3mm
Design and Appearance

The iClear 16 was designed primarily with beginners in mind. This little clearomizer is an excellent example of simplicity at its best. Even if you’ve never set eyes on a clearomizer or a bottle of e-liquid before, there isn’t much you can do wrong with this tank. With a modest 1.6ml capacity the iClear 16 features a top dual coil setup. This means that the two heating coils within the atomizer head are placed at the top end of the tank near the drip tip.

The iClear 16 is filled with e-liquid from the top by simply removing the drip tip. As well as this the top coil setup makes cleaning the atomizer head and tank an extremely easy process. The downside is this design can increase the likelihood of dry hits and reduce the quality of the flavour.

The iClear 16 is typically sold with a translucent poly-carbonate tank. However, browsing the web will reveal that the iClear 16 comes in just about every colour of the rainbow. Along with this the iClear 16 has a black drip tip complete with threading that allows the tip to be screwed into position. This again adds to the simplistic design and creates a tight seal at the top of the tank. However, it does mean that you won’t be able to use any of those ‘push-fit’ drip tips you probably have sitting in the drawer!

Standing at a height of 74.9mm (with drip tip) and with a width of just 14.3mm, the iClear 16 is one of the smaller tanks we’ve reviewed at Vaping Hardware. This makes it great for eGo pens and smaller mods like the Eleaf iStick 20w. However, put it on anything big like a Smok M80 box mod and you might get a few funny looks!


Let’s start with the top coil design and the four lengths of wick enclosed in the poly-carbonate casing. Because the coils are placed at the top of the tank, you’ll notice both the mouthpiece and the vapour produced have a nice warm feel to them. While this often divides opinion among vapers, it can’t be argued this setup does offer its own unique vaping experience.

The process of re-filling and cleaning the tank is extremely easy and makes for a straightforward no nonsense vape, especially when you’re on the go. In terms of the typical downsides that you get with a top coil tank, the iClear 16 has managed to dodge many of the issues that plague similar top coil setups. The flavour produced is surprisingly good given the small size of the coils and wicks provided. So much so that we often see iClear 16’s being used in vape shops as flavour tester tanks!

The iClear 16 also produces an equally surprising amount of vapour. Sure, you won’t be cloud chasing with one of these tanks, but you will be exhaling some pretty satisfying plumes of vapour. Because the resistance of the atomizer heads is just 2.1 ohms, the iClear 16 will also pair with just about any mod you want. Provided you have an eGo adaptor handy of course!

It has to be said though, we found that the biggest drawback with the iClear 16 is the frequency of dry hits experienced. Because the wicks are so long they tend to dry out easily, especially when your e-liquid levels are low. And while the size of the tank is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and convenient to carry with you, its small size means you’ll be unscrewing the top several times a day to refill!

Giving up the cancer sticks?

One thing we do believe deserves special mention is the cig-like qualities of the iClear 16. While we aren’t always the biggest fans of cig-like devices here at Vaping Hardware, we do understand the advantages they offer to people who are just getting into vaping and weaning off cigarettes. With the small drip tip and tight airflow on the iClear 16 you get a vaping experience not too dissimilar from smoking a cigarette.

Just about to kick the habit and looking for a similar feel to break yourself in gently? We recommend using an iClear 16 as your first tank! The iClear 16 provides a really tight mouth to lung draw that’ll be sure to curb your craving.

PriceiClear 16 (3)

The cost of the iClear 16 is probably the most compelling reason you should buy one of these clearomizers. If you’re buying more than one at a time you can easily find deals online offering each tank for around $2.50/£2. Searching somewhere like Amazon or eBay you’re pretty guaranteed to find a cheap deal on this tank.

If you opt for buying a single iClear 16 the price does jump to around $5/£3.50 per tank (on average). For this reason we’d recommend getting at least a 5 pack of the iClear 16’s. Even as an advanced vaper I find these little clearomizers offer a really enjoyable vape. Because they’re so cheap they’re also great for testing new flavours out or experimenting with your DIY mixes.


Having used the iClear 16’s extensively over the past few years I can attest to just how simple these compact clearomizers are to use. With minimal maintenance and easy assembly these tanks are great for those just getting into vaping. They offer a satisfying warm vape and tight mouth to lung inhale that mimics the feel of smoking a cigarette. Perfect if you’re trying to kick the nasty habit!

On the other end of the spectrum, even if you’re an advanced vaper these tanks are a great addition to any vape collection. If you’re willing to suffer the occasional dry-hit, the iClear 16 will reward you with good flavour and vapour production. While you won’t be cloud chasing with this little clearomizer its extremely cheap price makes these an obvious choice for testing flavours and for no hassle on the go vaping!Vaping Hardware score

  • Price – 9.5
  • Vapour production – 7.2
  • Flavour production – 7.8
  • Appearance and Design – 8.3
  • Build quality – 7.8

Overall Vaping Hardware score = 8.1

  • Extremely cheap
  • Great for beginners
  • Simple to use
  • Expect some dry-hits
  • Small e-liquid capacity
  • ‘Warm’ vape & drip tip may put some users off

Feel free to share this review and drop us a comment below with your thoughts on the Innokin iClear 16 dual coil clearomizer.

Happy vaping!

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