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Innokin Launches “Lota” Water-Based Vaping Devices / Press Release

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Innokin have kindly asked if we would publish their latest Press Release regarding their introduction of the new Water-Based Lota device. Of course we agreed, how could we not!

We all know only too well Innokin continue to explore the boundaries of vaping and are always striving to develop and introduce new technologies alongside their already existing renowned products.

We recently published an earlier PR article about Aquios Labs who are pioneering water-based vaping technology and now Innokin, who have been working closely with Aquios Labs, have brought this new concept to the forefront.

Sit back and take a look at Innokin’s PR article on the new Lota. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to review it.

This is a sponsored post written by Innokin and released as a Press Release on the introduction of the Lota device. We at Vapinghardware are not liable for the accuracy and content of this article.

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Innokin Launches “Lota” Water-Based Vaping Devices

Innokin Press Release "Lota" Water Based Vaping

The vaping industry veterans hope to cause waves with water-based vaping technology.

Innokin Technology has announced the launch of a new arrival to their industry-leading lineup of vaporizers. Introducing Lota: Innokin’s all-new sub-brand pushing the boundaries of performance, reliability, and innovation within the entry-level vaping sector.

Innokin’s Lota is set to shake up the vaping space by combining Innokin’s decade plus of industry-leading innovation expertise with Aquios Labs: a new technology firm that enables water-based e-liquid.

The partnership offers Lota an innovative new technology and approach to closed vaping systems. Aquios Labs’ first generation of water-based vape juice, AQ30, supports 30% water content. Water-based vaping delivers smoother vapor and faster satisfaction compared to traditional vaping systems, which also reduces the dehydrating qualities of vapor. In addition, water-based vapes operate at a lower temperature compared to their traditional counterparts, which allows for greatly increased chemical stability during the vaping process. 

Water-based technology and e-liquids result in a vaping experience that no other device can replicate, with no leakage, enhanced flavor clarity and faster nicotine satisfaction. These strengths paired with Innokin’s manufacturing experience catapult Lota into the spotlight of the disposable vape sector.

Lota will initially launch with a portfolio of three water-based devices, each with their own position for specific global markets and consumer needs: the Lota Enviro, F600, and Prefilled Pod Kit.

The Lota Enviro is a disposable device with a clear mission to reduce the carbon footprint of typical disposable vapes. Enviro achieves this with a unique paper shell design using recyclable materials and user-recyclable components. After the Enviro has been fully depleted, the device can be disassembled by the end user, and every component aside from the e-liquid reservoir can be fully recycled. The Enviro launches with 10 flavors and provides a 600-puff lifespan with 2ml e-liquid capacity for TPD markets.

The Lota F600 is Lota’s flagship disposable vaporizer, targeted for TPD markets. Offering stylish, comfortable soft-touch surfaces and lightweight simplicity, it represents the ideal entry to vaping for transitioning smokers. The F600 features a 600-puff lifespan and delivers constant 3.6V output, which means consistent performance from the first puff to the last.

Rounding off Lota’s launch is the Lota Prefilled Pod. The Lota Prefilled Pod Kit integrates revolutionary Aquios water-based vaping technology into a closed pod system with a rechargeable battery. Each 2ml pod is designed to last for 600 puffs and the battery provides constant 3.6V output for a consistent vaping experience throughout each charge cycle.

Commenting on the launch, Innokin Technology Co-Founder George Xia said: “Innokin has always believed in embracing new technology. When first introduced to Aquios Labs, our product development team was impressed with the unique advantages of water-based vaping. Through this exciting partnership, Innokin is proud to launch the Lota brand, offering high performance water-based vaping in our continued quest of tobacco harm reduction across the globe.”

You can find out more about Lota at For further information and enquiring about collaborating with Innokin, please contact

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This is a very interesting concept and we applaud Innokin for forging the way forward with this development. The 30% water-based e-liquid is a lot higher than we’ve come across before, the maximum we’ve used in any e-liquid is 10% pure distilled water to thin down the high VG content.

Lots of questions will no doubt be raised around the purity of the water, the flavor strength and vapor produced from this device. Now Innokin have released this technology into the vaping domain, answers to these questions should soon be made clear.

We hope we will be able to try first hand how the Lota F600 disposable vape device with the pre-filled pods performs and publish our review on it for you to make up your own mind.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this news item and found it helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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