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Innokin’s Green Leap: Introducing Trine with Recyclable Batteries for Eco-Friendly Vaping

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In light of the growing concerns surrounding the environmental impact of disposable vapes, Innokin is stepping up efforts to ensure a more sustainable future in vaping. With the introduction of its Trine innovation, Innokin is at the forefront of aligning with initiatives in European regions aimed at protecting the health of young people and tackling the environmental challenges posed by disposable vapes.

Disposable Waste

The Environment Secretary of the UK, Steve Barclay, pointed out that disposable vapes contribute to a significant and steadily increasing stream of hard-to-recycle waste, with nearly 5 million of these products being discarded every week. Innokin recognizes the gravity of this issue and is committed to offering a sustainable alternative.

The Solution

Innokin’s Trine represents a revolutionary approach to vaping devices with its unique 3-in-1 structure. It moves away from the traditional disposable model and incorporates innovative features that enhance sustainability. This new design focuses on easy recycling and longer device life cycles, which are key elements in reducing the environmental impact of vaping devices.

First, the Trine’s design notably includes a removable battery, facilitating easy recycling and reducing electronic waste. This feature allows for the battery to be easily replaced or recycled, much like regular external batteries, thus minimizing the device’s environmental footprint.

Moreover, the remarkable battery endurance of the Trine solution leads to an enhanced lifespan. Each battery supports over 300 full charge cycles while maintaining more than 80% of its original capacity. This translates to a lifespan of up to two years under normal usage conditions, in stark contrast to disposable alternatives that contribute to the rapid accumulation of electronic waste.

Quantifying the Figures

According to the NHS an average smoker in the UK smokes 16 packs of cigarette per month, and a UK standard disposable vape delivers a similar amount of nicotine to 20 cigarettes. Thus, an average smoker throws away 192 disposable batteries each year, when they switch from smoking to vaping using disposables. In contrast, if a smoker uses Trine, they can save as many as 383 Li-on batteries every two years.

Additionally, the Trine solution incorporates cutting-edge EcoDrain™ technology, the vaping industry’s first eco-safe battery recycling solution. This innovative technology actively addresses the challenges associated with handling discarded batteries, ensuring their safe and efficient discharge before recycling. This results in improved sustainability of vaporizers.

Innokin’s forward-thinking approach also aligns with the upcoming EU battery regulation, which mandates that all battery-powered devices, including e-cigarettes, must feature batteries that are removable and replaceable by the end user.

Innokin Trine 3-In-1 Vaping

Trine by INNOKIN

Innokin has exciting plans for March when they are set to launch a new product that utilizes the Trine solution. This eagerly awaited release represents a significant milestone in their commitment to sustainability and innovation, promising consumers a greener and more eco-friendly vaping experience.

For more detailed information about Innokin’s Trine solution and their approach to sustainability, you can visit

In an ever changing world the vaping industry is no exception. Disposable vape devices have exploded in popularity and come under increased scrutiny in terms of their environmental impact. A second issue with disposables is their link with increased levels of teen vaping.

While some manufacturer’s turn a blind eye to these issues, Innokin continue to lead the way in looking at alternative solutions to make a difference. At Vaping Hardware we support these initiatives and welcome all the good work Innokin continue to do.

The Trine solution, in our opinion, goes a long way in addressing these issues and we wish it every success in the future. We recently posted an article detailing the launch of Trine which gives a little more insight so feel free to take a look at that one here.

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