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Innokin’s Innobar C1 Pod Kit Review / The Perfect Alternative To A Disposable

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Innokin Innobar C1 Pod Kit with Closed Pod

Innokin have yet again thrown the cat amongst the pigeons. This time they’ve introduced a pod kit, with closed system pre-filled flavored pods and a rechargeable battery that looks, resembles and performs like a disposable device BUT isn’t. The Innobar C1 Pod Kit is being marketed as an alternative to the already over saturated disposable market.

Not only that, if you’ve followed our previous Innokin disposable reviews and news items, you will no doubt be fully aware of the technology that’s growing in popularity between Innokin and Aquios Labs around their collaboration together.

The result of this collaboration is the inclusion of 30% water based e-liquid which really helps in reducing the dehydration issues associated with standard non water-based e-liquids. If you’ve not come across this development yet and like we were, want to know more about it then please take a look at the following news items that we published on this technology and the two previous reviews we undertook that use the Aquios 30% e-liquid:

The results really do speak for themselves.

Now more than ever, it’s great and inspiring that Innokin have introduced the Innobar C1 to challenge the ever growing disposable vape market and help combat the waste and environmental issues surrounding the disposal of such devices.

I know this is not new as we’ve seen pre-filled, closed pod systems before but when giants like Innokin adopt this method, hopefully others will follow suit.

So please do sit back and take a look at our review on Innokin’s new Innobar C1 Pod kit and see, if like us, you feel this could give the disposables a run for their money.

Overview of Innokin Innobar C1 Pod Kit

Innobar C1 Body and C1 Prefilled Pod

The Innobar C1 pod kit is a two part system. The main body is an internal rechargeable 450mAh capacity battery, charged via the Type-C charging port on the bottom of the Innobar C1. The pods are a closed system type with pre-filled flavors having a 2ml e-liquid capacity and coming in 20mg (2%) nicotine strength.

Even though it’s as close to the look and feel of a disposable as you’re likely to get, it’s only the pod that’s disposed of once the e-liquid has been used up. The Innobar C1 can be used again and again with just the pre-filled pods being purchased.

It’s a non-adjustable, fixed wattage, draw activated Mouth to Lung (MTL) 600 puff pod device, made out of polycarbonate and resembling the size and shape of a standard tube/pen disposable device. The dimensions of the kit are 19.7mm in diameter by 69.7mm in length which includes the duckbill style mouthpiece.

The Innobar C1 is very lightweight (28 grams) and very discrete with no controls or on/off button. A small blue LED illuminates through the single airflow hole on the bottom of the Innobar C1 body and also through an even smaller pin hole on the bottom front of the device when you draw on the pod or the device is being charged.

2X Innobar C1's with all 10 different flavored pods

Currently available in an off white pearlized effect color body/battery with 10 different pre-filled flavored pods that come in 4 different colors. These pods come in packs of two incorporating a 1.1 ohm non-replaceable Nichrome mesh coil.

Connection of these pods is again different from the norm, they simply align with the pod recess and are pushed fully home into the recess, there are no magnetic contacts.

I would like to thank Nicole at Innokin for sending me 2 of the Innobar C1 body/batteries and all 10 different pre-filled flavored pods to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion based on my findings. We may receive a small affiliate commission if you click on the buy buttons but at no extra cost to yourselves.

Innobar C1 Pod Kit Review


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 95mm tall x 19.7mm diameter including pod
  • Weight: 19 grams (28 grams including pod)
  • Construction: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Pod Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Mouthpiece: Duckbill Style Fixed
  • Charging: Type-C USB (5V/0.5A)
  • Input Voltage: 3.2V – 4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 3.6V Constant
  • Output Power: 11W (calculated)
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml Pod
  • Pods: Pre-filled 20mg (2%)
  • Pod Coil Resistance: Integrated 1.1 ohm Nichrome Mesh Coil
  • Firing Method: Draw Activated
  • Battery Specification: Rechargeable Internal 450mAh
  • Display: Single Color Blue LED
  • Airflow: Fixed
  • 10 Different Flavor Pods available
  • 30% Water-Based Vaping

What’s in the box?

Bit of a tricky one this, it’s not quite as simple as it seems. We received the Innobar C1 battery in its own individual box and all of the pre-filled flavored Innobar C1 pods came separately with two flavored pods in each box.

From what we’ve read, it appears the Innobar C1 can be purchased as just the C1 Body or purchased as a kit which includes the Innobar C1 body with one flavored pod.

For clarity and correctness, we will detail the packaging and its contents on the products that we received.

Innobar C1 Body/Battery

Innobar C1 Battery Whats In The Box View 1
  • Innobar C1 Battery
  • Quick User Guide

The cardboard packaging is only slightly bigger than the Innobar C1 itself, measuring 100mm x 29mm x 23mm. The outside of the box details the contents, manufacturers address and relevant safety warnings together with an image of the included device.

Innobar C1 Package Box Front
Innobar C1 Package Box Side 1
Innobar C1 Package Box Reverse
Innobar C1 Package Box Side 2

Once you open the packaging, the Innobar C1 is sealed in an airtight foil that you tear open to remove the device. It comes pre-charged so all you need to do is unpack one of the flavored pods and you’re good to go.

Innobar C1 Battery Whats In The Box View 2

Do note that a Type-C charging cable is NOT included in the kit so you will have to make sure you have one at hand to re-charge the Innobar C1 when it’s needed. Any standard Type-C phone/tablet cable or another pod/mod charging cable will suffice.

Innobar C1 Pods

Innobar C1 Pre-filled Pod Whats In The Box 1
Innobar C1 Pre-filled Pod Whats In The Box 2
  • 2 x Individually wrapped Pre-filled Pods

The cardboard packaging measures 70mm x 52mm x 28mm and includes 2 individually wrapped pre-filled flavored pods with 2ml of e-liquid at 20mg/ml (2%) of nicotine. Each pod is specified as providing up to 600 puffs.

Innobar C1 Pre-filled Pod Box Front
Innobar C1 Pre-filled Pod Box Reverse
Innobar C1 Pre-filled Pod Side 1
Innobar C1 Pre-filled Pod Box Side 2

The outside of the box details the contents (2 PCS), manufacturers address and relevant safety warnings together with an image of the included pod. The flavor of the pods is written on the front and side of the box and also highlights that the e-liquid is hydrated by Aquios (30% water).

Innobar C1 Pre-filled Pod Protectors On
Innobar C1 Pre-filled Pod Protectors Off

Once you open the packaging and tear open the clear plastic wrap, each pod comes supplied with a clear silicone mouthpiece plug and a bottom coil protection cover. Remove both these protectors prior to using.

Innokin’s Innobar C1 Design and Appearance

Innobar C1 Body/Battery

Before we get into the specific details, I feel it wise to state and paint the picture that the Innobar C1 really is as simple as it gets. The whole concept around this design is to replicate the simplicity of a disposable with the added benefit that you DON’T dispose it. You simply re-charge, pop in a pre-filled pod and you’re good to go.

Unlike other pod kit devices, there are no controls, no flashing light sequences, it’s a fixed wattage constant output voltage auto draw vape kit. It’s so simple and really does look and feel like the majority of disposables in the market place today.

Innobar C1 Pod Kit Image
Innobar C1
Lota Enviro Disposable
Lota Enviro Disposable
Lota F600 Disposable
Lota F600 Disposable

I’ve included a snapshot of the Innobar C1 against the Innokin Lota and Enviro disposables so you can see what I mean.

Innokin Innobar C1 Battery/Body

The Innobar C1 is a small pen/tube shaped body being very similar in size to a standard 18650 battery. Constructed out of polycarbonate, it measures 69.7mm tall (excluding the pod) by 19.7mm diameter and weighing in at a very lightweight 19 grams.

Innobar C1 Type-C USB Charging Port

Powered by an internal 450mAh capacity battery, it’s re-chargeable via the Type-C bottom located USB charging port, specified as 5V/0.5A. Charging time will take approximately 1 hour to fully charge the battery.

It’s draw activated only, there is no fire or on/off button. It’s fixed non-adjustable wattage with a constant 3.6V output to the pod and has a single fixed airflow hole on the bottom of the Innobar C1 body which provides the restricted MTL draw. The wattage is not documented but working it out using ohms law, the constant 3.6V output with the 1.1 ohm mesh coil will produce approximately 11W output power.

The only visible UI display on the Innokin Innobar C1 is a very small blue coloured LED that sits on the bottom front of the device body. When it’s illuminated, the blue color also shines through the slightly bigger airflow port on the flat bottom of the Innobar C1 and around the bottom of the casing.

Innobar C1 Blue LED

This blue LED illuminates when you draw on the pod, when the Innobar C1 is being charged and also provides the following functions:

  • Drawing on the pod – Blue LED illuminates
  • Charging – Blue LED remains illuminated
  • Full charge – Blue LED extinguishes
  • Low battery – Blue LED flashes 10 times
  • Charge cable removed – Blue LED flashes 3 times
  • Overtime protection – See Note 1

Note 1: I couldn’t find any info on the overtime protection and to be honest, I did try to draw on the pod to see what the effect would be but failed! My single draw of over 10 seconds didn’t cut out and continued to vape. This isn’t a problem because it’s auto draw and to be frank, my average vape time was always around 2-3 seconds.

The appearance of the Innobar C1 is very minimal and very pleasing. It’s tube styled with one side being flat running the length of its body. This flat side incorporates the u-shaped slot that accepts the oblong edge of the pod, the very small LED and the only branding on the device.

Innobar C1 Body with Branding and LED Pin Hole

This branding is discreetly screen printed and includes “INNO BAR C1” and “Aquios 30”, the remainder of the casing is clear. The coloring of the Innobar C1 is quite unique in that it’s an off white color with a matte finish but in certain lights it has a very faint polarized pearl tint to it that gives off a purple hue.

Innobar C1 Pod Recess

At the top of the Innobar C1 is a deep recessed circular opening where the pod locates. This recess is 15mm deep and houses the two gold plated spring loaded contact pins that connect to the pod coil contacts and the auto draw sensor.

Close Up of the Innobar C1 Pod Recess

The bottom of this recess is then sealed around its diameter with a clear silicone gasket to prevent any e-liquid seepage into the Innobar C1 body.

The auto draw sensor consists of 3 circular holes in a triangle shape which are positioned centrally to the two coil contact pins but offset against the inside of the casing.

There are no magnets in the pod recess or on the pod. Securing the pod is achieved by a snap fit latch and lock system where two raised tags on the pod locate within two indents in the side casing. A simple but very effective method of ensuring the pod stays firmly in place.

This pod recess although being circular, has a u-shaped cut-out in the side of the casing that aligns with the corresponding u-shape tab on the pre-filled pod. This means the pod can only be correctly fitted one way round. Inserting the pod will not bring up any LED indication.

Pod Being fitted In The Innobar C1

I believe the Innobar C1 currently only comes in the one color which is a slight off-white pearlized matte finish. Even though the coloring is quite plain, the effect when the body is angled or the light hits the surface is quite stunning. A very subtle purple hue is reflected from the off-white surface and looks amazing.

Hopefully I will be able to capture this effect in the photos but if I can’t you will just have to buy one and see for yourselves!

Innobar C1 Pre-Filled Flavored Pods

All 10 Flavor Boxes of the Innobar C1 Pre-Filled Pods

The pre-filled flavoured pods are NOT included when you buy the Innobar C1 as a device only. I understand that 1 pod is supplied if you buy the Innobar C1 kit. When you purchase additional flavored pods, they come in packs of two. There are 10 different e-liquid flavors available and they come in 4 different color pods:

  • Iced Cosmic – Blue
  • Sour Berries – Blue
  • Tangerine – Blue
  • Blueberry Grape – Purple
  • Cherry Lemonade – Purple
  • Rose Lychee – Purple
  • Jungle Juice – Green
  • Strawberry Watermelon – Green
  • Lemon Tart – Orange
  • Pink Lemonade – Orange
Innobar C1 Blue Pre-Filled Pods
Innobar C1 Green Pre-Filled Pods
Innobar C1 Yellow Pre-Filled Pods
Innobar C1 Purple Pre-Filled Pods

We’ve carried out a brief flavor profile on each of the individual flavored pods in the Innobar C1 Flavored Pods section further on in this review so for now we will concentrate on their design characteristics.

Each pod is manufactured out of colored polycarbonate material having an e-liquid capacity of 2ml with a nicotine (nic salts) content strength of 20mg (2%). The pod incorporates an integrated (non-replaceable) 1.1 ohm Nichrome mesh coil. The pod is NOT transparent so you cannot see the level of e-liquid in the pod.

Innobar C1 Closed System Pod

Remember these pods come pre-filled so are a closed pod system meaning when the e-liquid has been vaped, the pod is disposed of and a new one fitted. The 2ml capacity is good for around 600 puffs so on average will last between 1-2 days.

Innobar C1 Closed System Pod  with Flavor Name

The pod measures 40mm tall and protrudes from the Innobar C1 body by 25mm when fitted. Diameter of the pod matches that of the Innobar C1 body at 19.6mm. The mouthpiece is a fixed duckbill type which forms part of the pod body with a 3mm diameter opening at the end providing that tight MTL draw.

Innobar C1 Pod showing mouthpiece
Innobar C1 Pod base showing gold plated contacts

On the underside of the pod are two large gold plated coil contacts that locate against the spring loaded contact pins in the pod recess. Between these two contacts is a single central airflow intake port hole that allows the auto draw activator to work when you draw on the pod mouthpiece.

Innobar C1 Pod side View 1
Innobar C1 Pod side View 2

One side of the pod has a raised oblong moulding which remains visible when the pod is attached and has the flavor name of the included e-liquid written on it. This moulding also serves as a key that locates into the U shaped cut-out on the top side of the Innobar C1 body. Because of this the pod can only be fitted one way round.

Innobar C1 Pod View showing securing tag

Either side of the oblong moulding are two small, raised tags that locate with the two corresponding indents in the Innobar C1 body. These ensure when the pod is fitted it’s held securely in place and believe me it is very secure. Removing the pod does require a little force to prize the two parts apart.

The blue LED on the Innobar C1 won’t illuminate when the pod is attached so you will only know it’s made contact with the coil pins by drawing on the device. Equally the LED won’t illuminate when the pod is removed.

Innobar C1 Pod View showing the branding

Apart from the flavor name on the oblong moulding, the bottom part of the pod that fits into the pod recess has the branding “INNO BAR” and “INNOKIN” screen printed on the side of the pod housing.

During the whole time I’ve been using the Innobar C1 kit, every time I’ve removed the pod to replace it with a new flavored pod, there were no signs of leaks or any condensation on the base of the pod or around the contact pins.

It’s worth mentioning again that each replacement pod in the pack comes with a white silicone rubber bung that fits into the mouthpiece and a rubber cap that fits over the base section of the pod. Make sure you remove these before attaching to the Innobar C1 body.

Innobar C1 Pod Kit Functionality

The Innobar C1 replicates the simplicity of a disposable. There are no controls, no adjustments, not even a fire or on/off button. Simply ensure there is sufficient charge in the battery, fit the pre-filled pod and you’re ready to start vaping.

As we’ve shown throughout the review, the Innobar C1 is small and discreet and designed to replicate a disposable. I’ve added a photo of it held in my hand to show how small it is.

Innobar C1 being held in hand

The only visible indication is the small illuminated blue LED just above the base of the Innobar C1 that lights up when you draw on the device, lights up when the device is on charge or displays the low voltage cut-off as follows:

  • Drawing on the pod – Blue LED illuminates
  • Charging – Blue LED remains illuminated
  • Full charge – Blue LED extinguishes
  • Low battery – Blue LED flashes 10 times
  • Charge cable removed – Blue LED flashes 3 times

When there is no charge left in the battery, the blue LED will flash 10 times and the device will become inoperative. Unfortunately the Innobar C1 doesn’t have pass-thru so you won’t be able to vape while it’s being charged.

Innobar C1 Pod Kit Performance

2 Innobar C1's

Straight out the packet, each of the flavored pods can be used right away. Simply remove the pod from its plastic wrapper and take off the white silicone rubber mouthpiece bung and base protector. Fit the pod to the Innobar C1 body and vape.

The auto draw was very responsive and worked every time. Even the slightest draw activated the Innobar C1. The single bottom airflow pinhole provided a very quiet and smooth, restrictive MTL vaping experience. If you wish to restrict the airflow further, you can place your finger over the airflow intake to tighten the draw even more.

Using the Innobar C1 far exceeded my expectations. From such a small simple device, the flavor from each of the pods we tried was really very good and the amount of vapor produced from a short 2 second draw was impressive.

Even though these pre-filled pods contain the Aquios 30% water based e-liquid, the performance of them in terms of flavor and vapor match that of the majority of disposables available today.

Each of the flavored pods lasted well over a day’s vaping and in some cases I was able to get 2 day’s use out of each pod. The stated 600 puff capacity was pretty accurate and of the few pods I monitored to verify this, only 1 came in at under 600 (582). The intensity of the vape remained constant throughout the discharge state of the battery and only tailed off just prior to the battery reaching its low voltage cut-off.

Innobar C1 Pod Flavors

All 10 Innobar C1 Pre-Filled Flavored Pods

Innokin were very kind enough to send us all 10 of their different flavor pods to try. All the flavors we received contained 20mg (2%) strength nicotine salts and come in packs of two.

The 10 flavors we received were: Iced Cosmic, Sour Berries, Tangerine, Blueberry Grape, Cherry Lemonade, Rose Lychee, Jungle Juice, Strawberry Watermelon, Lemon Tart and Pink Lemonade.

We’ve given a brief description on each of the 10 flavors and tried to capture our thoughts.

Iced Cosmic

Innobar C1 Pod Iced Cosmic Flavor

Always a worry when the title says ice because a lot of pre-filled flavors, especially in disposables, burn the back of your tongue and throat after a few draws.

I’m very pleased to say this is not one of them. You can feel a coolness in your mouth which just gave a really nice freshness feeling. A very nice flavor with a little sweetness which I can only describe as the old Parma Violet sweets. Certainly an all day vape and one I’m really enjoying.

Sour Berries

Innobar C1 Pod Sour Berries Flavor

Another lovely medley of berries, I didn’t find it sour at all. I could certainly pick out blueberries in the mix with other berries backing it up.

As with all the different flavors in the Innobar C1 pods, the strength of the flavors are just right and I’m so pleased that there are no signs of cooling agent.

One I would certainly vape again and again.


Innobar C1 Pod Tangerine Flavor

I was expecting a sharp bitter taste but no, a smooth authentic tangerine/satsuma tone that lingers in your mouth afterwards.

Slightly sweet on your lips but very enjoyable. The flavor is not overpowering and I found it’s just about right, giving a clean fresh crisp sensation. Yet another one that I would happily vape on all day.

Blueberry Grape

Innobar C1 Pod Blueberry Grape Flavor

An absolutely perfect combination of blueberries and grapes. I enjoy vaping my own blueberry and grape mixes as individual flavors whereas the tones of this combined juice came through just right.

Neither one of the flavors overpowered the other and the result is another all day really enjoyable vape. A little sweet on the lips with a lingering aftertaste.

Cherry Lemonade

Innobar C1 Pod Cherry Lemonade Flavor

This one is quite a subtle flavor. It’s not a strong cherry flavor and it’s not fizzy and not sweet at all. I was expecting a burst of cherry with the kick of bubbles from the lemonade but it wasn’t there.

An enjoyable flavor and one I was happy vaping but it didn’t leave any lasting aftertaste.

Rose Lychee

Innobar C1 Pod Rose Lychee Flavor

I love this one. The strength is perfect. It instantly reminded me of eating Turkish Delight.

The lychee flavor with a rose accent was so nice. Slightly sweet on the lips with a beautiful aftertaste. I was very disappointed when this one finished.

Jungle Juice

Innobar C1 Pod Jungle Juice Flavor

WOW, I loved this one! Certainly a tropical medley bursting with different fruits. A little sweet on the lips with a lasting aftertaste and not bitter at all.

I struggled picking out the individual fruit tones but the combination of them was superb.

Strawberry Watermelon

Innobar C1 Pod Strawberry Watermelon Flavor

Two of my favourite individual flavors and the combination of the two works perfectly. The strength of the two flavors complimented each other and is a lovely all day vape.

A lovely lasting aftertaste with a little sweetness on the lips. The strawberry and watermelon tones were spot on.

Lemon Tart

Innobar C1 Pod Lemon Tart Flavor

I’ve always steered clear of dessert/cake flavors in the past as the few I’ve tried I’ve not enjoyed. I tend to find the tart/cake reminds me of a dry biscuit taste which I find quite bland.

Well, to my surprise, I really enjoyed this one. While I could taste the pastry, which wasn’t overpowering, the lemon on the aftertaste was really nice. It reminded me of a lovely lemon curd. It’s not a fresh taste and I felt it was a little warm but very enjoyable.

Pink Lemonade

Innobar C1 Pod Pink Lemonade Flavor

Ummmmmm this is yet another really nice refreshing flavor. The lemonade is fizzy but smoothed with the addition of the “Pink”! I’m struggling to pinpoint the added flavor but I am detecting a hint of lychee yet other times I detect a hint of raspberry.

Either way, it’s a clean, clear, smooth, slightly sweet yet really lovely flavor. Another one to vape on till your heart’s content.

Flavor Summary

Out of all 10 flavors there really is NOT one I didn’t like. I would be happy vaping on any of the flavors all day long. They are spot on with the flavor strength, enough to taste and really enjoy without being overpowering.

Some of them leave a little sweet aftertaste on your lips but again this is pretty subtle. Far too often other e-liquid suppliers over sweeten their flavors, not the case with these ones. A testament to Innokin and Aquios.

Each of the flavors are smooth and flavorsome with lingering aftertastes with a decent amount of vapor produced too. The most noticeable difference for me is the exclusion of any cooling agent. If there is any, it’s hardly detectable. Far too often with other pre-filled pod devices, the ice kick is way too strong to the point after a few draws you have to put them down as your mouth is burning.

Overall, these match the performance of disposables with all the benefts of NOT being disposable.

Innobar C1 Battery Performance

The Innokin Innobar C1 is powered by an internal 450mAh capacity battery. Charging time is not the quickest, taking approximately 1 hour (63 minutes) to fully charge via the on board Type-C USB charger port when connected to a 1A or higher power source.

Considering the internal battery is quite a low capacity, on average I was achieving around 6 hours of vaping from a fully charged battery. This time will vary depending on your vaping style i.e. duration and frequency of your draw.

It’s hardly surprising the internal battery is the capacity it is considering the overall size of the Innobar C1 body. I’ve included a comparison photo of the C1 body against an 18650 battery and its pod to show how small it is.

Innobar C1 Body against an 18650 battery and the pod

Whilst vaping, the little blue LED will illuminate each time you draw on the pod. As the remaining charge in the battery decreases you will notice the intensity of the vape will diminish (lack of vapour) as it approaches its low voltage cut-off. Once the low voltage cut-off is reached, the blue LED will flash 10 times and the Innobar C1 will become inactive.

At this point you will have to recharge the battery to continue vaping. Unfortunately the Innobar C1 doesn’t have pass-thru so you won’t be able to vape while it’s being re-charged.

One very minor drawback is the lack of any battery level status indication. The little blue LED illuminates when you draw and only flashes 10 times when the battery is fully discharged. It would have been nice to have a 10% or 20% battery left indication as an advanced warning.

Saying this though, the Innobar C1 body is very small and very lightweight and very reasonably priced so I would suggest getting a spare back up or two. These can be charged and taken out with you and used when needed…that’s my excuse anyway!

When and How Do I Change The Innobar C1 Pod?

Because the Innokin Innobar C1 pods are NOT re-fillable, once the e-liquid inside the pod is finished you will have to replace with a new pre-filled pod. Unfortunately you can’t see the level of e-liquid in the pod because of its non-translucent colored casing so you won’t know how much e-liquid is left inside.

I’m afraid you will only know when this happens by a loss of vapor/flavor followed by a cotton wool taste. It’s a shame the pod wasn’t semi-opaque in color or ideally the oblong tag that has the flavor name written on it wasn’t see-through, thus allowing you to keep a check on the e-liquid level.

One thing that did surprise me was once the flavor dropped off and I was getting that cotton wool taste because the pod was empty, I was still able to vape for a little while longer. The flavor was all but gone but I wasn’t getting that nasty burnt taste and it was still producing vapor.

Innobar C1 Pod Fitted in C1 Battery
Innobar C1 Pod half removed from C1 Battery

Changing the pod is straight-forward, simply pull the pod away from the Innobar C1 body, discard the pod sensibly and replace with a new pod. The oblong flavor name part of the pod aligns with the cut-out in the Innobar C1 pod recess so once aligned, they simply push fit into place.

Pod being removed from the Innobar C1
Pod inserted into the Innobar C1 body

These pods are secured by two small tabs on the side of the pod that locate into two small indents within the Innobar C1 pod recess. They do a very good job of securing the pod in position but be warned, removing the pod at times can take a little pressure to pull apart.

How Do I Charge The Innobar C1?

As you draw on the Innobar C1, when the blue LED flashes 10 times and no vape is produced, it’s time to re-charge the battery. Using a USB Type-C charging cable, plug the cable into the Type-C USB port on the bottom of the Innobar C1 body. Connect the other end into a suitable power source (typically 5V/1A).

Charging the Innobar C1 Pod Kit

When the Innobar C1 is placed on charge, the blue LED will illuminate and remain illuminated until it’s completely charged. Once full charge is achieved, the blue LED will extinguish.

Charging time takes approximately 1 hour from fully discharged to full charge. As you remove the charging cable the blue LED will flash 3 times. Don’t forget, the Innobar C1 doesn’t have ‘pass-through’ so you will have to wait until charging is completed before you can vape again.

You can charge the Innobar C1 with or without the pod inserted, either way is acceptable.

When the Innobar C1 was being charged, the casing does remain very cool to the touch which is impressive but I always advise to charge this, and any other device for that matter, on a non-flammable surface.

As always, NEVER leave your vape device unattended while on charge.

Innobar C1 Pod Kit Price

I’ve called the heading “Kit Price” but in actual fact it doesn’t necessary come as a kit. The Innobar C1 can be purchased separately as just the battery/body only or as a kit that includes the Innobar C1 body plus 1 flavored pre-filled pod.

Either way, all that’s then needed is to choose your desired packs of pre-filled flavor pods.

Because of the performance and simplicity of the Innobar C1 with its rechargeable battery combined with the low cost of the replacement pre-filled pods, these make a really good alternative to a standard disposable. And of course let’s not forget having the added advantage of being more environmentally friendly too.

Innobar C1 Pod Kit Verdict

Innobar C1 Pod Kit Review Verdict


  • Good build quality
  • Small and very lightweight
  • Robust
  • Draw activation responsive
  • Good battery life
  • Re-chargeable 450mAh
  • Really lovely flavor pods
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • 10 flavors to choose from
  • Good amount of vapor
  • Pods last a good amount of time
  • Rivals any disposable


These are not really cons but my wishes that would of made this even better.

  • E-liquid level not visible
  • No charging cable
  • No approaching low battery warning
  • No pass-thru vaping

Innokin’s Innobar C1 Pod Kit Summary

I’m struggling to find the right words to summarise the Innobar C1 pod kit because it’s a closed pod system. The pod is disposed once the e-liquid is finished yet the C1 body has a rechargeable battery so it’s reusable.

Innobar C1 Summary image of C1's and Pods

Innokin have marketed the Innobar C1 as an alternative to a disposable and for very good reason. The Innobar C1 is as close to the look and feel of a disposable as you can get. The cost of the Innobar kit is similar to the price of a standard disposable and it’s as simple to use and performs like one too.

Where the Innobar C1 far exceeds this comparison is the dramatically reduced impact on the environment. It’s only the closed pod part that is discarded, no more millions of lipo batteries going to landfill. The cost of replaceable pods is also far cheaper to replace than having to purchase the whole device.

For all you disposable users out there, if it’s the simplicity and convenience that you’re after, then the Innobar C1 offers all this and more. The pods themselves contain the Aquios 30% water based e-liquid so the PG/VG content is reduced resulting in less hydration required.

Quite simply this really is a fantastic little device providing a better cost effective solution and so much better for the environment. All the flavors we tried were really good. The performance will match most of the disposables we’ve come across.

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful and helpful, explaining what it does and doesn’t do. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do have one or are planning to buy one, please let us know your thoughts on the Innokin Innobar C1 Pod Kit.

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  1. Hey I’ve just brought one of these 3 days ago and found you as I had some questions having brought it home. I have been losing my sight and I’m relatively new to vaping so any reading of instructions is tough and refilling is messy with sight issues causing overflow if I get any liquid in at all so it’s a revelation for someone like me. I absolutely love it as I’ve brought quite a few disposables and refilliables but cant cant get on with them because of after taste ect but managing to read your review very slowly with a magnifying glass I find it spot on and agree with it whole heartedly. Can I take out a pod that isnt finished and put it back later ? Can i change the flavour pods back and forth or do i have to finish a pod completely first ? Also I’ve brought 2 flavours blindly (pardon the pun) and was very happy to read your descriptions of the flavours I’ve chosen and I’m keen to swap over to another pod flavour whilst enjoying the flavour cherry lemonade included in the purchase of the bar. I’m simply impatient lol. No indication of the battery power level is a pain and so is being unable to see how much liquid is left but having limited sight makes that irrelevant for me so this suits me well with the weight shape size and taste and beats others hands down. I actually lost my first one within hours of buying (blind as a bat) but went straight back the next day for a new one, I was that impressed. Ive brought lychee and iced cosmic and after reading your review I need to get one of these flavours in so I can taste for myself. I’m excited by your description of the two I have waiting to try. Thank you so much as I have found it really helpful and I’m going to be checking in now i have found you. I would appreciate it if you could answer my query if you have an answer but understand that you must be busy people and you have my interest either way now lol. God bless and thank you guys once again

    1. Thank you so much Alison for your wonderful introduction and for sharing your thoughts on the Innobar C1. Also thank you for your kind comments about our review on the Innobar C1 and am pleased to hear you found it helpful. Innokin continue to produce really good devices and the Innobar C1 is no exception.
      Regarding your question, yes you can. You can have multiple flavors on the go at any one time and just swap them in and out whenever you want.
      We found all of the different flavor pre-filled pods really good and hope you like the Lychee and Iced Cosmic ones you’ve purchased.
      As you mentioned, the lack of battery indication plus no pass-thru vaping is a pain but because of the small price tag I would recommend having a couple of the C1’s at hand so it’s never a problem, that’s my excuse anyway!
      Thank you again Alison and thank you for your support. Feel free to ask us anything vaping related and we will always try to help.

    1. Hi Ellen.
      The Innobar C1 Kit sells for around £7 sterling and a pack of 2 pods sells for around £5 sterling in the UK. Unfortunately my goggle search didn’t bring up any sellers in the USA.

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