MOTI DUO 9000 Disposable Review

MOTI DUO 9000 Disposable Vape Review | A Whopping 20ml E-Juice Capacity and 9000 Puffs!

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Welcome to our review of the MOTI Duo 9000, the latest disposable from the award-winning vape behemoth MOTI.

The MOTI brand first launched back in 2018 and swiftly became renowned for their high-quality, affordable vape devices – both pod style vapes and disposables.

We’ve actually reviewed several of their products over the years, with a handful of their disposables in particular becoming firm favorites in the Vaping Hardware office, even to this day.

As a result we had high hopes for the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable and couldn’t wait to put it to the test!

In a nutshell the MOTI Duo 9000 is a draw-activated, multi-day disposable with a massive 20ml of e-juice, a huge 850mAh rechargeable battery and not one, but two mesh coils!

The idea is that the coils are used in turn, which extends the life of each coil and helps to produce consistent flavor throughout the full 9000 puff lifespan.

As if that isn’t enough of a selling point already, the MOTI Duo 9000 also features a boost switch, which reduces the overall resistance (from 1.2ohms to 0.6ohms!) for a significant increase in power, vapor production and flavor!

On paper the MOTI Duo 9000 is an absolute beast of a disposable with a seriously impressive design spec. But what about real-world testing? Is it worthy enough to make our list of the best disposable vape on the market?

Let’s get stuck in and find out!

I’d like to quickly thank Donna at MOTI for sending me the MOTI DUO 9000 disposable to review. As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain affiliate links. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) which helps us to keep the site running.

MOTI DUO 9000 Disposable Vape Review

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Features & Specifications

Dimensions: 84.2mm (Height) x 51.5mm (Width) x 23.5mm (Depth)
Weight: 70g
E-Juice Capacity: 20ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
Nicotine Strength: 50mg Nic Salt E-Juice
9000 Puff Capacity
11 Different Flavors
Battery: Internal Rechargeable Battery (850mAh)
USB Type-C Charging Port (0.5A)
Coil Resistance: 1.2ohms / 0.6ohms
Coil Type: Dual Mesh Coils
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: Polycarbonate
LED Battery & E-Liquid Display
Boost Feature

What’s in the Box?

The MOTI Duo 9000 packaging is exactly what you’d expect from MOTI – bright, bold and colorful!

The packaging is color-coded to match the flavor of the disposable inside and all the information you could possibly need is clearly displayed.

MOTI Duo 9000 Review - The packaging is big, bold and colorful

On the front of the box you’ll see a picture of the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable, the number of puffs, the flavor name and the usual nicotine warning.

MOTI have also printed the nicotine strength, coil type and boost feature on the front in a colorful, eye-catching design.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Colorful, eye-catching packaging design

On the right facing side of the box are four white icons running the length of the packaging, indicating the boost feature, number of puffs, coil type and compact design of the MOTI Duo 9000.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Cool Mint Packaging

On the left facing side, you’ll find the disposable name, puff capacity and flavor name printed in a clear, black font. Or black and white in the case of the flavor name!

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Sour Apple Ice Packaging

On the reverse of the box you’ll find everything from the full list of ingredients and disposable specifications, right down to the MOTI website address and manufacturer contact details.

There’s also a QR code that you can scratch to confirm that the MOTI Duo 9000 you’ve purchased is genuine.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Reverse of the packaging

I do have one minor gripe though and that’s the fact the PG/VG ratio isn’t listed. I suffer from a mild PG intolerance and although it doesn’t stop me vaping disposables, it would be nice to know how much PG is used in the e-juice recipe.

The MOTI Duo 9000 disposable comes pre-charged and ready to vape. All you need to do is remove the disposable from the sealed foil wrapper inside the box …

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Protective wrapper

… remove the silicone rubber plug from the mouthpiece …

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Removing the silicone plug

… and peel off the sticker from the base of the MOTI Duo 9000 covering the air flow hole.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Peel off the sticker covering the airflow

And that’s all there is to it – you’re all set and ready to vape!

MOTI DUO 9000 | Design & Appearance

In terms of design and appearance, the MOTI Duo 9000 impressed me right out of the box.

It’s slightly larger than some of the other multi-day disposables we’ve reviewed recently (the ZOVOO Dragbar B6500 and Lost Vape OB5500 spring to mind) but it’s still surprisingly compact considering it holds a massive 20ml of e-juice!

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Compact & Lightweight!

Measuring 84.2mm in height, 51.5mm in width and 23.5mm in depth, the MOTI Duo 9000 will still fit comfortably in your hand and your pocket without feeling too large or bulky.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Comfortable in your hand OR your pocket!

It’s also surprisingly lightweight for a 9000 puff disposable, weighing in at only 70g!

The only other disposable we’ve reviewed with a 20ml e-juice capacity is the Puffmi Dura 9000 and both it and the MOTI Duo 9000 weigh significantly less than your average smartphone.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Strawberry Kiwi

MOTI were kind enough to send us the full flavor range to test (11 in total) and I regularly carried two or more of the Duo 9000’s out and about with me in a pocket or rucksack without feeling loaded-down.

In terms of appearance, the MOTI Duo 9000 is a rectangular shaped disposable made out of Polycarbonate. It resembles a small box-mod in style, with slightly rounded edging and a protruding mouthpiece.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - A compact, box-mod style disposable

One half of the body is white, from the bottom of the Duo 9000 right up to the base of the mouthpiece, while the other half is colored depending on the flavor of the disposable.

The colors don’t always correspond with the flavors though, which I found rather odd. The triple berry ice and tropical rainbow blast flavors are a dull grey color for instance.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Tropical Rainbow Blast

But I digress.

Branding is fairly minimal, with MOTI and the flavor name printed on the white section of the body in small, reflective lettering. MOTI have also included a funky, sort of retro art work spanning both the white and colored sections on the front of the Duo 9000.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Retro, funky artwork

I’m a big fan of the overall aesthetics and design MOTI have gone with, especially on the colored section of the disposable. It reminds me slightly of a steampunk-esque design – modern and quirky.

The design on the white section was hard to capture on camera, and I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Front Design

It looks like some sort of shell or cartilage, apart from the section directly above and to the left of the MOTI lettering, which looks like it should be clipped to Batman’s utility belt!

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Quirky design but what is it supposed to be?

Let me know in the comments if you think you know what the design is supposed to be!

As you can see in the picture below, the reverse of the MOTI Duo 9000 is free from any branding or artwork, it’s just clean and minimal.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Reverse

On the left facing side of the MOTI Duo 9000, you’ll find the boost switch, the USB Type-C charging port and the battery and e-juice LED indicators.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Boost Switch

It’s not immediately clear on the disposable because the word ‘boost’ is so tiny, but when the switch is in the left position the boost is OFF. As I mentioned previously, the boost switch reduces the resistance from 1.2ohms to 0.6ohms for a noticeable boost in power – more on this later!

Charging is quick and easy – just connect a USB charging cable into the USB Type-C charging port and plug it into a suitable outlet. A full charge will take just over 1 hour which is really decent considering the 850mAh capacity!

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Charging only takes about an hour

While charging, the LED battery indicator will slowly pulse until the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable is fully charged, at which point it will stop pulsing and stay a solid green color.

The MOTI Duo 9000 also supports pass-through vaping, which means you can continue to vape it while it’s on charge. Although it only takes about an hour to fully charge, I’m super impatient and I love the fact MOTI included pass-through vaping.

The e-juice and battery LED indicators sit just below the charging port and both light up every time you take a puff.

The left aligned LED indicates the remaining battery level, while the LED on the right indicates the remaining e-juice. There are markings directly underneath the LED’s to differentiate between the two but these are quite small and difficult to see.

The color of the LED’s (whether the battery LED when charging or both LED’s when taking a puff) will change depending on the remaining battery and e-juice levels.

  • Between 70% – 100% = Green LED
  • Between 30% – 69% = Blue LED
  • Under 30% = Red LED

At the top of the MOTI Duo 9000 you’ll find the plastic mouthpiece, which protrudes approximately 14mm.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - 14mm mouthpiece

And finally, at the bottom of the Duo 9000 disposable you’ll find two small airflow holes – more on airflow and draw later!

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Airflow

Overall I think MOTI have done an amazing job with the design and appearance of the MOTI Duo 9000. Not only have they included a huge e-juice and battery capacity, they’ve wrapped it all up in a compact, lightweight and eye-catching design.

Chuck in pass-through vaping, a boost option and battery/e-juice LED indication and you’ve got a seriously impressive disposable!

MOTI DUO 9000 | Performance

First things first, let’s talk about the boost feature…

If you’re vaping the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable with the boost feature turned off, the coil resistance is set to 1.2ohms.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Boost Switch!

At this resistance, the flavor and vapor production are about average for a disposable. I’d say the vapor production is on-par with the smoke you’d expect from a cigarette and the flavor is crisp and full-bodied.

Flick the boost switch to the right to turn it on and the coil resistance is reduced to 0.6ohms.

Switching the boost feature on makes a significant difference to the flavor and vapor production the disposable kicks out and I’d go as far to say it’s my favorite thing about the MOTI Duo 9000.

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Sour Apple Ice flavor in the hand

The vapor production is thicker, denser and warmer – you still won’t be winning any cloud-chasing competitions but it’s a considerable improvement over the vapor produced at 1.2ohms.

Flavor is equally as impressive, with a blast of flavor that reminds me of the single-coil builds on the budget RDA’s I used to vape back in the day!

The only downside is the fact you’ll burn through your e-juice and battery a lot faster if you’re exclusively vaping with the boost feature switched on.

Which leads me nicely into the lifespan of the MOTI Duo 9000. With the boost feature switched off, I’ve been consistently getting around 13 days of fairly heavy vaping out of each disposable.

Not bad at all!

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - 9000 puffs and 13 days of heavy vaping for me personally

With the boost feature switched on however, this was reduced to around a week of vaping. Still impressive but worth keeping in mind if you plan on vaping solely with the boost feature switched on.

It’s also important to mention that the throat hit and nicotine delivery, while perfectly satisfying in the standard (boost off) mode, might be slightly too much for you if you’re not used to vaping at 50mg.

Battery life on the 850mAh battery is impressive between charges, with a full day of vaping with the boost feature switched on and almost two days with the boost switched off!

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Impressive battery life!

The e-juice and battery LED’s are super handy and I’m surprised it’s not something that’s included on every disposable. Most disposables just come with a standard LED that lights up when you take a draw and/or flashes when it’s completely out of e-juice or battery.

In contrast, the LED’s on the MOTI Duo 9000 light up with different colors to indicate how much battery and e-juice you have remaining. This has saved me on more than one occasion from getting half-way through a workday only to run out of e-juice or battery and having to struggle through the rest of the day without a puff!

In terms of draw, the ramp up is fast and responsive, while the airflow allows for a fairly tight MTL (mouth-to-lung) draw – perfect if you’re looking for a disposable to replicate the feeling of smoking a cigarette. The mouthpiece at the top of the MOTI Duo 9000 is also super comfortable to vape on!

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review - Super comfortable to vape

All in all I’m really impressed with the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable! Flavor, vapor production, throat hit and battery life are all fantastic and the overall lifespan makes the Duo 9000 one of the longest-lasting disposables we’ve reviewed.

The boost feature is also a brilliant feature and easily elevates the Duo 9000 above many of the other multi-day disposables on the market!

MOTI DUO 9000 | Flavors

The MOTI Duo 9000 is available in a total of 11 different flavors and MOTI were kind enough to send us every flavor to review.

The flavor range focuses predominately on fruity-based blends, with the sole exception of the Cool Mint. I am a fan of fruity flavors but it would have been great to see a bit more variety in the range, especially a tobacco blend and a dessert type flavor.

Hopefully MOTI will release additional flavors in the future!

Cool Mint

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Cool Mint

The Cool Mint flavor is a refreshing, clean, icy menthol – perfect as a palette cleanser if you’re suffering from vapers tongue or just as a standalone flavor if you’re a fan of menthol.

Personally to me this flavor tastes exactly like vaping spearmint chewing gum and it’s great for the hot weather.

Not my favorite in the flavor range necessarily, but definitely one I’d happily vape all day.

Tropical Rainbow Blast

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Tropical Rainbow Blast

The Tropical Rainbow Blast tastes exactly like it sounds – a delicious blend of tropical, exotic notes in a fruity cocktail that absolutely bursts with an explosion of flavor.

Both sugary sweet and tangy at the same time, this was a flavor I found hard to put down – perfect for those with a sweet-tooth!

Not for the faint hearted, especially if you’re not keen on sugary, candy style e-juice.

Sour Apple Ice

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Sour Apple Ice

This is one of my top-3 favorite flavors in the range – a sour, tangy green apple with a decent kick of menthol on the inhale.

The sharp, tartness of the apple combined with the icy freshness of the menthol go together perfectly in this flavor and it’s easily an all-day vape for me!

I’ve tried sour apple flavor in several other disposables, but in my opinion MOTI have absolutely nailed the blend here.

Cherry Blueberry

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Cherry Blueberry

The Cherry Blueberry flavor is a mix of sweet, ripe cherries blended with tart, slightly sour blueberries.

Again, the recipe is well-blended and both flavor notes are clearly detectable but personally this flavor isn’t for me unfortunately.

The blueberry note is just slightly too tart for me and leaves an almost chalky aftertaste on the exhale.

Grape Ice

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Grape Ice

The Grape Ice flavor is a blend of sweet, juicy white grapes with a sharp, icy blast of menthol on the inhale.

This was the only flavor I actually didn’t enjoy vaping and wouldn’t buy again.

Not because it’s a bad flavor but purely because I don’t like the taste of grapes unfortunately – sorry MOTI!

Blue Razz Lemonade

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Blue Razz Lemonade

The Blue Razz Lemonade flavor is a sweet blast of tangy, ripe blueberries with a seriously fizzy, citrusy lemonade.

The effervescent fizz of the lemonade is perfect in this blend and you can almost taste the bubbles.

Definitely another all-day vape for me and one I’ll be buying again!

Juicy Watermelon

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Juicy Watermelon

The Juicy Watermelon is another top-3 favorite of mine within the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable flavor range.

It’s a single-note flavor and I don’t usually like them to be honest, but the watermelon in this one is so deliciously juicy and sweet it’s hard not to love it!

MOTI have really hit the nail on the head with this flavor – the watermelon tastes so ripe and authentic that you feel like you’re eating a mouthful of the real thing!

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

The Kiwi Passionfruit Guava flavor is a delicious fusion of sweet, tangy kiwi, juicy passionfruit and refreshing guava.

This one is absolutely bursting with flavor and tastes exactly like freshly picked fruit! The kiwi is the prominent note for me in this one, with the passion fruit and guava slightly more subtle.

Another expertly blended fruity cocktail of a flavor and easily an all-day vape for me!

Strawberry Kiwi

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Strawberry Kiwi

Definitely my favorite of the 11 flavors MOTI sent us, the Strawberry Kiwi is a blend of sweet, juicy strawberries and sharp, ripe kiwi.

Both the strawberry and kiwi notes are crisp, clear and authentic – as if they’ve just been freshly picked. And the contrast between the sweetness of the strawberry and the tart of the kiwi is absolutely mouth-watering.

I absolutely love this flavor and found myself genuinely disappointed when it ran out!

Triple Berry Ice

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Triple Berry Ice

The Triple Berry Ice flavor is going to be a difficult one to describe…

I’m picking up sharp, tart blueberry and sweet, juicy raspberry but I have no idea what the third berry in this flavor is!

Regardless of the mysterious third berry, this flavor is delicious and I definitely highly recommend it if you’re a lover of dark, fruity flavor notes.

Blueberry Ice

MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Blueberry Ice

The Blueberry Ice is a mix of tart, ripe blueberries with a blast of icy menthol on the inhale.

It’s a tasty flavor for sure, but when compared to the Triple Berry Ice and Blue Razz Lemonade flavors, I felt like something was missing with this one…

Definitely worth a try if you like single note flavors and blueberry though!

Overall I think the flavor range is great! They’re all well-blended, bursting with flavor and authentic tasting, which isn’t often the case with disposables!

As I mentioned earlier, I’d love to see further flavors introduced (especially a tobacco blend and a dessert-based mix!) but all things considered I think MOTI have done a fantastic job with the flavor recipes in the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable.

MOTI DUO 9000 | Price

The MOTI Duo 9000 disposable is a new release and not yet widely available.

If I had to make a prediction in terms of price, taking into account the outstanding performance, innovative boost feature and seriously impressive lifespan – I wouldn’t be surprised to see the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable retailing for around $15 – $18.

All things considered, anything in that price range would be great value for money and still far cheaper than the equivalent smoking habit.

The link below will take you to VapeSourcing – a reputable online vape retailer with great customer service and competitive prices. They’re expecting the MOTI Duo 9000 soon and you can sign up to be notified when it arrives.

MOTI DUO 9000 | Verdict

The MOTI Duo 9000 Disposable Review Verdict


  • Massive 20ml of e-juice
  • High-capacity battery (850mAh)
  • 9000 puffs
  • Insane longevity
  • Battery LED
  • E-juice LED
  • Great vapor production
  • Excellent flavor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Dual mesh coils
  • Boost feature
  • Pass-through vaping
  • Fast charging
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Quirky modern design
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive auto-draw
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • Perfect MTL draw


  • Only available in 50mg/ml
  • No adjustable airflow
  • Limited flavor range
  • No PG/VG ratio listed

On the whole I’m really impressed with the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable!

If I had to sum it up in one paragraph, I’d say vaping with the boost feature turned off you can expect decent vapor production and flavor output with incredible longevity.

On the flip side, with the boost feature turned on you’re going to get well above average flavor and vapor production with a slight hit to overall longevity.

Throat hit, nicotine delivery and airflow are also fantastic, regardless of whether you’re using the boost feature or not.

If the retail price falls within the $15 – $20 range, the MOTI Duo 9000 disposable will be amazing value for money and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a powerful, long-lasting disposable with exceptional flavor and vapor production.

We hope you enjoyed our MOTI Duo 9000 disposable review! Please feel free to share this post or comment below! Happy Vaping!

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