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Moti Pop Disposable Pod Review / 650mAh 800 Puffs with Excellent Flavors

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Today we are reviewing the Moti Pop disposable pod and commenting on its performance; including its 650mAh battery, 800 draw capacity and their range of flavors.

Moti Pop 12 Different Flavors

We were kindly sent 12 different flavors to try of the Moti Pop pre-filled disposable pods from the guys over at Moti to review. It’s been a while since we last reviewed any product from them, the last being the Moti PINN, Moti PINN Plus and Moti MEGA, so we were keen to put these through their paces and see how they performed in comparison to their earlier disposables.

While we really liked the performance and all of the flavors from the Moti Pop, its shape, which resembles that of an “Ice Lolly” or as others would say a “Popsicle”; hence the name, I do feel this design will be somewhat thought provoking.

Anyway, enough said on that matter for now, let’s get on with the review.


The Moti Pop is a disposable pod device and is available in 13 different colors/flavors and is a closed pod auto-draw activated vape device. The shape and size of it; think of a typical “Ice lolly” shape, measures 115mm in length, 38mm in width and 15mm in depth.

3 different Moti Pop flavors and boxes

There is a silicone rubber flexible handle, again resembling a “lolly stick” which illuminates when you draw on the mouthpiece. It has an internal 650mAh non re-chargeable battery and holds 2ml of e-liquid, coming in strengths of 20mg (2%) nicotine salts for EU countries or 50mg (5%) nicotine salts for non EU countries.

These Moti Pops are a single use device and specified to last for approximately 800 puffs. Operation is as simple as it comes, no buttons to fiddle with, nothing to set up and adjust, you just unpack and use. When it’s finished you simply dispose of it and use another one.

I would like to thank the guys and girls (Tatiana) at Moti for sending me the Moti Pop disposable pods to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion based on my findings. We may receive a small affiliate fee if you click on any buy buttons but at no extra cost to you.

Moti Pop Disposable Pod Review


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 106mm x 38mm x 15mm (See Note 1)
  • Weight: 41.5grams
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml of (2% or 5%) Nic Salts E-Liquid
  • Draw-activated (Up to 800 puffs)
  • Battery: Internal 650mAh non-rechargeable battery
  • Coil Resistance: Not Specified (non-replaceable)
  • Output Power: 8W Fixed
  • Material: PC and Silicone Rubber
  • Display: LED indicator shines through Silicone rubber handle
  • Airflow: 2 small intake holes on base
  • 12 Different Flavors available
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • PG/VG Ratio: Not specified

Note 1: The length of the Moti Pop on the back of the packaging is specified as 106mm long. I measured the length to be 115mm long including the silicone rubber handle (stick) and 96mm long excluding the handle.

What’s in the box?

What the Moti Pop Packaging Looks Like

The Moti Pop disposable pod comes in a cardboard box measuring just slightly bigger than the pod itself while the weight of the pod including all its packaging is under 48grams. This box, in fact all the boxes are the same apart from the coloring, highlighting the ingredients, nicotine strength and warning, specification, flavor and a scratch and scan barcode.

Moti Pop Disposable Whats In The Box

Inside the cardboard packaging is the Moti Pop disposable pod wrapped in a silver sealed polyphene bag together with a User Manual. Simply remove the Pop from the bag and you’re ready to vape.

Moti Pop Removed from Its Packaging

Observation. The user manual inside the box specifies to remove the “plugs” and “sticker” off the device before using. All 12 of the Moti Pops we received didn’t have these. I’m assuming the plug fits in the mouthpiece to stop debris and the sticker covers the airflow holes.

Moti Pop Disposable Design and Appearance

The Moti Pop measures 115mm in length by 38mm in width by 15mm in depth and weighs in at approximately 41.5grams. It’s a disposable therefore the Moti Pop comes pre-fillied with e-liquid and the battery is non-chargeable and non-replaceable with the internal battery having a 650mAh capacity.

Moti Pop Rear View of Cardboard Box

E-Liquid capacity of the Moti Pop is 2ml (Moti also do a 5ml version) and comes in 13 different flavors with a nic salt strength of 20mg (EU countries) and 50mg (non EU countries). The e-liquid is pre-filled and not re-fillable. It states on the outer wrapping that the ingredients contain PG, VG, Nicotine and Flavoring BUT it doesn’t specify the ratio of PG vs. VG. We are guessing due to the nature of the Pop that it’s a 50/50 mix.

The output power of the Moti Pop is 8W but we couldn’t find out what the coil type or resistance is. It’s a draw activated pod and is specified as having 800 draws (puffs) capacity before the device becomes unusable.

Again, because this is a disposable, when the Pop is finished i.e. either the battery has depleted or the e-liquid has run out, the Moti Pop is simply disposed of.

Moti Pop Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of the Moti Pop is integrated and contoured into the design and shape of the main body with a 6mm oval opening at the end. The top mouthpiece section is also thinner measuring 6mm allowing for a convenient feel between your lips. This provides a reasonably tight Mouth to Lung (MTL) draw.

Moti Pop Airflow and Silicone Handle

At the base of the Moti Pop are two small airflow intake holes together with a white flexible silicone rubber handle (stick), measuring 22mm long by 11.5mm wide. When you draw on the Pop, the base section illuminates and shines through the white handle.

This handle is imbedded into the base of the Pop and forms a loop so you could if you wanted hang it through a chain.

The entire disposable Pop is colored with the color corresponding to the individual flavor in the pod. Each flavored Pop has the flavor name printed towards the base of the device, Moti Pop Designed by Moti on one edge and the larger Moti logo printed on one side.

Moti Pop Designed by Moti

Construction appears to be a moulded polycarbonate case with a very smooth glass like feel to it. There are two parallel indented channels running the length of the Pop body on each side which helps with gripping the case if you don’t hold it by the silicone handle.

Moti Pop Logo Branding and Flavor Name

When the e-liquid has depleted, the LED inside the Moto Pop will flash 10 times indicating end of life.

Size of Moti Pop being held

Now on to the “Elephant In The Room”… As I mentioned in the Overview, the shape of the Moti Pop is designed to look exactly like an Ice Lolly or Popsicle. I have to be honest here and say that I’m not impressed. I will give my reasons for this at the end of my review in the Summary section.

Moti Pop Disposable Pod Performance

Simply take out of the packaging and vape. It’s definitely a MTL draw, being pretty tight and the flavors we sampled (12) were really nice (with the exception of 1). Each flavor was very realistic and flavorsome without being too overpowering.

The disposable Pops we received contained pre-filled 2% (20mg/ml) Nic Salts and found these to be just right in terms of flavor strength and throat hit. Vapor while not excessive was about right for this type of device.

Draw activation worked every time, even when taking the slightest of draws and we found that the tightness of the draw limited each draw to no more than a 2-3 second single puff which we found to be ideal. The draw was smooth and quite with no dry hits or spitting.

Each disposable Pop lasted us approximately 2 full days, sometimes nearly three of average vaping. We didn’t monitor the exact amount of “puffs” to verify the stated 800 puffs specified by Moti but would say it was probably somewhere near this figure.

When the Moti Pop reaches its usable end of life, the flavor and vapor will reduce, the flavor may taste of cotton or even burnt cotton and the base of the Moti Pop will flash 10 times.

We were very impressed with the flavors and performance of these disposable Pops and matched that of the earlier Moti PINN, Moti Mega we reviewed last year. The flavors we tried were all very smooth and very flavorsome without being too overpower.

What really impressed me was the icy (coolness) on all of the flavors we tried was NOT strong, giving just a hint of an icy taste. We detected the addition of sweeteners on some of the flavors but again not overpowering.

Moti Pop Disposable Flavors

Moti were kind enough to send us 12 of their available flavors to try and they didn’t disappoint. We received the 20mg (2%) nic salt strength variants and found these to be spot on in terms of throat hit and flavour.

12 Different Flavored Moti Pops

The 12 flavors we received from Moti were: Tropical Mango, Blueberry, Lemon Tart, Peach Ice, Cola Fix, Strawberry Ice Cream, Red Storm, Fresh Mint, Juicy Grape, Lush Ice, Vanilla Sundae and Rich Tobacco.  I understand from Moti that they will be introducing additional flavors in the near future.

We’ve given a brief description of each flavor and what we thought.

Tropical Mango

Moti Pop Tropical Mango Box
Moti Pop Tropical Mango Disposable

Even though it doesn’t say ice, it has a slight coolness on the draw intake. The Mango flavor was very realistic and reminded me of a sweet ripe Malaysian Mango. A really nice flavor and I found it left a nice lingering aftertaste in the mouth.

Mango is one of my go to vapes and I’ve tried many different types, this was definitely one of the better ones.


Moti Pop Blueberry Box
Moti Pop Blueberry Disposable

A really nice and very realistic Blueberry flavor taste. After a few draws I found it had a very slight coolness on the draw intake. It was quite sweet but a lovely flavor which lingered on the taste buds.

One of us thought it tasted like bubblegum….what does he know!!! For me it was definitely an all-day vape.

Lemon Tart

Moti Pop Lemon Tart Box
Moti Pop Lemon Tart Disposable

No ice taste and not sweet, if anything I found it a little sharp. The Lemon taste was very crisp with a slight biscuity undertone which matched the flavor profile perfectly. This reminded me of a lovely Lemon Cheesecake.

After a while I found the flavor a little bit samey so wouldn’t vape this all day long. What I did find that switching to this flavor after vaping on another flavor was very pleasurable.

Peach Ice

Moti Pop Peach Ice Box
Moti Pop Peach Ice Disposable

This smells wonderful. Even though it’s called Peach Ice it wasn’t that icy which was nice, definitely didn’t overpower the lovely Peach flavor.

It reminded me of drinking Lipton’s Peach Ice Tea, the flavor was spot on. I would happily vape this all day.

Cola Fizz

Moti Pop Cola Fizz Box
Moti Pop Cola Fizz Disposable

This was so realistic. I’m not normally a Cola fan but the flavor was exactly like chewing on those sugary cola bottle sweets. I’ve tried a few Cola flavors in the past and found them to have quite a metallic taste, not this one, it was lovely.

It definitely had that fizz kick to it with a slight ice sensation and was quite sweet.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Moti Pop Strawberry Ice Cream Box
Moti Pop Strawberry Ice Cream Disposable

Exactly like a Nesquik Strawberry Milkshake. I didn’t detect any coolness but it was very sweet. The Strawberry wasn’t overpowering and at times took me back to walking along the beach with a vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce on it.

What else can I say about it other than I really liked this one.

Red Storm

Moti Pop Red Storm Box
Moti Pop Red Storm Disposable

Well, why is it called “Red Storm” when the color is Blue? Apart from that little anomaly… not knowing what the flavor was supposed to be, I discover it’s an exact match to Palma Violets!

It’s a lovely flavor, a tiny hint of coolness, quite sweet and very perfumy.

Fresh Mint

Moti Pop Fresh Mint Box
Moti Pop Fresh Mint Disposable

A nice cool and refreshing vape flavor taste. A hint of icy on the intake with a little sweetness and leaves a fresh aftertaste in your mouth. Resembles Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. I was in two minds if it was Spearmint or Peppermint but either way, very pleasant.

Juicy Grape

Moti Pop Juicy Grape Box
Moti Pop Juicy Grape Disposable

Another of my favorites, a very authentic Grape flavor, a small hint of coolness and a little sweet. I really liked it  but another one of us found it too perfumy. Definitely a juicy grape.

Lush Ice

Moti Pop Lush Ice Box
Moti Pop Lush Ice Disposable

Again with this I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was very pleased on the first draw…it was Watermelon. This flavor is the perfect Watermelon, it really is refreshing. Again that tiny hint of coolness, it’s not too sweet and the watermelon on the exhale is wonderful.

Most definitely an all-day vape, I would never tire of vaping on this.

Vanilla Sundae

Moti Pop Vanilla Sundae Box
Moti Pop Vanilla Sundae Disposable

A strange one this. The initial smell of it was exactly like a milky hot chocolate drink. Vaping on it was nice but I was struggling to pinpoint the flavor.

It didn’t have any coolness and it wasn’t sweet. I could detect a slight vanilla extract flavor but maybe that was because I looked at the flavor profile. I’m still unable to describe what the flavor is like other than I found it pleasant.

Two of the guys here were not that keen on it. I enjoyed it but prefer the other flavors over this one.

Please excuse the bad photo of the Moti Pop Vanilla, editing the photo was impossible because of the coloring of the case.

Rich Tobacco

Moti Pop Rich Tobacco Box
Moti Pop Rich Tobacco Disposable

I was afraid to try this one as soon as I saw it was tobacco. I really don’t enjoy vaping tobacco flavors. A couple I’ve tried were horrible although I sampled a smooth tobacco flavor once and thought it tasted like cream soda.

Unfortunately this Rich Tobacco was NOT for me, I really didn’t like the taste.

The other guys here said it was a nice tobacco flavour, didn’t have any coolness and was not sweet.

Flavor Summary

Of all the 12 different flavors we tried, they all seemed very smooth, very flavorsome without being too strong, some seemed quite sweet at times but all of them very true to their flavor profile and really enjoyable.

Some of the flavors that didn’t have “ICE” in their title did have a hint of coolness on the draw intake but this was only very slight and to be honest gave a really nice freshness to the taste.

I would say Moti have pitched the flavor strength on these Moti Pop’s to be just right. We’ve tried lots of different disposables over time and found that quite a lot of them make the strength of the flavor too strong.

With the exception of the Rich Tobacco (I really didn’t like it) the rest of the flavors I would be happy vaping on all day long.

Moti Pop Disposable Pod Price

For a disposable pod, the Moti Pop lasts a good couple of days and provides a good range of flavor profiles to choose from. Newvaping stock all the flavors and are currently selling these at £6.99 each.

Moti Pop Disposable Pod Verdict

Moti Pop Disposable Review Verdict

I’ve marked down the Moti Pop Design score purely on the grounds of its shape and image. I feel that Vaping gets enough UNJUSTIFIED bad press with so much MISLEADING information being reported.

Many of the worldwide governments who ban or restrict vaping, justify those actions by saying that vaping and the use of non tobacco flavors is enticing underage vaping. While I strongly disagree about flavors being the caveat to underage vaping, producing a vape device that looks exactly like an Ice Lolly/Popsicle is feeding this view.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lightweight and fits easily into a pocket
  • Great flavor and performance
  • A smooth and quite draw
  • No dry hits or spitback
  • No leaks
  • Each Pop lasts a good 2 days


  • Not environmentally friendly
  • The shape

Moti Pop Disposable Pod Summary

5 Different Moti Pop Flavors

Flavor and performance wise we couldn’t fault them, all the flavors we reviewed were really nice. The draw activation worked every time producing a very smooth and quite draw. It was really nice that the “ice” was not overpowering and gave just a hint of coolness. Flavor strength was spot on.

My main concern with the design is that it looks like an ice lolly/popsicle. There are already growing concerns around the disposable market in terms of NOT being environmentally friendly, together with the fanciful colors and designs targeting a particular audience.

As vaping is an adult pursuit why design a device that resembles something a young person would be drawn to?  My personal view is the majority of adults would not favor this design.

Moti have produced some really great disposable vapes, the performance and flavors have always been really good. I feel it’s such a shame they choose to develop this type of design over a more conventional tube/stick.

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Moti Pop Disposable Pod and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do purchase them, please do drop us a line with your thoughts on them.

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