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MOTI S Lite Pod Review | Sleek, Stylish with Incredible Flavor

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The MOTI S Lite Pod is the latest release to come out from the MOTI camp. It’s a super portable closed pod system, meaning it comes with pre-filled pods and is powered by a rechargeable in-built 400mAh battery.  

Re-charging the S Lite Pod is carried out via the supplied power cord that connects to the Type C USB port at the bottom of the device. A fast recharge time of approximately 1 hour is achieved using this newly introduced interface.

Currently available in four muted colors, graded from a light to dark color along its length. These are ‘Knight Black’, ‘Sunset Violet’, ‘Lagoon Blue’ and ‘Flame Red’.

Also available are 6 closed system pods that come in either 20mg (2%) or 50mg (5%) Nic Salts in the following flavors…’Café Latte’, ‘Exotic Passion fruit’, ‘Tropical Pineapple’, ‘Chilled Time’ (Cola), ‘Delight Mandarin’ and ‘Fresh Mango’.

Moti S Lite pod - 3 color devices

The MOTI S Lite pod is a draw activated Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) device with fixed wattage, (6W) but it does have a “Turbo” boost option to increase it to 8W for an increased vaping experience. The pre-filled pods hold a respectable 1.8ml of e-juice which MOTI state are good for approximately 600 puffs.

A small circular colored LED is located on the front center of the MOTI S Lite pod to identify operation and charging status. Also another really nice touch is the haptic feedback that vibrates when the pod is connected to the S Lite’s body.

We reviewed the MOTI Pod and their range of disposable vape pods… MOTI PIIN, MOTI PINN Plus and MOTI Mega last year and were really impressed with how they performed and the quality of the devices. Read on to hear our views on this latest release… the MOTI S Lite Pod.

I would like to thank Kathy from MOTI for sending me the MOTI S Lite Pod with the S Lite pre-filled pods for the purpose of this review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion on the S Lite Pod Kit. This post may also contain affiliate links which earn us a small commission at no extra cost to you.

MOTI S Lite Pod Review


Features and Specifications

  • Draw-activated
  • Internal 400 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Type C USB charging port
  • Haptic feedback
  • 5 Layer leak-proof design
  • Aluminium Alloy + PCTG
  • 6W – 8W smart wattage
  • Turbo wattage (8W)
  • LED indicator
  • Magnetic base connection to MOTI S Lite pods
  • Charge time: ~1 Hour
  • Dimensions: 20.98mm (W) x 13.49mm (D) x 108mm (H)
  • Weight: 27.5g
  • Up to 600 puffs per pod
  • 1.8mL e-liquid capacity
  • Coil Resistance: 1.0Ω FEELM coil technology
  • MCU chip
  • Pre-filled pods for MOTI S Lite
  • Nicotine content: 20mg (2%) or 50mg (5%)  Nic Salts

What’s In The Box?

S Lite Whats In The Box
  • MOTI S Lite Device
  • Type C USB Cable
  • User Manual

In addition to the MOTI S Lite device, MOTI sent me 4 different packs of flavors to try (lucky me!)

MOTI S Lite Pod | Design and Appearance

MOTI S Lite Body

The MOTI S Lite pod is a very impressive sleek and stylish designed pod that is available in 4 color graded options, ‘Knight Black’, ‘Sunset Violet’, ‘Lagoon Blue’ and ‘Flame Red’. Their graded color is created by CNC (Computer Numeric Controller) milling technology.

The build quality and ergonomic design are superb making for a robust and comfortable hold. The weight of the S Lite body is really impressive too, made out of aluminium alloy, coming in at only 21.5g. The combined weight of the MOTI S Lite body and pod is 27.5g.

Measuring only 20.98mm (W) x 13.49mm (D) x 82.86mm (H), the MOTI S Lite pod suits a vaper looking for something stealthy and discreet that will fit into a shirt pocket or handbag. Once the pod is attached to the S Lite body, the overall height is 108mm.

The S Lite body is powered by an internal rechargeable 400mAh battery with the Type C fast charge USB port located on the bottom of the device. It’s a fixed wattage of 6W, although there is a “Turbo” option termed “Smart Wattage” where you can increase the wattage to 8W by quickly inserting and removing the pod 3-4 times to bring up this option…more on this later.

There are two very small airflow holes, one located each side just below where the pod fits in, that provide a really good un-restrictive MTL draw. There’s no fire button as the device is auto draw activated.

Connections to the pod are recessed into the top of the body, incorporating two small outer magnets that connect with the pod and two spring loaded pins that make contact on the underside of the coil contact in the pod.

On the front of the device are 8 small holes in a circular shape just above the MOTI logo with a color changing LED beneath. This provides an indication of battery status during use, charging status and also illuminates when you draw on the device.

The control of the MOTI S Lite pod is achieved by the MCU chip set which provides the ‘Power Curve’ and ‘Smart Wattage’ technology together with the haptic feedback (vibration). Further reading on the detailed design can be found on MOTI’s website.

MOTI S Lite Pods (Closed System)

The MOTI S Lite pods are a closed system pod, meaning they come with pre-filled e-juice and cannot be re-filled. They hold a respectable 1.8ml of liquid and incorporate an FEELM technology 1.0 ohm coil. The pod also boasts a 5 layer leak-proof design.

Made out of PCTG material with a semi-opaque black color, the e-liquid level is visible when held up against a light. The mouthpiece is slightly contoured enabling the tip of the pod to fit nicely between your lips. The vape experience is an un-restrictive MTL style, achieved through the small semi-oval chimney and opening.

The bottom of the pod is metallic which makes contact with the two magnets in the S Lite device when inserted. On the bottom of the pod you’ll also find the positive and negative contacts of the FEELM coil and two small air intake holes.

Printed on one side of the metallic section of each pod are the details of the e-liquid flavor in that particular pod along with the nicotine strength percentage; very handy when switching between pods.

The shape of the pod means it can be fitted to the S Lite device either way round. Simply place the pod into the recessed top body of the S Lite and it’ll make contact with the two small magnets.

The S Lite will illuminate and vibrate to show it is making electrical contact. Push down on the pod to fully lock the pod into position i.e. no gap between the pod and the S Lite device. Currently MOTI provide 6 different pre-filled flavor pods, sold in packs of 3, in both 20mg and 50mg nic salts as outlined below:

  • Café Latte
  • Exotic Passionfruit
  • Tropical Pineapple
  • Chilled Time
  • Delight Mandarin
  • Fresh Mango

MOTI S Lite Pod | Performance

Straight out of the box, the MOTI S Lite pod is ready to use as it comes pre-charged. Simply push your pod into place, the LED will illuminate and the device will vibrate after which you’re ready to start vaping.

Having reviewed MOTI’s other pod and a range of their disposable pods, I was really impressed with the performance and flavor they produced. My first vape on the S Lite with a ‘Café Latte’ flavor reminded me just how much I loved the richness and full flavor…..I was definitely NOT disappointed.

I really can say that with each of the flavors I tested, I was left wanting more.

The vaping style is a very smooth un-restricted MTL vape. The draw activation works incredibly well, only needing the slightest draw to activate. Not once during the 15 different pods I used did it ever fail.

Being only a 6W device, I was unsure if I would get the flavor and vapor I was hoping for. How wrong I was… the flavor was intense and the vapor production was just about right. Not mind blowing, but enough to feel satisfied.

A lovely little feature on the MOTI S Lite pod is the ability to increase the wattage if you so desire. MOTI call this ‘Smart Wattage’, whereby you can increase the power from 6W to a “Turbo” 8W. This provides a greater vape experience, increasing the flavor and vapor production but decreasing the battery life and reducing the amount of puffs you get from your pod.

To activate the “Turbo” mode, insert and remove the pod 3-4 times in quick succession. Finally push the pod to snap into place, the LED will illuminate purple and “Turbo” mode will be activated. Note: This mode of operation will only last for 60 seconds before it reverts back to standard mode.

I did find that the activation of “Turbo” mode was a little hit and miss, it didn’t always work. The speed of the 3-4 quick insertions was key and didn’t always bring up the purple color LED, hence remained in standard mode. Getting the action right to activate “Turbo” mode was at times frustrating.  

The 5 layer leak-proof design certainly lived up to its name. I was keeping an eye on any leakage seeping from the pod into the S Lite body, none was observed, not even any traces of condensation.

Overall, the flavors in these pods are incredible. I was getting around the 600 puffs per pod that MOTI specify you will achieve. I found that the pre-filled pod was lasting me a day to 1.5 days before it ran out, much better than I expected.

My one criticism last year when we reviewed MOTI’s disposable vape pens was the strength of the coolness (ice) content in the majority of their flavors. I was so pleased to see that, even though there’s still a coolness to their flavors, they were NOT overpowering.

Flavor Overview

I’ve given a quick overview of the 4 flavors that were supplied to me.

Café Latte

S Lite Cafe Latte Pods

I love coffee but don’t normally like coffee flavored e-liquid. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this one. A reasonably strong flavor but not too overpowering with a hint of coolness on the intake. The flavor and smell was very reminiscent of a lovely café latte.

Exotic Passion fruit

S Lite Exotic Passionfruit Pods

A really nice flavor, reminded me of the perfect tropical blend. Fairly sweet in taste with a little hint of coolness on the intake. The flavor lingers on your taste buds for quite a while afterwards.

Tropical Pineapple

S Lite Tropical Pineapple Pods

Very authentic pineapple taste and certainly full of flavor. The taste is so true to a real pineapple with just a hint of coolness on the intake. Quite a sweet tasting flavor which leaves a really nice aftertaste. I really could vape this flavor all day long. Definitely a thumbs up from me.

Delight Mandarin

S Lite Delight Mandarin Pods

Oh wow! My first vape using the Delight Manderin flavor got me hooked. It really is like biting into a fresh mandarin. The flavor is so lifelike, it’s such a crisp taste. Slightly more coolness on the intake but doesn’t detract from the authentic mandarin flavor.

As much as I loved this flavor, for me it was not an all day vape. After an hour or so I was switching out the pod for another flavor.

Flavor Summary

Even though there are only a handful of flavors to choose from in the MOTI S Lite range, the ones we tried really were outstanding. Definitely some of the best we’ve come across; full of flavor and very true to their description.

MOTI S Lite Pod | Battery Performance

While the internal 400mAh rechargeable battery isn’t the biggest pod battery in the market, I was very impressed how well it lasted between charges. Given the fact the wattage is only 6W, on normal vaping I was achieving a really good solid days vaping. Turbo mode drained the battery slightly more but that’s to be expected as the wattage increases to 8W.

When fully charged, during vaping, the LED will illuminate white. While vaping, the LED will slowly change color from white to blue, then to green, indicating the battery is starting to drain.

When the battery is approaching cut off, the LED will turn red. At this point the battery is nearly exhausted and will allow you a few more puffs before it requires charging. Once the LED flashes red, you will no longer be able to vape and will have to re-charge the battery.

The MOTI S Lite battery performance is impressive, exceeding that of some higher capacity pods on the market.

Charging The MOTI S Lite Pod Battery

Once the MOTI S Lite flashes red, you will need to re-charge your device.

Moti S Lite Charging

Plug the Type C charging cable into the bottom of the S Lite and the other end into a suitable power source.

While charging, the LED will slowly flash red for a few minutes, followed by flashing green for a few more minutes, then turning to flashing blue. After a while the LED will gradually change to flashing white, finally extinguishing once it’s fully charged.

A nice touch I feel that MOTI have included this option to show the charging status, an improvement on the original MOTI Pod.

The overall charging time will take approximately 1 hour from complete discharge to fully charged. Once the MOTI S Lite has been on charge for a short while and the LED is flashing blue, you do have the option to vape while it’s being charged (pass-through vaping).

Changing The MOTI S Lite Pod

When your MOTI S Lite pod has run out of e-liquid, the LED will flash red to indicate the pod is empty. This will disable your ability to further draw on the device. When this happens you simply pull the pod away from the S Lite housing and discard the pod safely.

Take another pre-filled pod out of the packaging, remove the little red mouthpiece and little red contact protectors and insert the Pod into the S Lite.

The LED on the device will illuminate and the haptic feedback vibration will operate. Firmly push down on the pod to fully locate into the S Lite body. When pushed, you’ll feel it snap into place.

MOTI S Lite Pod | Price

While not the cheapest for a closed pod system in the market, the design, build quality and performance, not forgetting the awesome flavor really is reflected in the price.

The MOTI S Lite is currently available for $34.90 directly from the MOTI website. You can also pick up a pack of 3 pre-filled S Lite pods for $15.90. If you’re interested in buying a MOTI S Lite you can take a look at MOTI’s website with the links below.

MOTI S Lite Pod Verdict


  • Extremely comfortable to hold
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Looks sleek and fits easily into a shirt pocket
  • No leaking or spitting
  • Very quiet vape
  • Draw activation very responsive
  • LED battery status indication
  • Haptic feedback
  • Smart wattage 6W – 8W
  • Type C fast charge
  • Incredible flavor from the pods
  • Good battery life


  • No Open pod system
  • Limited pre-filled pod flavors
  • Activating Turbo mode didn’t always work
  • Limited stockists
Moti S Lite Review Verdict

MOTI S Lite Pod Summary

An extremely lightweight and very well designed pod. It looks and feels a quality product and the color grading looks stylish. Flavor is amazing and the battery life is impressive.  I like the color changing LED giving you the status of your battery charge and also the inclusion of the Type C USB charging port.

Moti S Lite Summary View

The MOTI S Lite pod is suitable for both new and experienced vapers alike. A perfect no fuss vape and great for taking out during the day or evening. I can say hand on heart, this really is the best closed pod system I’ve tried. For those people who don’t want to bother with changing coils and filling up the pods with e-liquid, this really is the perfect alternative.

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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