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MOTI Brought Home 3 Muse Design Awards, Highlighting Its Strong Product Strength!

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Recently, MOTI products surpassed 8,000 high-quality entries in competitions from around the world for their superior design and advanced product concepts. Among them, three products of MOTI won the MUSE Design Awards.

The MUSE Design Awards is the leading international awards competition created by the International Awards Association (IAA). The awards aim to promote excellence across design industries by providing professionals and brands with a platform to compete on the world stage.

It is known for its strict judging system and high-quality standards, with a jury of 37 members. MOTI’s MOTI X Mini, MOTI Play, and the MOTI Beaker 5000 have won prestigious awards among thousands of other entries in this category from around the world.

The jury spoke highly of MOTI’s products for achieving scientific beauty through product innovation. They stated that “this is the first time the industry ideal of vape products as not only a nicotine harm reduction product but also a piece of art” has been fulfilled. They added that “MOTI has given technology an artistic touch with innovative breakthroughs, especially with its MOTI X Mini”.

MOTI X Mini MUSE Design Awards
Having previously won the Best Closed Pod System Award at the 2022 World Vape Show, the MOTI X Mini has again won the MUSE Silver Award

This awarded Pod Mod vape launched globally this year. The MOTI X Mini is designed to maximize the comfort of the user’s handgrip with its compact and portable capsule design. The MOTI X Mini Pod is designed for a cloud-focused and sub-ohm experience, which is suitable for direct-to-lung (DTL) vapers and changeable pod vape users. Thanks to its self-adaptive wattage it intelligently regulates power according to the coil being used. This in turn helps to extend the coil life.

The MOTI X Mini has a slim body yet mighty power, with a large-capacity battery of 1150 mAh and output power of up to 30W. Its ultra-long battery life saves worry and effort about frequent charging, enabling users to enjoy a premium vape experience at any time.

Play in a digital way – the MOTI Play

The MOTI PLAY is an innovative vape that produces massive clouds. A 900 mAh large-capacity battery ensures its long service life. Its ultra-thin honeycomb mesh coil guarantees strong flavors and the stepless adjustable airflow tailors the power and smoke volume as needed. It’s made of Zinc alloy with a fine matte surface ensuring anti-wear and scratch-resistant features in eco-friendly and durable ways. It boasts powerful, high quality functions and is extremely light, thin and easy to use. The remaining battery power, the vaping times, and the output power can be checked in real-time on its stylishly designed screen.

MOTI Play MUSE Design Awards
MOTI Play – MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Another innovation of the MOTI Play is that the vaper can simply draw to activate the vape. Alternatively the MOTI Play also has a Fire Button if the user prefers button activation. As well as this, the mouthpiece is easily changeable; another convenient feature designed with vapers in mind.

MOTI Beaker 5000 is a disposable vape product: A creature of inspiration

The appearance of the product is inspired by a typical laboratory flask. With the technical vibe of the laboratory utensil and its elegant and soft curves, the whole body is simple with smooth lines and rounded edges. This ensures large e-liquid capacity while improving the comfort and safety of use, meeting the requirements of minimalist design. The main body is made of integrated plastic material, which makes it light and beautiful, portable and comfortable, bringing users a pleasant and cool experience.

MOTI Beaker 5000 MUSE Design Awards
MOTI Beaker 5000 – MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

The product uses an integrated closed design. Besides the necessary charging interface, there are no other exposed functional parts with nothing to be disassembled or assembled. This of course increases the safety and reliability of the product. The breakthrough of its handle-type body better fits the palm shape and is comfortable and easy to hold. The imitation lip-shaped mouthpiece with its carefully adjusted curved surface also makes the pods perfectly fit the lip curve of the mouth, ensuring a comfortable vaping experience.

About MOTI

MOTI is an e-cigarette brand founded in 2018 and the team was established in 2013 with a vision to help people quit smoking. The MOTI team has been active in this industry for years and has developed many innovative vape products. At the forefront of this track is MOTI, one of the very first e-cigarette brands that explored the practice of e-cigarette export. MOTI has the most mature e-cigarette product line, including disposable e-cigarettes, rechargeable disposables, as well as POD MOD systems, and personal high-end e-cigarettes. MOTI focuses on product development, and improvement based on user experience to continuously provide products that are innovative and user-friendly. 

If you’d like to learn more about MOTI you can use the links below:

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