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Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable Vape Review | Absolute Beast of a Disposable with 8,500 Puffs!

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Welcome to our review of the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable vape, the exciting new release (and longest-lasting disposable to date!) from the innovative Mr Fog vape brand.

Mr Fog are based in Alberta, Canada and are probably best known for their premium (and extremely tasty) e-juice range. However, since their launch in 2018 they’ve also released several popular disposable vapes, including the Mr Fog Switch disposable we reviewed earlier this year.

The Mr Fog MA8500 is only the second disposable vape we’ve reviewed from the Mr Fog range, but initial reviews have been extremely positive and I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about!

With a whopping 17ml of e-juice, the Mr Fog MA8500 is a multi-day disposable, with a huge 8,500 puff capacity and 600mAh rechargeable battery. In addition to that, it features fully adjustable airflow and a range of eight delicious flavors, with more coming soon.

It’s available in a 50mg/ml nicotine strength, making it a great option if you’re coming off a heavy smoking habit and hoping to make the switch to vaping.

For those readers that are new to the world of vaping, the Mr Fog MA8500 is a disposable vape, which simply means you puff until you run out of e-juice and then just throw it away (responsibly!) and open a new one.

Like the vast majority of disposable vape devices, the Mr Fog MA8500 is auto-draw, so you just puff on the mouthpiece to activate the coil and inhale the vapor. No firing button, controls or menu to worry about – perfect if you want a convenient, easy to use vape with very little learning curve.

Here at Vaping Hardware, we’re actually on a mission to help you find the best disposable vape, regardless of your budget or vaping style. So let’s get stuck in and see if the Mr Fog MA8500 deserves a place on the list!

I’d like to quickly thank Steven at Mr Fog for sending me the Mr Fog MA8500 disposables to review. As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain affiliate links. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) which helps us to keep the site running.

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable Vape Review

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Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 105mm (Height) x 32mm (Diameter)
Weight: 66.24g
E-Juice Capacity: 17ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
Nicotine Strength: 50mg Nic Salt E-Juice
8,500 Puff Capacity
8 Different Flavors
Battery: Internal Rechargeable Battery (600mAh)
USB Type-C Charging Port (0.5A)
Coil Resistance: 1Ohm
Coil Type: Mesh Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: Polycarbonate / TPU
LED Puff Indicator
Adjustable Airflow

What’s in the Box?

First things first, the Mr Fog MA8500 disposables arrived in a fancy display case, complete with a full product specification pamphlet and branded Mr Fog merchandise!

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable Display Box

It don’t let it affect my opinion of the disposable, but it’s still a nice touch and very much appreciated!

In terms of the retail packaging, the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable comes in a rectangular shaped, cardboard sleeve, color-coded to match the flavor of the disposable inside. All the information you’re likely to need is clearly displayed, along with the usual nicotine and product warnings.

On the front of the packaging there’s a picture of the Mr Fog MA8500, the name of the disposable, the flavor name and a nicotine warning.

On the left facing side of the packaging you’ll find the e-juice capacity, nicotine strength and a QR code you can scan to visit the Mr Fog website.

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Left-facing side of the packaging, showing e-juice capacity and nicotine strength

Flip over to the right facing side and you’ll see the disposable name printed, along with another QR code that you can scan to check the MA8500 disposable you’ve purchased is authentic.

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Right-facing side of the packaging, showing disposable name and QR code

Finally, on the reverse of the packaging you’ll find the batch ID, best before date, manufacturer details, e-juice ingredients and another long list of warnings.

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Reverse of the packaging

As is the case with almost every disposable on the market, the PG/VG ratio of the e-juice isn’t displayed. For the majority of vapers, this won’t be an issue. However, for those that suffer from any form of PG intolerance like I do, it would be nice to know exactly what’s being used in the e-juice.

Overall though, Mr Fog have done a great job with the packaging. It’s bright, attention-grabbing and colorful, with most of the information you could possibly need, clearly displayed.

Inside the packaging you’ll find two things; a sealed, foil wrapper protecting the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable, and a bright, quirky lanyard.

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable Lanyard

Each lanyard is a different color, depending on the flavor of the disposable, with the Mr Fog name and logo printed in intervals along the full length of the fabric.

Full disclaimer: I hardly ever hang my vape around my neck (or any other part of my body for that matter!) but these lanyards are surprisingly well-made, with a quirky and eye-catching design.

The sealed, foil wrapper can be torn at either end and the Mr Fog MA8500 will slide right out.

The disposable will come pre-charged and ready to vape, but before you take your first puff you’ll need to remove the silicone plug from the mouthpiece …

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Silicone plug in the mouthpiece

… and the protective sticker from the base, which covers the USB Type-C charging port.

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Protective sticker on the base

That’s it, you’re all set to vape!

Mr Fog MA8500 | Design and Appearance

In terms of design and appearance, the first thing you’ll notice is the fact the Mr Fog MA8500 is a big disposable! With measurements of 105mm in length and 32mm in diameter, it’s one of the largest disposables we’ve reviewed to date.

It’s also on the heavy side, weighing in at a total of 66.24g! Personally I love the larger disposables. They feel sturdy and reliable, not to mention I feel like I’m puffing on a Cuban cigar every time I take a draw.

However, I’m fully aware they may not be for everyone. If you prefer a more compact, lightweight disposable without sacrificing performance, I highly recommend the Fifty Bar or Puffmi MeshBox Mini.

But back to business!

Despite being larger and heavier than your average disposable, the Mr Fog MA8500 still fits comfortably in your hand and doesn’t feel overly cumbersome when carried with you on the go.

This is always a concern with larger vaping devices, but rest assured you can easily store the MA8500 (and even a backup!) in your pocket or bag with little to no fuss.

As you can see from the pictures, the Mr Fog MA8500 is a cylindrical shaped disposable with a tapered, duck-billed style mouthpiece at the top of the device.

The main body of the disposable is made from a smooth PCTG material with a marble-like design, while the top section (including the mouthpiece) is a softer, food-grade TPU which is extremely comfortable to vape on.

In terms of overall shape and size, the Mr Fog MA8500 actually reminds me somewhat of the iJoy Punk and MOTI PIIN C4000 disposables we reviewed last year. However, perhaps unsurprisingly, due to the higher puff capacity and e-juice volume, the Mr Fog MA8500 is larger than both!

Branding is minimal, with MR FOG on one side of the disposable …

… and MAX AIR MA8500 and the flavor name on the other.

Overall, in terms of aesthetics I think Mr Fog have done a great job with the MA8500 disposable. It’s perhaps slightly less subtle looking than the Mr Fog Switch we reviewed previously, in part due to the bright, bold colors and larger size. However, I work in a busy office environment and the MA8500 garnered far more positive attention than negative.

The Mr Fog MA8500 is auto-draw, which means you just draw on the mouthpiece to activate the coil and take a puff. There are no controls or buttons to fiddle with, no display screen to worry about and the auto-draw worked perfectly each and every puff.

At the bottom of the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable there’s a single LED puff indicator, which will light up every time you take a puff. The LED will also flash several times to indicate when you’re out of e-juice and/or battery and remain lit while you’re charging the disposable.

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Type-C USB charging port

Talking of which, you’ll also find the USB Type-C charging port on the base of the MA8500. Mr Fog didn’t include a charging cable unfortunately, so you’ll need to supply your own. Just plug a USB Type-C charging cable into the port and connect the other end to a suitable outlet when you’re ready to charge.

It takes just under an hour for a full charge, and you’ll know when you’re at full capacity when the LED indicator turns off. Not that you need to wait, as the Mr Fog MA8500 supports pass-through vaping, which means you can continue to vape while it’s charging!

I’ve saved the best till last; which in this case is the fully adjustable airflow. Towards the top end of the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable, where the marble-esque Polycarbonate meets the softer, TPU section, you’ll find the adjustable airflow ring. Gold in color, regardless of the flavor, it rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise, allowing you to fully adjust the airflow.

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Airflow Ring

Fully closed delivers a tight MTL (mouth-to-lung) draw, the kind you’d get when smoking a cigarette. Fully open however, the Mr Fog MA8500 can be used for RDTL (restricted-direct-to-lung) vaping!

Now a word of warning here, and probably the only minor issue I could find with the design if I’m deliberately trying to nitpick…

Adjustable airflow is a fantastic feature to have on a disposable, and I know it’s becoming more popular in recent months. But I’m not sure it’s a good idea being able to open the airflow wide enough for RDTL vaping.

I get that it’s nice to have the option there, I’m just not entirely sure I’d recommend actually using the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable for RDTL vaping, purely because of the 50mg nicotine strength. It certainly can function perfectly for RDTL vaping, but you’d likely get one hell of a head rush!

Overall though, I’m really impressed with the Mr Fog MA8500 design and appearance. As previously mentioned, I’m a big fan of the larger style disposables and I love the shape, size, design and general aesthetics in play here.

Mr Fog MA8500 | Performance

As expected, performance was just as impressive, with the Mr Fog MA8500 ticking all the right boxes for me personally.

I think I hinted at it briefly before but it’s worth mentioning again; the auto-draw function across all eight of the MA8500 disposables I tested was smooth and faultless, with a fast ramp-up time and zero misfiring. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with disposables (even the more expensive options!) so credit given where credit due.

The adjustable airflow is fantastic, with perhaps the sole exception of my earlier misgivings regarding the ability to vape RDTL. I love being able to tweak the airflow to fit my vaping style and I’m genuinely disappointed now if a disposable doesn’t feature adjustable airflow.

In terms of the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable specifically, my airflow sweet-spot was almost fully closed. For reference, I turn the adjustable airflow ring until the tiniest sliver of a gap is visible, and this gives a brilliant MTL style draw that closely replicates the feeling of smoking a cigarette.

Nicotine delivery and throat hit were both absolutely spot on, with each puff delivering a perfectly satisfying hit. Arguably, this is to be expected when vaping at 50mg/ml but I’ll mention it nonetheless.

At the time of writing, the MA8500 disposable is only available in the 50mg/ml nicotine strength, but I’m hoping Mr Fog will release additional options in the future. Especially as the MA8500 can function as a RDTL style disposable, in which case a 20mg/ml or even 10mg/ml nicotine strength option would be fantastic!

But I digress…

Vapor production is impressive and well above average, especially if you crank the airflow open. Although, even with the airflow almost fully closed like I prefer, the vapor production is still more than satisfying.

You won’t necessarily be winning any cloud-chasing competitions, but each puff on the Mr Fog MA8500 produced a creamy, thick plume of vapor, easily outstripping the smoke you’d expect from a cigarette.

Flavor output is equally impressive, perhaps even more so. Each flavor is listed as “double”, for example Double Apple or Double Razz. I assume this means Mr Fog include a high percentage of flavor concentrate in each disposable, and you can definitely taste the difference!

Every puff, regardless of airflow adjustment, duration or intensity, is incredibly dense and absolutely bursting with flavor!

However, for me, the absolute standout feature of the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable lies in the incredible battery life and overall lifespan, both of which were far better than I’d been expecting. I vape pretty heavily all day, not too extreme, but probably well above average use.

Even still, I’ve been getting around a full day of vaping out of the battery before needing to recharge. I’m also getting an incredible 13 days of vaping before the MA8500 runs dry!

I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t count the exact number of puffs each Mr Fog MA8500 is providing, but I’d hazard an educated guess based on my somewhat recently confirmed daily puff average, that I’m taking between 650 – 700 puffs per day. At that puff rate, a lifespan of 13 days would indicate the MA8500 disposable is falling nicely within the stated puff range.

It’s also worth keeping in mind, if you vape less frequently throughout the day, the Mr Fog MA8500 will last you significantly longer. Let’s say you only vape during a work break, or limit yourself to only vaping outside. If you’re taking roughly 200 puffs per day, you could stretch each disposable out to a whopping 42 days!

We’ll talk more about price a bit further down, but if you’re only buying a single Mr Fog MA8500 disposable each month, it’s absolutely fantastic value for money and far cheaper than the equivalent smoking habit.

Overall, I think it’s fair to say the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable exceeded my expectations in almost every way. The flavor, vapor production, battery life and airflow are all excellent. I’d love to see a wider variety of nicotine strengths available in the future, but other than that minor nitpick, I couldn’t find a single significant thing I didn’t love about it!

Mr Fog MA8500 | Flavors

The Mr Fog MA8500 is currently available in eight different flavors:

  • Double Strawberry
  • Double Razz
  • Double Apple
  • Double Grape
  • Double Spearmint
  • Double Espresso
  • Double Peach
  • Double Berry

Admittedly it’s a somewhat short list, especially considering the Mr Fog Switch was available in over 30 different flavors! However, their website suggests more flavors are going to be introduced in the coming months, so hopefully they’ll be available early next year.

Personally, I’d love to see a tobacco blend and some dessert-based flavors. Don’t get me wrong, I love fruity flavors as much as the next vaper, but it’s nice to have plenty of options to choose from.

Ordinarily, I’d give a description of each flavor, the notes included in the blend and my thoughts on each. But essentially in this instance, they’re all single note flavors. What I’ll do instead is rate each flavor on a scale of 1 – 10 and add my very brief (and subjective) opinion.

Double Strawberry

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Double Strawberry Flavor


The Double Strawberry is amazingly sweet, delicious and fruity.

Double Razz

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Double Razz Flavor


Another amazing flavor, the Double Razz is almost sweet and sour at the same time, with a delicious and long-lasting aftertaste.

Double Apple

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Double Apple Flavor


A little too sweet for my tastes, but absolutely crammed full of flavor!

Double Grape

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Double Grape Flavor


Dense and bursting with flavor, but I’m not keen on grape flavored e-juice so this was a pass for me unfortunately.

Double Spearmint

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Double Spearmint Flavor


Surprised by this one! Spearmint is usually bland but this one is super sweet and really packs a punch!

Double Espresso

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Double Espresso Flavor


My favorite of the bunch! I genuinely feel like I’m vaping a cup of rich, dark espresso!

Double Peach

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Double Peach Flavor


I thought I’d like this one more than I did, but it’s a little too strong for me.

Double Berry

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable - Double Berry Flavor


Delicious, fruity, sweet and juicy!

Overall, I’m really impressed with the flavor range. They’re definitely ‘double’ the flavor and if it’s the strongest flavor you’re after, you won’t be disappointed!

Mr Fog MA8500 | Price

Moving into the really important question for the majority of us; how much does the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable cost?

Well, at the time of writing it’s a brand new disposable, which means it’s not yet widely available at the usual online retailers. However, it looks like the Mr Fog website are selling it for $24.99 CAD, so roughly $18 in the US.

Not a bad price considering what you get for your money.

However, I did find this online retailer selling the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable for as low as $13.99 so it’s definitely worth shopping around for the best deal!

Quick disclaimer: I’ve never dealt with them before so can’t vouch for their reliability.

If you want to buy the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable from a tried and tested retailer, the below link will take you to the Mr Fog website.

Mr Fog MA8500 | Verdict

Mr Fog MA8500 Disposable Review Verdict / 9.3 out of 10


  • Amazing flavor
  • Fantastic vapor production
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Long-lasting
  • Huge 17ml e-juice capacity
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast charging
  • Pass-through vaping
  • Eye-catching design
  • Robust & durable
  • Responsive auto-draw
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • Efficient nicotine delivery
  • No burnt/dry hits


  • Only available in 50mg
  • No PG/VG ratio
  • Small flavor range

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise if you’ve stuck with me this far – I absolutely love the Mr Fog MA8500 disposable.

The vapor production, flavor, airflow, battery life and throat hit are all spot on and it’s hard to find a single thing I dislike.

If I’m being particularly critical, it would be nice to see a larger flavor range and alternative nicotine strength options available, but all things considered the Mr Fog MA8500 is a disposable I highly recommend!

Thanks for reading our Mr Fog MA8500 disposable review! Please feel free to share this review or leave a comment below! Happy Vaping!

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