The Price of Disposable Vapes | Are Disposables Cheaper Than Smoking?

As vaping becomes increasingly mainstream it’s never been a better time for smokers to make the switch. Disposable vapes have become a really convenient and easy way to test the waters. But, the price of …

The Best Vape Memes | 25+ Hilarious Vaping Memes

It’s 2019 and vape memes are everywhere! Some good, some bad and some ugly… To save you from slipping down the rabbit hole of Google images in search of the best, I’ve put together a …

Vaper Expo UK 2018: Highlights and News from this years show!

This year’s Vaper Expo UK went down spectacularly and the Vaping Hardware team were there with notebooks at the ready getting all the best news for you! Join us as we take a look at the highlights of the show!

FDA Target E-Liquid Labels; Warnings Issued to Manufacturers…

The FDA target e-liquid marketing; the FDA and FTC have issued a warning to 13 e-liquid manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Specifically, for designing and marketing e-liquid that could be confused as food or candy by children…

JUUL Epidemic in American Schools; Are Your Kids Addicted to Vaping?

For those of you who don’t know, the JUUL is a small, discrete vaping device released in 2015 as a healthier alternative to traditional analogue cigarettes. Unfortunately, the JUUL seems to be gaining immense popularity in schools across the U.S, with some even referring to it as a JUUL epidemic!

JUUL Labs; FDA request documents to better understand youth use

The FDA request information from JUUL Labs, requiring the company to submit important documents to better understand the reportedly high rates of youth use and particular youth appeal of JUUL products…

Vape Jam 2018 – Highlights and News from the weekend

Vape Jam 2018 proved to be an absolute blast! With thousands in attendance vapers far and wide were treated to some of the finest e-liquids known to mankind. Join as we run through our top 5 favourite suppliers and what we learned from the show!

Government agency advises NHS hospitals should sell e-cigarettes and provide vape lounges

Public Health England has announced its support of e-cigarette devices and proclaimed that NHS hospitals should sell e-cigarettes and provide vaping lounges for patients.

UK Vaping Events: 2018

Every year thousands of vapers descend on the UK’s biggest and best vaping events. We’ve created a handy list of the ones you won’t want to miss. If spending a day sampling thousands of e-liquid flavours and browsing the latest vape products sounds good then you won’t want to miss these!

Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) – Will The TPD Ruin Vaping?…

On 20th May 2017 the EU’s ‘Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)’ came into force! We examine the effects of the TPD on the vaping community!