Nicotine Shot and Shortfill Calculator Guide

Nicotine Shot and Shortfill Calculator Guide

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Welcome to Vaping Hardware’s Nicotine Shot and Shortfill Calculator GUIDE! This is simply a brief explanation of how the calculator works and how to use it properly…

To skip this guide and start calculating, here is the Nicotine Shot and Shortfill Calculator…

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nicotine shot and shortfall calculator guide - inputs

This section breaks down the variable inputs required to create your e-liquid.


If you select ‘e-liquid’, the Nicotine Shot Calculator will tell you how much nicotine to add to your pre-mixed nicotine free e-liquid. Our Nicotine Shot Calculator will also allow you to increase the nicotine strength of your current e-liquid.

If you’ve purchased a ‘shortfill’ bottle (e.g. a 100ml bottle with 80ml of nicotine free e-liquid), select ‘shortfill’ and input the size of your bottle. Hit ‘calculate’ and we’ll tell you how much nicotine you need to add to your shortfill bottle to reach your desired nicotine strength.

Nicotine Base Strength:

Essentially, this is the strength of your nicotine. This is specified as either a percentage (%) or as milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml). The most commonly available strengths outside of Europe are 56 mg/ml or 72 mg/ml, however in some cases as high as 100 mg/ml. Within Europe, the maximum nicotine strength is limited to 20 mg/ml but typically the majority of manufacturers are providing 18mg/ml. Please input the correct strength in order for you to determine how much is required for your specific target nicotine strength.

Existing Nicotine Strength:

This is the strength of your e-liquid, which thanks to the new TPD regulations will most commonly default to zero. If you already have pre-mixed e-liquid at a specified nicotine strength but want to increase it, input the desired strength in this field.

Target Nicotine Level:

This is the final nicotine strength of your desired mix.

Amount of Zero Nicotine E-Liquid:

This menu appears when you select ‘E-Liquid’ from the drop down menu under the heading Type; the amount of zero nicotine e-liquid you have that you wish to add nicotine to.

Amount (Shortfill Bottle Size):

This menu appears when you select ‘Shortfill’ from the drop down menu under the heading Type; the amount of e-liquid you’ve purchased in a shortfill bottle. This shortfill bottle is a pre-mixed e-liquid of PG/VG/Flavour that’s short-filled with e-liquid allowing nicotine shot(s) to be added.

Calculate and Reset Buttons:

Once you have input your desired parameters, hit ‘Calculate’ and this’ll bring up the ‘Result’ quantities. Hitting ‘Reset’ will clear the input parameters to their default values.


nicotine shot and shortfall calculator guide - results

The results section covers the amount of nicotine required to add to your e-liquid to create your desired mix. The results show the amount of nicotine to add in ml, the number of 10ml bottles (Nicotine Shots) required and the total amount of e-liquid you’ll end up having made.

Note: The 10ml number of bottles (Nicotine Shots) is only specific if you are using a ‘Nicotine Base Strength’ of 18mg/ml.

And there you have it folks! We hope you found our Nicotine Shot and Shortfill Calculator Guide helpful! Any problems or questions, feel free to get in touch! Happy mixing!

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  1. I have a 0 nicotine 60 ml bottle of e-liquid. I need it to be 3 mg nicotine. I don’t understand y’all’s calculations on how much of the nicotine shots to add. The nicotine that I am looking at is called Sapphyre. I’m not sure if that is the correct spelling but it is called concentrated nicotine. I need to know which milliliter bottle of concentrated to purchase.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Sapphyre is a concentrated nic additive to normally increase the nic strength of eliquid that already has nic in it to make it a higher strength. I dont think this is what you want or need. If you have zero nic eliquid in a 60ml bottle, your eliquid will be 50ml allowing for 1 bottle of nic shot to make it 3mg strength. This nic bottle will be 10 ml of 18mg strength nic, giving you 60ml of 3mg.
      If you have a different strength nic or you want to use the Sapphyre nic you can use our calculator to work it out to give you an overall 3mg strength eliquid. You can input the figures in our calculator for all the variants Sapphyre do and then buy the one you need from the result our calculator says.
      I would just buy a 10ml bottle of 18mg nic shot to make what you asked for in your question. Hope this helps.

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