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PG/VG Ratio Calculator

We’ve designed a simple straightforward to use calculator that will work out the final PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid when adding a nicotine shot (nic shot) to a shortfill bottle.

Simply input the PG/VG ratio and quantity of your zero nicotine free e-liquid or shortfill bottle and the amount of nicotine base and strength that you intend to add to it.

Our calculator will tell you the overall PG/VG ratio of your final mix together with its total volume in milliliters and the nicotine strength. This calculator is designed to be used in conjunction with our Nicotine Shot/Shortfill Calculator so you can decide which Nic Shot base to add to keep the PG/VG ratio you require.


Amount of Zero Nicotine E-Liquid   ml
PG / VG Ratio of Zero Nicotine E-Liquid  / 
Amount of Nicotine to add   ml
Base Mix of Nicotine PG / VG  / 
Strength of Nicotine   mg/ml =   %


Final PG / VG Ratio of E-Liquid Mix:
Total Amount of E-Liquid Made:
Nicotine Strength of Final E-Liquid Mix:

We’ve written a detailed guide about Calculating PG/VG Ratios After Adding Nic Shots To A Shortfill which covers detailed examples with calculations for different PG/VG ratios.

You may ask why is this important and do I have to worry what my final e-liquid ratio is? In some cases no it isn’t BUT if your coil/pod that you’re using will only work at its optimum with a PG/VG ratio of no more than 50% then you can use our calculator to work out what base of nic shot you need to achieve your desired overall e-liquid PG/VG ratio.

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