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Puffmi Launches C800 – Where Technology Meets Vaping!

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Puffmi recently reached out and asked us to share the release of their newest disposable vape; the C800. As one of the fastest growing vape brands in the industry we were only too happy to oblige.

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Faced with the challenges of an increasingly sophisticated e-cigarette market, increased demand and regulatory hurdles, Puffmi has launched the fully TPD compliant disposable C800 with unwavering determination.

This outstanding product embodies a harmonious blend of a compact looking device and a smooth taste inside, while complying with current TPD regulations through the use of FEELM Max coils. With the ultra-smooth taste of the 800 puffs, the C800 offers users a consistently satisfying vape experience.

FEELM Max Ceramic Coil

The Disposable C800 thrives at the intersection of innovation and exceptional performance. Powering this device is the revolutionary FEELM Max ceramic coil, renowned for its world 1st 7-layer Composite Heating Film, improving harm reduction and energy efficiency.

As the thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution currently, the FEELM Max ceramic coil is crafted with a ceramic material instead of traditional cotton or silica wicks, offering a more consistent and flavorful vaping experience while also boasting a longer lifespan.

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FEELM Max Coil provides an astounding 800 puffs from a modest 2ml pre-filled e-juice, marking an impressive 40% increase in puff quantity compared to industry peers, and enhances flavor and delivers smooth puffs with better harm reduction performance and leakage-proof performance.

Transparent E-liquid Tank

The disposable C800 produced by Puffmi Vape is not just an ordinary product as it once was; it demonstrates the brand’s commitment to enhancing the vaping experience. The device blends satisfying, cost-effective vaping with compliance with TPD standards, showing that responsibility and enjoyment can go hand in hand.

The fact that the C800 is ‘more than you can see’ paves the way for a future where every puff counts in a visible e-liquid tank, meaning vapers can get a good idea of what the rest of the e-liquid and battery is about.

As we navigate the rapidly evolving world of countless e-cigarette products, the disposable C800 stands tall as a product that challenges the status quo and raises the bar, offering vapers a future that not only holds promise but is not just around the corner.

Get ready to experience a vaping journey like never before, as the C800 effortlessly integrates long-lasting performance to ensure you can enjoy extended use without compromising on satisfaction.

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Enjoy Smooth Taste Until Last Puff

By eliminating cotton, the device ensures that no e-liquid is wasted, guaranteeing the best use of each cartridge. Couple with the innovative FEELM Max coil with its nano-hole, the C800 creates a system that produces a large number of clouds, 25% more than ordinary devices.

This perfect synergy not only ensures the right amount of vapor per drop, but also enriches the vaping experience with an impressive amount of clouds and intense flavors.

Hidden beneath the sleek exterior of the Puffmi C800 is a powerful 500mAh battery, carefully designed for long-lasting power and unwavering performance. Consistency of flavor is a very important factor for customers, and if there is no flavor left at the end of the vaping session, it can lead to under-utilization of the vape oil and a waste of money.

Tailoring to Your Tastes: Indulge in Over 20 Flavors

Recognizing the Uniqueness of each individual, Puffmi has gone to great lengths to ensure that the smoking experience of a single C800 is personalized. With a wide selection of over 20 different flavors, Puffy Beauty caters to the preferences of every vaper. Whether you crave a fruity flavor or the classic essence of traditional tobacco, the C800 has something to satisfy your taste buds.

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Puffmi is committed to providing an exceptional vaping journey, and its wide variety reflects this, allowing you to indulge in flavors that resonate with your palate. Every vape is an opportunity to savor a bespoke experience, as Puffmi is committed to providing a vaping sensation that suits your unique tastes. Explore all the flavors available and embark on a truly personalized vaping adventure with the C800.

Try and Taste C800

The launch of the disposable C800 by Puffy Max is a decisive step towards the future of e-cigarettes. By integrating FEELM Max technology into a disposable vape, the C800 succeeds in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this field. But it doesn’t stop at innovation; the C800 embodies the promise of superior satisfaction and longevity.

Get ready for the C800’s powerful performance. The innovative Puffmi disposable C800 is highly recommended as your first VAPE of the day and will make your day as smooth as silk. For more product information, please visit the Puffmi C800 product link: https://www.puffmivape.com/c800-product/

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this post! Check back with us soon because we’re currently in the process of reviewing the Puffmi C800. Spoiler alert….it’s awesome!

Finally if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts below.

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