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Sigelei 100w Plus Box Mod – A Vaping Hardware review

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Only a few short months after kicking cigarettes to the curb for good (something I’ll admit I still struggle with from time to time!), I bought my very first high powered box mod. At that point my only introduction to vaping had been the reliable, but very basic, Innokin MVP. I’d spent several weeks obsessed with finding a replacement to suit my ever increasing interest in sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing. What I found was the Sigelei 100w Plus…

Released to correct issues reported with the original Sigelei 100w Mod. Namely, the manually adjustable centre pin (which quickly wore down and had to be replaced) and the battery cover, which was secured with magnets and screws.

The new Sigelei 100w Plus Mod had an adjustable centre pin (in my opinion the biggest improvement!) and the battery cover was secured in place with magnets only. This of course, made changing the batteries far less tedious and more convenient.

Over at they describe the Sigelei 100w Plus as ‘providing you with a huge 100w of power, resulting in huge vapour and great flavour. Perhaps not the most stylish of box mods, but it certainly packs a huge punch’.

Sigelei 100w Plus; Features and Specification

  • Model Name; 100w Plus
  • Mod Type; Variable Wattage Box Mod
  • Material; Aluminium Alloy (with a sexy silicon sleeve!)
  • Available Colours; Black or Gold
  • Weight; 0.175kg
  • Size; 10.3L x 5.7W x 2.3H cm
  • Wattage Output; 10 – 100w
  • Ohms Range; 0.15ohms – 3.00ohms
  • Atomiser Connection; 510 Spring Loaded Pin
  • Battery Contact; Brass
  • Battery size; 2 x 18650
  • Safety; Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Battery Protection and Low Resistance Protection are all built in

Sigelei 100w Plus; What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Sigelei 100w Plus Box Mod
  • User manual
  • Silicon sleeve

But, as expected, the mod doesn’t come with batteries so you will need to pick up some decent 18650 batteries of your own. I’ll be writing a post on my top five batteries very soon, so be sure to check that out!

Sigelei 100w Plus; Design and Appearance


The Sigelei 100w Plus Mod looks and feels fantastic, and for the price, especially now, you can get a premium device on a tight budget. The finish of the mod is high quality, with bevelled edges and dual machined grooves giving a nice wave affect on the front facing side (unless you plan on using the silicon sleeve!). Personally, I prefer the larger box mods, with a bit of weight behind them, and the 100w Plus is perfect in that regard.

It fits nicely in your hand (ahem) and the firing button is perfectly placed, sitting slightly proud from the device, and mounted on a circular chrome surround. The button itself has a good solid feel to it and an audible click when pressed. My only gripe with the button was that I found it quite often loosened and rattled slightly. Although this was easily remedied by simply turning the button clockwise to tighten it.

Turning the device on is done by pressing the firing button five times, with the same to turn the device off again. To be honest, I very rarely turn a mod off unless I’m worried it’ll fire in my pocket and with the size of the 100w Plus, I’d need clown pockets to carry it comfortably, so this wasn’t really an issue. However, for you  battery conscious among us, the device will continue to draw current in standby mode which will slowly drain your batteries.

Just under the fire button are + and – buttons, which are used to turn the wattage up and down in 1w increments. Clicking both of these buttons simultaneously will also lock the current wattage on the device.

Anything else I need to know?…

The copper centre pin is spring loaded (an upgrade from the Sigelei 100w!) so essentially self adjusting and ready to use with any 510 compatible atomiser. Not much more I can say about this really, pretty standard stuff and I never had a problem despite using the device with multiple atomisers, drippers etc. However, it’s worth noting that there are no air flow channels in the base. Potentially, this means that those atomisers that pull air from the base might struggle to get enough air flow.

The batteries are housed in the back of the device, inside a compartment hidden by the back plate itself. The plate is held in place by four small magnets and can be removed via a small notch at the bottom of the device by the battery vents. I’m a big magnet geek and this is something I really like about the 100w Plus. The plate is a perfect fit and the magnets prevent any rattle or movement. Overall, a very nice design.

The battery compartment has spring loaded copper contacts and easy to read markings show how the batteries should be inserted. The device has no internal charging circuit so the batteries need to be removed and charged in an external charger.

Last but not least, the screen. It’s an OLED display with every bit of data visible. No menus or extra settings to navigate, with all the information you need displayed for 10 seconds when any of the three buttons are pressed. The current wattage, battery remaining, ohms and voltage necessary for those ohms are all clearly displayed on the brightly lit screen. Again, this is something that really stands out as a positive for me with the 100w Plus. Very much a reliable ‘set and vape’ device with very little messing around.

Sigelei 100w Plus; Performance

The performance of the Sigelei 100w Plus was yet another positive for me and I feel that this device is more than enough for casual and advanced vapers alike. The consistent power output is smooth and the battery life is fantastic; when using my Kanger Subtank Mini I vape at around 30 watts with the 0.5ohm stock coil and the batteries would last several days of constant vaping.

The device can handle anything from 0.15ohms right up to 3ohms. From a 0.3ohm parallel coil in my Smok X Pure Classic RDA, to a 1.5ohm coil in my ELeaf Lemo Drop RTA, the performance was flawless.

Sigelei 100w Plus; Price

At the time of writing, over at the Sigelei 100w Plus was available for £49.99. The price can vary greatly from site to site though so it’s definitely worth shopping around! Needless to say, the price has dropped a lot since I bought mine; I spent a whopping £79.99!

Sigelei 100w Plus Price

If you’re outside the UK then you may want to check out Fasttech who currently have the Sigelei 100w Plus for $78. Be warned though…you’ll be waiting several weeks for delivery!

Sigelei 100w Plus; Verdict

A big thumbs up for the Sigelei 100w Plus Mod from all of us here at Vaping Hardware. I personally love this mod. The build quality, reliability and ease of use had me sold completely and I’d definitely recommend this mod.

Sigelei 100w Plus Score
  • Price – 8
  • Battery life – 9.2
  • Appearance and design – 9
  • Build quality/reliability – 8.8
  • Performance/functionality – 8.9
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Excellent build quality
  • Outstanding performance
  • Reliable
  • No internal charging circuit
  • No air flow channels in the base

So there you have it folks! Feel free to like or leave a comment below!

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      Thanks for your kind comment, we appreciate it. The Sigelei 100W Plus review was one of the first reviews we did. A great kit of the time. The one we have still works so testiment to them.

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