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Sikary S600 Disposable Review | Incredible Flavors!

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Welcome to our Sikary S600 disposable review. Having very recently reviewed our first ever Sikary device, we are pleased to bring you another review, this time we’ve been putting their very popular Sikary S600 disposable to the test.

10 different single flavor packs of the Sikary S600 Disposables

We were kindly sent 12 different flavors of the Sikary S600 disposables from the guys and girls over at Sikary to review. We will include a brief flavor profile on each of these disposables and include a full list of the 30 different flavors available.

For all you eagle eyed readers out there, the above photo does only contain 10 different flavors. We also received a few sets of twin packs which had 2 additional flavors, so we’ll be covering those too.

3 different flavors in the S600 Twin Pack Range

As the name suggests, the Sikary S600 is a 600 puff disposable and holds 2ml of flavored e-liquid making it fully TPD compliant. We’ll give a quick overview of the Sikary S600 disposable first and then jump into the main detail on what’s on offer.

Overview of the Sikary S600 Disposable

Sikary S600 Disposable Held in hand for a size comparison

The Sikary S600 is draw activated and offers up to 600 puffs. Designed by Sikary and manufactured by SKE, it’s a single use device measuring 107mm tall and 14.5mm in diameter making it one of the slimmest disposables we’ve come across. It’s also extremely lightweight at only 24 grams.

It has a 3.6V constant output providing 12W of power from the 1.1 ohm Mesh coil and it contains 20mg (2%) Nic Salts which produces a smooth and quiet Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) draw from the fixed airflow intake at the bottom of the S600.

Air Intake on the bottom of the S600 with the orange sticker removed

A small LED on the base of the S600 illuminates when you draw on the mouthpiece and gives a visual indication that it’s working.

LED illuminated on the S600 disposable when drawing on the mouthpiece

I would like to thank Joanna at Sikary for sending us the S600 disposables in 12 different flavors to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest view and opinions based during my time using the S600 disposables. We may receive a small affiliate commission if you click on the buy buttons but at no extra cost to you. This helps us maintain our website.

Sikary S600 Disposable Review


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 107mm Height x 14.5mm Diameter
  • Weight: 24 grams
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine: 20mg/ml (2%) Nic Salts
  • Draw-activated (Up to 600 puffs)
  • Coil Resistance: 1.1 ohm mesh coil (non-replaceable)
  • Output Voltage: 3.6V constant
  • Output Power: 12W
  • Construction: SS + PC
  • LED indicator at base of device
  • Airflow: Fixed pin hole at base of device
  • 30 Different flavors available

What’s In and On the Box?

Sikary S600 Disposable Single Pack
Sikary S600 Disposable Twin Pack

There are a couple of options here as the Sikary S600 can be purchased as a single device or in packs of two as a twin pack. The packaging is very similar with the obvious difference being the twin pack is nearly double the width.

Sikary S600 Single Pack Whats In The Box
Sikary S600 Single Pack
Sikary S600 Single Pack Whats In The Box with the S600 Removed from the Sealed Foil
Sikary S600 Single Pack
Sikary S600 Twin Pack Whats In The Box
Sikary S600 Twin Pack
Sikary S600 Twin Pack Whats In The Box with the S600's Removed from the Sealed Foils
Sikary S600 Twin Pack

Inside the cardboard packaging is the Sikary S600 disposable vape sealed in a polypheane sachet.

Sikary S600 With the orange sticker covering the air intake holes
Sikary S600 With the grey silicone bung in the mouthpiece

Once you tear open the sachet and remove the S600 there’s a grey silicone rubber bung inserted into the mouthpiece and an orange lift off sticker across the base covering the airflow holes and LED…

Sikary S600 With the orange sticker covering the air intake holes removed
Sikary S600 With the grey silicone bung in the mouthpiece removed

…Ensure you remove these before using the device.

The Sikary S600 disposables come in a cardboard box with a lift open top measuring 130mm by 41mm by 17mm for the twin pack and 130mm by 31mm by 17mm for the single device. The weight of the disposables including the packaging is approximately 57 grams (30 grams for the single device).

S600 disposable Front view of the single pack Box
S600 disposable Reverse view of the single pack Box

Each box is individually colored in the matching flavor of the included device. On the front of the packaging is a photo of the colored S600 together with the flavor name, puff count, nicotine mg/ml strength (20mg) and the standard nicotine warning. On the back of the packaging is the product information, ingredients, parameters and safety and nicotine warnings.

Side View 1 of the S600 disposable Box
Side View 1 of the S600 disposable Box

The right side of the box shows the flavor name and puff count again with a batch number, best before date and a scan for authentication sticker. The left side again highlights the flavor name and puff count plus the UK/EU representative information.

Bottom View 1 of the S600 disposable Box
Top View 1 of the S600 disposable Box

At the top and bottom of the box is the Sikary logo with their website and manufacturing info.

Sikary S600 Disposable Design and Appearance

10 different S600 disposable flavors

The S600 is a pen shaped disposable and incredibly thin, measuring 107mm tall by 14.5mm in diameter with a weight of approximately 24grams. It’s made out of SS with a PC mouthpiece.

Close up of the S600 disposable curved mouthpiece

This mouthpiece is different from the normal duckbill shape in that it curves inwards and if desired you can vape this any way round. Hard to describe but you can see what I mean from the photos.

Different mouthpiece between the single pack and twin pack of the S600 disposable

While we’re talking about the mouthpiece, when you purchase a single pack S600, the mouthpiece is colored to match the color/flavor of the device. The twin pack S600’s are slightly different as the mouthpiece, although the same shape, is clear. Not sure why this is but out of the two, I do prefer the colored mouthpiece as it hides the condensation that builds up in the chamber.

Close up of the oval opening in the S600 disposable mouthpiece

The tip of either mouthpiece is slightly oval in shape and has an oval 5.5mm opening which leads down a funnel shaped 3mm chamber onto the coil. When coupled with the air intake hole(s) on the bottom of the S600 it provides a nice MTL draw.

CE markings and flavor name on the Sikary S600 disposable
Branding and product type on the Sikary S600 disposable

All the bodies of the S600 disposables are colored white which has a slight metallic finish to it with a hard clear outer shell. The front and reverse faces are identified with “Sikary S600” in between a vertical line on one side and “Flavor Name” and “CE” markings on the other side.

Sikary S600 front view
Sikary S600 Reverse view

This writing is colored to match the flavor of each device which also matches the mouthpiece color on the single S600 pack device.

LED illuminated on the base of the Sikary S600 disposable

On the bottom of the S600 you’ll see the air intake hole(s) and another same sized hole that conceals a bright while LED beneath that illuminates when you draw on the mouthpiece to take a puff. The bottom is also flat which allows the S600 to stand upright.

Different Air intake holes between the single pack and twin pack of the S600 disposable

Again as with the mouthpiece, the base of the S600 is slightly different between the single pack and twin pack S600’s. The twin pack S600 has 2 airflow intake holes while the single pack S600 only has 1 air intake hole.

The Sikary S600 disposable provides up to 600 puffs and contains 2ml of e-liquid at a nicotine strength of 20mg (2%) Nic Salts. Output power is 12W with a constant output voltage of 3.6V from the 1.1 ohm mesh coil which maintains a constant draw throughout the lifecycle of the device.

There are a total of 30 different flavors to choose from, 12 of which we have here to review.

Sikary S600 Disposable Performance

First Use

Sikary S600 showing the orange protector sticker and mouthpiece bung

Simply take out of the packaging, remove the silicone mouthpiece bung and base protector and vape. It’s as simple as that!


Diffferent bases on the single and twin pack S600 disposables

The S600 disposable has fixed airflow and produces a reasonably tight MTL draw. Even though we had both versions of the S600 disposables with the different air intake holes, the twin pack version with 2 air intake holes and the single pack with the 1 air intake hole, produced a very similar MTL draw and it was hard to distinguish between the two.

Auto Draw

The draw was very smooth and very quiet with no gurgling or spitting. Auto draw worked faultlessly and even the slightest of draws on the mouthpiece activated the auto fire.

Flavor and Vapor

Out of the 12 different flavors we tried (more on these in the flavor section), each flavor came through as true to form against its flavor name. Having sampled some of these flavors earlier when we reviewed the Sikary K1 pre-filled pods, we were excited to see how they compared.

Flavor as expected was top notch. Flavorsome without being too overpowering and they were not overly sweet. The icy flavors again were very subtle and a pleasure to vape on. 20mg nic strength was perfect and gave a good throat hit.

Vapor was good too, not enough to fill the room but then again it is a disposable. A short 1 second draw produced discreet vapor whereas a longer draw would increase the amount of vapor if that’s your thing. Just remember longer puffs will reduce the puff count.

We’ve included a flavor profile on each of the 12 flavors we received in the “Flavor” section of this review and as a teaser there are some really good ones.

Puff Count

Puffing on the S600 disposable

Puff count is always difficult to verify and very subjective and depends of the length and intensity of your draw (puffs). I used a mechanical clicker to determine how many puffs I got from each disposable while keeping my draws between 1-2 seconds.

My average puff count over 8 of the S600 disposables I monitored came out between 402 and 485. This was less than the stated 600 puffs but in fairness this is no different than I expected. These puff count figures I believe are calculated on no more than a 1 second draw which for me is not enough.

Device Life

Device life of the S600 disposable is a single use device and is disposed of once the e-liquid is used up. I was achieving on average around a day’s use before the e-liquid ran out. This time will increase or reduce depending on the amount you vape throughout the day.

LED flashing on the S600 disposable when the battery runs out

I couldn’t find out the capacity of the battery but when the battery runs out of charge the white LED on the base of the S600 will flash 10 times and stop working. On a few of the ones we used, the battery would cut-out first before the e-liquid had all been used up.

I would have expected the capacity of the battery to outlast the e-liquid capacity or putting it another way to be able to satisfy up to a 600 puff count.

Overtime Protection

I couldn’t verify if the S600 has overtime cut-out if your draw exceeds a set number of seconds as it’s very difficult to draw longer than a few seconds. This is mainly a function on button activated devices to prevent accidental firing when it’s in a bag or pocket.

Does It Leak?

I’ve added this section because over the last few months we’ve received a few general comments about other disposables that people have had leak on them.

I can say that all of the S600’s we received and used showed no signs of leaking and each one worked faultlessly.

Sikary S600 Disposable Flavors

Artistic view of the S600 packaging

Sikary were kind enough to send us 12 different flavors out of the available 30 they do in the S600 range. There really is a wide varied choice of flavors so should satisfy almost all vapers.

Note: The number of flavors is a little confusing as Sikary’s website shows 30 different flavors, their description of flavors mentions 25 flavors, we received 12 flavors and 1 of them was Gummy Bear which is not shown on the Sikary website.

I can commend Sikary for their flavor profiles as each flavor we tried was very authentic and realistic, the ice content was very subtle and they didn’t appear to be loaded with sweeteners. Flavors are always personal to the individual so what one likes another won’t.

The 30 flavors in the S600 range are:

  • Watermelon Strawberry
  • Fizzy Cola
  • Cherry Ice
  • Lemon Lime
  • Peach Ice
  • Fruit Gum
  • Menthol
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Blueberry Peach Ice
  • Fresh Menthol Mojito
  • Sour Blueberries
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Triple Mango
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Blueberry Raspberries
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Sour Apple
  • Bull Ice
  • Vanilla Tobacco
  • Fizzy Cherry Cola
  • Expresso
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Blueberry Pomegrante
  • Peach Pineapple Mango
  • Strawberry Cherry Raspberry
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Green Tea

Out of the 12 flavored S600s we received, one of the flavors was Gummy Bear which doesn’t appear in the list of flavors so it’s possible there are more than 30 flavors in the range.

We’ve given a brief description on each of the 12 different flavors to try and give an insight to how they taste. Bear in mind this is our take on the flavors and only our personal opinion.

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice Sikary S600 disposable

The Strawberry Ice was one of my personal favorites! I’m a sucker for a strawberry vape anyway and Sikary seem to have nailed that delicious, ripe strawberry flavor that lingers on the tastebuds! Both the sweet strawberry and the icy additive are subtle and work together perfectly!

Definitely an all day vape for me and one I’ll be hoping to vape again soon!

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream Sikary S600 disposable

Very similar to the Strawberry Ice flavor I just talked about, the Strawberry Ice Cream blend has just a little bit more sweetness to it and a lovely, creamy undertone! The perfect kind of flavor for a hot summer’s day, it’s another cracking flavor from Sikary!

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana Sikary S600 disposable

Sikary seem to have really nailed the fruity flavors in their range and the Strawberry Banana is no different! For me the banana was the overriding flavor but the strawberry kicks in more on the exhale and nicely rounds the blend off.

Triple Mango

Triple Mango Sikary S600 disposable

Full disclosure here….I’m a complete mango nut! I must have sampled literally hundreds of mango flavors over the years and Sikary’s offering is certainly up there with the best! With several mango fruits dancing in union the Triple Mango is deep and rich with flavor!

Easily another all day vape for me and one I’ll be hoping to vape again soon!

Blueberry Raspberries

Blueberry Raspberries Sikary S600 disposable

With the Blueberry Raspberries flavor I found the blueberry has a subtle sourness to it that’s much more noticeable on the inhale. The raspberry flavor is also incredibly subtle and comes through more on the exhale.

Both flavors work excellently together and I found it hard to put this one down!

Sour Blueberries

Sour Blueberries Sikary S600 disposable

The Sour Blueberries has a delightfully tangy kick to it that lingers on the tastebuds long after you’ve taken a puff! Again the flavor wasn’t overpowering though and one I’d happily vape again!

Sour Apple

Sour Apple Sikary S600 disposable

Another one of my personal favorites, Sikary have really nailed the authentic taste of apple in their Sour Apple blend! I’m not usually the biggest fan of sour apple flavors but Sikary have really done this one justice! On the inhale there’s a rich, sour tang that almost tickles the tastebuds!

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear Sikary S600 disposable

As one of the only non-fruity flavors in the range I was excited to try the Gummy Bear! I’m happy to report that it really didn’t disappoint. It was hard to really identify any one particular flavor, but whatever Sikary have put in here it works really well!

With a real cocktail vibe the Gummy Bear is another flavor that suits a hot summer’s day!


Menthol Sikary S600 disposable

Personally I’m not the biggest fan of menthol flavors. It’s not that I dislike the flavor, more that I prefer a complex, multi-flavored blend in my vapes.

With that being said, Sikary’s Menthol works well as a palette cleanser and has a really refreshing minty taste. Not one I’d probably buy again but perfect for vaper looking for a cool, refreshing flavor!

Cherry Ice

Cherry Ice Sikary S600 disposable

For me the Cherry Ice was my personal favorite from the 12 we received. The cherry has a rich, authentic taste and the ice works nicely to keep it refreshing and cool. It actually reminded me of a Slushie, making it perfect again for a hot, sunny day!

It’s also worth noting again, as with all Sikary flavors, the ice is really subtle and doesn’t overpower the main flavor.

Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice Sikary S600 disposable

Like taking a bite from a juicy slice of watermelon, this one was another tricky one to put down! The Watermelon Ice has a really authentic taste and it feels like you’re taking a bite from the real thing. The ice again works nicely in the blend and just adds a cool, refreshing hint to the blend.

Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime Sikary S600 disposable

An explosion of citrus, the Lemon Lime has a sharp, crisp, lip-smacking taste that keeps you coming back for more! Easily another all day vape for me!

Flavor Summary

Fancy view of the S600 packaging

Having sampled the 12 different S600 disposable flavors, plus the additional flavors we tried when reviewing their K1 pre-filled pods, the flavor blends are really, really good! The standout points for me are they’re not over-flavored or over-sweetened.

As I mentioned earlier, the Ice flavors were very subtle, producing just a hint of coolness. I really did like this and feel Sikary have got the flavor strength ratio spot on.

Overall, there wasn’t a single flavor that I didn’t like. I would be more than happy to vape any of these flavors all day long.

Sikary S600 Disposable Price

There are currently several retailers selling the S600 disposables and it can be bought as a single or twin pack.

On average, the single pack is coming out at around £3 and the twin pack £6. Some sites are also offering multi-buys so do have a search to get the best offer.

Vape Club (who we’ve used many times before) stock the Sikary S600 disposables and provide a really good service.

Sikary S600 Disposable Verdict

Sikary S600 Disposable Review Verdict


  • Good build quality
  • Slim and stylish
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lightweight and fits easily into a pocket
  • Really good flavor
  • A smooth quiet draw
  • Auto draw responsive
  • Extensive range of flavors available
  • No leaks


  • Puff count didn’t match the stated 600
  • Battery capacity could be improved

Sikary S600 Disposable Summary

Different color boxes of the Sikary S600 disposables

Flavor wise we couldn’t fault them, all the flavors we sampled were really nice. The draw activation worked every time and the draw was very smooth and quiet. Throat hit was good from the 20mg nic salts and the ice additive was subtle and gave just that little hint of coolness.

Sikary S600 disposable

The size of the S600 makes it very easy to carry around all day and fits perfectly in a shirt pocket or small bag. Puff count is under the stated 600 but as with most disposable of this capacity this is to be expected.

I would have liked to see the battery lasting a little bit longer but in fairness it gave a good day’s vaping.

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Sikary S600 disposable vape and found it helpful and useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do purchase any of these, please drop us a line with your thoughts and views on them.

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