SKE Crystal Vapes Partners with Recover, Implementing Vape Recycling Bins in Retail Outlets

SKE Crystal Vapes Partners with Recover, Implementing Vape Recycling Bins in Retail Outlets

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SKE Crystal Vapes, a global vaping industry leader, proudly announces its partnership with Recover, a top recycling company. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment as SKE Crystal Vapes reinforces its dedication to sustainability and responsible e-waste management.

This partnership focuses on the responsible disposal and recycling of vaping products. As part of this partnership, SKE Crystal Vapes will introduce dedicated branded bins in retail outlets across the United Kingdom, offering customers a secure and hassle-free way to dispose of used disposable vapes.

SKE Crystal Vapes and Recover are set to address the mounting issue of electronic waste (e-waste) from vaping products. The shared objective of these companies is to promote responsible e-waste disposal, thereby significantly reducing the environmental impact of vaping products.

Recover operates on the principle of “Recycle Responsibly, Recycle Right”. Through the partnership, SKE Crystal Vapes encourages its customers to engage in eco-friendly disposal by providing accessible collection points in retail outlets. This approach is a significant step toward minimizing the ecological footprint of their products.

John Dorman, CEO of Recover, stated, “We’re thrilled to partner with SKE Crystal Vapes to address the e-waste issue from vaping products. Our main goal is to promote secure and eco-friendly e-waste recycling, making recycling more accessible for customers through dedicated retail collection points, and reducing our environmental footprint with local recycling.”

Recover is also engaged in ongoing research into creative solutions for recharging disposable vape batteries, potentially revolutionizing the future of disposable vapes by extending their usability for secondary applications.

SKE Crystal Vapes is enthusiastic about this collaboration and its potential to reshape the vaping industry’s approach to e-waste management. As vaping products gain popularity, this partnership becomes even more critical, emphasizing the importance of responsible e-waste disposal and recycling for environmental preservation.

SKE Crystal Vapes encourages everyone to actively participate in this green initiative by using the branded bins located in retail outlets across the UK. By doing so, customers can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible vaping industry.

For more information on Recover’s vape recycling scheme see here:

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Thanks for checking out this News piece and we hope you enjoyed reading it! It’s refreshing to see a company like SKE take an active role in reducing electronic waste and we wish them all the best in their endeavors!

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