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SKE: Leading the Vaping Industry’s Fight for Progress, From Global Arenas to Local Battlegrounds

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Leading vape brand SKE gained international exposure during the recent ‘Battle of the Baddest’ fight in Sauda Arabia…but now the battleground has moved to the UK

The UK leading vaping brand SKE pulls no punches when it comes to getting its message across that the entire industry must fight hard to realise the full potential of single use vapes.

‘Battle of the Baddest’ – SKE’s Ringside Clash for Progress

SKE was one of the biggest supporters for the recent ‘Battle of the Baddest’ fight in Saudi Arabia between the UK’s Tyson Fury and opponent Francis Ngannou.

A global audience of boxing fans saw the distinctive SKE logo prominently displayed on the shorts of Cameroonian-French mixed martial artist and professional boxer Ngannou.

The match, just like the vape industry, proved to be highly controversial with Fury, who was floored in the third round, going on to win in a split decision by the judges.

But now the battleground has shifted to the UK, where SKE continues its relentless advocacy for the vaping industry.

Championing Change: SKE – The Undisputed Champion in Vaping’s Epic Bout

According to the latest Nielsen IQ data, SKE has emerged as the fastest-growing brand among the Top 10 vape brands in the UK. The remarkable growth has propelled SKE to secure the position of the UK’s third-largest vape brand.

But SKE’s exponential growth within the vaping industry signifies more than just statistics—it’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation, consumer satisfaction, and responsible industry leadership.

This growth positions SKE as the ideal torchbearer for the vaping industry, possessing the prowess, resilience, and innovation required to spearhead positive change in an evolving market.

Ringside Insights: SKE’s Strategic Stance

According to an informed source, SKE chose this high-profile contest because it attracted a global audience and represented the perfect metaphor for the vaping industry and the role that SKE plays within it.

Vaping Hardware was told, “Vaping came from nowhere and in a relatively short period of time it has provided that knockout blow to smoking for millions of people who never thought they would be able to quit combustible tobacco.”

“And just like professional boxing, where the opponents compete for a cash prize, the vape industry is constantly battling, but for a far more important prize pot…the very real opportunity to help eradicate smoking.”

The source added: “Just by looking at the media coverage of vaping, the wins don’t come easy and there’s no shortage of opponents who are lining up to take us on.”

“SKE has battlegrounds on the environment, youth uptake, the flavors we use and the very existence of the single-use vape sector – the very product that has been the most successful in helping adult smokers quit cigarettes and stay off them.”

“And with the UK government currently consulting on plans to bring in tougher regulations to the industry, which could go as far as a ban on single use devices, this is one fight we must not shy away from.”

Towards a Smoke-Free Future: SKE’s Sustainable Initiatives

At SKE – the manufacturer of the best-selling SKE Crystal Bar and the new SKE Crystal PLUS Airflow Adjustment closed pod system – their global successes in giving consumers the products they want comes from investing heavily in both R&D and consumer analysis.

And with the attention currently on environmental and youth uptake issues, SKE is working hard to address these key issues too.

SKE’s ongoing electronic billboard campaign in high-traffic areas of London, Birmingham and Manchester aims to encourage the country’s vapers to recycle their used devices.

The on-screen messaging will show that consumers have a crucial part to play in helping protect the environment and demonstrate that even small changes can make a huge difference.

The e-billboard campaign comes as SKE is preparing for a January launch of its eco-friendly SKE KLAX disposable product line, made from 99% biodegradable kraft paper and designed for easy disassembly where the batteries and pods can be efficiently recycled after use.

SKE has also partnered with leading UK recycling organization Recover to rollout 50 e-cigarette eco-recycling bins to retailers in London and Manchester, ensuring a transparent and accountable recycling process.

Vaping Hardware was told, “With so many of our opponents using harmful disinformation to show us up in a bad light, it is more important than ever that we continue to come out fighting and show consumers, health professionals, regulators and parliamentarians that we have a vital role to play in helping secure a smoke-free UK.”

At Vaping Hardware we couldn’t agree more with the message being put out by SKE! It’s a pleasure working with partners in the industry who have an optimistic outlook on the issues affecting vapers and a drive to bring about positive change!

We hope you enjoyed the post and if you’d like to see how else SKE is fighting the good fight then check out our other News pieces!

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