SMOK Nfix Review

SMOK Nfix Pod Review | The Perfect Variable Wattage Pod For Beginners!

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This year, we’ve been on a mission to find the best pod vape system we could get our hands on! One name that kept popping up was the Nfix pod by SMOK… So when VapeSourcing offered to send us the SMOK Nfix to review, I jumped at the chance to put this pod to the test!

A big thank you to VapeSourcing for sending us the kit for the purposes of this SMOK Nfix review. BUT as usual I’ll be giving you my honest thoughts and opinions – good or bad!

The Nfix is a draw activated, MTL pod vape featuring a 700mAh internal battery, refillable 3ml capacity pods and adjustable wattage up to 25w.

Much like the other pod vape systems we’ve reviewed, the Nfix is simple and easy to use. Perfect for ‘no-fuss’ vaping or as a starter kit for a vaping beginner.

Quick Note: I only review and/or recommend products I’ve tried and tested. If this post contains an affiliate link I may receive a small commission on any purchase made at no extra cost to you.

But without further ado, let’s get stuck into the full SMOK Nfix pod review!

SMOK Nfix Pod Review


Features & Specification

  • Size (mm) – 110 x 21.5 x 13
  • Net Weight – 32g
  • Available In 12 Colors
  • 0.69″ OLED Display
  • Puff Counter
  • 700 mAh Battery
  • Micro USB-C Charging Port
  • Charge Time – 40 Minutes
  • Adjustable Wattage – 0 – 25w
  • Draw Activated
  • All The Usual Safety Features

SMOK Nfix | What’s In The Box

  • SMOK Nfix Device
  • Nfix 0.8ohm DC MTL Pod x 2
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

SMOK Nfix | Design & Appearance

SMOK Nfix - Comfortable To Hold

I’m always impressed with the design and build quality of SMOK products, and the Nfix is no different. It’s well built, easy to use and super comfortable to hold.

It’s compact and lightweight, with size dimensions of 110mm x 21.5mm x 13mm and a total weight of 32g. At this size and weight, it fits easily into a pocket or bag – extremely convenient and perfect for vaping on the go.

The body (or battery section) of the SMOK Nfix is rectangular in shape, with bevelled edges and a single airflow hole on either side. The SMOK logo is printed on the front, with ‘Nfix’ printed on the back. The 0.69″ OLED display and single button sit on the front facing side of the Nfix towards the base.

The button is not a firing button, it’s purely for adjusting the wattage and turning the Nfix on/off. The Nfix is a draw activated device, which means you just inhale on the mouthpiece/pod section to take a hit.

Adjusting the wattage is really simple – just click the button three times and the wattage display will flash. Now click the button again and the wattage increases in 1 watt increments. When you’ve found the wattage you want, just wait 3 seconds and the display will stop flashing – you’re good to go!

In terms of the display, you’ll see battery life, resistance, wattage, voltage and a puff counter. It’s a nice little display with everything you need.

I do have a bit of a gripe with the display though – when you remove the pod from the battery section of the Nfix, the puff counter resets to zero! It’s not a major issue, but it is frustrating if you like to keep track of how much you’re vaping!

The pods (more on these later) slot comfortably into the top of the Nfix. They’re held in place with two small magnets and small ‘ridges’ built into the side of each pod. It’s a great design and each pod I tried fitted snug, with no movement or wiggle room.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the design of the SMOK Nfix. It feels sturdy and well built, yet still lightweight and compact enough to be convenient. It’s also really easy to use, with just the one button and basic OLED display – perfect for new vapers or as a simple back up device.

SMOK Nfix Pods | Design

The Nfix pods are refillable and disposable, so you use them until the coil and/or wick burn out and then just throw them away. The coils are fixed in each pod, so when the coil burns out you need to replace the whole pod.

The earlier SMOK Nord (and plenty of other pod systems on the market) allow you to replace the actual coil within the pod. This obviously cuts down on waste and it would have been a nice feature to have on the Nfix.

However, at the time of writing there are only two coil/pod options for the Nfix – 0.8ohm DC MTL or 0.8ohm Mesh. Both pod options have the same design and 3ml e-juice capacity but have different recommended wattage ranges.

The Nfix Kit I received came with two 0.8ohm DC MTL pods, one installed and one spare. The pods are made from clear plastic (PCTG) and the mouthpiece is integrated/fixed, forming the top part of the pod.

Because the pods are clear, you can easily see how much e-juice you have remaining. In fact, you can actually see about half way down the pod without having to remove it, which is pretty handy.

There’s also a ‘minimum’ fill line etched on the side of each pod, so you know when it’s time to re-fill – I’ll show you how to do this a bit further down.

On the underside of the pod are two small magnets to hold it in place. As I mentioned before, there are also small ‘ridges’ built into the side of the pod to keep it secure.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the design of the Nfix pods. They’re easy to use and replace, well built and snug fitting.

SMOK Nfix | Performance

Ok, so first things first…

The airflow on the SMOK Nfix provides a fairly tight, restrictive MTL draw. It’s almost perfect for me – not too tight, not too loose, but just right.

Just keep in mind, the airflow isn’t adjustable so if you prefer a super tight (or loose!) draw the SMOK Nfix might not be right for you.

The flavor and vapor from the 0.8ohm DC MTL pods is absolutely spot on! Thick, warm vapor and really decent flavor! The recommended wattage range for these pods is 15 – 25w but even at 10w I was getting more than enough flavor and vapor. Crank it up to 20w and the plumes of vapor are really impressive – not to mention the fact the flavor really pops!

Throat hit is also really decent and almost perfectly mimics the throat hit you get from a cigarette. I know e-juice can play a big role in throat hit, but I ran a bunch of different juices through the pods and they all gave a really satisfying throat hit.

Pod life is excellent and far better than I expected. I use 50/50 PG/VG e-juice and higher VG might reduce the lifespan slightly, but I got around 3 weeks of heavy vaping out of each pod before needing to replace it.

Were there any negatives?

Yes, a couple…

I mentioned earlier, the puff counter re-sets to zero every time you remove the pod which is slightly frustrating. The pods also seem to leak a bit – nothing extreme but I did have to wipe the base of the pod every time I re-filled or took it out to check the juice level.

My only other gripe is the battery capacity… At 700mAh, it’s not awful but it doesn’t last long if you’re chain vaping, especially at the higher end of the wattage range.

I also noticed that if the battery fell below 45% (visible on the display), the display would flash ‘BATTERY LOW’ and the Nfix wouldn’t fire.

It’s not a huge issue for me, especially as we’re in lock-down and I’m always close to a socket for re-charging. BUT I don’t think I could rely on the Nfix as my primary vape if I’m heading out for the day.

How Do I Change The SMOK Nfix Pod?

Removing the SMOK Nfix pod

Installing a new Nfix pod is really simple. Just remove the existing pod and insert a fresh one…

You’ll need to make sure you’ve filled the new Nfix pod with e-juice. We’ll cover that in just a second, but other than that you’re all set!

Make sure you give the new pod a few minutes to soak up the e-juice before you take a puff. This means your wick can saturate fully and you’ll be less likely to experience a dry hit.

How Do I Fill The SMOK Nfix Pods?

If it’s a fresh Nfix pod, take it out of the packaging. If you’re re-filling your current Nfix pod, remove it from the battery section of the device.

On the side of the Nfix pod is a black rubber plug. Pop a fingernail under the plug and gently lift it.

Insert the tip of your e-juice bottle into the fill hole and fill the pod to about 75% capacity. You don’t want to overfill, so just to be sure I always leave a little space left in the pod.

When you’re done, replace the rubber plug and give it a firm press to make sure it’s secure.

Now you’re all filled and ready to go. If this is the first time you’re filling the pod, just make sure to wait a few minutes before you take a puff so the wick can fully saturate.

How Do I Charge The SMOK Nfix?

Charging the SMOK Nfix is easy – the micro USB-C port is on the base of the device. Just plug the power cable into a suitable USB outlet, insert the cable into the micro USB-C port on the base of the Nfix and you’re charging!

The OLED display will tell you the battery percentage and even how many minutes left until the Nfix is fully charged. This is a nice feature and not something I’ve seen on any other pod vape we’ve reviewed.

SMOK Nfix | Price

We’re based in the UK, and here you can pick up the SMOK Nfix for around £22. This is pretty reasonable considering what you get for the money and how long each pod lasts. The replacement pods are around £10, which is pretty standard for replacement pods regardless of the device you’re using.

If you’re buying outside of the UK, expect to pay around $20 for the Nfix and $8 for replacement pods. The below links will take you to VapeSourcing – they offer international shipping and are currently running a 30% discount!

SMOK Nfix | Verdict


  • Great Flavor & Vapor
  • 3ml E-Juice Capacity
  • Variable Wattage
  • OLED Display
  • Coil/Pod Life
  • Easy To Use
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Affordable Price


  • Slight Leaking
  • Battery Life

Overall I’m impressed with the SMOK Nfix pod system. The airflow, flavor, vapor and build quality are all absolutely spot on and it’s definitely a great starter kit for vaping beginners.

I do wish SMOK had included a larger battery capacity – something similar to the SMOK Nord 2 perhaps – but this shouldn’t be an issue for light or casual vapers.

Another thumbs up for SMOK – the Nfix is a great little device at a reasonable price if you’re looking for a convenient, easy to use vape with great flavor!

Comments 12

    1. Hi Evangelia,
      You can use either normal (freebase) nicotine juice or nic salts juice. It doesnt matter which type you use, it’s down to your own personal preference.

  1. Been using these for year snd a half dont buy them! Everyone I ve had lasts for 2 months 3 at most before pods start leaking and it keeps firing after you puff on it and nothing fixes them after a while trued all the fixes Stay away.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear you’ve not had a good experience with them. The both we’ve had have both performed pretty well for almost a year. Saying this we do alternate between quite a few pods/mods so we dont vape them constantly.
      For a low cost pod we can only say for the price it performed pretty good. Hope you can find something that suits you more and lasts a lot longer than the 2/3 months you’ve been getting.

  2. I’m sorry, I have to call BS here. In a pack of 3 pods you get 1 pod that lasts 4-5 days, one that lasts 2-3 days and the last pod lasts a day or two if you’re lucky. This thing is almost more frustrating than it’s worth. Almost. I’d just throw it out if I hadn’t of quit smoking and was hooked on it. There’s nothing worse than being addicted to something made of just poor quality.

    1. Hi Shawn,
      Sorry to hear you’re having problems with the pods. From the time we’ve been using the NFix we all get around 2+ weeks from a pod, sometimes longer.
      Unfortunately with mass produced pods, the quality is not always consistent so you will get a few duds now and again.
      You should be getting longer out of the pod than you are. There could be a few reasons the coil life is as low as it is.
      1. High VG or certain desert liquids will shorten the coil life.
      2. Chain vaping or high/max wattage will stress the coil and kill it quicker.
      3. Letting it run dry before filling.
      4. Clone pods. Always buy from a well known supplier.

      Also when you use a new pod, fill it up with your e juice and leave it to stand for 15 mins before you start to vape it. This will ensure the juice has saturated the wick enough before you vape on it. Also bed the new pod in. For the first few draws vape at 5W, then slowly increase it each time till you reach your ideal wattage. Hitting a new pod/coil at max wattage straight away is again going to stress the coil and shorten its life.

      Hope these tips help and good luck with increasing the life of your pods.

  3. If you don’t want your puff count to “zero out” when removing the pod, just turn off the Nfix before removal. Press the button rapidly 5 times then remove pod. Replace the pod and power the device up again.

    1. Hi Bert,

      Thanks for the positive feedback on our review.

      On average each pod would last me around 3ish weeks before needing replacing. During this time I would cycle around 130ml of e-liquid through the pod.

      Obviously this is dependent on the wattage you vape at, the e-liquid your using and the PG/VG ratio of your mix. Higher wattage, higher than 50% VG and some sweet e-liquid flavours will reduce the pod/coil life.

      As a pack of 3 replaceable pod cost in the region of £7/$7, this still makes the cost of replacing them against the life of each pod cost effective. I find quite a lot of my replaceable coils in other tanks give about the same lifespan.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Antoinette,
      Thanks for your question.
      It may not be the juice that’s gone off, it may just be the coil/wick in the pod has reached the end of its life and giving you the bad burnt taste. They do only have a limited life. Buy additional pods and you’re good to go.
      The only way to get the e-juice out of the pod is to open the flap where you would normally fill the pod, tilt the pod on its side so the e-juice runs out of the opening.
      Hope this helps.

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