Smok RPM160 Pod Review - Verdict

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Review | A Huge Beast of a Pod

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The Smok RPM160 Pod Mod is taking the pod market by storm. The latest release from Smok, the RPM160 Pod Mod Kit is fully adjustable, fully re-buildable (using the RDTA pod) and powered by dual external 18650 batteries.

This pod mod is a beast! With an e-liquid capacity of 7.5ml (non TPD), it delivers up to 160W of pure DTL flavor and vapor. Although larger than most pods on the market today, it still feels comfortable to hold but won’t fit very well in your shirt pocket!

We knew it wouldn’t be long before someone designed a dual battery pod mod capable of immense power. True to form, Smok have achieved it.

We reviewed the Smok RPM80 Pro earlier in the year and were really impressed with the design, build quality and performance. We couldn’t wait to review the SMOK RPM160 to see how it compared…

I’d like to thank the guys at Vapesourcing for sending me the Smok RPM160 Pod Mod kit for the purpose of this review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion of this latest device in the Smok RPM series.

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod


Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 125mm x 45mm x 28.2mm
  • Weight: 120 grams (excluding batteries)
  • Construction: Zinc Alloy
  • Charging: Micro USB with Battery Balancing
  • Charging Voltage: 5V +/- 0.2V
  • Charging Current: 1.8A Max
  • Output Wattage: 5-160W
  • E-liquid Capacity: 7.5ml (non TPD) / 2ml (TPD) Pod
  • Pods: Refillable, Replaceable Coil
  • Resistance Range: 0.1ohm – 2.5ohm
  • Battery Specification: 2 x 18650 External Batteries (not included) 
  • Output Voltage: 0.5V – 8.2V
  • Display: 0.96inch TFT Color Screen
  • Airflow: Dual Slot (non adjustable)

What’s In The Box

  • Smok RPM160 Pod Mod
  • Smok RPM160 Pod (7.5ml)
  • RPM160 Mesh Coils (0.15ohm) x 2
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Design & Appearance

Smok RPM160 | In The Hand

The Smok RPM160 Pod Mod is one of the first (perhaps THE first!) dual 18650 battery powered pod mod kits to hit the market. It’s capable of firing up to 160W with an e-liquid capacity of 7.5ml (2ml TPD variant).

An ultra-fast firing speed of 0.001 seconds is achieved by the smart IQ-160 chip set, which also ensures the multitude of safety features are maintained.

All the controls and features are on the front of the Smok RPM160. These include a 0.96inch TFT color display, a large rectangular firing button and two smaller rectangular up/down buttons.

A micro USB charging port is positioned just below the up/down buttons.

Two non-adjustable airflow slots are incorporated into the mod pod housing above the firing button on the front and in the same position on the reverse of the pod mod.

The battery compartment opens by sliding the latch at the bottom of the pod mod towards the back of the device. Once open, the orientation of the batteries are visible by a + and – on the sliding latch.

Looking into the casing, you will see a further indication regarding the battery orientation. A red + sign on one terminal and a black – sign on the other terminal.

On the top of the mod, the pod is held in place by two strong magnets in a recess either side of the two spring loaded coil connecting gold plated pins.

Smok RPM160 | Pod and Connections

There are 6 colors available, silver, blue, black, gold, red and rainbow. The RPM160 is constructed out of lightweight zinc alloy making it super portable. Faux carbon fiber colored panels (stickers) wrap around the front and back of the pod mod.

For a device of this size and power, it still feels reasonably light, even with the two 18650 batteries inserted. Robustness wise, if it were dropped from a height would it survive?

I was reluctant to try it but from the feel of it I would be surprised if it did!

Smok RPM160 Pod Design and Appearance

The pod is manufactured as an all in one case out of semi-opaque smoked black lightweight PCTG.

It’s mouthpiece is fully integrated into the pod and the shape is the same as the outline of the pod mod itself.

E-liquid capacity is a massive 7.5ml (2ml TPD) and has a pretty large filling port at the back of the pod. A silicon rubber flap connects to the pod and when required to fill, is simply unplugged then re-inserted when filling is completed.

A very handy option on the silicon rubber filling flap is, once you unplug the filling port, the section that remains attached to the pod can be swiveled round out of the way while filling takes place.

Two very large and very strong magnets do a very good job of holding the pod in place when fitted to the Smok RPM160 Pod Mod.

Even though the pod is semi-opaque, I’m really pleased to see that it’s not too dark. The e-liquid level is visible in normal light conditions.

The pod will only fit into the RPM160 Pod Mod one way round. Simply line up the contours of the pod that match the pod mod and your good to go.

Unfortunately I can’t comment on the 2ml variant of pod as I only received the non TPD variant. I think it’s fair to say that, because of the size of the coil and the power required, 2ml of e-liquid won’t last long at all.

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Functionality

The Smok RPM160 is pretty straightforward to use and limited to variable wattage (VW) only.

All of the set parameters are shown on the 0.96 inch colored TFT display. These include:

  • Battery percentage status of each battery (A and B)
  • Wattage display (set by the up/down buttons)
  • Lock and unlock of the wattage adjustment
  • Voltage at the coil
  • Resistance of the fitted coil
  • Puff counter
  • Puff (firing) time

There are no menu options to worry about. The only functions available are carried out by the firing button and the two up/down buttons as follows:

  • Fire button pressed will initiate vaping
  • Left button pressed will reduce the wattage (down)
  • Right button pressed will increase the wattage (up)
  • Fire button pressed 5 times in succession will turn the power on/off
  • Fire button pressed 3 times in succession will lock/unlock the Fire button
  • Fire and Left button  pressed together will reset the Puff counter
  • Left and Right button  pressed together will lock/unlocked the wattage adjustment

Wattage is variable from 5W through to 160W in 1W increments. Holding either the up or down button, will cycle through the wattage quicker.

The usual safety features have been included in the functionality of the chip set including:

  • Low voltage battery protection cut-off
  • Ohms too high
  • Ohms too low
  • PCBA too hot
  • 8 second timeout.

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Performance

0.15 ohm Mesh Coil

Smok state the recommended wattage for this coil is between 40W-90W, best between 70W-80W.

After priming the coil and leaving to stand for 15 minutes, I filled up the pod with my usual 6mg 50PG/50VG Thug Juice.

As always, I start with a low wattage to ease the coil in for a few puffs. Not much happened until I raised the wattage up to 40W. At that point, the flavor and vapor really started to kick in.

Increasing the wattage to 60W really improved the flavor and the throat hit was really good. As for the vapor production, it’s incredible. I’ve not experienced such thick clouds from a pod before. I’ve only ever achieved this from a very good sub ohm tank or dripper.

The non-adjustable airflow gave a loose ‘direct-to-lung’ (DTL) draw which was ideal for my vaping style. Blocking off one of the airflow slots did restrict the draw a little if this is your thing.

I cycled a high VG juice (Mango) through the pod at 80W and the coil performed perfectly. No dry hits or burnt taste. The flavor was really crisp and the vapor clouds were so thick I couldn’t see the TV!

Because of the high power needed to get the best out of the coil, I wouldn’t recommend using ‘nic salt’ e-juice. This might be just a little too much of a nicotine hit!

Overall, I’m impressed with the flavor from this coil and have been using it constantly for the last two weeks with no loss of performance.

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Battery Performance

The Smok RPM160 Pod Mod is powered by two external 18650 batteries. Because the mod is capable of powering up to a maximum of 160W, I would recommend using matched batteries with a CDR value of at least 25A each.

As with any dual battery device, it’s imperative you use a matched (paired) set of batteries at all times. If you’re not familiar with matched batteries and why you should use them, please read our guide on pairing your vape batteries.

To ensure you fit the correctly rated batteries for your vaping setup you can also check our our ‘Battery Amp Draw/Drain Calculator‘. This’ll help you determine the right CDR value of your batteries for the maximum wattage you intend to vape at.

I’m a reasonably heavy vaper, but I do vape at a low to medium wattage, typically around 50W on the supplied coils. I’ve been using a paired set of Samsung 30Q’s with a rating of 2500mAh and I’m getting a good day and a half on a fully charged set of batteries.

Obviously, this will either increase or decrease depending on your vaping style and the current capacity of your batteries.

How do I Fill the Smok RPM160 Pod?

As per the design of the RPM80 Pod, you don’t have to remove the pod to fill with e-liquid.

The fill port is located on the rear of the pod and is concealed behind a silicon rubber flap.

Pull open the flap and insert your e-liquid drip tip into the opening. Once filled, re-insert the silicon rubber flap making sure the fill port is resealed.

I did find that the first few times of filling, the silicon rubber flap was difficult to both remove and re-insert. Once this action had been done a few times it did become easier.

Quick Tip: When you’re filling the pod for the first time, saturate the wick of the coil with a few drops of e-liquid first. When you then insert the coil into the pod and fill completely, leave to stand for around 10 minutes. This’ll really help to prolong the life of your coil.

How do I change the coil in the Smok RPM160 Pod Mod?

Changing the coil in the RPM160 pod is really straight forward.

The coil design is a push fit connection type with 2 O-Rings towards the top of the coil and a larger O-Ring towards the bottom.

Because the coil has an increased lip size at the bottom of the coil, simply grasp the coil and pull outwards.

Be careful when removing the coil if you have a full pod of e-liquid as spillage will occur. Small amounts of e-liquid left in the pod when removing the coil will remain in the pod.

When re-inserting a new coil, align the 2 flat sides of the coil to match the flats of the 2 magnets, then push firmly in.

As always when using a new coil, make sure you prime the coil first before using. See our handy guide on how to ‘Prime a Coil’.

How do I Charge the Smok RPM160 Pod Mod?

As with most external battery mods or pods, there are 2 ways you can charge the battery(s).

The first option is to use the supplied USB charging cable. Connect one end into the pod mods charging port and the other end into a suitable power source (typically 5V/1A).

Smok RPM160 | Charging

Even though Smok specify they use a balanced charging circuit in their design, I personally wouldn’t trust it.

Because the Smok RPM160 Pod Mod uses dual matched 18650 batteries, I didn’t try to charge them in the pod mod itself. I’m very particular in looking after my batteries and always charge them externally.

The second option is to use a reputable external battery charger which I always recommend.

If you don’t already have one and want to purchase a good 18650 battery charger, please read out ‘Best 18650 Battery Charger‘ guide.

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Price

Expect to pay around £35 – £40 for the Smok RPM160 Pod Mod. Considering the e-liquid capacity of 7.5ml and a maximum power of 160W, this really is a very good price.

Replaceable coils can be bought for around £9 – £11 for a pack of 3 and replaceable pods for around £5.

Don’t forget you’ll need to purchase 2 x 18650 batteries (a matched pair) to power the RPM160 Pod Mod. If you need any help picking a good set check out our best 18650 battery post.

Smok RPM160 Pod Mod Verdict


  • Clear visible uncluttered display
  • Dual external batteries
  • Lightweight considering the size
  • E-liquid level visible in the pod.
  • Pod is held securely
  • Massive 7.5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Good flavor
  • Terrific vapor production
  • RDTA pod available


  • No adjustable airflow
  • E-liquid seepage in pod housing recess
Smok RPM160 Verdict

All in all, the Smok RPM160 Pod Mod kit is well built and despite its size, is comfortable to use. The flavor from the supplied coils is good and the cloud production is immense.

Adjustable airflow would have been a nice option to fine tune the vaping experience but not essential.

The Smok RPM160 Pod Mod is definitely NOT a stealth device and could have a limited audience due to being a dual battery mod. The supplied 0.15 ohms coils do require high wattage to achieve a good vape experience which will inevitably drain the batteries quicker.

Nice to know that Smok have made an RDTA pod option available to fit this device for those people wishing to build their own coils.

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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