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Suorin Air Mod Review / Variable 40W Re-Fillable Pod With Replaceable Coils

Richard WinterPod Vapes 2 Comments

We received the Suorin Air Mod today to review and have to say that as I unboxed it I was pleasantly surprised but a little intrigued with its design and looks.

Even though it’s called a mod, it doesn’t have a 510 threaded tank so it’s a pod. Unlike traditional pods, this one doesn’t follow the conventional style of slotting into a pod recess on the top of the device.

Suorin Air Mod

First impressions when looking at the Suorin Air Mod is that it’s a one piece design with one side being a colored zinc alloy and the other side being semi-transparent PCTG material in the same color. Even the airflow control, + / – control and fire buttons being the same PCTG color.

What’s even more confusing, the pod on the Suorin Air looks identical to the colored PCTG material and forms part of the semi-transparent side casing. To this end, you have to look closely to see what part of the device is the actual pod section.

All in all it’s a very clever and very aesthetically pleasing concept and design. It really isn’t apparent until you look closely at the Suorin Air Mod what’s what and where’s where.

Having only recently been made aware of the company Suorin when we were asked to review their Air Pro kit a couple of months ago, we were very impressed with the quality, design and performance. I have high hopes for the Suorin Air Mod and hope it performs equally as good if not better than the Air Pro kit.

Anyway on to the review, please continue reading as we proceed to go through its specification and performance.


Suorin Air Mod with display Illuminated

The Suorin Air Mod is a Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) and Restricted-Direct-To-Lung (RDL) pod device, powered by an internal 1500mAh battery with a variable power level of 5W to 40W. Different vaping styles are achieved by the adjustable airflow control on the side casing of the Air Mod body and selecting either of the two included replaceable 0.6 ohm or 0.8 ohm mesh coils.

Charging the Suorin Air Mod is carried out using the supplied charging cable connecting into the bottom of the Air Mod’s Type-C USB charging port specified as 5V/1A. A 0.96 inch TFT single color display clearly identifies the battery and power levels, coil resistance, puff counter and vaping time.

The side fitted semi-transparent pod is magnetically secured to the Air Mod body, having an e-liquid capacity of 2ml / 3ml, is re-fillable once the pod is removed from the body and accepts the push fit Air Mod coils. Its mouthpiece is integrated into the pod casing therefore because the pod is fitted to one side will sit off center to the Air Mod body.

Variable power level is controlled by the + and – control buttons and the Air Mod will also auto-detect the fitted coil and select the optimum wattage for that coil.

Two methods of firing the device are available; either auto draw or using the fire button which is located above the + / – control buttons and below the airflow control slider all positioned on the side of the Suorin Air Mod.

There are 8 different colors in the Suorin Air Mod range; Clear Silver, Clear Green, Clear Blue, Clear Red, Gunmetal, Black, Sunglow Red and Rainbow.

Suorin Air Mod Casing View 1
Suorin Air Mod Casing View 2

The color variant we received is the Clear Red model which you will see in the photos throughout this review. The Clear variants are semi-transparent, color matched to the Air Mod body color, so the electronic circuit boards can be seen through the PCTG material.

Its design and shape is a flat compact device, reminiscent of the Suorin Air Pro which we reviewed a little while ago and is becoming Suorin’s trade mark design on the Air series of devices.

Carry on reading to see what our thoughts were, explore the finer detail and look into the workings and performance of the Suorin Air Mod kit.

I would like to thank Chilly at Suorin for sending me the Suorin Air Mod kit to review. As always this review is completely unbiased and is my honest opinion of my findings on this supplied kit. If you click on any of the buy buttons, we may receive a small affiliate commission but at no extra cost to you.

Suorin Air Mod Kit Review


Features and Specifications

  • Construction: Zinc Alloy and PCTG / Plastic
  • Dimensions: 99.6mm (H) x 42.6mm (W) x 14.1mm (D)
  • Weight: 89.8 grams
  • Charging: Type-C USB 5V/1A
  • Resistance Range: Not Specified
  • Output Wattage: 5W to 40W (Note 1)
  • Voltage Range: 3.3V – 4.2V
  • Max Output Current: 10A
  • Output Mode: Wattage
  • Battery Specification: Internal 1500mAh Battery
  • Display: 0.96 inch TFT Screen
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml (TPD) / 3ml (Standard)
  • Filling Method: Concealed Side Fill
  • Firing Method: Push Button and Draw Activation
  • Coils: Replaceable Push Fit 0.6 and 0.8 ohm Mesh Coils
  • Drip Tip: Integrated Mouthpiece
  • Airflow: Adjustable Slide Lever
  • Pod Connection: Magnetic

Note 1: When the 0.8 ohm coil is fitted, the maximum wattage is limited to a max of 18W.

What’s in the box?

Suorin Air Mod Whats In The Box
  • Suorin Air Mod Kit (including Pod)
  • 0.6 ohm Mesh Coil
  • 0.8 ohm Mesh Coil
  • Type-C USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

The Pod doesn’t come pre-installed with a coil fitted in situ but has both the coils in sealed cartons. Also it was nice to see that the printed user manual is a decent print text size. Has to be the first time I’ve not had to use a magnifying glass to read it!

For all you sharp eyed folk out there, the box shows the Clear Green mod on the front. The one we received was the Clear Red but it came in the box shown with a sticker to show the clear red was inside.

Suorin Air Mod Design and Appearance

Before we get into the nitty gritty details I must point out that as soon as you first look at and hold the Suorin Air Mod you will be somewhat bemused.

Suorin Air Mod Main View

One side (half) of the Air Mod is made of colored zinc alloy and the other side is made of semi-transparent PCTG material of the same color. It’s not obvious if it has a pod or where it is as the pod completely matches the semi-transparent side casing, with its mouthpiece integrated into the pod casing and locates into the top side of the Air Mod.

Also the + / – control buttons, fire button and variable airflow control slider blend in so well with the semi-transparent side casing, being made of the same colored PCTG/Plastic material. Even the 0.96 inch TFT display is hidden within this casing.

Suorin Air Mod +/- and Fire Buttons

I have to say I commend Suorin for thinking outside the box with this design, it may not suit everyone’s taste but I do find it quite quirky and not apparent that it’s even a vape pod/mod.

The Suorin Air Mod is an internal 1500mAh battery pod device providing variable wattage control of 5W to 40W, adjustable in 1W increments by using the + and – control buttons.  Pressing the + / – buttons simultaneously will lock/unlock the device.

Mouth to Lung and Restricted Direct to Lung styles of vaping can be simulated using the supplied 0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm mesh coils and adjusting the airflow control slider, positioned on the semi-transparent side casing.

Made out of Zinc Alloy and PCTG, they are available in 8 different color finishes. The overall dimensions of the Suorin Air Mod are 99.6mm tall by 42.6mm wide and 14.1mm thick with a total weight of 89.6 grams. It’s a semi flat design with oval contoured edges on each side and top and bottom with a flat surface on the bottom to stand the Air Mod upright.

Suorin Air Mod and Pod

Because the flat bottom surface of the Air Mod is quite narrow I wouldn’t reply on it remaining upright. The height and weight makes this a little unstable. I would recommend laying it down on its side so it doesn’t fall over.

Suorin Air Mod Side View and Pod

Firing the Air Mod is operated by pressing the very slightly raised rectangular fire button or alternatively it has auto-draw activation as well. The response and feel of this button and both the + / – buttons are fairly positive with a small click and don’t have any button rattle.

Suorin Air Mod Display Side with Pod

A 0.96 inch TFT single color display screen is located beneath the semi-transparent casing towards the bottom of the Air Mod parallel to the control buttons. All of the displayed information is clearly visible, easy to read and is not cluttered.

The included information on the display is as follows:

  • Battery level indicator
  • Wattage levels
  • Lock / Unlock
  • Coil resistance reading
  • Puff counter
  • Vaping time reading
Suorin Air Mod Type C Charge Port

Charging the Suorin Air Mod is carried out via the bottom located Type-C USB port, specified as 5V/1A, using the supplied Type-C charging cable. Full charge takes approximately 2 hours but does have pass-through so you can vape while it’s being charged.

Air Mod Airflow Slider

A single airflow control slider lever is positioned just above the fire button. Restricting the airflow is carried out by moving the slider upwards towards the top of the Air Mod, opening the airflow by moving the slider downwards. The movement of this slider is limited to about 3mm.

Towards the top side in the semi-transparent casing of the Suorin Air Mod is the pod recess and housing. On the flat side of this opening is a small flush fitting circular magnet that aligns with the pod once it’s fitted.

Suroin Air Mod Pod Recess
Close Up Of Air Mod Pod Recess

In the pod recess is another magnet, this time rectangular, with 2 gold plated spring loaded coil contact pins and an auto draw control sensor. The airflow opening can also be seen on the oval side of this recess.

Suorin’s branding is very discrete and kept to a minimum, with their name “SUORIN Air Mod” screen printed on the lower section of the zinc alloy frame on one side and the usual CE markings with “Designed by Suorin” on the other side.

With regards to safety features, the on-board chip provides the following prompts:

  • Time Over:- 8 seconds timeout (vape cut-off)
  • Bat Low:- Low battery voltage
  • No Atomizer:- No coil/pod detected
  • Ohms Too Low:- Short circuit and low resistance cut-off

Overall, the Suorin Air Mod feels very solid, robust and very well built. It’s pretty compact, feels very comfortable to hold and in my opinion looks a great little pod kit. The design and appearance is different from the normal which I like and the semi-transparent half case is quirky and interesting.

The high gloss colored zinc alloy half casing looks nice but be warned; it’s a finger magnet.

Suorin Air Mod Pod Design and Appearance

The Suorin Air Mod pod has a 2ml (TPD) or 3ml (standard) e-liquid capacity and is constructed out of color matching semi-transparent PCTG material. Its dimensions are 45mm tall (31mm when fitted) by 19.6mm wide by 13.7mm at its deepest point.

Suorin Air Mod Top Side View

Unlike any pod I’ve seen, this one matches the color of the Air Mod and fits into the top side of the device. Once it’s fitted you really are hard pushed to distinguish it from the mod itself.

Air Mod Pod Mouthpiece
Air Mod Pod Mouthpiece and Chimney

The mouthpiece is integrated into the pod casing with a 7.5mm oval opening that leads down to an internal circular chimney.

Suorin Air Mod and Pod Being Removed
Air Mod Pod Silicone Rubber Bung

It’s a concealed side fill design so has to be removed from the Air Mod in order to fill. When removed, there is a green silicone rubber flap that sits against the inner casing of the pod and incorporates a rubber bung and a small circular magnet in its center that latches to the Air Mod.

The silicone rubber flap has the branding “Suorin” etched into it. Gaining access to the fill port is carried out by lifting the flap to release the rubber bung that seals the filling port. The end to lift away is where the Suorin name is etched and it is held in place at the top by a small rubber spike so won’t get misplaced.

Air Mod Pod Fill Port

This e-liquid fill port is a pretty decent size semi-oval opening measuring 4.8mm so is big enough to accept short stubby e-liquid tip bottles.

Below this rubber fill port flap is etched the e-liquid capacity (in my case 3ml) and further down the pod a “Min” e-liquid level.

Suorin Air Mod Pod and Coils

On the bottom of the pod that fits into the Air Mod is another rectangular bar magnet that secures the pod and the circular coil opening where the push fit coil is placed.

The pod accepts the Air Mod range of push fit replaceable coils. Two O-rings on the top of the coil proved an airtight seal into the circular chimney in the pod and a further O-ring towards the base of the coil provides the seal into the base of the pod.

These coils are a nice tight snug fit into pod and do a great job of ensuring no e-liquid will seep from the pod.

Positioning the Air Mod Coil

When fitting either coil you will notice the base of the coil has two flat sides. You MUST ensure that either of the curved (round) edges of the coil base line up with the curved edge of the pod otherwise the coil won’t fully insert into the pod.

Inserting the pod is straight-forward enough, simply offer the bottom of the pod into the side recess of the Air Mod and it will slide into the recess and be locked and snap into place by the two magnets. Removing the pod is carried out by applying pressure to the pod body and lifting upwards away from the Air Mod body.

Overall I really am impressed with the design of the pod, it’s certainly different from the norm. The silicone rubber fill port bung works really well and the filling port is a decent size. The integrated mouthpiece works well, the coils fit very snug and the magnets do a good job of securing the pod in place.

My only reservation is because the pod sits to one side of the Air Mod and the mouthpiece is in the corner of the pod, it is not obvious unless you look at it, what corner you put to your lips to vape.

Suorin Air Mod Functionality

Suorin Air Mod Display Side

The Suorin Air Mod is a variable wattage (5W-40W) pod with a 0.96 inch TFT single color display which shows all of the set parameters. Changes to these are carried out by sequential presses of the fire button and the + and – buttons as follows:

  • Fire button pressed 5 times turns the device on or off
  • + button will increment the wattage in 1W steps
  • – button will decrease the wattage in 1W steps
  • Fire button and + button will reset the Puff counter
  • + and – buttons together will Lock/Unlock the device
Suorin Air Mod Showing Max

Holding either the + or – button down will increment the wattage adjustment faster. There is no round robin on the buttons so once it reaches its minimum or maximum the display will remain at that level. Once the maximum wattage (40W) is reached, the display will indicate “MAX” and then return to 40W.

In-activity of any button presses after a period of 10-15 seconds will slowly reduce the brightness of the display until it goes into standby mode (blank).

Suorin Air Mod Display Close-Up

Included on the 0.96 inch display is all of the read-out information as follows:

  • Battery level indicator
  • Wattage levels
  • Lock / Unlock
  • Coil resistance reading
  • Puff counter
  • Vaping time reading

Also the safety read-outs for the protection of the Suorin Air Mod are:

  • Time Over:- 8 seconds vape cut-off
  • Bat Low:- Low battery (<3.3V)
  • No Atomizer:- No coil/pod detected
  • Ohms Too Low:- Short circuit and low resistance cut-off

Automatic Coil Recognition:

Depending on the coil you have fitted, the Suorin Air Mod automatically detects the type of coil fitted in the pod and selects the optimum wattage for that coil. Adjustment of the wattage above or below this optimum value is still possible by the + / – buttons if you want to fine tune your wattage.


The Suorin Air Mod incorporates adjustable airflow via a single slider lever on the side of the Air Mod body. Moving the airflow lever upwards will decrease the airflow, sliding it downwards will increase the airflow.

Suorin Air Mod Performance

Two coils are supplied with the Suorin Air Mod kit; a 0.6 ohm mesh coil and a 0.8 ohm mesh coil.

As always, prime your coils before using them which will help prolong their life. Drip a few drops of e-liquid into the wicking ports of the coil and then fill the pod and leave to stand for 10-15 minutes. Take a few draws with the wattage set to low and slowly increment the wattage up, each time taking a few more draws until you reach your desired wattage setting.

0.6 ohm Mesh Coil

Suorin specify the wattage range on their website is 25W-32W but interestingly the wattage range on the base of the 0.6 ohm states 25W-30W. Auto coil detection will set the wattage to 28W when the coil is first fitted.

Suorin Air Mod 0.6 Ohm Coil

I would recommend not to vape straight away at the set wattage of 28W, start off on a lower wattage first for a few draws to bed the coil in. I initially set the wattage to 10W and took a few draws. The coil needed a little more power so increased the wattage in 2W increments to 16W.

The flavor started to come through and the vapor was pretty dense. Increasing the wattage to 22W improved the flavor profile no end. Vapor at this wattage was really good. Taking the wattage to the optimum wattage of 28W produced great results but if I’m honest was a little too intense for my preferred vaping style.

I used my own e-liquid mix of 50PG/50VG with fairly low flavor strength and was pleased how well the coil picked out the flavors. The flavor was pretty good but the vapor was really impressive even well below the minimum specified wattage level.

Switching my e-liquid to a 70VG pre-bought shortfill also worked really well, while the flavor and vapor increased slightly, the wicking ports on the coil kept up effortless.

I found my ideal wattage for this coil was 21W which gave me a decent draw with the right amount of flavor and vapor coming through.

0.8 ohm Mesh Coil

Suorin specify the wattage range on their website is 16W-22W but interestingly the wattage range on the base of the 0.8 ohm coil states 15W-18W. Auto coil detection will set the wattage to 16W when first fitted.

Suorin Air Mod 0.8 Ohm Coil

With the 0.8 ohm coil fitted, the Air Mod will Max out at 18W so won’t allow you to vape any higher. If you remove the pod and set the wattage higher than 18W and re-insert the pod, the Air Mod will re-set the wattage to 16W.

Again, set the wattage below the auto detect wattage to initially bed the coil in. I initially set the wattage to 8W and the flavor was a little muted but the vapor was pretty dense. Increasing the wattage to 12W improved the flavor profile. Setting to 16W produced very nice flavor and the vapor was much more than I expected, very dense. Maxing out at 18W gave an intense vape as was very impressive.

Using the same e-liquids and same airflow, the flavor was good and the vapor was very dense from the 0.8 ohm coil which was on par with the 0.6 ohm coil. The overall performance wasn’t quite as intense but still very good.

My ideal wattage level on this coil was 14W.

Any Leaks?

Throughout my time using the Suorin Air Mod with both the 0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm coils, there was no evidence of any leaks. The bottom of the coils and the contact pins in the pod recess were dry with just the slightest of condensation visible when it was time to re-fill the pod.

Obviously as the coils get older or the pod is left to stand without being used leaking can start to occur.


Airflow adjustment worked with no problems, tweaking to alter the vaping style between a tight MTL and RTL was achievable. I would even say with the airflow wide open, I was vaping Direct To Lung (DTL). Shutting the airflow completely off allowed a nice tight draw.

There is not a great deal of resistance on the airflow slider and I did find that it would move from the point I had set if I placed it in my pocket or bag.

Auto Draw Activation

When the airflow is closed, the auto draw was responsive and only required the slightest of draws. Opening the airflow did require a little more pressure on the draw to get it to activate.

Auto Coil Detection

I will point out that while auto coil detection worked, it only detects and sets the optimum wattage the first time the coil is fitted. If you adjust the wattage away from this level, remove the pod and re-insert it, the wattage doesn’t auto change, it remembers the value that you set.

It’s fair to say that when switching between the two coils, auto detected activated and set the optimum wattage every time.

Performance Summary

Both the 0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm coils were very impressive. Flavor was good and the vapor really was much more than I expected; it was very dense. The wicking ports kept up with a higher VG juice and equally well with my 50/50 e-liquid. I can’t comment yet on the longevity of the coils as I’ve only been using them for a couple of weeks but can say they are still performing just as good as the first time use.

The draw was smooth and fairly quiet and the hit from both coils was pretty good. Auto draw worked every time and was very responsive. I found the intensity of the draw was the same irrespective if I used auto draw or the fire button.

I preferred using the auto draw, 1; because the fire button can be a little difficult to find and, 2; because the auto draw was very effective.

Suorin Air Mod Battery Performance

The Suorin Air Mod’s 1500mAh internal battery is a good decent sized capacity battery and on average was giving me a good day’s vaping time on a single charge.  My puff counter reading was indicating between 350 and 450 for each charge.

Battery performance is always subjective and depends on the power you vape at, the resistance of coil you’re using and your vaping style.

The Air Mod displays a sliding battery bar icon in its top right hand corner. Full charge is depicted by a full 4 bar white display and each bar will slowly reduce as the device is being used. When the battery reaches its low battery cut-off voltage (3.3V), the “Batt Low” prompt will illuminate and the Air Mod will require recharging.

It is a reasonable slowish charge (2hr) being only 1A despite having Type-C but does benefit from having pass-thru so won’t stop you vaping while it’s being charged.

How do I Fill the Suorin Air Mod Pod?

The design of the pod, being a concealed side fill, means you will have to remove it from the Suorin Air Mod body to fill with e-liquid.

Filling The Suorin Air Mod Pod

Once the pod is removed, the concealed flat surface that was connected to the zinc alloy frame of the Air Mod has a green silicone rubber flap with a circular magnet within its center. Gently pull the bottom straight part of this flap upwards to reveal the semi-oval fill port. The other end of the rubber seal is secured to the pod so it won’t get misplaced.

Filling The Suorin Air Mod Pod View 1

Turn the pod on its side, fill the pod up with your e-liquid and replace the green silicone rubber seal ensuring the bung is securely fitted in the fill port opening. The semi-oval fill port is a reasonable size (4.8mm) so will accept short stubby tip e-liquid bottles.

Re-insert the pod into the Suorin Air Mod ensuring it snaps into position and held securely by the magnets.

Do ensure that you don’t let the e-liquid level run down too low before you top up the pod. There is a minimum e-liquid mark on the pod, which is hidden when the pod if fitted, but as a rule of thumb don’t let the e-liquid level fall below the wicking ports on the coil.

Quick Tip: If you are filling the pod for the first time, once filled, leave to stand for approx. 10-15 minutes before you start to vape. This will help saturate the wick fully in e-liquid and help prolong the life of the coil in the pod.

How do I Change the Coil in the Suorin Air Mod Pod?

Pull the pod upwards and away from the Air Mod body. It’s held in place with magnets so a little force is needed to free the pod.

Fitting The Suorin Air Mod Coil View 1

The coils are of a push fit type, therefore simply pull the coil out from the bottom of the pod. These coils do fit securely so a little pressure is needed. If you have e-liquid in the pod, turn the pod upside down and place your thumb over the mouthpiece. This will keep e-liquid spillages to a minimum.

Fitting a new coil is straightforward and simply pushed into the opening in the base of the pod. DO ENSURE the curved base of the pod lines up with the curves front of the pod otherwise it won’t sit flush with the base of the pod.

Do ensure that your new coil is primed and when filled, left to stand for 15 minutes so the e-liquid fully saturates the wick. See our guide on Prolonging the Life of your Coil.

How do I Charge the Suorin Air Mod?

Because the Suorin Air Mod has an internal battery, charging is carried out using the supplied USB to Type-C charging cable. Simply connect the cable into the Type-C port on the bottom of the Air Mod body and the other end into a suitable USB power source. The specified charging circuit of the Air Mod is 5V/1A.

Suorin Air Mod on Charge with Display On

When the Air Mod is first placed on charge, the display will illuminate, the battery icon will start scrolling and a small charging symbol to the left of the battery bar is shown.

Unfortunately the display after approximately 10 seconds will dim slightly then after a further 5 seconds the screen goes into standby mode (blank). At this point you have no way of telling if the Air Mod is still charging unless you press either the + or – button to bring up the display again showing the charging icon with the battery bars still cycling.

Suorin On Charge but Display Blank

I would have preferred to see the display remain in its dim state still showing the cycling battery icon and only extinguish once the charge cycle was completed.

Charge time from discharged to full charge will take approx. 2 hours. Confirming it has reached full charge has to be verified by pressing either the + or – buttons and checking that the cycling battery icon is static with 4 full white bars.

As the Suorin Air Mod has pass-through, you can vape while it’s on charge.

Always observe safe charging practices i.e. always charge on a non-flammable surface and NEVER leave your device unattended whilst charging.

Suorin Air Mod Kit Price

The Air Mod looks sleek and quirky with its half semi-transparent casing. It’s well built and the quality feels good. Performance from the two included coils is impressive and the variable wattage and airflow make this kit well worth the money.

You can pick yourself up a Suorin Air Mod kit at the YOUMEIT store using the links below. They have great customer service and are the official direct sales store for Suorin products.

Suorin Air Mod Kit Verdict


  • Good build quality
  • Great design and quirky looking
  • Clear and accurate display
  • Type-C USB charge port
  • Variable airflow
  • Replaceable coil
  • Very good vapor and flavor
  • Coil life is good
  • Pass-thru vaping
  • Good auto draw


  • Display extinguishes during charge cycle
  • Airflow slider moves easily
  • Mouthpiece takes getting used to
Suorin Air Mod Kit Review Verdict

Suorin Air Mod Kit Summary

Suorin Air Mod plus Pod plus Coils

The Air Mod looks sleek and quirky with its 50/50 split semi-transparent casing. It’s well built and the quality feels good. Performance from the two included coils is impressive and the variable wattage and airflow make this kit well worth the money.

Its 1500mAh battery is pretty big for the size and thickness of the Air Mod and lasts a good day between charges. Charging time (2hrs) is pretty slow but that’s not a bad thing especially as it has Pass Thru.

Having replaceable coils and being re-fillable makes the Suorin Air Mod versatile. The 0.96 inch TFT screen is uncluttered and displays all its parameters clearly. The choice of fire button or auto draw activation is a plus, both of which worked really well.

Being only the second Suorin device we’ve reviewed, we feel they really are very good value for money and perform very well. The design and appearance of the Suorin Air Mod is different to the norm and I do think they’ve perfected it.

Hope you enjoyed our review on the Suorin Air Mod Kit pod kit and found it informative and helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

If you do purchase one, please do drop us a comment and let us know how you’re getting on with it.

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  1. Leaks like hell. Dumped a whole tank out with a brand new 0.6ohm coil and me drinking half of that. Got a nasty cough for a week from nicotine poisoning. The 0.8 one is better, slightly. Still leaks and cause the auto draw not to shut off leading to “over time”. Looking at the wicking material I think it is too thin to stop 50/50 liquid from leaking.

    1. Hi Alvin,
      Sorry to hear your Air Mod is leaking. I’ve just done a search and found a couple of people had similar problems. I wonder if it’s a batch of faulty coils perhaps? I’ve not had any problems with mine, in fact the coils are a very secure fit against the seals. To leak like you mention means the pod has lost its vacuum.
      One possible cause is the coil not sitting flush in the pod housing. If it’s slightly off centre it wont make a proper seal. I’ve not used mine for 3 days, just picked it up and removed the pod and everything is still bone dry.
      Hope you can identify and resolve the problem.

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