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The Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe Review | The Gandalf Middle-Earth Range

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The Mithrandir auto e-pipe is just one of several e-pipes that Cumbria e-pipes have to offer. Their range of e-pipes in their middle-earth series look very authentic and I’ve been itching to get my hands on one for quite a while now.

Then came the question, what would you like for Christmas? Scratching my head…but not for too long, I said; ‘treat me to an e-pipe‘.

I gave the missus the website I’d been looking at (Cumbria e-pipes) and said you choose one for me from their middle-earth series.

Excitedly, Xmas morning came and after eagerly awaiting, I unwrapped the parcel. I was so pleased to find that she had picked one of the ones I liked, the Mithrandir Auto e-pipe, otherwise called The Gandalf.

It comes in a lovely little carry case, consisting of a wooden style 618 bowl, with an X6 V2 tank. The e-pipe is auto draw and powered by an external 18350 battery. The battery cap on top of the bowl has a semi opaque cover that lights up when drawn. There is a short stealth drip tip and a wonderful long pipe stem drip tip.

All in all, vaping this e-pipe really is an enjoyable experience. All I need now is a pointy hat and cloak and I’ll be transported to the Shire.

The Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe Review


Features and Specifications

The Mithrandir Auto (The Gandalf) consists of the following e-pipe and clearomizer:


618 Bowl Pic
  • Model 618 E-Pipe Bowl
  • Wood/Gold Colored
  • 55mm x 40mm Bowl
  • 19mm Neck
  • 97.5g Including Battery
  • 510 Thread
  • Airflow Slots in 510 Connector
  • Auto Firing Switch
  • Brass Pin
  • LED Bowl Light


X6 V2 Clearomiser Pic
  • X6 V2 Clearomizer
  • 40mm x 19mm
  • 2.5mm E-Liquid Capacity
  • 20g Weight
  • Top Fill
  • Replaceable Coil
  • 2.2 ohm Resistance
  • 510 Thread
  • Long Silica Wick

What’s in the box?

Mithrandir Auto Whats In The Box
  • The Mithrandir Auto (618) Bowl
  • X6 V2 Clearomizer
  • X6 2.2 Ohm Coil (pre-installed)
  • Long Mouthpiece
  • Standard Drip Tip (stealth mode)
  • 18350 Battery
  • 2-Pin Wall Charger
  • 3-Pin UK Adaptor
  • Pipe Stand
  • User Guide
  • Carry Case

The Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe Design and Appearance

Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe Full View

The Mithrandir Auto is a semi-regulated e-pipe with a fixed wattage output. It’s a draw activated device and powered by an external 18350 battery.

The battery is housed in the wood grain effect resin bowl with a removable semi opaque battery cap. The inside base of the bowl has a spring that the negative end of the battery connects to. The positive end of the battery is held in place with a lever that slides across the positive contact.

Mithrandir Battery View Pic

When you draw on the e-pipe, the red LED in the bowl will light and glow through the opaque cap simulating the effect of burning tobacco. The surround of the opaque battery cap is bevelled with a gold colored rim. The auto switch at the neck of the bowl is also gold in color.   

 Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe In Hand

There is a small air vent hole just by the gold colored battery bevel to allow for possible battery venting.

The X6 V2 clearomizer has a 2.5ml e-liquid capacity and is a top filling design. It’s stainless steel colored with a clear plastic tank and incorporates a 2.2ohm dual coil. The connection to the e-pipe bowl is 510 threaded and the mouth piece (drip tip) is a standard 510 push fit.

There are 2 very small air intake gaps between the gold colored auto-switch and the base of the clearomizer. This helps provide a really nice smooth mouth to lung (MTL) draw.

X6 V2 Clearomiser Mouthpieces

Within the e-pipe kit is a short (stealth) drip tip and a curved long pipe stem mouthpiece.

The Mithrandir Auto Functionality

Quite simply, there are no functions to worry about. No menus, no firing switch and no wattage adjustments. You basically fill the clearomizer with e-liquid, fit your fully charged battery and vape.

When the battery is inserted and the lever moved across the positive terminal of the battery, the LED will illuminate red and flash 3 times.

The only other function is the low voltage battery cut-off. When the battery reaches its minimal operating voltage of 3.2V, the LED will flash green 3 times and shut down. This indicates it’s time to replace the battery with a fully charged one.

The Mithrandir Auto and X6 V2 Clearomizer Performance

The auto draw on the Mithrandir Auto is faultless. It’s a medium draw MTL vape and really does work every time. Not once did it ever not fire. It really is suited to a slow multi draw vape, simulating that of a normal pipe draw.

Flavor and vapor from the supplied 2.2ohm coil was ok. The flavor was slightly muted but nothing more than I expected from a coil of this type. Vapor again was not intense but adequate.

The coils available for this clearomizer are the X6 V2 coil and the Vivi Nova coils. Expect to get around 2-4 weeks of normal usage out of the coil before you need to replace it.

Increasing the flavor strength, if you mix your own e-liquid, certainly helped improve the overall vape experience. Alternatively, Nic Salts could be the way to go if you want to improve the nicotine hit.

You have to remember this is not a high powered sub ohm tank. It’s reminiscent of the older style clearomizer tanks.

One slightly annoying niggle with the X6 V2 clearomizer is the ease in which it floods. In normal use or when it’s left to rest on the supplied pipe stand, it works well. If you lay the e-pipe down on its side or turn it upside down, it will flood and you will get gurgling in the mouthpiece.

To resolve this, unscrew the clearomizer from the e-pipe and lightly tap the top of the tank upside down on tissue paper. Finally, draw on the top of the tank to clear the e-liquid out of the chimney.

The Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe Battery Performance

Because the Mithrandir Auto is powered by an external 18350 battery, its performance is depicted by the capacity of the battery you are using.

The 18350 battery supplied with the kit is a 900mAh battery. On a full charge, I was getting over a days vaping before the battery required re-charging. This obviously does come down to your vaping style and frequency of vaping.

When the battery reaches the low voltage cut-off and requires charging, the diamond shaped bowl LED battery cap will flash green 3 times. When a freshly charged battery is inserted, the battery cap LED will flash red 3 times.

How do I Fill the X6 V2 Clearomizer?

The X6 V2 clearomizer is a top fill design. Simply unscrew the top section of the clearomizer and drip your e-liquid into the tank down the side of the coil. Fill the tank to about 3 quarters full making sure the wicks are saturated.

Filling The X6 V2 Clearomiser

Re-connect the top of the clearomizer and leave to stand, on first fill, for approximately 15 minutes before you start to vape.  Re-filling thereafter, once it’s already been filled, is just a matter of topping up once the e-liquid reaches about a quarter empty.

Never allow the e-liquid level go too low otherwise you will be vaping on a dry coil. This will give you a horrible burnt taste and ruin your coil.

How do I change the coil in the X6 V2 Clearomizer?

Firstly, remove the drip tip from the top of the clearomizer. This is a 510 push fit connector so simply pull the drip tip away from the top of the clearomizer. Secondly, unscrew the X6 clearomizer from the 618 bowl.

Unscrew the bottom section of the X6 clearomizer and pull apart (dismantle) the top and bottom sections. Do note if there is any e-liquid in the clearomizer, this will spill out during the dismantling.

Now the coil is accessible, unscrew the coil from the base of the clearomizer. Discard the coil and replace with a new one. Re-assemble the clearomizer, fill up with your e-liquid and re-fit the clearomizer onto your Mithrandir Auto e-pipe.

Leave the e-liquid to fully saturate into the wick for about 15 minutes before vaping. This will help prolong the life of your coil.

For additional information about coil performance, see our guide on How To Get The Most Out Of Your Coil.

How do I charge the Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe?

The Mithrandir Auto e-pipe accepts a rechargeable 18350 external battery. There is no USB port for charging on the bowl, so the battery will have to be removed and charged in an external charger.

Mithrandir Kit Battery Charger

Fortunately, the accessories supplied with the Mithrandir Auto e-pipe kit have everything you need to charge your battery and get you vaping again.

Unscrew (anti-clockwise) the battery cap on the top of the bowl. Move the battery connecting lever to the side of the bowl releasing the battery. Remove your battery and place it in the supplied charger.

Alternatively, if you already have a battery charger you use for your other vape batteries, use that one.

Take a look at our Best Vape Battery Charger if you’re in the market to purchase a more advanced battery charger.

Charging time from full discharge to fully charged is approximately 2 hours depending on the charger and the charging current you’re using. To prolong the life of your battery, I normally charge these types of batteries no higher than a 1Amp charge, ideally 500mA.

As with any vape battery, NEVER leave your batteries unattended whilst charging.

When your battery is fully charged, re-insert your battery into the bowl. The negative (-) end goes into the bowl first and the positive end (+) is secured and contact made using the lever in the bowl. When contact is made with the battery, the LED in the bowl will blink red 3 times.

Moving the lever across the battery can be a bit fiddly due to limited space. You need to hold the battery down against the bottom spring while sliding the lever. Using non metallic tweezers really will help achieve this.

The Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe Kit Price

Expect to pay around £50 for the complete kit from Cumbria e-pipes. The Kit has everything you need to have many happy years of vaping.

I would recommend purchasing a spare set of coils and a spare 18350 battery so you don’t ever have to be without your e-pipe working.

The Mithrandir Auto E-Pipe Verdict


  • Classic style and design
  • Auto draw
  • Full kit including case
  • Faultless operation
  • Lovely finish
  • Wicked drip tip


  • Fixed wattage
  • Limited coil options
  • Clearomizer prone to flooding
  • Limited flavor and vapor

The Withrandir Auto E-Pipe Verdict

The Mithrandir Auto (Gandalf) really is a lovely looking e-pipe. For me, I love sitting there watching the television or relaxing with a beer puffing away on my e-pipe.

It doesn’t match the performance of the majority of pods and mods available today but I really didn’t buy it for that. I’ve always fancied owning an e-pipe and I’m certainly not disappointed with it.

Sitting back in the comfort of your chair, Lord Of The Rings on the telly, Gandalf in hand…Happy Days!

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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