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TIDEBAR ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape Review | 600 Puff Disposable with 10 Delicious Flavors!

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Welcome to our review of the ICEWAVE B600 disposable vape, the brand new release in the ICEWAVE disposable range from TIDEBAR.

It can get a bit confusing, but ICEWAVE is the name of the disposable product range, TIDEBAR is the brand name and ZOVOO are the parent company/manufacturer.

We’ve only reviewed one other TIDEBAR disposable to date – the ICEWAVE X8500, also part of the ICEWAVE range.

However, whereas the X8500 was a multi-day, rechargeable disposable with a huge puff total, the ICEWAVE B600 is a smaller, more affordable and (even more importantly!) TPD compliant disposable.

In a nutshell, the ICEWAVE B600 is a non-rechargeable disposable, with a 600 puff total and 2ml of e-juice. It’s available in 10 different flavors at a nicotine strength of 20mg/ml.

Keep reading and we’ll dive into the full ICEWAVE B600 review!

I’d like to quickly thank Whitney for sending me the ICEWAVE B600 disposables to review. As always, this review is completely unbiased and only contains my honest opinions on the product. This post may also contain affiliate links. If you purchase the product through our link, we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) which helps us to keep the site running.

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape Review


Features and Specifications

ICEWAVE B600 Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 86.2mm (Height) x 33.9mm (Width) x 19.5mm (Depth)
Weight: 45g
E-Juice Capacity: 2ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
Nicotine Strength: 20mg Nic Salt E-Juice
600 Puff Capacity
10 Different Flavors
Battery: Internal Non-Rechargeable (mAh Not Specified)
Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm
Coil Type: Mesh Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: Polycarbonate
LED Battery/Puff Indicator

What’s in the Box?

The packaging is pretty standard for a disposable – it’s bright, bold and colorful with all the information you’re likely to need, clearly displayed.

On the front of the box is the disposable name, a picture of the ICEWAVE B600, the flavor, the puff total, the nicotine strength and the e-juice capacity. The usual nicotine warning is also clearly visible on the bottom 1/3 of the box.

TIDEBAR ICEWAVE B600 Disposable | Holding the Berry Cherry Ice flavor packaging

On the left-facing side of the packaging there’s a key to explain the LED battery indicator; Green 61% – 100%, Blue 20% – 60% and Red 20% or less. You’ll also notice a brief set of instructions, a manufacture date, expiry date and a QR code so you can check to make sure the disposable is authentic.

TIDEBAR ICEWAVE B600 Disposable | Left-facing side of the Berry Cherry Ice flavor packaging, showing the QR code and other info

On the right-facing side, you’ll find another QR code which you can scan for technical support, the name of the disposable range (ICEWAVE) and the flavor name.

TIDEBAR ICEWAVE B600 Disposable | Right-facing side of the Pineapple Ice Ice flavor packaging, showing the flavor name and QR code for technical support

Finally, on the reverse of the packaging the nicotine strength, nicotine per puff (0.067mg), flavor name, e-juice capacity, total number of puffs and the ingredients are all displayed. You’ll also see the manufacturer contact details, website URL and e-mail address, as well as a bunch of additional warnings.

TIDEBAR ICEWAVE B600 Disposable | Reverse of the packaging, showing the flavor name, nicotine strength, e-juice capacity and other info

Inside the packaging, the ICEWAVE B600 is protected by a sealed, foil wrapper. Just tear open one end of the wrapper and squeeze the disposable out.

Before you can vape the ICEWAVE B600, you’ll need to remove the silicone plug from the mouthpiece …

Removing the silicone plug from the mouthpiece of the ICEWAVE B600 disposable

… and peel off the sticker covering the airflow hole at the base of the disposable.

Removing the protective sticker from the base of the ICEWAVE B600 disposable

Overall I think TIDEBAR have done a great job with the packaging design. It’s eye-catching and colorful, with plenty of information about the product clearly displayed.

Picture showing the TIDEBAR ICEWAVE B600 disposable vape packaging

My sole gripe lies with the fact the PG/VG ratio isn’t listed. It’s a very common issue that we mention in almost every disposable we review, so it’s not a deal-breaker. However, if you suffer from a PG intolerance like I do, this little bit of extra information would definitely come in handy!

ICEWAVE B600 | Design and Appearance

Ok, so where to begin.

The ICEWAVE B600 is a rectangular shaped disposable, with slightly beveled edging and a solid, plastic base. The bulk of the disposable is polycarbonate, including the mouthpiece, which gives the B600 a super smooth and comfortable finish.

Picture of the ICEWAVE B600 disposable | Highlighting the polycarbonate body

It’s slightly larger than the majority of the 600 puff disposables we’ve reviewed previously, with measurements of 86.2mm in height, 33.9mm in width and 19.5mm in depth.

Compared to the tubular styled disposables, like the Elf Bar 600 or the Beco Osens M for example, the ICEWAVE B600 isn’t quite as compact.

However, it still fits comfortably in your hand and easily enough in your pocket or bag. In fact, I managed to squeeze three ICEWAVE B600 disposables in the same shirt pocket so it’s not large by any means.

Holding the ICEWAVE B600 disposable | Snug in the hand

In terms of weight, the ICEWAVE B600 is about as lightweight as you’d expect for a 600 puff disposable, weighing in at 45g.

Personally, the size, shape and weight of the ICEWAVE B600 is just right for me. It’s not too large or heavy to be inconvenient, but it’s also not too small that it feels fragile or flimsy.

Picture of the ICEWAVE B600 disposable by TIDEBAR

If you prefer the much larger, heavier disposables, we recently reviewed two absolutely mammoth devices with a huge total puff capacity that we highly recommend – the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro and the Lost Vapes Orion Bar 10000!

But back to the ICEWAVE B600!

The main body of the disposable (underneath the polycarbonate shell) is covered in a reflective, diamond shaped pattern with “ICEWAVE” and the flavor name printed on one side. ICEWAVE have kept the branding to a minimum and the B600 looks sleek, eye-catching and modern.

Picture showing the branding on the ICEWAVE B600 disposable vape (Watermelon flavor)

Each disposable comes in a different two-tone, gradient color, depending on the flavor. For example, the Pineapple Ice is a bright yellow with shades of red, whereas the Spearmint is vivid blue with shades of green.

At the very base of the ICEWAVE B600 you’ll find the LED puff/battery indicator and the single airflow intake hole.

The base of the ICEWAVE B600 disposable - showing the airflow hold and LED indicator

The LED lights up every time you take a puff and will display a different color depending on the remaining battery life:

Green: 61% – 100%
Blue: 20% – 60%
Red: Less than 20%

The LED will also flash 10 times in quick succession when the ICEWAVE B600 is out of battery/e-juice, so you know exactly when to dispose of it and open a new one.

At the top of the ICEWAVE B600 you’ll find the polycarbonate mouthpiece, which protrudes approximately 13mm from the body of the disposable. TIDEBAR have opted for a slightly duck-billed shaped mouthpiece – my personal favorite and super comfortable to vape on.

Close up picture of the mouthpiece section on the ICEWAVE B600 disposable vape

The ICEWAVE B600 is auto-draw, which means you draw on the mouthpiece to take a puff. No buttons, no controls, nothing to fiddle with or worry about adjusting. The ramp-up time is fast and efficient, with the auto-draw feature working perfectly across all 10 of the disposables they sent us.

Personally I’m really impressed with the design and appearance of the ICEWAVE B600. It’s eye-catching, lightweight and comfortable to use, with a quirky design and smooth finish thanks to the polycarbonate design.

ICEWAVE B600 | Performance

Performance is equally impressive.

First of all, the airflow is perfect for me personally. It’s not too tight, not too loose. It reminds me of the draw you’d experience when smoking a cigarette – perfect if you’re looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping!

The throat hit and nicotine delivery are also absolutely spot on, with each puff providing a satisfying and noticeable hit. The ICEWAVE B600 is only available in 20mg nicotine strength, so might not suit you if you’re used to a higher level of nicotine, however I found it more than enough for me personally.

ICEWAVE B600 - Performance

Vapor production is about on par with what you’d expect from a non-rechargeable, 600 puff disposable. You won’t be filling up the room with dense clouds, but it’s comparable with the smoke you’d inhale when smoking a cigarette.

The flavor output (and the flavor range) is impressive, with every ICEWAVE B600 we tested producing dense, full-bodied flavor. I’m often surprised by the quality of the flavor on offer with disposable vapes and the ICEWAVE B600 stacks up just fine in that department.

ICEWAVE B600 - Performance 1

Battery life and overall lifespan is also pretty decent, with each of the disposables TIDEBAR sent us falling within 550 – 650 puffs in total. I vape pretty heavily throughout the day and yet each ICEWAVE B600 disposable easily got me through a full day of vaping.

ICEWAVE B600 - Performance 2

Overall the performance is impressive, especially considering the price – more on this later! The flavor, vapor production and battery life/longevity are all better than expected and I think the ICEWAVE B600 is definitely one of the better 600 puff disposables on the market currently!

ICEWAVE B600 | Flavors

TIDEBAR have released the ICEWAVE B600 disposable in a total of 10 different flavors:

  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Spearmint
  • Grapefruit Berries
  • Berry Cherry Ice
  • Fruit Shake
  • Watermelon
  • Banana Ice
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Apple Peach
  • Pineapple Ice

As you can see, the range is pretty heavily weighted in favor of the fruity flavors, however it’s nice to see a menthol option included. I’m hoping TIDEBAR will release a few extra flavors in the future and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of dessert-based flavors!

TIDEBAR were kind enough to send us the full flavor range to try so I’ll go over each of them below.

Blueberry Raspberry

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Blueberry Raspberry

The Blueberry Raspberry flavor is a delicious mix of sharp, tart blueberry and sweet raspberry with a candy-like aftertaste.

It’s a popular flavor among disposable manufacturers and TIDEBAR have absolutely nailed the recipe.

The contrast of the sharp and sweet work perfectly in this flavor and it’s one I found hard to put down.


ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Spearmint

The Spearmint flavor is exactly what you’d expect – a fresh, minty flavor that tastes exactly like a stick of spearmint chewing gum.

It’s great as a standalone flavor on a warm day, or as a palette cleanser after some of the other, more complex flavor blends.

It’s not my favorite of the range but definitely a flavor I could happily vape all day.

Grapefruit Berries

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Grapefruit Berries

The Grapefruit Berries is a mouth-watering blend of fresh, sharp grapefruit and a selection of juicy, sweet berries.

The grapefruit note in this flavor is absolutely perfect and really took me by surprise.

It’s tart, tangy and authentic, with a burst of flavor that tastes exactly like freshly picked fruit!

Berry Cherry Ice

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Berry Cherry Ice

The Berry Cherry Ice is a blend of sweet, ripe berries and subtle cherry with a delicious aftertaste.

I’m not usually a fan of cherry flavor notes but this one actually surprised me, for much the same reason as the grapefruit flavor I mentioned earlier.

The cherry note is so authentic and natural tasting and it mixes with the sweetness of the berries perfectly.

Fruit Shake

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Fruit Shake

I couldn’t find the official note breakdown of the Fruit Shake flavor so I’ll do my best to describe what I think I’m picking up.

The immediate notes that jump out to me are banana and mango, but there also appears to be a subtle berry flavor sprinkled in for good measure.

Whatever’s in this one, it’s absolutely delicious and I’ll definitely be picking this one up again!


ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Watermelon

I’m not usually a big fan of single note flavors, but the Watermelon ICEWAVE B600 is fantastic.

Again, TIDEBAR have managed to make the watermelon note taste so natural and authentic that you feel like you’re biting into a freshly cut watermelon.

This is definitely one to try if you like fresh, ripe, juicy watermelon.

Banana Ice

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Banana Ice

This was hands down my favorite of the range, with a mouth-watering, creamy, dense banana and an icy menthol kick.

The dense, ripe banana note by itself is delicious and very moreish, but the icy freshness of the menthol just adds that little something extra to the blend.

I highly recommend this flavor if you’re a fan of banana flavored e-juice.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

The Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava is a delicious mix of tart kiwi, sweet passion fruit and fresh, ripe guava.

It’s perfectly blended and this one takes runner-up as my second favorite flavor in the range.

The kiwi and passion fruit are the dominant notes, but the guava really comes through on the exhale, leaving a truly mouth-watering aftertaste.

Apple Peach

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Apple Peach

The Apple Peach was probably my least favorite flavor in the range, but it’s certainly not a bad flavor.

It’s a sweet, green apple flavor mixed with a peach note, but the peach was perhaps a little too subtle for me personally.

If the peach had been amped up a few notches, this would definitely be in my wheel-house though!

Pineapple Ice

ICEWAVE B600 Disposable Vape | Pineapple Ice

The Pineapple Ice is another absolutely mouth-watering flavor and perfect for the warmer weather.

The pineapple is sharp, tangy, ripe and bursting with flavor, while the icy kick gives it a little extra nuance and balances the dense pineapple note perfectly.

Not for the faint hearted!

Overall, the ICEWAVE B600 disposable flavors were all excellent and far better than I’d been expecting from a 600 puff disposable in this price range! I’d love to see TIDEBAR release a few extra flavors in the future (especially dessert-based recipes!) but the flavor range as it currently stands has plenty to offer and a couple of really solid entries!

ICEWAVE B600 | Price

In terms of price, the ICEWAVE B600 is currently available online for as little as £4 per disposable if you’re willing to shop around and/or buy more than one at a time.

That’s a pretty decent price for a 600 puff disposable and arguably far cheaper than the equivalent smoking habit!

I don’t usually rely on any disposable as my only vape device, as the cost can swiftly rack up if you vape heavily like I do.

But at only £4 per disposable, even if you decide to vape nothing but the ICEWAVE B600, you’re still saving yourself a small fortune compared to the cost of buying cigarettes.

If you do want to get yourself the ICEWAVE B600 disposable, the below link will take you to VapeUK. They’re currently offering five disposables for £20 with next day delivery.

ICEWAVE B600 | Verdict

ICEWAVE B600 Review Verdict


  • Great design & build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Decent vapor production
  • Good battery life
  • Great flavor
  • Perfect MTL draw
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • Reasonably priced
  • Responsive auto-draw


  • Only available in 20mg
  • No tobacco or dessert flavors
  • No PG/VG ratio listed

I really enjoyed my time testing the ICEWAVE B600 disposable and I’d definitely recommend it!

The flavor, vapor production, throat hit and overall longevity are all surprisingly decent for a non-rechargeable disposable in this price range.

It might not be for everybody, especially if you prefer the larger, longer-lasting disposables or the higher nicotine strength disposables that are becoming more popular. But if you’re after a good quality, TPD compliant disposable that you can pick up at a reasonable price, the ICEWAVE B600 is worth a look!

And that’s it folks! Thank you so much for reading our ICEWAVE B600 disposable review! We’d really appreciate you sharing this post and feel free to leave a comment below!

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