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Tronian Nutron Review – 510 Oil Vaporizer With Variable Voltage!

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The Nutron 510 threaded battery is the smallest device in the Tronian range of oil vaporizers. For use with an oil cartridge, the Nutron offers an extremely affordable way to enjoy oils on the go.

With a 230 mAh battery, variable voltage and an impressive pre-heat function, the Nutron offers users a familiar pen style vape with a few twists.

Made by the guys at TVape, I had high hopes for the performance. TVape have an excellent history of making affordable but quality vaporizers and the Nutron certainly looks to follow suit.

Read on to find out how we got on with the much anticipated Nutron…

Quick Note: The guys over at were kind enough to send us the Tronian Nutron for the purposes of this review. A big thank you to TVape but as always, we’ll be putting the vape through its paces and giving you an honest review.

Tronian Nutron Review


What’s In The Box?

Tronian Nutron - What's In The Box?

The Nutron comes packaged in a discreet box with some handy information about the battery printed on the back. Inside the box you’ll find the following:

  • Tronian Nutron Battery
  • 510 Threaded USB Charger
  • User Manual

Features & Specification

  • Compatible with Oil.
  • Internal 230 mAh Battery.
  • Voltage Control (2.6V / 3.3V / 4.0V)
  • 510 Threaded (compatible with a wide range of cartridges)
  • Standard USB Charging.
  • Button Activated.
  • 15 Second Pre-Heat Function.
  • 10 Second Cut-Off Safety Feature.
  • Weight – 15g.
  • Dimensions – 77mm (H) X 10mm (W).
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Tronian Nutron | Design & Build Quality

The Tronian Nutron is a pen style vape in every sense of the word. Standing only 77mm tall and a mere 10mm in width, it’s about as close as you can get to the pen sitting on your desk.

An extremely portable device, I found it super easy to use on the go and the perfect size for slipping in a pocket. It’s also got a smooth rubberized finish that works really well to protect the vaporizer when it’s bouncing around in your bag.

It’s 510 threaded with virtually no size restrictions on the THC or CBD cartridge you choose to vape with. Whilst its older brother the ‘Tautron’ is designed for a recessed cartridge, the Nutron sticks with a familiar design where the cartridge threads directly on top of the vaporizer.

The disadvantage with this design is the oil cartridge is completely exposed. If you’re clumsy and prone to dropping your vape there’s a good chance you’ll break a cartridge (something I’ve experienced on several occasions!).

On the other hand, the big advantage with this design is the versatility; you can use virtually any sized cartridge you like. The Tautron is restricted to cartridges no wider than 10.5mm. The Nutron will accept any sized cartridge you can throw at it.

The design is also sleek and stylish with only the words ‘Nutron’ printed on the side, near the bottom of the pen. There’s also a ‘Thermodyne Tronian’ (TVape) logo printed on the bottom of the pen with an LED that lights up when firing the vaporizer.

The Nutron is button operated with another LED running around the edge of the button. This also lights up whenever you fire the device, change the voltage or turn it on or off. The LEDs change color depending on the voltage setting you’ve picked (more on this later…).

Finally you’ll also notice the absence of any charging port on the body of the Nutron. Rather than a micro USB charging port, there’s a threaded USB charger that sits directly on top of the battery.

This was actually one of my only gripes with the design of the Nutron. You have to unscrew the cartridge from the pen before you can thread the charger onto the battery. Obviously this means you can’t use the device while it’s on charge, a big flaw if you hate waiting around for enough charge to vape with.

The second drawback with this type of design is minor, but still worth considering. If you’re anything like me you may use external battery packs to charge your vape on the go. Because the charger threads directly onto the battery it can make it awkward for charging on the go.

With the USB charger on top the total length of the vaporizer is 124mm. While not bulky by any means, it’s still an awkward length to have poking out the side of a battery pack. I found it a little tricky positioning a battery pack with the Nutron connected in my bag.

Other than the charger configuration though, I was really impressed with the design and feel of the Tronian Nutron. It’s simple but effective. Incredibly light, comfortable to hold, and easy to carry around with you. For the price, I was really impressed with the quality feel.

Tronian Nutron | Ease of Use

Just like other vaporizers designed by TVape, the Nutron is incredibly user friendly and a cinch to use. You can unbox it and be vaping within minutes.

To turn the device on or off you click the firing button five times in quick succession. Two clicks of the button lets you cycle through the available voltage levels and three fast clicks of the button activates the ‘pre-heat’ function.

Other than that, there’s nothing else to remember. Simply turn the device on, attach your chosen 510 cartridge and vape away! Because the Nutron fits almost any cartridge you don’t have to worry about compatibility and the threading is smooth and efficient.

Tronian Nutron | Power & Hit

One of my favourite things about the Nutron is the option for variable voltage. This isn’t something you get very often with an oil vaporizer and certainly not within the budget friendly price range.

There are three options in total, each with a corresponding color:

  • Green LED = 2.6V
  • Blue LED = 3.3V
  • Red LED = 4.0V

The variable voltage really does make a difference on the kind of hit you get and has a big affect on the amount of vapor produced. While some cartridges worked great on the 2.6V setting, others benefited from the extra power offered by the higher two settings.

The ‘pre-heat’ function is also a great addition and really adds to the vapor and hit you get when using thicker oils in your cartridge.

In fact, because of the variable voltage and the ‘pre-heat’ function, the Nutron handles just about any cartridge and oil combination you can throw at it. I tried several different oils through a number of cartridges and the Nutron produced smooth, tasty vapor every time.

I found I got the best hits with the purpose matched Tronpod cartridges (pictured above). Across the three voltage settings I got consistent and satisfying hits with a great amount of vapor and flavor pulling through.

Considering the really low price I was blown away by the performance. The variable voltage alone makes it worth picking up and the ‘pre-heat’ function is a great cherry on top!

Tronian Nutron | Battery

With a battery rated at 230 mAh, the Nutron is certainly at the lower end of the scale for battery capacity. Most other oil vaporizers I’ve tried in the past have a 300+ mAh rating. The Tronian Tautron packs a whopping 380 mAh battery into its small frame.

Despite the small mAh rating though, the battery on the Nutron still gets the job done. Even when I consistently fired it on the highest voltage setting (4.0V), it still lasted me a good half a day of reasonably frequent hits.

If you’re a light vaper or you’re happy sticking to the lowest voltage setting, you should squeeze a good days worth of vaping out of the Nutron. When it does run out of battery it’s also a super quick charge time. I found a full charge took just over 20 minutes.

When you plug the Nutron into a power supply you’ll see the LEDs around the firing button and base of the vaporizer light up green and begin to pulse. You’ll know it’s reached a full charge when the green LEDs stay permanently lit.

As I mentioned earlier, the big drawback for me battery wise is the dated 510 threaded USB charger. It’s a little inconvenient when you need to charge the device and the absence of pass-through vaping is a big shame! I can live with the slightly smaller battery capacity because of the insanely cheap price, but a micro USB charging port would have been great.

Tronian Nutron | Stealth & Discreetness

The minuscule size of the Nutron really helps you stay under the radar when you’re out and about. It’s easily concealed in a pocket or bag and the design and sleek black finish make it look more like a traditional e-cigarette vape pen.

I was more than happy taking the Nutron on the go with me and I found it drew absolutely no second glances . To a passerby it’s exactly like every other 510 pen battery with a clearomizer on top.

The only slight drawback stealth wise is the LEDs. While they’re a great addition, they do take away from the overall ‘stealth factor’. They’re super handy for letting you know you’re voltage setting when puffing, but they do light up really bright.

On top of that, the design of the pen means the cartridge is exposed with an overall length that’s a little tricky to completely conceal in the hand when vaping.

If you’re really concerned about stealth then you may want to consider something that easily hides in the hand and doesn’t light up. I found the Tronian Tautron much more discreet and perfect for really stealthy hits. For the regular user though the Nutron is plenty stealthy enough.

Tronian Nutron | Price & Where To Buy

The Tronian Nutron costs an insanely cheap $9.99! That’s cheaper than a ticket to the movies. I know I’d rather stay at home with my new oil vaporizer…

The excellent performance, universal compatibility with any cartridge and the variable voltage make this an absolute no-brainer for me!

Replacement parts and the matching Tronpod cartridges are also really budget friendly. The 1.0ml Tronpod costs a very reasonable $7.49 with the 0.5ml cartridge costing only $5.99.

The amazingly low price makes the Nutron perfect for complete beginners looking to experiment. With great performance, excellent variable voltage and compatibility with any cartridge, I’d also recommend it for frequent oil users.

If you are interested in picking yourself up a Tronian Nutron be sure to take a look at the links below. TVape manufacture the Tronian line of vaporizers and they offer fantastic customer service.

Tronian Nutron Verdict – Should You Buy One?


  • Variable voltage is great.
  • Compatible with any cartridge size.
  • Pre-heat function is super handy for thick oils.
  • Extremely cheap.
  • Small and discreet.
  • Great vapor and flavor production.
  • Ease of use.
  • Super quick charge time.


  • Cartridge is exposed.
  • Battery life is on the lower end.
  • Bulky 510 threaded USB charger.
  • No pass-through vaping.
Tronian Nutron Review Verdict

Overall I was really impressed with the Tronian Nutron. The price tag is insanely cheap and the quality and performance are incredible! I love that I can use it with pretty much any cartridge and oil combination and it always produces great vapor and flavor!

Given how easy it is to pick up and vape, I’d definitely recommend it to beginners and veterans alike! TVape have done another fine job of producing an excellent and affordable on the go vaporizer!

And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed the review and if you’ve got any thoughts feel free to leave a comment below…

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  1. Really love this stuff, wanting more currently!! It doesn’t taste as great, but it makes you feel sooo good!!! Like omg omg omg I’m in l0ve

    1. Hey Kash,

      Thanks for your comment. Totally agree with you…such a great little device! Happy vaping!

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