Tronian Tautron Review – A 510 Oil Vaporizer With Plenty of Style!

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The Tautron 510 threaded battery is the biggest and best in the Tronian range of oil vaporizers. Stylish and sleek, it’s not your typical pen style vape.

Offering an impressive 380 mAh battery capacity along with draw activation and magnetic adaptors to accommodate multiple sized cartridges, the Tautron seems to be a cut above the rest.

When I’m usually choosing a 510 battery for my oil cartridges, stealth and ease of use are the biggest considerations. Closely followed by the kind of hit the battery can deliver.

So, when it comes right down to it, does the Tautron perform as good as it looks?

Quick Note: The guys over at were kind enough to send us the Tronian Tautron for the purposes of this review. A big thank you to TVape but as always, we’ll be putting the vape through its paces and giving you an honest review.

Tronian Tautron Review


What’s In The Box?

The Tronian comes packaged in a discreet and well designed box. On the back you’ll find some handy information about the 510 battery. In the box you’ll find the following:

  • Tronian Tautron Battery.
  • Magnetic 510 Threaded Adaptor for 1.0ml Cartridges.
  • Magnetic 510 Threaded Adaptor for 0.5ml Cartridges.
  • Standard Micro USB Charging Cable.
  • User Manual.

Features & Specification

  • Compatible with Oil.
  • Internal 380 mAh Battery.
  • Compatible with Cartridges up to 10.5mm Wide.
  • 510 Threaded Compatibility (magnetic adaptors included for various sized cartidges).
  • Micro USB Charging.
  • Draw Activated.
  • 10 Second Cut-Off Safety Feature.
  • Weight – 40g.
  • Dimensions – 63mm (H) X 28.3mm (W) X 13.6mm (D).
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Tronian Tautron | Design & Build Quality

The first thing that struck me about the design of the Tautron is the minuscule size. You know that tiny pocket on the front of your jeans? It’ll fit in there with room to spare!

Standing only 63mm tall and 28mm wide it’s a fantastic vaporizer for discreet, on-the-go hits (more on that later). As well as the tiny size it’s designed so your oil cartridge sits inside the device with only the mouthpiece protruding.

Tronian Tautron - Design and Appearance 1

While this adds to the overall stealth factor, it also means your glass cartridges are protected in transit. If you’re like me and you’ve broken your fair share of cartridges, you’ll know this is a super handy design feature.

The cartridge housing itself is excellent and the 510 threaded magnetic attachments work a treat. The Tautron comes with two different sized adaptors to allow for 1.0ml cartridges and 0.5ml cartridges (maximum 10.5ml wide).

When your cartridge is fixed in place you’ll hear a satisfying click from the magnets and you’re ready to start taking hits. I did find most of the cartridges I tried in the Tautron rattled slightly in the housing, but not to the extent it became any kind of a problem.

The cartridges are held in place firmly by the magnets and there’s no fear of them accidentally falling out. With that being said, removing your cartridge is a cinch and it feels like a nice fluid action.

On the bottom of the battery you’ll find the micro USB charging port and on the backside of the device you’ll find a small LED indicator near the bottom. The LED indicator lights up amber whenever you take a hit and is perfectly placed to allow you to view while vaping.

Near the top end of the battery you’ll see the Tronian Tautron logo that doubles up as a viewing window. Being able to see the amount of oil left in your cartridge is another super handy design feature that sets the Tautron apart from most of the competition.

Another thing I loved about the Tautron was the ergonomic curvy body. The device is shaped just right to allow for a nice comfortable grip while vaping, not something easily achieved on a device of this size.

Overall it feels like a really solid, well built battery. I love the obsidian black color and the finish feels hard wearing and long lasting. Despite the tiny size it’s got a good weight to it (40g) and doesn’t feel cheap by any measure.

Tronian Tautron | Ease of Use

When I say a monkey could operate the Tautron I may be employing a wee bit of poetic license. But in all seriousness, anyone can unbox the Tautron and be vaping it within the next couple of minutes.

There are no buttons on the device and no settings to configure or play around with. There’s no adjustable anything…you simple place your cartridge in the battery and away you go!

When you’re using an oil vaporizer on the go you don’t want on/off buttons, adjustable voltage or bluetooth that can change the channel on the TV. Simplicity is bliss and the Tautron is as simple as it gets!

Setup involves precisely two steps:

  1. Screw the magnetic adaptor to the bottom of your cartridge.
  2. Drop the cartridge in the battery and start drawing on the mouthpiece (draw activated).

Tronian Tautron | Power & Hit

Like I said, the Tautron has no adjustable voltage. But, what it does have is “superior calibration” technology. This means the device is designed to automatically detect the resistance of your cartridge and apply the appropriate amount of power.

It really takes the guesswork out of the equation and delivers the best hit possible to your chosen cartidge. I ran a total of three different makes of cartridge through the Tautron, including the made to fit Tronpod (both the 1.0ml and 0.5ml variants).

Regardless of the cartridge I was using, or the viscosity of the oil inside, I received a satisfying and powerful hit. The Tronpods worked brilliantly and the vapor I was getting was thick and enjoyable.

I did note that as the battery lessens, so does the hit you receive from your cartridge. It wasn’t a problem though and to be fair, it’s a universal quirk with all the 510 threaded oil vaporizers I’ve ever used.

Tronian Tautron | Battery

With an internal battery rated at 380 mAh, the Tautron is one of the biggest battery capacity oil vaporizers I’ve tried. It certainly beats its ‘younger brothers’, the Nutron and the Pitron, which clock is respectively at 230 mAh and 350 mAh.

I was hitting the Tautron fairly generously and still found I got just under a full days worth of vaping from a single charge. When the battery does run empty you’ll see the LED indicator flash amber several times.

The device is charged via micro USB and I was really impressed with the fast charging time. All told, it took around 30 minutes for the Tautron to fully charge. When it’s on charge you’ll see the LED indicator stay lit amber. Once the device is fully charged the LED goes out.

A great bonus with the Tautron includes the capability for pass-through vaping. This means even when you’ve got it on charge you can take a hit as and when needed. The only drawback I could find in terms of the battery was there’s no display to indicate the remaining battery. Even a change in the color of the LED as the battery nears empty would have been nice.

Tronian Tautron | Stealth & Discreetness

One of my favourite things about the Tautron is the portability and the sheer level of discreetness. Unlike most typical batteries for oil cartridges it’s not in the familiar pen shape style.

The cartridge is completely concealed and the entire device fits in the palm of your hand. You can hide this battery just about anywhere within a moments notice.

On top of this the professional finish and design means it resembles more of a traditional e-cigarette than other vaporizers I’ve used in the past for oil cartridges. Perfect for vaping on the go and staying under the radar!

Tronian Tautron | Price & Where To Buy

You can pick yourself up a Tronian Tautron for the ridiculously cheap price of $24.99. Considering the excellent battery life, ease of use, draw activation and the stealth factor, it’s a no-brainier for me!

Replacement parts and the matching Tronpod cartridges are also really budget friendly. If you lose the magnetic adaptors or you just want some extra ones you can buy a set for only $3.99.

The 1.0ml Tronpod costs a very reasonable $7.49 with the 0.5ml cartridge costing only $5.99.

With these excellent prices and the great performance of the Tautron I really would recommend it to beginners and veterans alike!

If you are interested in picking yourself up a Tronian Tautron be sure to take a look at the links below. TVape manufacture the Tronian line of vaporizers and they offer fantastic customer service.

Tronian Tautron Verdict – Should You Buy The Tautron?



  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Draw activation.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Great battery life.
  • Excellent vapor production.
  • Tasty flavor.
  • Very discreet.
  • Ease of use.
  • Pass-through vaping.
  • Super quick charge time.
  • Slight rattle from the cartridge.
  • No battery display or indicator.

Tvape have pulled it out the bag again and produced another well built and quality vaporizer. The performance is among the best I’ve ever tried on an oil vaporizer and the price is extremely generous.

I loved the draw on the matching Tronpods and the battery life and stealth factor were massive positives. Given the ease of use on the Tautron it’s perfect for beginners and performs well enough to keep veteran vapers happy!

And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed the review and if you’ve got any thoughts feel free to leave a comment below…

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  1. Great review. Do you know who the actual manufacturer of this product is? We operate a Licensed cannabis company in California and we are looking for a battery manufacturer.
    Thanks for the pros and cons section. Very helpful.

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for your comment and glad you like the review! I believe the manufacturer of the Tronian Tautron is a company called Utillian. They produce a great range of dry herb vaporizers and wax/oil pens.

  2. Trash.
    It broke within first 2 weeks. The heating element was pulled out from the vaporizer when removing the vape cartridge. No support from manufacturer.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Really sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the Tautron. I’ve used mine a fair amount over the last year and a half and haven’t had any problems. The cartridges always pop out really easily for me without any damage to the device itself. Have you tried contacting the store where you purchased the Tronian Tautron for a replacement?

    1. Hi Terence,
      Thanks for your question. if you scroll down our review to the Where To Buy section, you can click on the links and it will take you to where we recommend you can purchase it.

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