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UK Government Proposal To Ban E-Liquid Flavours / Stop This NOW!

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If you’re not already aware, the UK government undertook a consultation process last year to understand the general public’s view on the sale and use of disposables here in the UK. This was being undertaken on the remit of a “smoke-free environment”, “reducing the environmental waste impact” and “combating the rise in youth vaping”, especially around the use of disposables.

What soon became evident when filling out this survey, was that much more was being targeted; such as packaging, marketing practices, taxation and most importantly flavour restrictions on ALL vaping products.


Before I give a brief overview of what’s happened over the last 6 months and what’s about to happen in the coming months, you NEED to ACT NOW! Failure to do so will have a massive effect on every vaper in the UK.

The UK government is proposing to ban or severely restrict flavoured e-liquid in vapes, including shortfills, prefilled pods and 10ml flavoured e-liquid bottles. It appears this will NOT only be limited to e-liquids containing nicotine but also zero nicotine flavoured e-juice.

Exactly which flavours are going to be targeted is questionable, but essentially the government are proposing to limit all flavours to just 4:

  • Tobacco
  • Mint
  • Menthol
  • Fruit

A petition has been started in Parliament titled “Don’t Ban Flavoured E-liquids For E-Cigarettes“. It’s down to each and every vaper to make their voice heard. Take action and sign this petition, in the hope the government will be forced to take notice.

UK Government and Parliament - Don't Ban Flavoured E-Liquids For E-Cigarettes

Please take a few moments to make a difference, voice your objection to this act of enforcement that without doubt will destroy the very foundation of vaping that has successfully saved thousands of lives.

The link to this petition is:

10,000 signatures means the government will respond to the petition, 100,000 signatures means the government will consider it for debate in Parliament.

Please don’t sit back and do nothing. This action needs to be stopped. Our voice needs to be heard. The way the UK government is pushing these measures through Parliament without clear, concise and factual evidence is underhand and NEEDS to be stopped.

It takes just 30 seconds of your time. You just click a button, input your email address and then verify your identity when you receive the automated email response.

Let’s not forget, only last year the UK were world leaders in promoting vaping as a viable and effective solution to quitting smoking. The British Heart Foundation state Vaping is 95% safer than smoking and the National Health Service (NHS) were campaigning to “Swap (cigarettes for vaping) and Stop” (smoking).

Why the Sudden Government U-turn?

Unfortunately this is the 6 million dollar question!

Over the last couple of years the UK has seen a massive surge in the number of disposables being used and as such has led to an increase in the environmental waste that’s associated with them. Also the ongoing decline in smoking rates has resulted in an uptake of youth vaping.

Our glorious media never fail and continue to jump at the chance of reporting claims (at times completely nonsensical) around the dangers and impact vaping is having, especially on our youth. Strangely, there is still no mention of the thousands of lives being saved each year as smokers switch to vaping.

Youth vaping has become a hot issue in recent months and I feel the UK government want to be seen as our saviour (a great vote winner too!). Despite already being illegal to sell any vape device to under 18 year olds, rather than crack down on the sale to minors, they’ve chosen the path of enforcing an outright ban.

This has come as a result from their on-line consultation response which, quite frankly, was so skewed in its questions and lack of representation, the outcome was inevitable. There are so many flaws and major consequences in this decision that the path the UK government intend to take without looking at the impact this will have in real terms is quite frightening.

This is where it all went wrong!

The Public Consultation

This consultation was an online survey which concluded in January 2024. The outcome of this survey has now resulted in the government moving forward in passing a bill and are now planning to implement a law to ban ALL disposable devices in the UK within the next 6 -9 months.

Out of the 69 million people in the UK, and specifically 4.5 million who currently vape, only approximately 26 thousand people took part in this survey, even though it was open to all. This was hardly surprising as very few people even knew it was taking place. Not exactly a fair percentage or representation of the UK population, yet the outcome is an outright ban.

The multi-choice online survey, which initially started out focusing on a “smoke-free environment”, quickly turned to target a multitude of vaping questions regarding underage vaping, disposables, flavour restrictions, taxation on vape products and plain packaging to name but a few.

As a multi-choice survey, you had to tick 1 answer. The only available answers to each question focused on restrictions or a ban to a lesser or greater degree. Call me cynical but it became obvious from the outset, as there was no possible way to disagree or oppose the question, this was a done deal.

Next Steps

While a fair percentage of vapers disagree with disposables because of their single use, environmental impact and increased long term costs when compared to using a pod or mod device, they still play an important part as an effective smoking cessation tool.

If this was all that’s being considered, a ban on disposables would in effect mean the existing 4.5 million vapers in the UK alone and the millions of new vapers who want to quit smoking would still be able to use pod and mod devices to successfully switch from smoking.

If only this would be the end of it!

The UK government, following the outcome of their earlier survey, are trying to implement new laws to restrict or ban flavoured e-liquids to just 4, not to mention other proposed measures. They will follow the same process and for the reasons I’ve mentioned earlier this will end up being a total disaster and become just a tick box exercise.

This WILL result in a flavour BAN, a massive hike in the illegal black market vape trade and existing vapers switching back to smoking. The number of smokers in the UK, including youths will substantially rise, which ironically is exactly what the government is trying to stop.

Before this happens, each and every one of us has the chance to stop this madness. Sign the petition and make our government sit up and listen.

I’ve felt proud that my country was a world leader in advocating and promoting vaping as being 95% safer than smoking. These current actions by the UK government don’t make any sense whatsoever. Vaping has been the single most effective proven smoking cessation tool and has saved the UK Health Service billions of pound each year.

I for one would have been a burden and cost on the health service if I hadn’t stopped smoking. I firmly believe and my doctor certainly confirmed this at the time, if I continued to smoke I WOULD have died several years ago.

Millions of vapers have made the transition in successfully quitting smoking and this was completely due to the availability and diversity of different vape devices including the exhaustive range of flavours. Take these away and we are left with an effective proven tool that will become useless.

Don’t let this one chance pass us by, SIGN the petition so we can all continue in striving towards a better lifestyle.

Thanks for listening. Keep an eye on our latest articles and we will bring you any breaking News on this topic as we hear it.

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