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Utillian 2 Wax Pen Review | Best Budget Pen For Concentrates?

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The Utillian 2 is a sleek and compact wax pen aimed at vapers looking to dab on the go. Featuring a 650 mAh internal battery and a range of 4 temperature settings, the Utillian 2 might just be the best budget wax pen I’ve ever tried!

Costing only $39.99 you’d be forgiven for expecting the Utillian 2 to sacrifice on build quality and performance for a broader cost friendly appeal. Straight out of the box though it’s clear the Utillian 2 is anything but cheap.

The build quality on this thing is insanely good considering the price! Utillian have a great track record of producing well built quality vapes and their latest wax vaporizer is certainly no different.

But build quality and price aside, how did the Utillian 2 stand up to repeated and rigorous testing? (It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it right…?)

Quick Note: The guys over at TVape.com were kind enough to send us the Utillian 2 for the purposes of this review. A big thank you to TVape but as always, we’ll be putting the vape through it’s paces and giving you our honest review.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x 650 mAh Battery.
  • 1 x Dual Quartz Coil.
  • 1 x Glass Tipped Mouthpiece.
  • Protective Carry Case.
  • USB A Charger.
  • Dab Tool / Cleaning Tool.

Features & Specifications

  • Compatible with Extracts and Wax Concentrates.
  • Internal 650 mAh Battery.
  • USB A Charging.
  • 4 Temperature Options – 3.0V | 3.4V | 3.8V | 4.2V.
  • 2 Atomizer Options – Dual Quartz Coil & Ceramic Donut Coil.
  • LED lights on the button and base of the device.
  • Glass Mouthpiece.
  • Magnetic Attachments – No 510 Threading.
  • Heat Up Time – 10 Seconds.
  • Button Activated.
  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature.
  • Available Colors: Black & Gun Metal Grey.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Utillian 2 | Design & Build Quality

Utillian 2 - Design & Build Quality

Measuring in at only 122mm from top to bottom and 14mm across, the Utillian 2 is easily one of the most portable vapes I’ve tried and perfect for on the go hits.

The included carry case is a classy touch and only adds to the portability. It’s smaller than your smartphone and easily slips in a pocket.

With a sturdy stainless steel body the overall weight of the Utillian 2 is impressive, especially given the slight size. Clumsy dabbers can rest easy knowing the Utillian 2 could withstand several drops. That being said, the paint coating on the pen seems liable to chip and scratch over time.

The only glass component is the straw like mouthpiece. Designed to preserve the flavor of your concentrate and keep the vapor cool as you inhale.

Sitting just under the glass mouthpiece is also a mesh filter screen to prevent any spit back from the coil. Not something I’ve seen on previous wax pens and definitely a nice touch.

I’m usually wary of any glass parts but the mouthpiece on the Utillian 2 is small and robust enough to put my worries at ease. My only gripe with the mouthpiece is how it fits with the top cap above the coil.

Fitted with a rubber o-ring, it doesn’t quite sit snug enough to prevent slight movement. A couple of times I found the glass mouthpiece sitting at a slight angle to the rest of the body. While not a major problem, it could affect the airflow and draw when inhaling.

Magnetic Attachments

My favourite thing about the design of the Utillian 2 is hands down the magnetic attachments between the battery, coil and top cap. Putting the device together takes literally a matter of seconds. Even the USB charger on the Utillian 2 snaps onto the battery with a satisfying magnetic click.

I’ve never used a vape without 510 threading before. It turns out magnetic attachments were the answer to a problem I never knew I had! Previous wax pens I’ve used had 510 threading that naturally became gummed up with wax over time.

The magnetic attachments make reloading the coil with concentrate incredibly easy and cleaning of the device a lot more straightforward. The only downside I can see to the lack of 510 threading is the battery can’t be used with other atomizers.

Temperature Options

The Utillian 2 is a button activated wax pen with 4 temperature options ranging from 3.0V to 4.2V. Each temperature setting also has a corresponding color that lights up on the button and the base when firing.

The light at the end of the pen is actually super handy and makes it easy to know the temperature that’s set when you’re taking a hit. Temperatures are changed with two clicks of the button and the LED lights flash three times when changing the temperature.

The four colors and temperature settings are as follows:

  • 3.0V – Green.
  • 3.4V – Blue.
  • 3.8V – Purple.
  • 4.2V – Red.

For a wax pen in this price range the number of temperature options is fantastic and gives you far greater control over the flavor and vapor produced (more on this later).

Overall the design and build quality on the Utillian 2 is outstanding. It’s clear how much time and effort has gone into making the device easy to use and robust enough to stand the test of time. It’s one of the most portable wax pens on the market right now and discreet enough to pass for a normal vape pen.

Utillian 2 | Vapor & Flavor Quality

In this price range I did have some doubts about the flavor and vapor quality before using the Utillian 2. While my doubts weren’t completely unfounded I’ve got to say I was pleasantly surprised.

On the lower two heat settings (3.0V & 3.4V) the vapor was fairly mild and certainly not enough to satisfy any cloud chasers out there. The flavor though far surpassed my expectations. If you’re a flavor connoisseur the Utillian 2 certainly ticks some boxes.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve loaded several concentrates onto the dual quartz coil and each time the flavor is pronounced and tasty. You can certainly notice the concentrate you’re hitting. The glass stem helps to cool the vapor and there’s no metallic or foreign tastes to speak of.

The airflow on the Utillian 2 is also great and not too restrictive like other dab pens I’ve tried in the past. Two small air holes on the side of the coil housing provide just enough air to get a satisfying draw. Just be sure that the mouthpiece is sitting snug before taking a hit.

On the higher two heat settings (3.8V & 4.2V) the flavor definitely drops off. The vapor becomes noticeably thicker and the 4.2V temperature setting kicks out some fairly impressive clouds for a wax pen of this size.

While experienced dabbers might find the hits a little weaker than needed, the Utillian 2 is absolutely perfect for beginners or casual users. Even as a long time user of dry herb vaporizers and wax pens I found the Utillian 2 ‘got the job done’.

Utillian 2 | Coil Options

The Utillian 2 comes with two atomizer options which both offer different vaping experiences for concentrate users. When you buy the kit you only receive one dual quartz coil but at this price you really can’t expect more.

Dual Quartz Coil – This coil aims for a healthy balance between flavor and vapor production. The dual coil rods and housing are fairly small so it can be tricky loading the concentrate right in the middle for the best extraction.

With that being said the coils themselves only sit around 10mm down in the housing so you don’t have to stick the included dab tool in too far to load. After a couple of weeks of heavy use the dual quartz coil is holding up well. You do get a slight bit of waste with wax that sits in the bottom of the oven but that’s fairly typical on this type of coil.

Quick Tip: Over time the coil will become gunky from a build up of wax residue. To clean the coil I found a Q-Tip dipped in ISO (isopropyl alcohol) worked well. Cleaning straight after a session while the coil is still warm also makes the process much easier.

Ceramic Donut Coil – While I didn’t get to try this coil type, Utillian reports that it’s “geared towards pure flavor”. There’s no coil wire to speak of so it’s naturally going to be far more efficient in extracting all of your concentrate. Certainly a nice option to have for those that enjoy a strong terpene flavor from their concentrate.

Utillian 2 | Stealth & Discreetness

Like I mentioned at the start of this review the size of the Utillian makes it incredibly portable. It also helps make the pen one of the stealthiest I’ve ever used.

The fact the Utillian 2 doesn’t produce major clouds also works in its favor when trying to vape under the radar. The device kicks out very little noticeable odor and looks like most traditional ego style vape pens.

In terms of stealth vaping the only drawback I can think of is the LEDs that light up on the button and base of the pen. If you’re using the device outside at nighttime you’re going to light up like the fourth of July!

Utillian 2 | Battery

With a 650 mAh battery the Utillian 2 is fairly typical of most smaller wax pens on the market right now. The bigger and harder hitting Utillian 5 features a 1050 mAh battery but it also sits in a much higher price bracket.

You’ll still get a good 3-6 sessions on the Utillian 2 depending on the number of times you hit it and the temperature options you set. I found a full charge more than enough to last me a full day and then some.

To fully charge the device takes around 2 hours and the LED lights on the body of the pen flash white while charging. When the battery reaches full the LED light stays lit to indicate it’s finished.

It’s charged via the included USB A charging adapter which is magnetized like the rest of the Utillian 2. For me it’s a slight shame the device didn’t incorporate micro USB C charging. If you lose the charging adapter that comes with it then you’re forced to buy a replacement.

Utillian 2 | Price & Where To Buy

Did I mention the Utillian 2 costs only $39.99!? For such a well designed and thought-out piece of kit this price is an absolute steal. It makes the Utillian 2 perfect for anyone looking to experiment with wax concentrates.

If you’ve never used wax concentrates or extracts before, investing in a wax pen that sets you back over $100 can be daunting. The Utillian 2 offers beginners the chance to dip their toes in the water.

At this price I’d also recommend this wax pen to casual dabbers purely for the build quality, great performance and ease of use.

Replacement coils and parts for the Utillian are also cheap to buy with coils costing only $9.99 each. Considering they’ll last you several months if you take care of them that’s great value for money.

If you’re looking to purchase the Utillian 2 be sure to check out the links below. TVape are the official distributors of Utillian products and offer great customer service. They also include a pack of super handy ZEUS bristle cleaners to make maintenance on your coil a cinch!

Utillian 2 Summary – Should You Buy The Utillian 2?


  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Great flavor.
  • Good vapor production on top temp setting.
  • Incredibly easy to use.
  • Magnetic attachments – No 510 threading.
  • Included carry case.


  • Glass mouthpiece could be more secure.
  • Battery can’t be used with other atomizers.
  • Not a ‘heavy hitter’.
Utillian 2 Review Summary

If you’re curious to try concentrates or you’re looking for a great portable dab pen then the Utillian 2 comes highly recommended.

The flavor far exceeded my expectations and the build quality is amazing considering the excellent price! I loved the included carry case and the magnetic attachments make using the Utillian 2 super easy!

Straight out the box it’s clear how well designed and thought out this dab pen is. Utillian have made a wax pen that performs and looks like a vaporizer worth double the price!

And that’s it folks! We hope you enjoyed our review of the Utillian 2. If you’ve got any questions about this wax pen or concentrates in general then leave us a comment below.

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