Utillian 421 Review

Utillian 421 Review | Best Dry Herb Vaporizer On A Budget?

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The Utillian 421 portable dry herb vaporizer is perfect for those on a budget. An upgrade to Utillian’s 420 model, the 421 brings back everything we loved and throws in some unbelievable features that take this vape to the next level!

Costing only $74.99, the Utillian 421 is amazing value for money and comes with adjustable airflow, 6 preset temperature options and a 2300 mAh battery that provides 60 minutes of vaping in one charge.

On top of that, there’s a ceramic heating chamber for greater flavor and vapor, a glass mouthpiece to preserve the taste of your herb and an LED display that shows you the temperature and remaining battery life.

But for all these features how did the Utillian 421 perform when it came down to it…?

Quick Note: The guys over at TVape.com were kind enough to send us the Utillian 421 for the purposes of this review. A big thank you to TVape but as always, we’ll be putting the vape through its paces and giving you our honest review.

Utillian 421 Review


What’s In The Box?

Utillian 421 - What's in the box
  • Utillian 421 Dry Herb Vape.
  • 1 X USB Charging Cable.
  • 5 X Filter Screens.
  • 1 X Packing Tool.
  • 1 X Heat Guard.
  • 1 X User Manual.

Features & Specification

  • Compatible with Dry Herb.
  • Internal 2300 mAh Battery (60 minutes use time).
  • Micro USB Charging.
  • 6 Temperature Options – 356-446°F (180-230°C).
  • Ceramic Oven – Conduction Heating.
  • Oven Capacity – 0.3g.
  • Heat Up Time – 1 Minute.
  • 7 Minute Session Times.
  • Shut-Off Safety Feature.
  • Available In 4 Colors: Black / Silver / Titanium / Gun Metal.
  • Weight – 127g
  • Dimensions – 118 mm (H) X 50 mm (W) x 27 mm (D)
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Utillian 421 | Design & Build Quality

Considering the Utillian 421 costs just $75, the design and build quality are insanely good! Shaped like a hip-flask, the 421 looks professional and well built straight out of the box. It comes in a choice of 4 colors (Black / Silver / Titanium / Gun Metal) all of which look great.

The design is user friendly with a one button operation. Five clicks turns the device on and holding the button lets you cycle through the temperatures available in increments of 10°C.

As you cycle through the heating options the LED display clearly shows the current temperature and the temperature you’ve set. The display also shows the remaining battery life. It’s easily the most user friendly and straightforward operation I’ve tried on a dry herb vaporizer.

The Utillian 421 also comes with an anodized aluminum finish that feels sleek and clean. The subtle ergonomic curves make the 421 incredibly comfortable to hold and they’re a nice change from the typical square edged box mods out there.

Standing only 118 mm tall and measuring just 50 mm across, the Utillian 421 is also super portable. On top of its compact size, it’s one of the lighter dry herb vaporizers out there, weighing in at only 127g. Perfect for carrying around in your pocket or tossing in a bag.

The only slight drawback is there’s no carry case or protective sleeve included. While the 421 is sturdy enough to withstand a few knocks and still plenty portable, a carry case would have been a great addition.

Mouthpiece & Glass Drip Tip

One of the best features on the Utillian 421 is the mouthpiece. It’s comprised of a steel heat-sink that helps to cool the vapor and a glass ‘drip-tip’ that fits snug with rubber o-rings. The heat-sink’s threaded which allows access to the heating chamber below. There’s also a threaded compartment at the bottom of the heat-sink that holds a small mesh filter screen.

Utillian 421

The small compartment with the filter screen is a great touch and completely prevents any plant matter reaching the mouth. The screen also pops out easily if you really want the best taste from your dry herb.

The threaded heat-sink unscrews smoothly but does get pretty hot during use. This makes it really tricky accessing the oven to top-up or stir your herb mid session. That being said, Utillian included a handy heat guard for this very purpose. It works great and still lets you get to the oven when the heat-sink gets too hot.

Overall the design of the mouthpiece is fantastic! The glass drip-tip is definitely a nice touch and not something you always find with dry herb vaporizers in this price range. Others I’ve tried in this price bracket often come with plastic or metal mouthpieces and sacrifice heavily on flavor.

While I’m also usually wary of glass components on a dry herb vape, the drip tip on the Utillian 421 is short, strong and sturdy. It’s also a standard 510 drip tip so you can easily replace it if it’s lost or broken.

Oven Design and Capacity

The Utillian 421 comes with a ceramic oven which is fairly typical of most dry herb vaporizers. Ceramic is non-reactive meaning you’ll only taste the crisp pure flavor of your herb. The thermal properties of ceramic also ensure a quick heat-up time and an even distribution of heat.

With a capacity of 0.3g there’s plenty of room to pack a good amount of herb for a heavy session. I actually found the oven to hold more than similar sized vaporizers on the market. The adjustable airflow on the Utillian 421 also means you can pack a reasonably tight bowl and still get a nice airy draw.

I also loved the fact the oven sits below the mouthpiece in a funnel like shape. The threading for the heat sink/mouthpiece is wider than the oven below making loading super easy. The design and shape makes for far quicker loading times and a lot less chance of losing any stray herb while packing the oven.

Adjustable Airflow

Saving the best for last, my favourite feature on the Utillian 421 is easily the adjustable airflow. Again, this isn’t something you usually get with dry herb vaporizers in this price range. In fact, many ‘high-end’ vaporizers don’t even have this option.

Whether you prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL), the 421 has you covered. The airflow’s adjusted via a wheel that sits on the bottom of the vaporizer. If you’re after a tight MTL inhale you set the arrows on the airflow wheel horizontally.

If DTL is more your thing then set the arrows vertically for a nice airy draw. What’s great about the adjustable airflow is the range and effect is has on your session. From a tight MTL draw to a nice airy inhale, finding the perfect sweet spot is easy with the 421.

I found a small amount of herb suited a more restrictive airflow while fuller packed ovens were great on a nice open draw. Overall it’s a brilliant feature and one of the best improvements on the Utillian 420 model. Some people loved the storage compartment on the 420 but the adjustable airflow really sets this vape apart.

Utillian 421 | Vapor & Flavor Quality

Vapor Quality

In all the Utillian 421 has 6 heat settings ranging from 356-446°F (180-230°C). On the lower three settings the vapor comes out light and misty. With a semi packed oven I actually found the vapor a little on the thin side.

With a reasonably packed bowl the lower three heat options work great and produce a much thicker cloud. Obviously the airflow plays a part and a more open draw really kicks out some impressive clouds.

Where the Utillian 421 really shines on vapor production is at the higher end of the temperature range. From 210-230°C the 421 produces dense thick plumes of vapor.

While the vapor production is great on the higher end, I did find the heat of the vapor to be a little on the warm side. Given the relatively short mouthpiece and close proximity to the heating chamber, the 421 doesn’t produce a very cool vapor.

Quick Note: It’s worth mentioning that you can use the Utillian 421 with something like a waterpipe to help cool the vapor. TVape.com recommend using something like the Zeus Iceborn for this.

My only other real gripe was having to stir the oven to get the best vapor production possible. Several times the vapor remained light until I’d stirred the chamber. Personally this wasn’t a major problem but could be a pain if you’re vaping on the go. Overall though, the Utillian 421 performed well and certainly does enough to satisfy the cloud chasers out there.

Flavor Quality

On the flavor front the Utillian 421 actually really surprised me, especially considering it’s a conduction style vape. I tend to prefer a convection oven which circulates a more constant heat throughout the session. Convection ovens really extend the flavor of your herb and produce a good consistent taste throughout most of the session.

Conduction style ovens on the other hand can be hit and miss on flavor. Because conduction vaporizers heat your herb via contact with the surface area of the oven, you sometimes find the bud burns rather than vaporizes. It basically pushes the herb closer to the point of combustion and produces less of that rich terpene flavor we all love.

With that being said, the flavor on the Utillian 421 was better than expected! On the lower three heat settings the 421 produces a nice crisp flavor for the first several hits. The higher three heat settings produce great flavor on the first hit or two, but this doesn’t last for long.

While the flavor isn’t unpleasant, you don’t get as much of that rich terpene taste as you would with a convection style oven. If flavor’s the most important factor for you then something like the Arizer ArGo might be more suitable.

Despite this the 421 still produced much tastier vapor than I would have expected from a conduction style oven. In comparison to other conduction vaporizers I’ve tried, the 421 is easily one of the best on flavor.

Utillian 421 | Temperature Range & Heating Time

Temperature Range

For a dry herb vaporizer costing only $75, the temperature range on the Utillian 421 is fantastic and really lets you tailor the session to your preference.

The 421 has 6 heat settings between 180°C to 230°C in increments of 10°C. It’s a great improvement on the Utillian 420 which only ran between 190°C to 220°C. In particular I loved the 230°C setting on the 421.

If you’re like me and extraction is more important than flavor, the 230°C setting works a treat. It really does a great job of releasing all those cannabinoids and gives a fantastic high. I actually felt like I got a greater high from the Utillian 421 than several other portable dry herb vapes. Some worth double the price!

Heating Time

To reach a minimum temperature of 180°C, the Utillian 421 takes around a minute. If you’re diving straight in at the deep end, the 421 takes around 90 seconds to reach 230°C.

While this isn’t quite as quick as something like the Pax 3 (a very speedy 15 seconds!), it’s certainly no slower than the majority of dry herb vapes available.

If you compare the heat up time on the 421 with more expensive vaporizers like the Arizer ArGo or the Crafty, there really isn’t any significant difference.

Utillian 421 | Battery

Another one of the biggest improvements with the Utillian 421 is battery life. With an internal 2300 mah battery the 421 has one of the best battery capacities of any budget vaporizer you can buy.

On a full charge the Utillian 421 lasts for an impressive 60-70 minutes. Each session lasts for 7 minutes before the auto shut-off safety feature kicks in. I found a full charge on the 421 gave me around 9 or 10 sessions worth.

Unfortunately you can’t change the session time manually, but I did find two 7 minute sessions was usually perfect for fully extracting all the ‘good stuff’ from the herb.

To fully recharge the battery takes around an hour which is surprisingly quick. It’s charged via micro USB and the LED display lets you track the progress.

The biggest drawback for me personally was the lack of pass-through vaping. Pass-through vaping basically lets you use the device while it’s on charge. There’s nothing more frustrating than packing an oven before realizing you’ll have to wait for enough charge to power up. It’s a fairly common feature on most dry herb vaporizers these days and would have been great to see on the Utillian 421.

Overall though, the 421 has really impressive battery life for a budget dry herb vape and the super quick charge time is a definite win!

Utillian 421 | Stealth & Discreetness

The compact size of the 421 and the professional clean design make it one of the most discreet dry herb vaporizers I’ve ever used. I’ve taken this thing out with me plenty of times now and never received a second glance.

Because the Utillian 421 looks just like a traditional e-cig, it’s perfect for vaping on the go and staying under the radar. It fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and slips into a pocket easily. On top of that it makes no sounds and there’s no bright flashy lights to draw attention.

In terms of the smell the Utillian 421 really surprised me again. If you stick to the lower end of the temperature range there’s very little smell during a session. On the higher end of the range the herb starts to reach the point of combustion and the smell increases a little, but not to the point it’s obvious your vaping dry herb. Equally, the smell after a session is almost non-existent, especially if you empty the oven straight away.

Utillian 421 | Cleaning & Maintenance

Another big win for the Utillian 421, cleaning and maintenance is ridiculously easy. It doesn’t harbor dust (personal bug-bear!) and there’s really not very much you need to do in terms of cleaning it.

I’d recommended emptying the oven after each session but the chamber itself stays relatively clean. I’ve used the 421 almost daily over the last month and there’s virtually nothing showing in the oven or on the mouthpiece and drip tip.

The materials used for the mouthpiece also make for really easy cleaning. The metal and glass components are easily rinsed to remove any small amounts. If you do neglect cleaning it for some time, you can also sit the mouthpiece in ISO (isopropyl alcohol) to remove any tough waxy build up.

I did find after each session that the already vaped bud (AVB) often stuck to the filter screen on the underside of the mouthpiece, but a quick scrape with the included packing tool quickly removes any AVB.

When you do need to clean the oven it’s also really easy to access. A Q-Tip dipped in ISO always does a great job. Overall the Utillian 421 is super easy to clean and extremely low maintenance.

Utillian 421 | Price & Where To Buy

One of my favourite things about Utillian vaporizers is the sheer value for money! Considering what you get, $75 is insanely good value for a vape like the 421.

At this price I’d easily recommended it to almost any type of user. Beginners or casual vapers looking to buy their first dry herb vaporizer really couldn’t go too far wrong with investing in the Utillian 421.

Even if you already own a dry herb vaporizer, the Utillian 421 is a great backup that’s portable, discreet and super easy to use.

If you are looking to purchase the 421 be sure to check out the links below. TVape are an official distributor of Utillian products and they offer fantastic customer service. They even include a free cleaning accessory of your choice!

Utillian 421 Verdict – Should You Buy The Utillian 421?


  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Superb design.
  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Ease of use.
  • Great vapor production.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Quick recharge times.
  • Great oven capacity.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Super portable.
  • Very stealthy.


  • No pass-through vaping.
  • Vapor a little on the warm side.
  • No carry case included.
  • Occasionally have to stir the oven mid-session.

There are some really great budget vaporizers out there right now, but the Utillian 421 is easily my favourite!

With features like adjustable airflow and a 6 setting temperature range, the 421 really treads the line between budget vaporizer and high-end vape. It looks fantastic and vapes really well.

If you’re looking to spend under $100 on a dry herb vape, the Utillian 421 gets my vote.

And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed the review and if you’ve got any thoughts feel free to leave a comment below…

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  1. I don’t understand why many manufacturers stick to conduction heating. I know it is cheap, but convection or hybrid vaporizers perform so much better. Most vapers enjoy inhaling and exhaling dense vapor. Best brands like Arizer or Store Bickel use both heating methods to extract cannabinoids. Better airflow, better taste, and efficient extraction.

    1. Hi Sklep,

      Thanks for your comment and I totally agree. Just as you mentioned however, conduction heating is a much cheaper setup than convection or hybrid. I guess in order to produce budget dry herb vaporizers that are accessible to everyone companies choose a conduction style oven. Arizer and Store Bickel have both produced some amazing vaporizers, but they do cost considerably more than the Utillian 421 we review in this post.

  2. I don’t know if my new Utillian works or not. It never came on to show me more than an error message. I am a very nice and responsible Senior. I don’t bitch about much, BUT the customer service at TVvape screwed me royally over two weeks. All that I wanted was to exchange the broken vape for a working vape. They were impossible to deal with. I’ll never buy their products and I suggest that others do not as well.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Really sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble using your Utillian 421. I’ve been using mine consistently for over a year now and haven’t encountered any problems as of yet. I’m surprised that TVape weren’t able to help resolve the issue for you as well. In my many dealings with them I’ve only ever had positive experiences. Hope you get the problem sorted Keith. Good luck.

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